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TITLE: Fruit Bearing Children
By Justina Page

This skit was written to encorage middle and high school students who are Christians how crucial their witness is. They can be an answer to the prayer in St. Luke 10:1-3 - Pray that the Lord of the harvest sends forth laborers in his vineyard.
Fruit Bearing Children

Cast – 23 people


9 Fruit

9 Seeds
Guilt (Love deals with this seed)
Drug Abuse (Joy deals with this seed)
Suicide (Peace deals with this seed)
Mocked (Long-suffering deals with this seed)
Anger (Gentleness deals with this seed)
Fornication (Goodness deals with this seed)
Terminally Ill (Faith deals with this seed)
Peer Pressure (Meekness deals with this seed)
Lust (Temperance deals with this seed)

Uprooting Angel 1
Uprooting Angel 2
Purging Angel 1
Purging Angel 2

Scene 1

(Narrator at podium with Bible. Seeds in 3 rows 3 each with head bowed dirt and weeds and grass around them. Fruit & angels offstage)

Narrator: The Harvest is plenteous
Fruit (all): The Harvest is plenteous?
Narrator: The Harvest truly is plenteous! But the laborers are few!
Seed (all): (lift head up sadly) So few!
Narrator: Pray!
Fruit ( all): Pray?
Narrator: Please Pray!
Seed (all): (lift head up sadly) Lord of the harvest please send forth laborers into your vineyard

(Fruit enter in with ho’s and gloves and walk through field while singing a portion of “Working for The Lord” and end up standing by the seed they are going to uproot)

Note: In Scenes 2-10 where narrator opens up the seed is going to walk in with one shirt saying one thing and then take it off to reveal what is in the heart on the other shirt Ex. Scene 2 (shirt 1 confidence other shirt guilt)

Scene 2

Narrator: Man looks on the outward appearance but God knows the heart

(Guilt sitting in field in a chair holding her stomach. Love enters in with 2 uprooting angels shadowing her to pick up a book she left on the ground)

Love: (Picks up book then looks back at Guilt) hey Tricia .. takes a step .. you ok
Guilt: Yeah
Love: You sure. Ok well if you ever want to hang out with me just give me a call. (starts to leave)
Guilt: You don’t want me hanging out with you (begins crying)
Love: (Turns back and sets book on her desk) Why would you say that
Guilt: I’m a murderer ok . I killed my own child. I had an abortion yesterday
Uprooting Angel 1: Uproots confession
Love: (Gives her a long hug) Did you know that Jesus died for murderers
Guilt: Even me?
Love: All of us. God showed his love for us by sending Jesus to die for us while we were sinners
Guilt: I can’t deal with the guilt. Can this Jesus help me?
Uprooting Angel 2: Uproots unbelief
Love: (smile) Come with me – your life will never be the same

(They leave hugging each other love. Love starts singing Yes Jesus loves me )

Narrator: Love covers a multitude of sin
Scene 3
Narrator: Man looks on the outward appearance but God knows the heart

(Drug abuse sitting in field with purse holding it tight fidgeting. Joy enters singing “Praise Him”)

Joy: Hey Brenda I didn’t think the coach was going to ever make us stop running laps
Drug Abuse: I know – I am plum worn out – didn’t think I was going to make it.
Joy: Well I knew Jesus was with me. I just sang my way around the track
Drug Abuse: Seems like you sing your way everywhere (in a mean voice)
Joy: I’m sorry – does my singing bother you
Drug Abuse: I shouldn’t of said that….I’ll see you later
(Begins to walk out and purse drops with weed in it Joy helps to pick it up and picks up weed)
Drug Abuse: (Snatches the weed from Joy) Ok – so everybody is not as happy as you – maybe some of us have abusive fathers and need help getting joy
Uprooting Angel 1: Uproots confession

Joy: Brenda – I didn’t always have joy. As a matter of fact I was abused by my father also
Drug Abuse: (Holding hand over eyes then looks at joy) Really then you understand why I use drugs. I need strength to cope
Joy: I gave my life to Christ last year and now the Joy of the Lord is my strength
Drug Abuse: I don’t want to be on drugs. I just hurt so bad. Can Christ give me joy?
Uprooting Angel 2: Uproots unbelief

Joy: (smile) Come with me – your life will never be the same

(Joy singing “This joy that I have the world didn’t give it to me”)

Narrator: Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning

Scene 4
Narrator: Man looks on the outward appearance but God knows the heart

(Suicide is in field in library with books all around. Gun in backpack showing a part of it in back Peace comes in looking for book and sees gun)

Peace: (takes gun and put it in her purse) Hey Heather have you seen the “Odyssey” I can’t find it anywhere
Suicide: Here. You can have mine. I’m not going to need it
Peace: You’ve done the book report already – I know you are smart but -wow
Suicide: No but it doesn’t matter. Nothing doesn’t matter. I’m tired I don’t care anymore
Peace: Wait .. what is that suppose mean … things matter
Suicide: (Angry) Look…Ms. Peace…Everybody is not walking around cool calm and collected like you. The people in the real world have problems bad problems I’m going to solve mine it will be over for me soon
Uprooting Angel 1: Uproots confession

Peace: (Pulls out gun) With this.. you think this will solve your problem…..do you know if you kill yourself you will lift your eyes in hell
Suicide: I’m already in hell Im not in your world
Peace: Well change worlds. Believers are a world in a world In this world we will have trouble but Jesus gives us power to overcome
Suicide: (Crying) Can someone help me?
Uprooting Angel 2: Uproots unbelief

Peace: Jesus can
(They both leave walking side by side after a quick hug Peace sings “This peace that I have the world didn’t give it to me)
Narrator: Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you, Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid
Scene 5
Narrator: Man looks on the outward appearance but God knows the heart

(Mocked is sitting in field on computer just tapping on keys looking to the side Longsuffering walks in with computer and sets in chair beside her. Notices that she is not looking at her screen)

Longsuffering: Hey Kamela….can’t quite get into it today ?
Mocked: I guess there is a lot on my mind
Longsuffering: Really..want to talk about it….I got time
Mocked: Its just that every time I try to be a nice girl you know not sleep around or not drink or you know….Everybody starts talking about me
Longsuffering: yeah
Mocked: They call me square, little V (whispers virgin), nerd … I mean what do people want
Longsuffering: I don’t know but it doesn’t matter what they want have you considered what Jesus wants
Mocked: never thought about that
Uprooting Angel 1: Uproots confession

Longsuffering: Jesus desires that all men come to repentance and be saved

Mocked: You think Jesus will accept me…can I please him

Uprooting Angel 2: Uproots unbelief

Longsuffering: he’s definitely the one you want to please….come with me we have a lot to talk about!

(They pack up computers Longsuffering sings “I know it was the blood for me”)

Narrator: The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is long-suffering to us-ward , not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance

Scene 6
Narrator: Man looks on the outward appearance but God knows the heart

(Anger is at the locker slamming books in but they keep falling. Gentleness comes along and watches for a few seconds and then goes to try and help)

Gentleness: Hey Amy let me help you (Begins to help pick up book)
Anger: (Slams books into locker as Gentleness hands it to her)
Gentleness: Whoa…what did those books do to you
Anger: I guess nothing but I have plenty to be angry about but I bet you haven’t been angry a day in your life
Gentleness: That’s funny
Anger: (Get’s angry again) You know what (slams locker )It’s not funny. It’s not funny to come to school everyday after watching your mother being beat to a pulp by her boyfriend and not do anything about it. Me and my sister are probably going to be next . (Says sarcastically) Do you think that’s funny
Gentleness: No that’s not funny. (Talks in a gentle voice) You know it wasn’t funny when my father killed my mother in the yard right before my eyes either
Anger: What? Are you serious? (Tears well up in her eyes and she covers her mouth)
Gentleness: Yes. I know all about anger. When I accepted Christ three years ago I found out that the wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God. It took time but I learned that anger would kill me if I did not let it go.
Anger: I really don’t want to be angry like this all the time. I just don’t know what to do
Uprooting Angel 1: Uproots confession

Gentleness: I know what to do. Let’s meet after school today I have someone you need to meet He can help you to
Anger: You know you are always so gentle with everyone I would have never known you’ve been through what you have been through I believe you can help me thanks
Uprooting Angel 2: Uproots unbelief

(Gentleness & anger high five each other & say see you later. Gentleness sings “Since the grace of God saved me)

Narrator: And the servant of the Lord must not strive, but be gentle to all men. Apt to teach, patient

Scene 7
Narrator: Man looks on the outward appearance but God knows the heart

(Fornication sitting at lunch picking at food staring absently at nothing)

Goodness: (Walking in with lunch toward fornication) Hey Trudy mind if I sit here and eat with you
Fornication: Sure How you doing
Goodness: Good. God has been mighty good to me
Fornication: That’s good
Goodness: How about you?
Fornication: Not so good I just broke up with Calvin Now I hear he’s sleeping around with Kelly I feel so stupid
Goodness: You shouldn’t feel stupid boyfriends aren’t wise anyway you should be glad you got rid of him
Fornication: (quiet for a moment) But I slept with him to Now every time he and his friends walk by seems like they are snickering and laughing at me
Goodness: I’m so sorry That’s one of the reasons God told us in his word to avoid fornication These boys usually want one thing and when they get it they are through with you. God said let every women have her own husband and every man his own wife. You are precious You want to be found by a good husband
Fornication: But I have already been in bed now – is it too late for me
Uprooting angel 1: uproots confession
Goodness: The blood of Jesus can cleanse you from all sin
Fornication: Please pray for me
Uprooting angel 2: uproots unbelief
(They pray and then pack up lunch Goodness singing “What can wash away my sins – nothing but the blood of Jesus - what can make me whole again – nothing but the blood of Jesus)
Narrator: Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever

Scene 8
Narrator: Man looks on the outward appearance but God knows the heart

(Terminally ill in nurse’s office laying down with cover over her)

Faith: (walks in to give something to the nurse but stops when sees Terminally ill) Hey Dee I heard you are valedictorian congratulations

Terminally ill: (Mumbles) Iff I live to see it

Faith: What you say

Terminally ill: Thanks just feeling kind of bad today

Faith: Would you like me to pray for you

Terminally Ill: Laughs (then sits up) Look (serious look on face) I have3rd stage brain cancer I was given 3 months to live 2 months ago. This is not even my hair ok( pulls off wig)That means I will die before graduation All of the hard work I put in to feel like somebody and feel that I was living was for nothing. No thanks no prayer needed My family we are atheist

Faith: Can I share a true story with you

Terminally Ill: Sure ..its a nice time for a story ( says this sarcastically) do I really have a choice

Faith: I know a women and man who had a set of twins. When the twins were about 12 they were both diagnosed with a lethal brain cancer. Those parents were believers and they begin to pray fervently using their faith and asking God to heal there twins

Terminally: Oh …..so God waved his magic wand and they are both miraculously healed

Faith: No. God chose to take my twin home last year and I have been in remission for 2 years. (takes off her wig) I keep my hair shaved in memory of her. Even if God doesn’t answer my prayer the way I want him to….I know that he is able

Terminally Ill: I need something or someone to believe in …I don’t want to die I’m so scared

Uprooting angel 1: confession

Faith: God has given to every man the measure of faith. I need to give this to Mr. Johnson when I get back lets get your faith going

Terminally Ill: I’m suppose to be an atheist but you know what I believe you Please come back I don’t have any hope

Uprooting angel 2: unbelief

Faith: (they hug) I will

(Faith leaves singing faith faith faith just a little more faith we don’t need a whole lot just use what we got)

Narrator: If we have faith as a grain of mustard seed ye shall say to this mountain Remove hence to a yonder place and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible to you

Scene 9

Narrator: Man looks on the outward appearance but God knows the heart

(Peer Pressure is leaning in her chair with gang colors looking mean)

Meekness: Walks by peer pressure looks at her dead in the eye without speaking

Peer Pressure: No you didn’t nobody walks by and disrespects me like that ( grabs meekness by arm)

Meekness: I’m sorry did you need something

Peer Pressure: Did I need something.. girl.. me and my girls will beat the mess out of you..I(Meekness interrupts)

Meekness: You can stop… Nobody’s here but me and you. I am not afraid of you or your girls Why are you running around leading a gang and picking on the weak…that’s crazy

Peer Pressure: You don’t know what you are talking about

Meekness: Yes I do. Your leader is my cousin (Peer pressure becomes afraid and starts to try to apologize)

Peer Pressure: Look I’m sorry I didn’t mean to grab you like that..please don’t tell(Meekness cuts her off)

Meekness: Look my cousin is the leader but we aren’t close She tried to pressure me into joining but I have a greater pressure Jesus

Peer Pressure: what? Do you know what kind of pressure I’m under. I have 3 sisters and 5 cousins in this gang I couldn’t get out if I wanted to
Meekness: Do you want to?

Peer pressure: Of course I do I hate this stuff

Uprooting Angel 1: Uproots confession

Meekness: Want to meet at the Burger King on the other side of town this evening (they both laugh) We can talk about that greater pressure. God has power over all the power of the enemy

Peer pressure: Yeah

Uprooting Angel 2: Uproots unbelief

(Meekness walks off singing “I shall not I shall not be moved” while peer pressure stares after her)

Narrator: The meek shall inherit the earth

Scene 10

Narrator: Man looks on the outward appearance but God knows the heart

(Lust is in gym looking at basketball players lift weights pointing at their muscles. Temperance walks in sees whats going on and then walks out)

Lust: Hey .. where you going

Temperance: Don’t know. but nothing is going on in here

Lust: Are you kidding me…all these tall fine basketball players flexing muscles, bend…ummm

Temperance: Good grief …You really have a problem

Lust: Yes I do… I have only been able to kiss half of the team I want to experience the other half

Temperance: Look Farron You have a serious problem – it is called lust. Did you know when lust is conceived it brings forth sin and when sin is conceived it brings forth death

Lust: What?

Temperance: Let me say it this way If you don’t get control of yourself you are going to find yourself dead or even worse in hell What you are doing is a step away from fornication and adultery Both of which God can’t stand

Lust: I can’t help myself. I will admit I do feel ashamed it’s like I don’t have any control

Uprooting angel 1: confession

Temperance: Farron don’t get me wrong some the feelings we have are natural but God has given the believer his spirit which helps us to bring our flesh under control

Lust: I know a lot of the girls don’t like me – I do want help I really want to change

Uprooting angel 1: unbelief

Temperance: Come on lets go …lets talk about something worth desiring

(Temperance turns lust head away from the boys and toward her Bible - they both laugh and walk off as temperance sings “Power need your power”)

Narrator: And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts

Scene 11

Narrator: Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away

(Purging angels standing in field sharpening their tools as fruit walk in singing “there is joy working for the Lord sweet Jesus, there is joy……oh the joy in working for the Lord)
(Seeds walk in with the sign of the fruit that ministered to them on and kneels in front of them as fruit sings “witness”)

Narrator: and every branch that beareth fruit he purgeth it that it might bring forth more fruit
(Purging angels begin to purge fruit and pull weeds off as fruit stands with head down and arms out flinching when weed is pulled out narrator calls out weed as it is pulled off hen purged hands go down and relax)

Love: hypocrisy, selfishness
Joy: wicked imagination, envy
Peace: confusion, unforgiveness
Longsuffering: grudging, weariness
Gentleness: strife, foolishness
Goodness: self righteousness,
Faith: fear, bitterness
Meekness: pride, disobedience
Temperance: wrath, covetousness

When finished purging form 2 lines new fruit and uprooting angels in one and furit and purging angels in back sing this verse:

All: Working in God’s field, My spirit I will Yield. Use faith as my shield, and on my holy faith I will build
(1st line leave as 2nd line step up and keep singing)
2nd line: I will see God’s face at last. All my labor will be past. Oh the joy of working for the Lord
(2nd line leaves while narrator picks up Bible and leave podium)
Narrator: Oh the joy of working for the Lord
Everyone: (Off stage) Oh the joy of working for the Lord
Narrator: For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which is lost

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