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TITLE: Fulfilling Our Purpose To It's Fullest Potential
By Janice Presson

This is My Ministry and Mission Statement
Shaped For Serving God

Many of us know what our S H A P E consist of, but in-case you've forgotten or you've not been taught then I'll give a brief description.

S - is spiritual gifts
H - is our heart
A - is our abilities
P - is our personality
E - is our experiences

God shapes each one of us for our ministry. We are all shaped differently and he doesn't waste anything. Right down to every experience and hurt-full moments we've gone through. Keep in mind we all have a ministry and a mission. Our ministry is for the church. Our mission is for the world, the unbelievers. The shape we are fits them both. In Isaiah 43;21 it says, "I have made Israel (that's us) for myself, and these my people will some day honor me before the world." Before God created us he decided what role he wanted us to to play on earth. He planned exactly how he wanted us to serve him and then he shaped us for those task. We are the way we are for a specific ministry. The Bible says, "We are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works." God deliberately shaped and formed us to serve him in a way that makes our ministries unique. No one else could do your ministry the way that God has shaped you to do it. God takes our shape, remember this is the spiritual gifts, our hearts, abilities, personality, and experiences then uses them for the benefit of others.

To fulfill our purpose to it's fullest potential means not settling for anything less than what God has created and formed us to become. It all starts with God! There are no accidents with God. Everything about us is unique. We are who we are because this is how God has shaped us. There are no two people the same. Not even twins. Each one of us has been created and formed from a mold that is one of a kind. Just as there are no two set of finger prints, eye prints, voice patterns or heart beats the same. We are unique individuals but with the same temporary assignments. Our first purpose in life is to please God. Find out what pleases God and do it. God made us to love us and he longs for us to love him back. Our greatest objective in life should be to learn to love God and be loved by him. The greatest commandment as Jesus said is, "Love the Lord with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment." The Bible says, "He takes pleasure in those that honor Him; in those who trust in His constant love." With a lot of things in our lives we must learn to have faith, trust and honor God while waiting for His promises. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Did you know that trust is an act of worship? We are to worship God in all things. This is part of fulfilling our purpose to it's fullest potential.

God will take our experinces and use them to benefit others. He allows us to go through painful experiences this is to equip us for ministering. If we truly desire God to use us we must understand this powerful truth. The experiences that we have resented, regretted, not wanted to talk about, wanted to hide and forget most in life -are for a fact the things God wants to use to help others. For who better to reach out and help someone, then someone that has also gone through it.

I personally have always been one that refused in school to get in front of class and say anything. I would take an F for the class before I would move my body anywhere close to the front. I never wanted to say anything because I was afraid of saying something wrong or not saying it correctly. One time in class we were putting on a skit for our parents. My part was to jump up on a chair and scream because a mouse ran across the floor. My mother was so excited that I was going to be in this skit. What she didn't know it wasn't my choice but the teachers. My Mom even showed me what to do. I was so scared that I thought I was going to stop breathing. I wouldn't do it. I refused. Mom was furious with me.

I have never wanted to be up front to do anything. Much-less open my mouth. Iive never wanted to be noticed by anyone. I use to tell God, just let me come to church, set where I want and not say or do anything to be noticed. Well I've now learn not to try to tell God how to do or not do anything. When I first began attending church I use to set way in the back. I remember being moved slowly further from the back to the front and further from the door. He now tells me where he wants me to set in the body of Christ. And fully uses this body and mouth the way he desires. Everything changes with our growth in Jesus. If someone calls you strange or weird that's okay. Because the Bible says, "we are called peculiar." So, as everyone can see I'm writing all of you from my heart and I'm still breathing.


I have cried more tears over love and the hurtful experiences that have come along with it then anything else in my entire life. The pain is worse than any example I could possible give to describe the agony and torment my heart has endured. No one truly knows except God. Who better to know what my pain has been but the one that sees and knows all. The one that endured more pain than what we could imagine. And he did it all for us.

The hurt over love didn't start when I was a toddler, teenage or even as an adult. It started at the beginning of my life (birth) and carried through. I've never once been first at anything or in any ones life. Always second. Except when my children were infants. Even with that it wasn't long before their attention as with other children put mom on the back burner. I'm sure you moms know what I talking about. There has always been someone or something that came before me. And I'm not talking about God, being the one that was first. I could have dealt with being second in a lot of things but it was the love thing or lack of that continually crushed my heart. The acknowledgment that we all need.

You want to know the very first time I ever really felt someone love me? And I truly knew it was the love that I so desperately needed. A love that I had searched for all my life. It wasn't when I married. It wasn't when I first gave my life to the Lord. I felt his love but it wasn't the same love that is felt when I worship him. It is a love that is spirit, mind and body consuming. I have a heart for worshiping God. God says to worship him in all things. My heart has found where it belongs. My ears are tuned to God's heartbeat. This is what he desires from everyone. This is the biggest part of my life. This is what God has shaped and wired me for. My spiritual gifts, my heart, my abilities, my personality and my experiences. I am SHAPED for worship. Not in song but in spirit, mind and body. What are the ways that I knew and that you'll know what your ministry and your mission in life are? Your heart will get emotional. Your inter promptings will lead you in the correct direction. There is an enthusiasm that never leaves. And the effectiveness is ever lasting. The Bible says, "As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the person." God matches our calling and are capabilities.

So you see, the worse deepest pain and experience that satin means for destruction, God takes and turns into Kingdom business. God gets all the Glory. God is my unshakable center. He is the reason I worship.

My Personal Story

I have basically explained all this to share with you something God revealed to me on Sunday morning at the ending of service. I saw a circle that looked like a pie cut into different size pieces. This circle was my life and each piece of the circle represented different things in my life. There actually weren't that many smaller pieces as there was the bigger whole piece. The bigger section was over 3/4 of the whole circle. The reason God reviled this circle to me is he wanted me to see and share that our spiritual gifts and talents, our hearts, our abilities and our personalities are only a part of the whole circle. And yes they're all God's and he formed them into our shapes but the biggest section of this circle should be our relationship with God. How much of us are we willing to allow him to consume. Now understand the circle that I saw and the number and size of the pieces in this circle were my life. Every ones circle is different as are the number of pieces in the circle and sizes of the pieces. And the reason being we are all shaped differently. And not everyone allows God to consume as much of them and their lives as others.

A week prior to me seeing this circle I had written a letter. I put on paper exactly where I felt I was in my life at that moment with God. I had a lot of questions that I needed answered also. As most of us do. These were questions pertaining to my spiritual gifts, talents and things he had given me to do. At that time I felt because everything wasn't happening like he said they would that something was wrong. Not wrong with God but wrong with me. And this is exactly what satin wants us to think. If he can get us off track he's done what he set out to do. Where we sometimes think we are with God, is not always true. When we think he is distant doesn't mean that he is. Nor does the fact that things haven't come about as God said they would mean that they're not. He knows exactly where we are in our walk with him. He knows the exact right timing to bring everything together. And everything that he has promised will be, if we have faith in waiting upon the Lord and faint not. After seeing my life in this circle, I liked seeing it better from God's view then I did from my own. God never sees us as we see ourselves. From seeing the circle of my life thus far and examining my shape that God has formed, I understand from a whole different view my ministry and my mission. They aren't what I had thought for so long them to be. Many of you know I am an artist and writer. So I thought these were to be my ministry and mission. Not. But they are part of my shape.

From our greatest experiences he uses to prepare us for ministry. Our greatest ministry will likely come out of our greatest hurt. Look into your own circle of life and examine the different pieces of the circle. How much of that circle have you allowed God to consume and totally take control over. Study your shape that God himself has formed. You as myself may have a clearer view of your ministry and your mission.

In Closing

We must always remember we are unique individuals but with the same temporary assignments. Our ministry is for the church, our mission is for the world. Reaching beyond ourselves and not caring about what anyone around us thinks is a very good first step to take in worshiping. If you truly love God, then love him with your whole heart. God is a gentleman and he will never do anything that would embarrass or scare you. Just let go and let God lead. He will take you in his arms and love you.

Is it easy not to be distracted during praise and worship? Only if you take your focus off God. We have the capabilities to stay connected. Tune everything else out except God. We can't think about anything except him. Raise your hands and give him praises. He will meet you more than half way. I need to tell you that there has not been one time during praise and worship that I have not been fully aware of anything that is going on around me. I just surrender my flesh to Christ and let go. God will not go against our will.

As my spirit worships the Father we become as one. One body, mind and spirit. This didn't just happen over night, nor did I get up one morning and my spirit say, "body get out of my way because I'm taking over." Our spirit is housed in the body and so is the Holy Spirit. The Father dictates to our spirit all the time. Our spirit knows things that God hasn't released to the mind.

Praise and worship isn't just for church. Not if we love him the way we think or say we do. There should be more taking place at home with us and the Holy Spirit then what takes place in the short time we're at church. I can remember the excitement I felt as I hurried home from doing things I had to do. I could hardly wait to get back home into his Holy presences.

You need to understand God doesn't work the same with everyone. There's things he's done with and in me that he will never do with anyone else. And the same goes with you and someone else. We all have different callings but the same assignment.

The bottom line; my ministry is worship; world worship is my mission. My shape has been formed to fit them both. My character and personality are growing. God is broadening my experiences that I may be increasingly effective in service to the kingdom of God.

The love God gives over powers all. God receives all the glory.
Be blessed
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