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The road to understanding change
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Understanding a time in life to move on and grow is significant to changes that will redirect an ill gotten past. Essentially we all need to endure hardships to progress because we are forced to make choices and when we make those choices we are wiser with them because of previous encounters. A wise man has walked learnt and chosen many paths before he knows which is right. Our conscious guides us but our minds go into battle of wills... when we are immature we decide on the basis of want or need. When we are wise we become overseers of our future, and by past accounts we can judge more soundly decisions that affect our new and brighter future. God gives us a natural discernment that is in place for us and is to direct us in his subtle way... the right way. The problem is we have to take a minute or two to listen. Listen because Gods word is in our hearts. His word is written on our soul and he nudges us to choose right, he nudges us back to the heart of himself... our father.

I have found myself unconsciously digging my heels while God has been pushing me from behind. I had been at a stage where I had carried so much pain and anger, and in those I carried past fears of hurt, rejection and ill gotten trust. We think we are such good Christians sometimes until we realize through circumstance we are not. This is the stage where we dig our heels inÖ we are like no Iím not like that or noÖI canít change I donít know how to or want to. We may not admit it but we are all this way until we are forced into it. The biggest changes and the best are the ones we are the most afraid to take and that is because we are leaving a part of ourselves behind. Every time we grow and learn from something we change. For me I in recent times have felt almost like a crazy person because God was taking me through change every day. Every day I lost a piece of myself and gained something new. What I was loosing was the bad parts the parts of me that held me down and stole Gods glory in my life.

I see it now so well, I gained an understanding of change and I am so grateful to God for taking me through it although it caused me the most pain and drew out my biggest fears. God showed me my weakness by allowing me to fall into them and at the same time was with me every step. We have to go through this, I wished we didnít Ö but Iím glad that we do, you know we can never be strong enough until we have conquered our weaknesses. That is why we all have to face our worse fears. People blame God for this and that. All of their personal hardships and that of the world; what we donít care to see that there is a bigger plan for it all. For them, for you, for me! Why worry about tomorrow when the Lord knew us before creation and he knew everything we would do, be, what kids and great grand kids we would have and the whole lay out of their lives and so on and so on. Far out donít you get it?! We worry so much about our future because we canít see it and we donít know what is going to meet us thereÖ the reason we shouldnít worry is because is there waiting and has already laid the path to an eventual never ending life of glorifying happiness. A trapeze artist swings through the heights of the tent, spinning and twisting; soaring. What happens when they miss the bar? They for that moment suffer anxiety. Why should they if there is a net below them ready to catch them when they fall? We like the trapeze artist are struggling daily to perfect our routineÖ to achieve heights and levels of achievement in every single area of our lives. And like the trapeze artist when we reach out and miss the bar our greatest fears present themselves. We arenít good enough. We tell ourselves stuff like that to punish ourselves for not making it, the fact of the matter is that we havenít learnt it all just yet. It isnít a weakness, we arenít failures, and we are good enoughÖ and although we can forget about God being there he is the net. How beautiful is that! No matter how lowly we see ourselves for not reaching the Ďbarí he is there to lift us up on the wings of eagles. You see our lives are planned by God and we will soar on those wings like eagles.

Change can come quickly or slowly, and it depends on how much we want to consider God in our lives. The more we think or dwell on God, the more we reach out to him to help us through. The more we thank him for everything we are going through God is speeding up the process and we are being transformed. He is enabling our spirits to receive; the Lord is opening our hearts to himÖ and his has always been open to us. In this we are becoming more Christ like and we are understanding and learning the higher plan for man, our selves and more so we understand the heart our father God. I could see change coming in my life and yet I couldnít see how it would change. I couldnít reason out how, or understand why I had this coming to me.

When we look back on our lives we have to see a path and that path is the guide to our future. If the path isnít where we are meant to be quite simply although terrifying it has to change. When we have let weakness take control and direct us in our choices or actions we can bank on change; do you think God wants us to be weak? No way has he said in our weakness we are made strongÖ itís through these weaknesses we are made strong. How else can we learn? We all have weaknesses and this is why God says that the highest will become the lowest and the lowest made highest. We are taken from our self made pedestal and thrust to the ground so that God can show us and help us and when we reach the point of humility he lifts us to the heights of existence; we become Christ likeÖ we become imitators of God!

I was a Christian my whole life, I have seen amazing miracles, I have seen so much but I still couldnít get things right. I could see God there but at the same time I was forgetting he was there. I spiritually had gone to a peak and fell on my face; but I had to. We can live in the clouds we have to have a firm foundation. We canít claim Christianity, Christianity has to claim us. Christ has to be overflowing from us not us overflowing our good self to others or trying to be something we want to be because the bible says and we just lie to ourselves and others. Honestly we want to be like Christ and we want people to see him in us but we canít force changeÖ we have to accept who we are and let God change us; we can transform our lives only our fabulous Lord God can do that through his gracious Holy Spirit. Strive always to do your best, but donít sell yourself to others. As Christians we should see our selves as a product of God. What I mean is that as a consumer we only buy a product and take it home and use it or consume it when it is good. As Christians we canít sell our selves as stale bread! Who wants stale breadÖ or moldy bread! No body. Person on this earth would buy stale bread over good bread. Our lives as Christians should be thrust into the hands of God so he can put us in the oven, through the fire so that we may be refined. It will be then we wonít have to sell ourselves to others to follow God, but you know what people will see God in us and his love and that will draw peopleÖ not you. There is a higher purpose to everything we simply forget and overlook it. Our lives are not our own, our lives are a gift.

When you feel like change is upon you and you feel afraid or uncertain, thank God for being with you every step, and thank him that he has already turned things out better than you could expect. I personally felt like I was bogging me heels into the wet sand God was at my back pushing me along until I was free to walk. I didnít want to walk, I was happy being stuck. But inside I hated it and wanted things better; I was just tied down by fear. God knew my weaknesses and forced me to see things differently, he taught me that trust and hope in the Lord is not in vain. He does answer prayers and he knows our hearts. I just thank God for his intervention in my life because without it life was a life in hell and my dreams were of heaven. Now I live closer to my dream house, thank you God, thank you sweet Lord Jesus and for your Holy Spirit that never leaves or forsakes us all.

I now understand that change has to come, and if we try to hinder it, we only hurt ourselves and others longer. Change isnít something to be feared but embraced, because without change we canít see what was behind us to reach that bit higher and to be better than yesterday. Thank God for your weaknesses; it is through our weaknesses we are made unmovable in stormy weather, it is through our weaknesses we are made strong enough to conquer. And it is through our weakness we become humble and Christ like. Why do you think God used the worst sinners in Christís generation to be an example of the Lords apostles and saints? Because they made themselves high, God brought them and made them lowly so he could lift them back up. These people were blessed and they learnt the meaning of change and understanding. These people were no longer the bad fruit on the fruit standÖ God created a miracle and turned the old fruit, that rotting bad fruit and turned into the pick of the bunch. He made it into Good fruit.

Thank God for your weaknesses and call on him to help you. Soon your weakness will be your strengths and you will stand tall and strong, like the biggest elk in the forest, and soar like eagles on the heights of Gods awesome love.

God be with you all, and if you read this may the Lords Holy Spirit comfort you through your journey of change.

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Darna Bedwell Gutter 20 May 2009
Great message on the importance and necessity of change and weaknesses. I like the parable of the trapeze artist. The Lord Bless You.


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