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It's Time To Engage in Spiritual Warfare
by Lynn Sheldon
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I don’t know about you, but I have had it with the way the world trashes those who do not agree with their immoral ways.

In addition, they trash women. Have you ever noticed the women they trash? They cannot stand, beautiful, strong, conservative and principled women.

First came Sarah Palin. And now they are trashing Carrie Prejean because she dared to speak her mind against same-sex marriage and for traditional marriage. Instead of giving some politically correct answer such as “world peace,” she answered from her belief system, her Christian faith.

Carrie chose to make a stand and what happened next cannot be described in this article. Filth and hate came out of her accusers' mouths and then the pictures. She took a stand for righteousness and they put their hatred, for her faith, in decapitation mode.

If you think abut it, it took two women to show us how to stand. Two women, strong in faith, who did not back down, nor apologize. My question is, "What has happened to us men?"

I recently called my Senator’s office and asked one of his representatives if they would like me to bring a mirror and place it under the Senator's nose to see if he is still breathing. I wanted to know why they were not doing all they could to stand against S909, the Senate's hate crime's legislation. Just voting against it is not enough. I told them we need him to make a case against this bill and to stand for righteousness.

I also called the RNC and asked their representative the same thing. Then I gave them a strategy that could help them. And I also volunteered my services if they were too afraid to make a stand.

The following is a combination of the various strategies I gave to my Senator's office and the RNC.

I suggested they...

1. should consider reaching out to African-American pastors who will, when they find out about this bill, become enraged.

2. Need to pull out a copy of the Constitution and show it to our Senator and have him read the First Amendment to the entire Senate. Then, he needs to remind the other side, this is an illegal law, because it hinders free speech and interferes with religion. And the Constitution prohibits them from passing such a law.

3. Ought to make guest appearances, in person or by phone, on local radio and television news and talk shows, in their respective states. They could use these tools to inform the people about this horrendous bill and its ramifications.

Seeing all this, I began to wonder how we came to a place where those who hold to heterosexuality and traditional marriage may become enemies of the state or subject to Federal penalties.

After thinking about it and listening to a radio talk show host discuss this subject, I decided the world has bullied us in to submission.

First, the Left calls anyone who disagrees with them, in general racists. They know this will shut us up. Now, they call us bigots. They call us right-winged homophobes. They accuse us of hate and intolerance, because we do not agree with their position.

Through these and other hate-filled words, we have allowed them to redefine us and bully us in to silence.

In addition, we have seen them lower God's standards and His righteous bar to fit their sins. And we have let them define us, while crucifying us and slandering our character in order to shut us up. And we have allowed these to take place, without as much as a whimper.

Folks, this is a spiritual battle. We must engage. And we must fight with the truth, the shield of faith and our brains. We must not allow them to define us. We must not allow them to redefine this country’s heritage. We must not allow them to make heterosexuality seem evil and bigoted. If we do, terms like husband, bride, traditional marriage, mother and father will become politically incorrect because they declare it so.

Instead, we must stand for righteousness and we must do all we can to protect our children and grandchildren from this onslaught. Plus, if we are to continue to hear the truth from the pulpit, our pastors need cover through our prayers so they may continue to preach the whole Word without compromise.

Thus, we must learn to engage. Judah had to engage the enemy. Moses had to engage the enemy. David had to engage the enemy. And Jesus engaged the moneychangers. This is not about us. This is about our Lord and His Word. Thus, if my elected leaders are not going to engage, then I will. And so, here are some suggestions on how to engage, deflect and direct their words toward them.

First, we must remember, the Lord defined marriage and not man. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Marriage is the symbol of Christ and His church. Thus, this is a spiritual battle. Two men and two women destroy the symbolism. I believe this is why God calls this act an "abomination."

Next, they will do whatever it takes to feel accepted. And in their pursuits, they will destroy what is good and righteous before the Lord. Therefore, just as the Lord tossed out the moneychangers, we must engage them with the truth. We can use their evil words by turning their words back on them, just as Jesus did to the religious leaders when they tried to verbally trap him.

Here are my suggestions:

First we must properly prepare:

1.We must examine ourselves and repent of anything that might be a board in our eyes.
2.We must pray for revival.
3.We must stand for righteousness
4.We must stand for God’s Word without compromise
5.We must fight with the truth.
6.We must realize God did not call us to fight this battle alone.
7.And we must do and say everything in love.

Next we must engage:

1.When they accuse us of hate, because we stand for traditional marriage, we can turn their hate back on them. Our Lord did this when they asked if the Jews should pay taxes. He said give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is Gods.

We start by asking them if they believe the hate crime’s bill covers sexual orientation? When they say it does, we then say it’s my understanding it does not define sexual orientation. the we remind them we have a sexual orientation too. It’s heterosexuality. And whether they agree or not, it is our sexual orientation. And since the law protects sexual orientations, without defining them, our orientation is also protected.

Then we must remind them, just as ourorientation offends them, their orientation offends us. We also let them know that, unlike them, we really cannot change. We then tell them they are sounding a little "heterophobic."

2. Another way to engage them is through the term, "Christiphobia." If they attack our faith and tell us the scriptures offend them. Let them know they sound a little Chrisitphobic. And their Christiphobia offends you.

3. Finally, when they attack our character, count it all joy to suffer for Christ's name and watch God raise others to stand with us. Carrie Prejean did not defend herself or justify the pictures they used against her, hoping to successfully decapitate her faith, by trying to prove she is a hypocrite. Instead, when they attacked her, millions came to her aid. Her stance inspired them to make a stand and be counted in the battle.

I believe the Left has overplayed their hand. If they had accepted Carrie's answer and not used it to further their political agenda, this whole thing would have been over and no one would have remembered her or her answer. What they meant for evil, by attacking her faith and her stance, God has used for good. Through her, He exposed the Left's intolerance and inspired others to stand with her. After all, this is still America and there is still something wrong about men ganging up on a woman and trying to verbally destroy her.

Yes, this world grows worse by the day. To survive, we must learn to stand firm in faith. We must also learn to stand in love and deflect the hate spewed against our faith and our sexual orientation and aim it back toward them. In other words, we can use our opponent's words and deflect them back and by doing this we place them on the defensive.

Now, whether you engage the enemy by using heterophobia, Chrisiphobia or deflection make sure you engage them in love. Remember, God is on your side. Be firm, be faithful and never forget who you are in Christ.

And finally, after engaging them, witness to them. Share why you love Jesus and testify of His love and His salvation, without using scriptures against their sin. They know they are sinning, otherwise they would not try to shut us up. They think if they do this, they will feel better about themselves. The truth is they cannot run from their own conscience.

Thus, share with them the love Christ has. If they truly become born again, God will deal with their sin. All their sins, just as He deals daily with ours.

Be bold...be courageous. For He is greater than the world. The victory is already in us and so is the power. The power to stand and the power to share our faith, in love.

God Bless

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