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Book Preview of Alpha and Omega The Beginning
by Kevin D. Morris
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“Hell from beneath is moved for thee to
meet thee at thy coming”
- Isaiah 14:9

He stood upon the highest pinnacle of the Temple, the gaze of his piercing deep blue eyes penetrating the cloud-filled expanse above. A sinister smirk manifested as he changed his focus from the heavens to the scene below filled with the echoing din of multitudes. Something was happening within him. Something he had never experienced in all the countless millennia that he had existed. Something was being birthed in him, and even though he, being an angel of light - the “Light Bearer” in fact - sensed its covert darkness, yet still he embraced it. As he scanned the masses below consisting of roughly one-third of his brethren, the embryonic darkness in his heart fully manifested into Pride and Arrogance - and Sin was born into the universe. Lucifer turned his gaze heavenward again, and gave voice to the evil now resident in his heart.
“I will ascend into heaven. I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Most High.” Barely had he finished uttering these words when suddenly two angels appeared, one on either side of him, brandishing golden swords that crackled with otherworldly energy.
“You are summoned!” spoke Michael fearlessly, and with great authority.
Lucifer began to smile, but it quickly turned into a sneer, as he realized that each of his fellow angelic defectors was also flanked by two loyal angels on either side of them as well. Lucifer nodded accedence, and in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, a world filled with the angelic hosts was suddenly empty of them.

As Lucifer knelt before the Throne, he began to realize that he could no longer look directly into the glorious Light that emanated from the Throne. Though for eons prior to now, he had been able to walk up and down in the midst of the Throne and its Light, he now found himself literally unable to gaze into that same Light. As he pondered this, a voice as of many rushing waters emanated from the midst of the Throne.
“Lucifer, My son, darkness has birthed in your spirit. Therefore repent and return to Me, otherwise, sin lies at your door with eternal separation from Me as it’s irrevocable payment and consequence. Choose life and live, for why will you die?”
“Master, I have chosen. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like...”
“Satan, you shall be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit”, thundered the mighty voice from the midst of the Throne.
At that, there suddenly appeared a rift in the glassy sea-like floor of the Throne Room. In an instant, Lucifer, now called Satan, and all his fellow defectors, fell through the opening and out of Heaven. The Lord, sitting in the midst of the Throne, beheld as Satan fell like lightning towards the Earth. Down, down, down he plummeted, his angelic visage of perfect beauty transforming into one of a hideously deformed spirit of darkness. His rebellious cohorts also suffered the same fate as well, but some in addition were also chained and imprisoned in the Abyss - the Bottomless Pit. When Satan finally reached the Earth, he was so overwhelmed by what had just transpired that it took him a few seconds to realize the changes that had taken place in the Earth. Whereas his principality had before been a beautiful paradise, it too now bore the scars of divine judgment. The entire Earth had been laid waste and was void of any life whatsoever. Also missing were his subjects- his rebellious brethren - or so it seemed. At first, he didn’t sense their presence, but then he heard them.
“Master, we are here,” the voices said.
As Satan focused his eyes, he peered into the spiritual darkness and there he saw them - the former holy angels, now angels of darkness – demons, who were also hideously deformed like their now fallen prince. A smirk came across Satan’s face as he now stared at the sky. He shook his fists toward Heaven, and declared, “I will yet ascend above the heights of the clouds.” He then gathered his demons together and set about how to do just that.
Meanwhile, in Heaven, the LORD, seated in the midst of the Throne, spoke to the Lord and said, “Amen. It has begun.”

Prologue II

“To this end was I born, and for
this cause came I into the world ...”
- John 19:37

Michael stood at the ready, as did the rest of the heavenly hosts, with golden swords unsheathed - but there came forth no command from the Throne, as there had been no request from below. Michael, along with the rest of the angelic armies, stood perplexed and bewildered as they viewed the utterly horrific atrocity that was unfolding on the Earth below.
Michael realized that this was now the second time since he had been created that he was completely stupefied by an event that he neither understood nor comprehended. The first time was when the Lord divested Himself of His outward glory and wrapped Himself in human flesh, the flesh of those creatures He created and to whom He gave dominion over the Earth (who subsequently gave the dominion over to Satan). Now, these same rebellious creatures were in the process of crucifying the Lord of Hosts, the Creator - the very One who gives them life and sustains them.
Michael wondered within himself, “What is transpiring here? Why is the LORD allowing this to happen to the Lord? Why hasn’t the Lord called for us? Why is there no command from the Throne to intervene?”
The response from the Throne to Michael, as well as to the rest of the heavenly hosts, was a calming, yet authoritative “Peace, be still”.
Michael looked on, still at the ready, prepared to move in the blink of an eye. As he surveyed the scene below, his eyes caught a glimpse of a shadowy figure of darkness, moving in and out of the midst of the ignorant and unsuspecting hate-filled mob. Michael watched as Satan went about his evil work. Michael knew that whatever Satan was up to – ultimately, it would fail. Michael trusted in God and he knew that no matter how things may appear to be, the LORD God is God, and He reigns.

Chapter 1

“Men’s hearts failing them for fear,
and for looking after those things
which are coming on the Earth:
for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.
- Luke 21:26

“Can you believe this” exclaimed the young man as he folded the newspaper to exhibit a particular story and handed it to his father. “I’ve heard a lot of crazy things in my line of work, but this is downright nuts”, he continued as his father reread the story slowly to make sure he had read it right the first time. “How in the world can the courts find the homeowner liable for the injuries sustained by a burglar in the process of burglarizing said homeowner’s home? Have they lost their minds?” queried Antwon Jackson, livid over what he had just read.
“Son, it’s the world we live in now. There’s no sense of right or wrong, no absolutes anymore. Everything is just…‘relative’, replied Will Jackson, turning to the sports section. “Hey, I know it’s early in the season, but the Eagles don’t look too good, do they. They’re 2-3.”
“Great, Dad. I’m talking about injustice and you’re talking sports” sighed Ant.
“Son, let me try to help put your mind at ease. It’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better” assured Will.
“Never mind, Dad” said Ant quickly as he rolled his eyes to the ceiling. “I don’t have time for a sermon. I’ve got to get to work. I just stopped by to see how you and mom were doing. When she awakes, tell her I was here and that I love her. Love you too, Pops” said Ant as gave his father a loving hug. “I’ll stop by as soon as I get back from Israel”.
“Be vigilant and take care of yourself over there” advised Will. “God be with you, son”.
“Thanks, Dad, but it’s a lot safer since Israel recently won the so-called ‘War of Psalm 83’ ” replied Ant somewhat sheepishly. “I’m out”.
“See ya” said Will, as Ant was closing the door behind him.
Will returned to the newspaper story that had disturbed his son. He began to think of all the chaos and injustice that existed in the world in general, and in the Middle East in particular. He thought about how incredibly biased the nations and the world media had become against Israel, and nowhere was that more evident than at the United Nations. Resolution after resolution had been brought against Israel for the “atrocities” of defending itself from repeated attacks by her neighboring enemies, who had unashamedly continued their attacks even though “truces” were supposedly in place. Now, the entire world seemed to be against Israel ever since she nuked Damascus in retaliation for Syria firing missles armed with chemical gas agents into Israel during the Psalm 83 War. It seemed the whole world was “roaring” for Israel’s destruction. If it were not for the United States with its one veto vote power, all the resolutions brought against Israel would have passed easily. And yet, though the whole world was aware of what was actually transpiring in the Middle East, not one single resolution had been brought against any of the terrorist nations that had attacked Israel.
“Truly, we live in perilous times, Lord”, said Will as he put down the paper and headed to the bedroom to get dressed.


Dr. Greg Wersop couldn’t stop trembling. He took a deep breath and made a concerted effort to do so just long enough to minutely recalibrate the coordinates for the observatory telescope. Finally successful in this attempt, Dr. Wersop nervously peered into the eyepiece yet again. His heart pounded and his pulse quickened as he made his way to the workstation monitors to peruse the data being streamed across the display. He couldn’t believe his eyes. But he had to. Numbers don’t lie. He sat down before he fell down.
For the past several years, as part of a coordinated effort in association with other observatories around the world, Dr. Wersop had been scanning the heavens for NEO (Near-Earth Objects). NEO are defined as asteroids, meteors, or comets that come within 28 million miles of Earth’s orbit. In all the years of his searching, he had never found a single new NEO. Until now. Now he found two.
Dr. Wersop began to perspire profusely as his mind raced. He retrieved a cold bottled-water from the fridge as his mouth was becoming quite dry. After drinking half the bottle and composing himself as much as he could, he picked up the phone and called a friend at NASA.
“H-Hello, Tom? Hey, yeah it’s me. No, I’m not alright. Tom, I found two. Yeah, two NEO, and Tom, …they’re both headed right at us.”

To purchase this book go to http://www.lulu.com/content/hardcover-book/alpha-omega---the-beginning/1180280 .

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