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Staying On Course With Destiny
by Shirley Williams
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"So then, faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God" (Romans 10:17).

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4:6).

"Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keeps the law, happy is he" (Prov.29:18).

So many of God's people today are going through times of being under demonic attacks of discouragement, depression, confusion, despair---all of which brings on disorientation and loss of vision.

Hosea 4:6, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."
Romans 10:17 says, "So then, faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God."

In the Greek translation, the word akon (akoe) means, 'something more than the mere sense of "hearing"---thus, "the hearing of faith." It stresses a thing 'perceived' from "hearing the voice." This simply means that not only do we hear God's message preached or taught from His holy Word with our natural sense of hearing---but the Holy Spirit, often described as "the wind" breathes on it to bring revelation. Thus, it becomes a “Rhema” word then.

We're actually talking about the Rhema Word in Romans 10:17. God's logos Word is His written revealed will that we have in the Bible. A Rhema Word, which never comes apart form God's logos Word, is a Word spoken directly into our spirits by the Holy Spirit and illumination of that word takes place. An expanding, if you will, occurs in your spirit. David said, 'the entrance of your Word, O Lord, is light'(Psalm 119:130).

Have you ever noticed how the light of revelation seems to mushroom in your spirit? And as it does, it drives out the darkness of ignorance that was there? You could say, the light switch to your faith was just turned on and grew when the Holy Spirit revealed God's logos Word in your spirit by Rhema Word. Lets go back and read Romans 10:17 this way now, "So, then faith comes by 'the LOGOS,' and by the revelatory RHEMA of the Word of God." Amen.

Though we've got to have God's Logos Word; we've also got to have His Rhema Word as well. He said, "my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." In the Hebrew, the word for 'knowledge' is, chazown (khaw-zone') and it means, revelation. And according to the Hebrew text, this can come through a vision or a dream also. But in this context, this is knowledge of God's Logos written will, the Bible.

A KNOWING and a PERCEIVING of the Logos Word. How? Through the Holy Spirit breathing upon it and causing it to become a living Rhema Word that we perceive in our spirit. Then, we can express with confidence that, 'I know that I know that I know,' through perception and understanding. Somebody says, "Well, how do you know that?" I don't know, I just KNOW it by the Spirit of God. Amen, praise the Lord!

In Proverbs 29:18, God said, "where there's no vision, the people perish." The Hebrew word for 'vision' in this verse is 'Yada' (yaw-dah'), and it means, not only revelation knowledge that we perceive by the Spirit. But it also means a literal vision given by the Holy Spirit---to know by seeing, either in a dream or a vision. Probably, the biggest thing that clouds our spiritual vision is getting off the faith/love walk and getting over into unbelief. You're definitely not going to be seeing clearly if you're operating in unbelief in God's Word.

Proverbs 3:5-6, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not to your own understanding in the sight of God and man.6-In ALL your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths."

Lets look at these verses a little and tear them apart to see whether we're measuring up through faith and trust, or if we're bombing out through doubt and unbelief. Now, I know that most of us would like to think that we're trusting God, our heavenly Father 100%. At least, we want other's to think we are. We can even deceive ourselves to believe we're doing everything right, when in fact, we're deceived. But praise God! By His grace and His Word of truth, we don’t have to stay deceived. We can know the truth and be assured that whom the Son sets free is free indeed (John 8:36).

The word trust means---"Confidence, depend on, faith, rely on, believe, hope, commit, entrust." The opposite of trust of course means, "distrust, doubt and skepticism." Another way to say it is, a person who is operating in doubt, distrust, etc. is operating in unbelief. And to be distrustful is a person who is fearful. So, we've got a person who's operating in doubt, unbelief and fear. Therefore, this person is not trusting in God to have the wisdom and the power to take care of them. So, who are they trusting in? One simple word---'self.' Am I talking to anybody?

God told us in Proverbs 3:4-6, 'don't rely on your own self, your own natural wisdom and reasoning to know what you need. To know how to take care of you and to know what's best for you.'

I hear the Lord say, “Give to Me your whole heart in faith. Rely on Me. You can depend on Me. Entrust yourself and your life to Me, I won't let you down. Trust that I have your best interest in My heart. I know the thoughts I have of you. I know the good plans I have for you. Plans for good and not for evil” (Jeremiah 29:11). But you've got to believe Me. You've got to put your confidence in Me.

Give Me the chance to show you the loving care I have for you. Acknowledge Me. Look fully in My face and rely on My wisdom that will never lead you down the wrong path. My wisdom will always lead you to a good land. Trust Me to help you stay on the course of destiny I have set for your life. Stay close to Me, and I will teach you by My Word and reveal many things to you by My Spirit. I will show you how to stay out of the blind's so you won't become disoriented and lose your vision. Do not fear to step out in faith to trust ME; for in My hands, I hold you secure.” Thank You, Jesus! Hallelujah!

Isn't that just so simple? When we trust ourselves to look out for us, we're running in fear because we don't believe that God is capable of caring for us. The truth is, we don’t believe He will take care of us the way we will. We are afraid He won't come through like He says He will in His Word. But God IS faithful to do exactly as He says and we just simply have to choose to believe Him.

When the Holy Spirit brought conviction to your heart and made you aware that you were a lost sinner and you needed a Savior, did you have any problems to speak of in believing that Jesus could save you? The biggest percentage of people don't have a problem believing that Jesus can and does save them when they cry out to Him in sincere repentance. Some do but most don't

But if we could believe God for the free gift of salvation, then it shouldn’t be so hard to believe that He's also capable of taking care of us for the rest of our journey here on this earth. We usually end up giving God a very small portion of our trust, while we rely mainly on ourselves. We depend more on our own human reasoning and understanding to take us through very important places in our lives and leave God out of most of our decision making.

God wants to be involved in every part of our lives. But we have to acknowledge Him and invite Him to be involved in every aspect of our lives. We must consult with Him and seek His counsel. We must take the time to find out what He thinks and lean on His wisdom. And when He gives it to us, we have to be willing to be obedient to it and go His way that will show up in our thoughts, our speech and in our actions.

There are things that God expects us to do on our own, yes indeed. I mean, we're not robots. We don't have to ask God if we should eat breakfast or keep our house clean or keep the yard tidy. Even if you're not a born again, blood-washed Christian, you know not to go next door and set your neighbor's house on fire just for the fun of it. God doesn't have to tell you not to do something like this. You just know it's not right.

Now, if you've got a thing about setting fires, then that's a different story. A person like this can be deceived to the point that they think they're doing something right when indeed, its something very wrong because it is against God and His Word. But, we just simply need to ask God straight out to help us to learn to trust Him more. And you know what? He will. It's just that simple.

But we can certainly get ourselves in some messes when we turn away from God's helping hand and we opt to trust more in ourselves to know the answers to our problems than He does. It will quickly get you off the course of your destiny that God has set for you. We loose our vision and get off faith and move into unbelief and fear when we get our eyes on the circumstances around us.

We must keep our eyes focused on Jesus, and on the vision of our destiny that He's revealed to us. You may only have a piece of the puzzle of your destiny, but it's enough to keep you on course and going in the right direction until He's ready to give you the next puzzle piece. This is where we have to trust God that He will help us to SEE where we're going and be with us every step of the way on this journey.

In light of that, a person who fly’s commercial airplanes is not suppose to fly through thick masses of clouds. Or, at least you weren't supposed to do this when I took flying lessons years ago. Sometimes, you do go through wispy clouds and being enveloped in them, you won't be able to see your way clearly until you get through to the other side of them. This is how it is spiritually when our spiritual vision is clouded over.

A person who fly's, and particularly if you're going very far, you will need to have a flight plan. The course you intend to take on this journey will be charted out from the control tower (God from the throne) before you ever leave the ground. You will do your flight check on the ground before take off (the Word, prayer, fasting, praise & worship). Your headings are set and you have direction. God already has your destiny charted out for you since before the foundation of the world (Eph.1:4-6). He's predestined you for greatness in the Kingdom of God, are you ready for take-off?.

Somebody wrote a song years ago that says, "I'm using my Bible for a road map." This is true. Our basic flight plan to soar like an Eagle through this journey is found in the Word of God. It's there, we just have to read it and rely on the Holy Spirit to show us our specific course through revelation. Inside the cockpit (prayer closet) of an airplane (your life), you have an instrument panel (the word, fruit and gifts of Spirit, Anointing), much like the instrument panel on a car that lets you know if things are operating properly. You have to make sure to hold that car 'steady' on the road (of holiness) and keep it balanced on your side of the road lest you crash.

Its much the same way in an airplane because you have to be sure and keep your wings balanced (the word and the power) so as not to be tilting too much in extreme to the right or to the left. This would cause you to eventually lose altitude and airspeed as the plane would begin to veer off course. The end result would be that you're not on course but now headed in a different direction than what your charted route says. And if this is not corrected quickly, eventually, it will cause you to crash.

Some of God’s people have gotten so far off course of the flight plan He has given you for your destiny that you've now crashed. And sitting in the ashes of the after-burn, so to speak, you're left confused and wondering, what happened? Instead of asking God and trusting Him to give you the answers, you’ve been relying on your own human reasoning. You’ve assumed there had to be something wrong with the charted plan. Or even the airplane itself. No, those things were God-given and they had been checked over by the Holy Spirit, who not only approved it for take off but stood ready to empower and give it fire-power and lift-off from the ground. All systems were “go.” There was no way it could fail. So, where does the problem lie?

The problem was with the pilot who thought he could take over completely without the Captain and fly his own flight plan his way (lean to your own understanding). You thought you could take your eyes off the 'way' and look at the scenery (whatever that would be for you, known as a distraction) to the left or the right of you and still be able to stay on the course of your destiny with God. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that for any of us.

The bottom line truth is, when we lean to our own understanding--our own wisdom that's earthly and sensual (James 3:15), we'll always get off the course of our destiny that God has told us to stay on. We will always end up crashing and God, by His grace and mercy, will have to heal and restore us. He will have to put us back in the seat of that plane with the same flight plan and say, “Okay, lets go again.” Thats what my flight instructor used to say when I had landed badly.

Some of you, even now are in the process of veering off the course that God set you on toward fulfilling your destiny. But you still have time to change things. You still have time to straighten up your wings. You still have time to get balanced again and remain on course. Others of you have thrown all caution to the wind, if you will, and you're about to crash. You need a miracle NOW to be able to pull up out of that downward motion and begin climbing again toward the safety of God’s holy mountain. Praise the Lord!

When you give over to the devil's temptation because the scenery over to the left, or the scenery to the right seems to look better than where you're going, you have allowed yourself to be distracted. This was Satan's intention all along. He wanted to get you heading South if God had told you to go North. John 10:10, Jesus told us here that Satan's a 'thief, he steals, kills and destroys.' And therefore, he's out to destroy the vision of what God has given you to do, or what He's about to bring you into. Some of you haven't quite come into what God has called you to, but you're on the verge of “breaking--through” those clouds that has had your vision impaired.

Satan wants to keep you in the blind and going around in a confused circle, never getting to that place of your destiny. And so, his strategy was to get you off course and headed in another direction. And when you give into his scheme, knowingly or ignorantly, it puts you in direct disobedience to God's will for your life. But as soon as the Holy Spirit brings it to your attention, repent and get back on course, you don’t have a moment to lose on this journey.

There have been times when I've allowed the devil to get me off course of God's flight plan for my life just like some of you have. This circumstance arose, or that one arose to grab hold of my attention, and I'm here to tell you that I've crashed a few times. When I did, I wanted to believe that the problem was due to something else other than with me. But not so. The “problem”was due to no one but me. I had allowed the devil to distract me in my journey to fulfill my destiny.

God had to deal with my disobedience and heal the hurts I incurred in the midst of it as I repented. Then, He put me right back into the cockpit of my plane and said, "ok, lets go again," to which I said, “Yes, Sir.” What grace and mercy we receive from a loving Father who's longsuffering with each and every one of us. His love, His grace and His mercy is abundantly and freely given when we cry out to Father in humility and repentance. Praise His holy name.

In light of what we're talking about, I want to share with you how Jesus Himself taught me about getting off our course of destiny. During a time of intense prayer a while ago, I was just pressing into God for some answers I needed when the Lord began opening up more of the spirit realm to me. I had crashed and was now wondering, what happened? As I worshiped the Lord and entered into His presence, I was led to this room. Jesus said in, "In My Father's house are many mansions"(John 14:2). The literal meaning for the word, mansions mean, 'rooms.' When I came to this room I recognized immediately that I had been here before during other times of prayer.

Jesus had led me here one time where I had been standing behind Him in this doorway. As I stood directly behind Him, I kept peering around His right arm, trying to see into this room as He opened the door to the left of us. I had a powerful desire to go into this room that was so bright with what I knew was the glory of God. I asked the Lord, "Can we go in there?" To which He responded, "Not yet, but soon. You're about to step over into the glory realm."

I felt disappointed but yet, I felt encouraged and excited at the same time. I had received a 'promise' from Jesus. He didn’t say, “No.” He had said, “soon, I would step over into the glory realm.” Along with the excitement I felt in my spirit, I suddenly felt a fear as I looked at the brightness of that room before me and realized that among many things, God is a consuming fire. I didn’t feel the world’s kind of fear but rather, I felt an awesome respect for the glory of God. I was grateful to be standing so close to Jesus as we paused right there at the threshold of of this glorious room. I couldn't see anything that was inside because it was so bright with the golden glory of God. Hallelujah!

I don't recall how much time had passed since I had gotten off my destiny course and crashed and now, being here at the glory room again. But on this day in prayer and worship, I was here again. If I went by my natural senses, it would seem that I was there all alone because I saw no one. I had not come to this room with Jesus like I had done before. I stood here at the threshold of this glory-filled room by myself.

I was so in awe of the brightness of the glory in this room that I was afraid to make a move to step inside or do anything else for that matter. For what seemed like the longest time, I just stood there looking in. I don't know when or how I did it but finally, I took one step across the threshold and found myself on the other side of the doorway. As intensely as I was looking around me, I could see nothing because it was so bright. It was like my eyes were blinded---wide open and unseeing. It caused me to feel disoriented and off balance. Once inside I didn't know where else to step so I continued to stand there near the doorway just looking.

Then finally, I heard the familiar loving voice of Jesus as He said, "Step forward." My immediate response was, "But Lord, where do I step? I can't see anything. I don't know where to step." To this He said, "Just take a few steps forward." I hesitated for a second because I literally couldn’t see where I should step. But I did as He said and moved forward a few steps. When I stopped, I turned around to look behind me toward the door and I saw that I had indeed moved straight ahead of me. As I looked back at the doorway, I could see that out in the hallway, it was darkened but in here where I was now, it was oh so bright.

I had not deviated to the left nor to the right but I'd gone forward just as the Lord had told me. As I stood there I wondered what I should do next? And I called out to Jesus several times, "Jesus, where are you?" I knew He was there. I had heard His voice, and I sensed His presence, although I couldn't see Him. I longed to see Him so bad now. I wanted to see Jesus, and I KNEW He was there. When I felt like I just couldn‘t stand it anymore, He called out to me and said, "Fear not. I am here." When I heard His voice again, instinctively without even thinking about it, I moved forward a few more steps and stopped. I just wanted to get to Jesus. I wanted to see Him.

Then, my eyes were opened and I saw Jesus standing in front of me. Oh, the indescribeable joy I felt inside at seeing the Lord. And if I were to try and describe Him, I would have to say it in one word, 'glorious.' He was absolutely glorious! I could not take my eyes off His face. I never wanted to lose sight of Him for any reason. I felt myself being drawn deeper into His presence, drawn by His love, and oh, He was so beautiful.

I began to realize that moments ago, it had seemed that Jesus had been walking toward me, but I realized now that I had been drawn to move toward Him. Praise God! He began to teach me about faith and having clouded vision. He opened my understanding so I could grasp what I was being taught by the Master. His rhema words came alive and leaped in my spirit opening new vistas of revelation for me and it was wonderful. He was wonderful and I never wanted to leave this place.

My thoughts went back to the place where I thought Jesus had been walking toward me. In actuality, He had been right there the whole time, even though I couldn’t see Him with my physical eyes. He said, “I had to get myself headed in the right direction. I had to move out. I had to go seeking after Him and get close enough to sense His presence.” He said, “You lose the sense of My presence when you move off course to head off in another direction away from My plan and will for your life.” He explained that this is when we have the sense of being disoriented and off balance.

Never is Jesus the one who moves away from us. It is you and me who does the moving away from Him. He wants us to trust that he's there just as He promised He would be, even when we can't see Him, or feel His tangible presence. I wanted to “see” Him first so I could trust that He was there. This is like telling a stove, ‘give me some heat and I’ll give you some wood.’The cart is before the horse.

The Lord wanted to teach me to have faith and trust that He was there without me having to see Him first. He explained, This is how faith works.” When we get here to this place of trust and maturity, not always gaging everything by our “feelings” we won’t be crying out, God where are you? We’ll know without doubt that He's right there just as He said He would be and that‘s good enough for me.

Maybe it would be a good time to pause and ask ourselves, where are WE right now in our journey with Jesus? Are we moving away from Him, or are we moving and seeking to get closer to Him? If you want to sense and enjoy His presence, then you're going to have to take a step of faith to move closer to Him yourself. Amen, it's the truth. We all have to do this. When we move, God moves.

The Lord continued to teach me that when I couldn't see---when my eyes had seemed blinded, I could compare this to going through clouds when flying an airplane. “You will feel disoriented and out of balance with nothing tangible to fasten your sight on to give you equilibrium. You would have to rely on your instruments to help you stay on course.” This was exactly how I felt when I couldn't see anything but the very moment my eyes were opened and I saw Jesus, I felt anchored and balanced. Jesus is the only thing in this life or the life to come, that will help you to be anchored. He is "The Anchor that Holds." He is our anchor of hope. He’s our “living hope.” Praise the Lord of glory!

Regardless of what we might be going through, we can remain anchored in Him but we have to step toward Him in faith. We have to continually be seeking His face and trusting Him to lead us out of that blind and into the clearing so we can see the next step we‘re to take that will bring us closer to fulfilling our destiny. Even if we can't SEE what lies right in front of us, we do it by faith anyway. The Bible says, 'we will hear a voice behind us, beside us, in front of us, saying which way to step." Also, the Bible says, "the steps of a righteous man are ordered of the Lord," but we've got to listen for His voice.

Jesus said, "My sheep know My voice." So, when He tells us when and where to step, in faith, we need to obey His Word. The Great Shepherd has spoken and the sheep know His voice and they follow Him.”When we step out in faith and are obedient to His voice, praise God, we're rewarded with another degree of His glory. We're being changed "from glory to glory." When we hear the Word of the Lord, (Logos and/or Rhema), we step out in faith to become a "doer of the Word, and not a hearer only, deceiving ourselves"
(James 1:23).

In the book of Acts, Jesus told His disciples to go to Jerusalem, right before He ascended to heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father. He gave them His WORD, go to Jerusalem and wait there until you are endued with power from on high. They took His Word and went to the upper ROOM in Jerusalem to wait there until this power from on high came. They were about to enter a new level of glory. They were about to step over into the glory realm.

They were on the set course of their destiny. They were moving in the right direction toward God, toward the glory. They were rewarded for their obedience with a Holy Ghost explosion they had never experienced before. The long awaited promise of the Spirit had now been fulfilled. If you want to be anointed for service in the Kingdom of God, and if you want to stay anointed, then you're going to have to determine to let nothing distract you from moving toward God and all that He's offering you today. For surely, if you haven’t all ready, your own Holy Ghost explosion of glory will come and fill you to overflowing so you can go out and overflow onto someone else who needs a miracle touch from Jesus. Amen.

When we let down our faith to ingest and believe the devil's lies (John 8:44-45), it takes us out of the faith-arena and puts us into the arena of unbelief. And it’s from this place that we get hit. Ephesians chapter 6:10-18, tells us to put on the whole armor of God. It tell us particularly to 'take up the shield of faith wherewith we may be able to quench every firy dart of the enemy." If we believe the shield of faith (God's Word) reflects those firy darts, causing them to miss us, then we're in the arena contending for the faith.

But what happens when we believe its not working and we loosen our grip on the shield of faith and we let it fall to our sides? You're exactly, right; those firy darts of discouragement, depression, despair, etc. hit us. But listen, even though we've been unaware of the enemy at times and we've let our shields down and were hit, its still no time to sit down and just quit. Somebody says, "But you don't understand my problem." Or somebody says, "you don't know what I've been through."

While its true the Bible tells us to bear one another's burdens in prayer and for those who have become weak in the faith, we’re to help them rise again. While we're to help restore them, we also need to remind them that they must seek to know God themselves. He understands things about what you're going through that nobody else can. He has compassion for you such as another human being doesn't have. He has the answers to your every problem.

God uses people to speak into our lives, but the first and last place we're to look to is God. We need to cast the care of all things over onto Jesus for He cares for us like nobody else can (1 Peter 5:7). Does that mean we're not suppose to talk to anyone about our problems? No, it doesn't mean that at all, as long as you understand the person is a human vessel just as you are. We're not to depend on other's to be our source of help when God is our heavenly Father and He is our source for all things we have need of.

I know we all go through things on this earth when we get hit by the enemy because we weren't aware that we were in danger. And those 'hits' can be very painful, but folks, I'm here to tell you that none of us has ever gone through what our Savior, Jesus Christ went through for us on the cross of Calvary. Jesus is touched with the feeling of our infirmities (weaknesses--Heb.4:16), but I ask you, are WE touched with compassion by what He went through for each of us individually on that humiliating cross?

Praise God, Jesus is not on that cross anymore. He arose by the glory of God to become the firstborn of the dead and He lives forevermore! Hallelujah!! But I do think we need a fresh revelation of what His sacrifice and the shedding of His blood for each one of us really means. I'm not saying this to minimize anyone's pain and hurt you may have gone through in the past, or what some of you may be going through right now. But we forget all too soon sometimes that the power to deliver us out of all our troubles comes through the cross.

In this hour of the Church, we must begin to get thngs in the right perspective and get our eyes off of 'self'so much. We must cease being so self-absorbed and look beyond ourselves to help others who are struggling to get out of the blind we were just in. If the Church will keep her eyes focused on Jesus, I don't think we will be as quick to complain about what we go through. Paul called going through the trials of this life a "light affliction."

This wasn't the attitude of defeat. It was the attitude of victory and freedom. Paul went through a lot of things that we'll never go through while on our journey in this earth. And yet, Paul called those beatings and being left for dead, those times of being thrown in prison and whipped---those times of being shipwrecked and much more---he called it all a "light affliction."

Can you imagine that? He could say that because he had a revelation of what it meant for him when Jesus went to the cross and shed His life's blood for the remission of sin. Is it any wonder then that he could praise God even in the face of adversity? I believe Paul found his vision right there at the foot of the cross of Jesus. And because he determined to stay close to it, he never lost his vision but he went on to fulfill the destiny that God had called him to fulfill. He said, “I haven’t been disobedient to the heavenly vision.”We can‘t afford to do any less. You might say, "Yeah, but that was Paul." Yes, and this is you and this is me, and we can live in the same attitude as he did by considering what we go through as a "light affliction."

So, in the Lord's teaching me that day, He very clearly told me to “stay on course.” If you don't know what your course of destiny is, then I encourage you to spend some time with the Lord and find out. Believe me, He doesn't want you to be in the dark, or in a blind about your purpose and destiny. He wants you to know exactly where it is He wants you to go. But a lot of times, for one reason or another our vision becomes dim and we can't see clearly. We can't see what the Lord's purpose is in our lives or where we're suppose to be going. We're like the airplane pilot who's flying through the clouds. He can't see where he's going.

When you come to this place where you've lost sight of your purpose, your calling, find out from God what it is you need to know. And if you know already, then ask Him to help you to get back on course. And when He does, then stay on course. Don't allow this distraction or that distraction from family and friends---even from strangers to get you off course. Don't let people sway you into veering to the left or to the right of God's flight plan, even if they say, ‘I believe this is of the Lord and He wants you to do this.’ “Let every word be established by the mouth of two or three witnesses.”

What they say is not of God if it goes contrary to the way you know in your heart that He’s had you going. Remember, if God has you to head South, then Satan is going to try to get you heading North in the opposite direction. And it's because he wants to get you to abort God's plan in your life. He does not want you to go on to fulfill your destiny because where God is taking you, it will mean serious damage to his kingdom.

In getting you all turned around, he's not choosy about who he uses to help him do that. And who are the main one's he uses to do his dirty work? Unfortunately, most of them are professing Christian's. You know, the one's who stand up in church on Sunday morning singing, "Oh, how I love Jesus." And then on Monday morning, they're busy meddling in other people's things where they have no business. Oh yes, its the truth.

And for the most part, people are unaware that they're being used of the devil to do his dirty work. A lot of times, people are deceived to think they're working for God when actually, they‘re work is for the other side and it’s ineffectual for the Kingdom of God. And then, there are those who are aware that they're doing wrong but they go on about it anyway. But we don't have to continue being pushed around by the devil, do we? No, we don't. We can run the devil off in the name of Jesus (James 4:7) and put on love and humility then be about Father God's business instead.

So, whatever word comes your way, don't accept it at face value. Again, let me say that God does speak to us through other people and a lot of times, and if it’s a true Word from God, it will bear witness with the Holy Spirit who lives within your human spirit. He will either bear witness and let you know in your spirit that the word is of Him, or He'll let you know if He disagrees with it. If that word is not of Him, it will seem like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. As hard as you might want that word to fit, the Holy Spirit is trying to let you know, "Reject this word. I didn't send it. The devil did and if you take it, it will get you off My course."

Bingo, that's what the devil is after, but we have an "Unction." Praise God! We have the Holy Spirit, the Anointing Himself abiding on the inside of us and He will tell us the things we need to know in area's like this. Amen. But that doesn't mean we still don't need preacher's and teacher's of God's Word. We certainly do. But if we'll tune in and listen to the Holy Spirit when He says, 'reject this or keep that,' then we'll throw out the bad and keep the good. We’ll refuse the distraction and send it on back to its source, the devil. Then we'll be able to hold steady and stay on course, following the flight plan God has given us to go by.

In the Lord's teaching me about staying on course, I learned a very valuable lesson. One I have never forgotten. I didn't say I have the application of it mastered, but I can say it's made a considerable difference in my Christian walk because the Lord's Word that day brought freedom. He said in John 8:32, "You shall know the truth (revelatory truth), and the truth shall make you free.”

When I entered the glory room, I couldn't see anything. I couldn't see where to step and I couldn't make out anything in the room. But you see, you can't perceive the spiritual with the natural senses. And a lot of times, we try to do this and we end up getting off into error because we haven't discerned what is truly God's Spirit and what is of another spirit. Or if it's coming out of our own voice of wisdom and reasoning. Unbelief will not only blind you but it will cause you to be dull of hearing.

When I entered the glory room, I was trying to perceive spiritual things through natural means. It didn't work. But the Lord wanted me to see that, and I sure did. Jesus did with me in that room what He did with Peter on the Sea of Galilee when He came walking on the water. The disciples in the boat couldn't SEE (spiritual eyes not open) if it was Jesus or not. But then, Peter began to tune into the Spirit and received a revelation of Jesus. He said, "Lord, if that be you, bid me come." Now, watch this, Jesus said, "Come." One word was all He said. But that one 'word' was enough to change Peter's life from that point on in ways that he had not known before. The word Jesus spoke to him caused faith to arise in his spirit. That word opened his eyes and because it did he acted on his faith and took a step toward Jesus.

The presence of Jesus drew him. But somewhere along the way, Peter was distracted (the storm and the wind) and he deviated to the left and got off the course of his destiny that Jesus set him on when He spoke and said, "Come." Maybe Jesus has only spoke 'one word' to you, but that one word is powerful enough to set you on your course and toward the fulfillment of your destiny in God. If you've lost sight of that 'word' He gave you, then ask the Holy Spirit to give you supernatural recall and bring it back to you. And when He does, get on your course and keep moving forward, heading for Jesus, Who is your ultimate destiny and come on in to this next level of the glory realm. Praise God!

In the glory room, when Jesus spoke to me and said “step forward,” I had a decision to make right then and there. I imagine it was much like Peter did that day on the Sea. Did I trust Jesus enough to take that step, especially since I couldn't see where I'd be stepping? Peter couldn't see either where to step once he put his foot outside that boat but he'd chosen to obey the word of Jesus. So did I. As I began moving forward just purely on His Word---oh, I don't think you heard me. I said, I had to move out and move forward---I had to do something!

I had to take a step of faith on the 'WORD' I heard Jesus speak in the glory room. Isn't this what Peter did? Yes it is. And as long as YOU take that step of faith on the word of Jesus when it comes, it will hold you up. It will support you and keep you from going under. Praise God, it will not only hold you steady on your destiny course, but the Word of Jesus will cause you to go OVER to the other side to victory! Praise the Lord!! “When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.”

The Lord pointed out to me that it was only after I took that first step toward Him, going on His spoken Word to me, that my eyes began to open and I began coming out of the blind. Faith had arisen in my spirit---remember, 'faith comes by hearing and hearing (Rhema) by the Word of God.' And even if my faith at the time was a tiny grain of mustard seed, I had acted on it. And as a result, the blindfold was taken off my eyes and I could see Jesus, Who had been there all along. Unbelief puts the blindfold on your spiritual eyes and dulls your hearing spiritually. But faith, working by love, when you act on it will take the blindfold off and you are then able to see into the Spirit realm. You're able then to SEE Jesus through the eyes of your heart.

Also, you may not even realize it at the time, but when you step out in faith on God's Word, whether its His Logos or a Rhema Word, you have reached for and have picked up your shield of faith again. You're in the process now of preparing yourself to hold up that shield of faith wherewith you'll be able to quench every firy dart Satan throws at you to get you off course with God and His plan for your life. So, in conclusion, we saw by Peter, when he got off course of the Word Jesus gave him and allowed himself to be distracted by other voices, he sure enough did crash. He had to call out, "Lord, save me!" And what did Jesus say to him?

Jesus said, "Oh, ye of little faith." Or really, you could say it this way, "Peter, you doubted and you didn't trust Me." The Lord could very easily say this because Peter had slipped over into unbelief for a moment and when he did, he crashed. I've heard a lot of people put Peter down here because he failed to stay up on the water. They've talked about his little faith, but listen, even with a 'little' faith, Peter was able to walk on water. He literally walked on the Word of Jesus. Not only did Peter get out of the boat to walk on the water, but once Jesus got hold of him, he walked on the water again with Jesus to get back into the boat.

Looking at Peter in this account shows us that even if we have faith as a tiny grain of mustard seed, praise God; it's enough to cause us to walk on water. Or do anything Jesus gives us the 'Word' to do. And just like the pilot who comes out of the clouds, when you get on God's course for your life again, He will bring you out of that blind and you'll be able to see clearer and farther than you've seen before. Yes, you sure will.

So, let me ask you today, are you going through a place in your Christian walk where you feel like you're in a blind? Maybe you feel like you just can't see to make heads or tails of where you're suppose to be going? If you haven't been before the Lord to seek His counsel about it, then I strongly urge you to do so. Allow time for Him to speak to you and deposit some things upon your spirit that He's been wanting to for a long time.

Let faith arise in you by the Word of God being revealed and made alive in your inner-man by the Holy Spirit. How does the Word of God come? By hearing the Word preached or taught and also by reading it out loud to yourself. Then take a step of faith, keeping your eyes focused in His direction and your spiritual ears fine-tuned to His voice. Move toward Him, relying on the Holy Spirit to lead you every step of the way and give you break--through. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you across the threshold and into the glory realm where you will find Jesus, beautifully arrayed and oh so glorious. Praise the name of Jesus forevermore.

Plain As Day Ministries

Shirley Williams

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Great exhortation and encouragement! Wonderful article that inspierd me. And possibly other writers here on Faithwriters. -Carole


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