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Ghost Car Part 2 Bright Lights
by Caroline Alderson
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David, age 13, finds Ghost Car, and discovers some interesting things about a computer game called, Dark Moon. His sister, age 11, gets caught up in this game, and David with Ghost Car's help, go on an adventure to rescue her.

Part 2 Bright Lights

The mysterious car drove David home parking itself in his garage.

Running down the street to Tom's house, David went to check to see what he wanted to do. In school, David and Tommy took wood shop class together. Arriving at Tomís house, David saw him shooting baskets.

"Hey, Tom, what are you up too?"

"I thought I'd shoot a few baskets. What are you doing?" Standing back, Tom jumped up and shot his basket ball into the hoop. The ball swirled around on top of the hoop, then fell in. "Whew, that was a close one!"

"I've got something I want to show you, Tom! I discovered something really interesting. You won't believe me if I just tell you, so I'll have to show you. Come on to my house; it's in my garage.Ē

As the boys walked down the street to David's garage, Tom wondered what exciting new thing David got. David walked up to the corner of the garage where the mysterious car sat. "Can you see it, Tom?"

Looking around and not seeing anything different, Tom glanced at David quizzically "See what?"

"Well, maybe you have to get in before you can see the car," David reasoned out loud. Walking up to the car, David with his thoughts asked the car to open both doors for them. Swinging into the drivers seat, David said, "Get in, Tommy."

"What? Get into what? There's nothing there, David! Boy, youíre being wacky! You're seeing things that aren't there! Have you been drinking?" Tom looked everywhere. What was weird watching David, it looked like he was getting into a car, but there was nothing there! Then, the next thing that happened was really strange! David just disappeared into thin air! "David, where did you go!?"

Hearing David's voice, Tom jumped. "I'm right here!" Seeing nothing, Tom quickly looked all around for David, quite puzzled, thinking David had learned a magical trick, called the disappearing act.

"What is this? Did you drink something that made you invisible? Where are you!?" Tom demanded.

"I'm right here, Tom!" David thought to himself, `That's odd, why can't he see me? I want him to be able to see the car, to go for a ride.'

With out warning, David appeared to Tomís eyes sitting in a see throughish car. Tom jumped, not having expected that. "Hey! Wow! What is it? Where did you go?"

"Get in! Maybe it will take us out for a spin," David directed.

Walking cautiously to the other side of the car, Tommy acted a little apprehensive of what this bizarre car might do to him. Would it make him disappear, like it did David? Getting into the passenger side of the car, he waited gingerly to see what would occur.

Gently, David placed his hands on the steering wheel. The car by itself, drifted out into the driveway. Slowly turning around, the car lifted up into the air, hovering.

David was amazed! Turning to Tom, he exclaimed, "I didn't know it would do this!"

Leaning into his door, Tom looked down. "How did we get up here!? This thing turns you invisible, and flies!? Man, I feel like I'm in some science fiction movie! This is eerie! I don't know about this, David. Maybe, we're dreaming."

"No, this is no dream. This is real. Peculiar, but real."

Flying over the trees, it wasn't clear where the ghostly car was taking them. Suddenly, the car shot straight up into the sky, through the clouds! Whisking above the clouds, at an amazing rate of speed, the boys were dumbfounded, wondering if they would ever touch the ground again. It was an incredible rush!
Soaring awhile above the clouds, they then started drifting toward the ground. The mysterious car glided towards David's driveway, parking itself. The car doors opened of their own accord. The boys felt emotional over their experience with the really cool, ghostly car.

The car allowed Larry, the school bully, who sat up in a tree to see the car, with David and Tommy in it fly. "Did you guys see that!?" He questioned his two buddies who sat in the tree with him. His eyes grew round as saucers, as the ghost car flew higher into the sky, and then disappeared.

"Maybe, it's a UFO! Did you see that!? You can see right through that thing, whatever it is. It looked like a car, but, no way! Cars can't fly! They sure can't go that fast! Maybe the car is some kind of secret weapon the Air Force invented, that we donít know about. What would David and Tom be doing in it? Perhaps they stole it from the Military. Na, only I could be that smart," Larry declared conceitedly.

Larry jumped out of the tree, landing with a thud onto the ground. "Come on guys, let's follow that eerie car. I want to see what Tommy and David are up to."

Larry's friends thought Larry had lost it, but they weren't about to tell him that he was seeing things, big time. They decided it was in their best interests to just go along with Larry and see what would pan out.

Larry and his buddies sneaked carefully over to David's house. Larry hoped to get a closer look at the strange car. Hiding by the side of the garage, they eves dropped on David and Tom's conversation.

Tom was really keyed up about something. He was jumping around, and talking excitedly. "Boy, what a far out car! I've never had so much fun in all my life! This is so great!"

"Yeah, we could help a lot of people with this ghost car," David thoughtfully said.

"Like who?"

"Like my sister Melissa. She's involved with this bizarre computer game, named Dark Moon. They ask it questions, and it supposedly shows them their answer on a monitor screen."

"Well, what's wrong with that? Sounds like fun to me." Tom swatted at a bee as it flew by his ear.

"No, you don't understand. I think this computer game is evil. My stomach felt nauseous when I saw it on the car's computer. Melissa was sitting in a room, surrounded by lots of pretty clothes."

"That sounds cool to me," Tom finally ran off the bee. "Wait a minute, there's a computer in the ghost car? And it can show you things about people? Way cool!"

"The computer showed that Melissa wasn't happy. She looked depressed," David remembered.

Larry, in his exuberance, nearly fell from where he was hiding beside the garage. "Hey guys, do you know what this means!?"

His friends were baffled. They couldn't see anything, but they did hear the conversation about an incredible car. They had no idea what was going on. "What are you talking about? There's nothing there," George said, with a questioning look on his face. His other friend agreed. He couldn't see it either.

Larry couldn't believe his friends. "That doesn't make sense! How can you guys not see it!? It's right there in front of your eyes! Just look!" `This is getting more confusing all the time,' Larry thought to himself. `How could they not see the car? He can see it just fine. It doesn't make sense. Talk about baffling!'
Larry scratched his head. "Hum. I could use that car for my own advantage. Wouldn't that be neat, if we were the one's flying around in the car instead of them?"

"Whatever you say, Larry. I can't see a thing," George shook his head in disbelief. He whispered to his friend, "Larry's crazy. He's seeing things that aren't there. What's wrong with that boy?"

David and Tom walked down the street toward Tom's house, still conversing about the car.

Larry told George and Rob, with glee, "Come on, they're leaving! Now's our chance to check out that car! Don't look at me that way! I'm not crazy! I know what I saw! You'll see; just wait!"

Running into the garage where the car sat, Larry tried the door handle, but nothing happened. He tried breaking in, but no matter what he tried, the door wouldn't budge.

Without warning, the car lights came on! The lights were extremely brilliant, blinding Larry's eyes, causing him to shield his eyes with both his hands!

Larry ran out of the garage screaming, "I can't see, I can't see! That car tried to blind me!Ē

Running to Larry, his friends couldn't understand what was going on, because they were blind in another way. Ghost Car wasn't letting them see it, so they didn't understand what Larry was going through. His gang thought he had completely gone wacko. They were a little frightened of Larry, because he was acting so bizarre. They thought he needed help!

Within five minutes, Larry's eyes cleared up, and he could see again. Being fairly shaken up, he asked, "What happened? Did you see that!?"

"See what, Larry? There you go, seeing things again!"

"The car lights! You had to have seen them! They were as bright as the sun! Those car lights blinded me! I couldn't see anything," Larry tried to explain!

"Right, Larry."

"No, no! Stay away from that car! That Car's bad news."

It was the evil alien again. He waddled back and forth, pacing as best he could, on his short fat legs. It's not easy going around looking like an ugly egg, with short squat legs, and arms sticking out. He looks like one big bruise. Ghost Car did that to him. He got too close to that powerful car. Yuck! He doesn't like to think too much about it. Every time he thinks about what happened to him, he gets sick. The other demons always make fun of him, so he always tries his best to be extra evil, to show the others up, in hopes of pleasing the boss. Yuck!

However, don't feel sorry for him, because if he gets the chance, he'll suck all the good out of your mind. That's his job. Moreover, he's very good at it. That isÖ as long as Ghost Car doesn't catch him.

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