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Legend of the Yoshisaurus episode 1
by Jacob Gibson
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INTRO: What this is right here is possibly my best work of fiction so far. (My very best work of all, which I want to be a science fantasy series, is still in progress) This story is actually a video game fan fiction based on the colorful dinosaurs (yoshies) from certain games, and it is suitable for almost any age. This unusual concept of a vg fan fiction came to me suddenly one year and I worked on it in my head until I had an incredible story. At the time, I was confused about God’s will and thought I should try to write it since it has so many good morals. I worked for months on it and dreamed that it could become a great comic series like Sonic the Hedgehog. Later I came to my senses and realized that this would be nothing but a waste of time if it wasn’t published. I left the story unfinished, half way to completion, choosing to do what I know I should and only finish if I knew it could be used. Althought it was fun to write, part of me deeply regrets the time I lost writing it. Maybe one day God will make a way for this to become a reality, but for now I will just let you read it to show my talent and for your enjoyment.

Even if most haven’t played the games or know anything about them, I believe many could still like this. (Those who have played the games will probably like it even more) I don’t know if I can get away with this or not in case it’s considered plagiarism. If it is, I will understand if it must be removed. Enjoy! (A number of characters, locations, plot, and other elements are property of Nintendo. I do not own any of them) When I reach the place I stopped writing I might provide a summary of the remaining of the story if I’m not afraid of someone taking the ideas.

“Oooookaaaaaaay, everyone... welcome to the Legend of the Yoshisaurus... please keep your eyes and brain in the story at all times... do not feed any of the Yoshies that you will see... and for the love of Bob please take no pictures at all or I will have to take your cameras all away from you... thank you, and enjoooooooy the ride.” Jolt! (=(: )@)

NOTE: To those of you who are unfamilar with the world of the yoshies from nintendo, here's some things you should know. Yoshies are short dinosaurs that have big round noses, large eyes, long tongues, walk on their hind legs, wear boots, and come in many colors. If you would like to see what they look like and learn more about other characters and locations, I suggest you do an internet search, if you want. It will make it much easier to follow along!

Episode 1: Make Dreams, Lose Dreams (part I of III)

It was a bright and sunny day on Yoshi’s Island. A little green Yoshi laid on his back in the cool shade of the jungle and just took it easy. No worries… no problems… nothing but the dinosaur necessities. He laid there and sighed, thinking about how happy he was to be a dinosaur on a big, beautiful island full of good friends and plenty of great fruit to eat. And while he thought about food, that gave him a neat idea. “Hey,” he thought, “This is a great day to have a picnic with all my friends. We haven’t done that for a long time!” So the green Yoshi happily jumped up from his spot and ran to his friends to tell him about his great idea.

Everything was going just great like always and the Yoshi just imagined all the fun they would have spending time together. He smiled to himself and looked forward to what they would do. Then he looked up and saw… clouds. Several dark clouds drawing in overhead. “Hmmm. That’s no good. Picnics and rain don’t mix! I guess that I’ll have to—“ Darkness. Complete darkness everywhere. Becoming so thick you can’t see through it. Rain… howling wind… lightning shoots across the sky.

“Oh man. I hate thunder. I better run home now before—“ Creatures. Coming out of no where. Unseen but everywhere. Big terrible monsters with fangs and claws… walking through the darkness. Evil hissing and snarling from every direction. Deep fear. Creatures moving in closer. No where to run away. No possible escape. Large, cold hands reaching out and dragging the Yoshi away. Yell for help? No sound coming out. Can’t get away. Nothing to do now. No returning. Can never return to paradise. The island is slowly moving far away now. Forever. Laughing rises out from the being. A sound of crackling comes from somewhere on the island. Fire blazes out of no where and spreads everywhere in just a few minutes. The entire island… is engulfed with huge red flames. Suddenly sinking into the ocean and dooming all that live on it. Laughing won’t stop. Won’t stop. Echoes through your mind like a terrible migraine. Nothing to do but go where there is no coming back. Losing everything. The whole Mushroom World is sinking into madness. Becoming nothing but a dark, uninhabited land filled with wild creatures, evil monsters, and complete fear and hopelessness. And the one who caused all of this to happen... is you.

“AAAAAAHHH! NO!!” A man awoke and gasped. He opened his weary eyes and glanced around the cramped dark room and sighed. Just another nightmare. The fourth one in a row. How long was this going to go on? How long would he be trapped in this place?

“Good morning, sir” said a groggy but friendly voice in the room across from him. “Did you have another nightmare?”

The man looked at his friend sitting on the floor across from him. He couldn’t see his face but knew that he was there as always. “Uh… yeah. I’ll… be fine. Oh man… uh… I’m sorry if I woke you.”

“You didn’t.”

“How are you doing today? Still holding on?”

“I’m trying. But it’s getting so hard. I don’t know how much longer I can stay here in this terribly cold and dark dungeon. Day after day after day. I don’t know if I can keep silent much longer.”

“Just please do your best. They can’t know about it. There’s no way. If they know then it’s possible that everything we’ve worked for and gone through will mean nothing at all. Do you really want to be trapped here forever? Never get home and see your family again?”

The friend suddenly turned bitter and said, “I wouldn’t even BE here if it wasn’t for you, you know. I don’t know how I can ever forgive you all of this. My wonderful family… will I ever see them again? You wrecked my life! Not just mine but everyone else too! How can you continue to think that—“

Before their typical argument could begin, the sound of footsteps echoed through the hall and a small, strange shadow moved across the wall from the light of some torches on the walls. The people shifted nervously in their feet shackles and moved back towards the stone wall and acted like they were asleep. The thing walked up to the iron door, unlocked it with a creak, and stepped inside. He stared at them for a second and then shouted in a deep mocking voice.

“Okay, I heard you talking so I know you’re not asleep. Wakey, wakey, prisoners! It’s time for another long, full day of exciting pain and insanity with your best friend, Dr. K! I’m just so excited, aren’t you? Har har har!” The creature was a short yellow tortoise with a large beak, but it walked upright like a human and wore a white robe that reached to its toes.

The man said nothing, but his friend growled through his teeth.

“And don’t forget our policy: ‘The sooner you heave, the sooner you leave.’ You only stay here as long as you keep your mouth shut. Just tell us what we want to hear and then everyone gets to be happy again. Hoo hoo hoo!”

Still, the men didn’t answer him.

“Cricket… cricket… nothing, huh? Okay then. Well here’s your yummy breakfast as usual.” Dr. K. took two small bowls full of nasty stuff off a large tray and slid them across the floor to the prisoners sides. If the men didn’t have their hands chained close to the walls they would have definitely taken the chance to kill the short little creature. And then the cook too.

“I had fun talking with you gentlemen. You all can take your cold showers in one hour and the torture guy will come right after that just like usual.” He turned around and started to walk out. “I enjoyed our talk. See ya laaaaater! Heh heh.”

The second man imagined all of the things that they would do to him today and it made him sick to his gut. He didn’t know if he could handle just one more day in this place. So he did something that he didn’t never thought he would do.

“Hold on!” shouted the second man. Dr. K stopped, turned around and looked at the second guy with a smile.

“E-yeeeeesss? Something you wanted to say?”

“I… I… I’ll tell you what I know. Please let us out!”

“NOOOO!” screamed the first man. “Don’t say anything! They’ll never release us no matter what we say. Be strong now! Don’t think about the outside world, just try to survive!”

Dr. K. grabbed some “stuff” from the bowl and shoved it in his mouth. “Alrighty! Now what did you want to say? If it’s good enough then this could be the day you finally go home.” He set down the tray and pulled out a pencil and paper from his coat, adjusting his thick glasses with a smile.

“It’s… the thing… where the second thing is… that he wants.”

“NOOOOOOOO!” the first man screamed again with food falling from his mouth. The second man closed his tear-filled eyes and threw his head against the wall.

“It’s… it’s… guhhhhhhh… on… Yoshi’s Island.”


The second man hung his head down and cried, apologising over and over. Dr. K quickly wrote it down with the pencil in his yellow claws and smiled. “Wow. Thank you so much for to spilling your guts! Now, where exactly on Yoshi’s Island is this?”

But the man was too busy crying to say anything else and Dr. K could get nothing more out of him.

“You won’t say, huh? That’s okay. It should be enough. The king shall reward me for this. Oh yeah… this is goooooood stuff, boy.”

He left the room and locked the door again while the first man continued to scream at his friend. Dr. K chuckled and said “We’ll see if you’re right or not this time. If you is be right then go you may. If you is be lying… then Mr. Pain can come see you again. Oh ho ho!”

Then he dropped the tray of food, faced to the left and shouted down the hall, “Hey! I’ll come and bring you guy’s slop later. Right now I have to tell his majesty some good news! Yahoo!” He set skipped down the hall and hummed a merry little tune, thinking of what great reward he might get for this. “Dum, dee doo dee doo dee, dum dee dum dee doo dah. Dum, dee doo dee doo dee, dum dee dum dee doo dah…”

Welcome to Yoshi’s Island. The real one this time, not a dream. But it sure feels like one. This is a place that is more than a paradise. An island of abundant fruit, sun, and happy, colorful dinosaurs that eat like crazy and know how to have a good time. If you could spend just a few minutes in this place, you might never want to leave. If you've never seen a yoshi before, I will describe their appearance. The yoshi dinosaur has a large round nose the size of a mellon, big eyes that rest on top of its head, a round belly, short arms and legs and a little tail. Although they come in hundreds of different colors, they all have a white underside that goes up to their neck. They definitely could be the cutest dinos ever seen, but they're also tough as nails.

Today is a huge day for many of the Yoshies because it’s the day of championship soccer touranment (but the yoshies call it Yoshi ball). Yoshies from around the whole island and even some from other islands competed for half a year to try and win a large trophy. Plus each player on the winning team got a large basket of fruit and you sure can’t beat that! Well… at least they couldn’t.

The final two teams to play each other are the Rockin’ Ravens vs. the Crushing Clawdaddys which our friend Yoshi Z. plays on (Yoshi is a really popular name for many of the Yoshies, whether it’s a first name, last name, or just sounds like the word). This was his very first time to finally make it to this place and the tough orange dino couldn’t feel more ready to play and triump. He couldn’t even imagine losing after what he had gone through. All the practices, working out, cuts and bruises, highs and lows, victories, defeats, blood, sweat, tears. Lose now? No way.

Yoshi and his team walked onto the field, which was located in a big, level clearing in the jungle with two sets of old wooden bleachers on both sides. The audience cheered as both teams arrived and prepared to play the finally match. Yoshi looked for his family and quickly found them sitting just where they told him they would. Then he looked for his friend, Victoshia, and smiled when he saw her wave at him. After a few preparations the it was time to begin. The large golden hour glass, which timed the rounds, was turned over, and a loud horn was blown. Here we go!

I would like to tell you about the whole game in-depth but since I don’t have that kind of patience (and maybe you don’t either) I’ll just give an overview of the game. Yoshi’s team started out doing very well and took the lead for awhile, 6-0. Then the Ravens team finally made a goal and managed to creep up towards them at 8-3. Suddenly things got crazy and the Ravens pulled themselves up to the Clawdaddys with a 14-14 tie. Now, this could be the final play of the game and both teams felt super nervous but totally ready to win it all. And this part I will tell you about!

Every single Yoshi on the field felt completely tense, and the audience on both sides did too. The Clawdaddys had the ball first, and their best player would give the kick-off, so there was a chance they could do this. The teams lined up on their sides of the field and waited for the horn. A gray Yoshi blew the horn and the action began. The Yoshi jerked to the right like he was going to run that way, but then quickly faked it and ran to the left. He saw some people coming at him and decided to pass it to someone else on the right. They immediately kicked it back to the first guy and he kicked it to someone ahead of him. He zig-zagged towards the goal but kickly passed it when someone from the side jumped at him. The person who got the ball accidentally lost it and the Ravens carried it back to their own goal. Just when it seemed like they would attempt the shot, they lost the ball and the Crawdaddys recovered it. They charged to the goal as fast as they could and got ready to score the winning point.

Time was almost out (they use time instead of points). The green and white sand in the hour glass had almost ran out, and three Yoshies on the sidelines pounded on bongos to signal that that it was drawing to a close. Yoshi finally got the ball and went flying to ahead, planning to score the winning point and become a star. With just a little more ways to go, he came face to face with an opponent and no good passes in sight. He decided to do something that he had never done before but had always wanted to. A special move called the “lightning striker.” He kicked the ball straight up into the air and then quickly jumped up after it. The crowd gasped. Both teams swallowed. What was he going to do?!

At the top of his jump, Yoshi got ready to kick it into the goal. But all of a sudden a mysterious, terrible pain flowed through his entire body and made him yell and close his eyes for a second. He tried to ignore it and then swung his foot over and kicked down the ball right toward the goal. To his complete shock it just barely missed the opening and hit the pole and rolled away. By the time he had landed the Ravens had the ball and were moving insanely fast to their goal with nothing left. Yoshi tried to convince himself that there wasn’t enough time and that they could still tie and have a sudden death round, but when he took a fast glance at the glass, there was enough time for them to win.

The Clawdaddys gave it everything and did their best to retrieve it, but no one could do anything. Finally, the moment came. A player ran up to the goal and kicked it to the left to a light blue Yoshi. He did the exact same thing Yoshi did and prepared to do a jumping kick. “NO-HOOOO!” shouted Yoshi. Time ran out, the horn blew, and the Yoshi immediately slammed that thing right to their goal like a cannonball. It wasn’t headed for the goal but instead flew straight towards the goalkeeper, a big fat green Yoshi (they can block better I guess). Surely if it was headed straight at him that it would bounce off and nothing would happen. But reality is stranger than fiction (and yes I know this is fiction) and something very twisted happened.

The ball shot at the goalie’s head and everyone watched to see what they thought would be a painful block. Not so. Either the Yoshi wasn’t paying good attention or something, or had slow reflexes, but when he looked up and saw that thing careening at his face like a missile, he only had time to do one thing. Open his mouth to scream. Even before he could put his hands up to block, the ball… entered his mouth and banged around inside of him like a mad pinball machine. Finally it stopped moving inside of him. There was a stunned moment of silence as the people waited for someone to do something or something to happen. The green Yoshi made a very sick face, and suddenly laid a HUGE egg… that rolled behind him… and touched the net. The Yoshi’s eyes grew huge, then he gagged and tipped over sideways like a statue.

“Yes! That’s goal! One point for us!” yelled the Raven’s coach.

“What?” responded the Clawdaddy’s coach. “No it’s not! How can you call that a goal? That was an egg not a ball!”

Immediately things got weird and everyone got into a huge argument of whether or not that was a point. The ball was either in the egg or was the egg, and the egg touched the net so doesn’t that count? But if the ball goes THROUGH the goalkeeper, what in the world does that mean? After a lot of heated arguing somehow it was decided that… it was a point and the Ravens had won the championship. Yoshi stared ahead in total shock. No… it can’t be. That can’t be right… this can’t be happening. What… IS GOING ON?!?!

He felt like the whole island was falling in around him. The last game of the year… lost because of a freak event and a stupid rule that no one wanted to debate. Life wasn’t fair. Life was completely evil. Yoshi didn’t even stop to see the goalie who was still lying on the ground and the dinosaurs were gathered around him. He walked straight home and didn’t talk to anyone. No one but his teammates could understand how he felt right now, but he didn’t even want to talk to them.

His family came home later and tried to comfort him and sympathize with him. Nothing helped him at all. Not even his fun, faithful Poochy dog, Trouncer, could help him. He just wanted to be alone, go to sleep at night, and forget about the entire season of Yoshi ball like it had never happened. This was the worst day ever.

When it was time to for sleep and Yoshi climbed into his large comfortable bed (that he shared with some of his brothers and sisters his age) he just couldn’t sleep at all. In fact… he still felt very very sore in every part of his body. Probably just because of the intense game, he thought to himself. The pain will go away soon and I’ll fall right asleep.

The physical and emotional pain didn’t go away though and Yoshi found himself lying in bed and staring at the ceiling of the large hut for hours and hours. Finally, he jumped out of bed and decided to go for a little walk in the woods by himself. When was the last time he had done that anyway? So, he put his blue boots back on and wandered all the way back to the game field and sat down on a cold wooden bleacher to think. He looked up at all the beautiful stars in the sky and thought about all of the games he played this year, the memories, the feelings he had for Victoshia.

“Man… those were great times. I’ll never forget them.” As he continued to think and look through the infinite black, beautiful space, he decided to try something. So he bowed his head and began to quietly pray to one of the “Yoshi gods” that some of the Yoshis believed in to see if anything would happen.

“Oh, Yozu, great god of peace and wisdom, I kindly ask that you will patiently hear me now, distraught Yoshi Zorus, to save me from my problems, and free me. Okay... I don’t know if you saw the game today but… well… it didn’t go very well. I could have led us to victory but I messed up on one little shot. We lost the game and the worst part was that it wasn’t even fair. I wanna know… why did you allow that to happen? Why did--?” he choked for a second and then said, “Why did you let this happen? I… I promised you and the other gods that if you let us win this year I would be a completely different Yoshi for the rest of my life. But we didn’t win. You let me down. I… just don’t understand this! Why? After working so hard this time and never once holding back, we still lost.

“I don’t get it, Yozu.... Ouch! Man, I can’t believe that I still hurt all over! Uh... sometimes… I get so tired of talking to you and never hearing, seeing, or feeling anything at all. I don’t mean to be rude… but why do you treat me like this?!?! I don’t know if I want to keep my promise. I don’t know if I want to believe in you any more. If you’re real… then prove it already! Otherwise I’m completely done with you forever! YOU HEAR ME?!?! Grrrrrrrrr…. Gaaaaaaaaaah!” He threw his head into his hands and yelled in frustration, causing several little night creatures to run away in panic. Who cared who heard him? It didn’t matter.

He sat there and waited for something big to happen or some loud voice to speak to him. Then he looked at the stars a little longer and for a second he thought he saw a constellation that looked like a Yoshi kicking a ball. But he looked again and he realized he just imagined it. “Was that a sign? Do I just… need to ‘try again next year when I turn 18’? Is that the answer, man?! Well I already planned to do that! Thanks for listening, and doing nothing else!!”

He decided to forget about the whole thing and just walk back home before he really lost a lot of sleep. But when he got down to the middle of the field he suddenly became so tired that he couldn’t even take another step. He fell asleep on the cool wet grass and slept like a baby. Not knowing that tomorrow would bring something so huge that no one in Mushroom World would ever believe it.

That night he had a strange, terrible dream. He saw himself running around the island with his friends and having a great time. Then he got a funny feeling inside him and realized that he was shrinking down to the size of a tiny bug. Then some Yoshi eggs behind him cracked a little but the cracks were in the shape of two eyes and a zig-zag mouth. The eggs suddenly came alive and chased after Yoshi, trying to eat him. Yoshi screamed and then everything just went black.

The next morning Yoshi got a very rude awakening by a terrible sound. The kind of sound that no one anywhere would want to hear. It was a loud, deafening scream. Someone beside him was yelling about something but Yoshi felt so tired and grumpy that he didn’t care if the island was under attack or something. Despite how much he ignored it, the screaming didn’t stop and soon he heard people gathering around him and also reacting loudly. It’s because I fell asleep in the ball field, isn’t it? Oh man, please tell me that Victoshia isn’t also here and gawking at me with these weirdos.

Yoshi opened his eyes and yelled, “Leave me alone and let me sleep, you annoying people! GRAAAAAARRRRR!!”

“AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” everyone screamed again.

Yoshi prepared to give them all a speech so loud and so colorful that kids would never forget it for the rest of their lives. Before he could though, it hit him that his yell was very loud. Way too loud. Something just wasn’t right here.

Things only got worse when his eyes focused better and saw the people looking at him. Why did they all look smaller than usual? He tried to stand up but then felt the sore pain again, this time much worse, and fell back on his side. Something was really wrong. (and I’m sure you can guess what it is! ^_^)

“Yoshi?” yelled his mother, Sanya. “Is that you? My little Yoshi Zorus? Please let it not be so!”

What in the world? Yoshi felt terrified and wondered why they were acting like this. Then he finally looked down at his feet… and what he saw made him scream so loud that not one creature on that part of the island was left asleep.

I hope you enjoyed this teaser episode, even if it seemed somewhat strange. If you would like to read more, you can find the rest of the episodes I made on my member profile page. I didn't finish all of the episodes and only wrote over half, but it's better than nothing right? In the upcoming episodes fierce enemies attack, characters struggle to do the right thing and overcome weaknesses, huge secrets are uncovered, and the unthinkable happens.

If you died today, are you absolutely certain that you would go to heaven? You can be! TRUST JESUS NOW

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