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Why God Punishes Evil When He Has Given Free Will
by Dr.Arsenio Esteras, Jr
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From a Biblical standpoint, evil originated not from GOD but from the diabolic mind of the rebel angels who fought the Supreme Divinity that begotten them. Hence, the rebel angels were also bestowed with an intellect and free will that they utilized violently against GOD and His loyal angels. That is the beginning of evil. The loyal angels of GOD repulsed decisively the rebel angels that were transformed to beasts even before they declared war on GOD. The battle of good against evil began in heaven. Evil lost. Heaven is evil-free. Evil is clearly not of GOD. It is patently Satan's that Adam and Eve kissed and embraced that made them human. They exchanged their divinity for the diabolic.

God punished the demons or the evil proponents by kicking them out of heaven permanently and forever with the abuse of free will that was gifted them. (Revelation 12: 7, 9-12) They used the precious gift of intellect and free will against the Giver of said gift with the foolish and wicked intent of subjugating the Giver. That is the very essence of evil. It wants to be better than GOD and then conquer GOD. Such is the perpetual obsession of evil. Its proponents cannot love GOD and they do not know what love is. To them love of GOD is baloney.

Angels, as is very explicit in the narrative of Creation, are not part of creation. They were already part of GOD as His begotten servants even before the initiation of Creation. They were the spectators and eternal witnesses of His awesome and unmatched power. "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness." He was not only referring to Himself as the Triune GOD but it definitely includes His loyal angels that were part of Him as a river to the sea. They have the image and likeness of GOD as well.

The rebel angels turned demons with the use of their free will fragmented themselves from GOD. They fought and lost. They did not ask pardon or forgiveness. They were dumped to the earth where they wield their furious diabolic power not upon GOD and His loyal angels who vanquished them in heaven but upon the human inhabitants of the earth. As vanquished foes they can no longer retaliate directly to GOD and His loyal angels. They are limited to the earth as of now and nowhere else because that is the place where they were dumped by their conquerors. They were not dumped in Jupiter and Mars and in any other planet of His creation. They cannot go beyond the earth or else their conquerors will destroy them.

The rebel angels or demons no longer fought GOD when He visited this world in the divine Person of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. The best that they did was only to ask Him a question, "Have you come to destroy us?"(Mark 1: 23-24) Satan was given the golden opportunity to apply its crafty deception upon the Son of Man and it failed miserably. Oftentimes, the demons or unclean spirits were cast out with ease once He encounters them along His path. In their bravado, they even pleaded the Son of Man to send them to the swine than destroy them to nothingness. The herd of swine rushed to the sea like headless chicken for fear that they might be turned to stone or whispered to extinction if the Son of Man gets angry. The visitation of GOD on this earth was simply a nightmare to them. They can no longer offer the same resistance that they did in heaven. If they attempt do it again, it will be direct to the furnace of sulfur from this earth. Intelligent as they are, they still preferred the earth for hell. In much the same way that a lot of human beings prefer this earth for heaven or hell the reason why a lot of them pray for terrestrial longevity and even exhaust their fortune if they have it just to survive even when the quality of terrestrial existence has been reduced to the vegetative state.

The precious gifts or divine attributes of intellect and free will bestowed upon the couple created divine were designed for heaven where evil has no place. Evil is not considered an option for the persons created divine. There was a lone order or commandment against evil. The lone order was clearly a strict and unconditional prohibition for the persons created divine to ingest a forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. GOD wanted them to exercise their intellect and free will only for good and not for good and evil. GOD as Creator has every right to impose a commandment upon His creatures. It is incumbent upon the creatures to follow unconditionally because they owe everything to their Creator even the dust from where they were animated. Hence, with the precious inalienable gifts of intellect and free will comes a great responsibility; the responsibility to follow unconditionally the Creator with whom they owe their immortality or eternal life. They owe nothing to the ancient serpent that enticed them and they do not owe anything even to themselves. As such, they have no right to listen to the devil and elevate themselves at par with their Creator. That is misuse and abuse of free will equivalent to evil that was punished rightly and justifiably so. It cannot be understood any other way.

The commandment against evil was: "You may eat of every tree in the garden, but of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you will not eat, for on the day you eat it, you will die." (Genesis 2: 16-17) The woman GOD created repeated the commandment to the ancient serpent upon its inquiry: "We may eat the fruit of the trees in the garden, but of the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden God said: You must not eat or you must not touch it or you will die." (Genesis 3: 2-3). There is a big difference between the commandment GOD forwarded and the commandment the woman forwarded to the ancient serpent. The woman was not only inconsistent, erratic, inaccurate and overly verbose. She lied to her teeth. GOD never mentioned the act of touch! Nonetheless, there was no commandment not to lie and rumor monger in heaven. Hence, she was not penalized for it. There was enough freedom or democratic space accorded to the couples created divine. Only a single fruit of the so many was forbidden. The act of eating was not even a basic necessity for celestial survival because they were immortal. There simply was no justifiable reason for them to abuse and misuse their free will and commit evil. They committed a heinous crime. It must be punished. They not only abused and misused their free will. They listened to the devil! They listened to the beast with which they owe not even a particle of the dust from where they were animated. They did not know how to handle responsibility. They should not have been gifted with the precious gifts of intellect and free will after all. GOD lovingly bestowed upon them the intellect and free will that they wholeheartedly attached and surrendered to the devil. Is that not punishable?

Upon the visitation of GOD in the divine Person of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, the abuse and misuse of free will was repeated to the hilt and with so much ferocity and savagery. It was not committed by just a man and a woman as it was at the outset. It was committed by a populace headed by supposedly pious, religious and highly educated teachers and doctors of the Law. The Roman Procurator washed his hands after the "Mother of all Trials" because he found no case against the Son of Man. Yet, the recalcitrant lot of the Jewish Sanhedrin and its blind followers condemned and executed the Rabbi. Is that not misuse and abuse of free will called evil?

It was not stipulated or provided for in the Jewish Law that claim of Godliness by any person that the Son of Man emphatically said during His public ministry is punishable by death. Yet, the bejeweled and ostentatiously dressed devilish Scribes and Pharisees threw away like dung the provisions of their Law and condemned and executed the Messiah. They were not content with just the verdict of "reclusion perpetua" in a mental or prison facility. They wanted death by crucifixion. They even shouted it at the top of their diabolic voices and in chorus. Is that not misuse and abuse of free will popularly known as evil?

Even during these times that try the souls and consciences of men, the misuse and abuse of free will known as evil is as rampant as it was in the days of old. It has become the rampart of terrestrial life. Suicide bombings, fratricidal wars, genocides, terroristic acts occur with increasing regularity in this fast-paced so-called civilized world. The diabolic acts of misuse and abuse of free will goes on and on. It will not go unpunished in the thunder of His divine justice. That is as sure as the sun rises in the east.

GOD punishes evil because evil is free will abused and misused.

Peace to everyone!

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