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Free Spirit Against Fire the animals and their lesson to the World
by hannah mcclure
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Free Spirit Against Fire-
The animals and their lesson to the World.

Softly the wind doth blow
Whistling through the fields of grain
Swirling through the heads of corn
Breezing through the forest trees
Howling like the wolves first call.

Dusk descends on childless fields
Untrampled the grass grows
Three times taller, the roots reaching
Twenty times longer.
Clasping to the good rich soil,
Which held the land in its strong,
Curling arms.

A land stands alone
The doe does not fear her babes
To walk on unsoiled ground between the trees
Many other animals such as these
Walk in wealth, not poverty.
They fear not the World, because it provides
for them.
There has not been as of yet,
A broken hem, which holds life itself and
Humanity in its hands and loves the
Fane nature, in connected bands.

Life grows by itself unheeded.
You should know
For wherever we dit the grass doth grow.
It grows like a fountain growing higher
And Higher
Quenching the world with its watering girth

And then, just as it has all it can acquire
A fire. Breaks free from a useless match
Between man and domb consciousness
He throws it down
It alites in flames of fire.

All the green grass and all that nature desired,
is devastated.
Rolling grain upon grain which took
One hundred million years to grow,
Is a useless show.

No not a burning delight that grows,
Higher and Higher until it is to the supreme of
Excitement. The good ground is tarnished with soot, and burning ashes.
The animals flee from the once- protective grounds.
Not a moment to spare, for this would be
Their last fight.
They bound through the tarnished sheets of burnt
Plastic of a tall like tent left
Behind from the human creature.
A bird stops to pick at a piece of biscuit
And is soon enveloped with atomic fire and
Toxic smoke. Not a moment to breathe.

The squirrels cannot gather their babes,
In time, frantically chattering
Rasping deep coughs choke their throats,
The parents do not waste one second.
What would any parent do to save their child?
They are burnt slowly and sufferably.
But their children are safe in the arms
Of Paradise.

In the burning thicket below
The fawns cannot keep up with their mothers
They fight to keep up, yet fall unbroken
Yet to be broken By the creeping hell itself.
Bleeting only to be blotted out by the ever
Coming catastrophe. They fall on weakened
The fawn does not fail to keep its eyes
Straight ahead. Frozen like a statue, heated
Into raw charred stone, a look of confidence
In his eyes.

The birds flock and wing themselves high.
A sparrow full with its feast of ever berries
And raspberries cannot hold his own weight
He tries to fly but he is still too full.
He dips lower and lower to the burning pit
A flame licks up and there is blackness.
Complete balckness.

Blackness in the sparrows sight
Blackness in the fawns once bright eyes
A wolf staggers by the weight of the smoke
And falls, it stresses a call.
It howls loudly for it will never see the light of the moon again. It howls for its loved ones. Its once wild crimson yellow eyes, dulled to a faded brown. It pants and collapses.
Darkness to the wolf with the night deep in
his eyes
The blackness he could see farther than the forest behind him
He could feel the impending doom
The same wolf who raced to save its pups from
Danger but fell to his own death like the others had. Runnn. He howls. Run to the green side, or dont run.. run to heavens side.

Blackness everywhere, Blackness to the
human who had been the first being ever
to set foot in this enchanted forest
Careless enough to throw a burning match
Into the homes of innocent creatures.
The man... he met his doom just as the others had. The match he had so carelessly thrown into the soft grass had come back and completely
Enveleloped him,That day he met the doom
Of his own life and many others.
Nothing but a skeleton left to meld into the mud.

When all had ceased and the hot coals had
Burnt away to its upmost potentiality
There was silence.. Silence everywhere.
Not the breeze upon grass
Not the soft breath of the wind
Though a breeze did sweep the ashes around
in one circle after the other, into a twisting cyclone of grey.
As if nature was trying to create another living creature. But how could it possibly do that?
There was the sound of light ash and the dying
Crackle of left over flames.
Like the sighing of Gods mouth
Shimmering coal covered every branch. Creaking and shifting int the wind. What was left of the trees not fallen to the ground.
The wind did not blow. Not one bird
Was heard singing for its voice was not charred.
Its once pumping chest full of blood and life
Now hard and fossilized to where it once fed
And was given life to. The ground

Then all at once there wis light
A sense of new life awakened!
Though the forest was struggling to hold itself
up, the animals meanwhile found life on the other side.
A bird sang somewhere else
And there, in this new place, a hand was there
To feed them. Not like the hand of the mistrusting stranger which had caused the all to perish, but a new being!
A man full of life, and there was trust in his
eyes. He smiled.
Life reopened. They had found their home
Once again, and what was this? This was even better.
The deer came out with her eyes bright and
Shining. Her head was not bent low, she was not cautious and shy, for not she knew she was safe. She felt reassured that this was where
She and her fellow creatures would spend their new life, this is where she wanted to live
Over and over again. she dances around, feeling
The soil in her feet. The birds sing loudly
Drinking from a lavender pool, of crisp cool water.
They were now free!
In a place where even more beings like this
One go to live after death.

Now I have a question.
Dont they deserve a life like this on earth?
Why must they be killed and slautered or
Be slaves and be dragged around to do our bidding. That is, unless you are like the kind
Trusting stranger, they will follow you around
Wherever you go. We should take care of the nature, we should not be a murderer.
They deserve to live in their rightful place
Just as we do ours. We should respect this right.
Like the lion and the lamb. We are the lions they are the lambs. Cant we dwell together peacefully?

In their innocence and courage they
Will rule the earth along with us
Someday, when God comes again.
He will make a new life,
Of peace and harmony
Where there will be no war, no dying, no sorrow
And where the robin bird sings once again.

Then the lion will lie down with the lamb.

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Member Comments
Member Date
hannah mcclure 16 Jul 2009
Hey Corienne. Thank you for the comments. You are a very sweet person. I was thinking of the Crocodile hunter when I was writing this article. The difference he made in this world, we can also do the same for the animals. They are Gods creatures. He made them first so he must love them!! Thanks again, and hope you enjoy my other articles, I will check into yours. I'm glad to know theres another animal lover!
Cori Mann 01 Jul 2009
Hannah-I really enjoyed this writing! Very descriptive and detailed. I love animals myself and look at them as being beautiful creatures that God created to live on earth with us. You did an amazing job of depicting the suffering that they unneccessarily go through. I feel after reading some of your writings you are a talented and gifted writer. Keep writing!


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