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Born to the devil
by Dwayne Collins
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Born to the devilÖ
Written by: Olafemi

Today, I was laying on my bed listening to my favorite gospel music and was interrupted by a knock on the door. It was early, so I allowed the person to continue to knock thinking that they had probably come to the wrong door but the knocking never stopped. So I got up and answered the door and a beautiful lady stood on the outside and asked me to please stop playing that music it was annoying her. I said lady my music is not loud and that she was out of line to come to my door and ask me to turn my music off. The lady begged and begged me to please stop the music and then she begin to cry. Now as a Christian, we do look for opportunities to minister the word of GOD, so I invited her in as not to disturb my neighbors. I told her my name and she said that her name was Kenya.

I offered the lady a seat at my kitchen table and asked her to please stop crying. As she sat down she placed her handbag on the table and started wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. I offered her a napkin and begin to tell her about the goodness of the LORD. She said to me sir, there is no such thing as GOD and if there was such a person HE would have saved me from this wretched life that Iíve been forced to live. I tried to convince her that her life was not all that bad and she said that I donít even know her, how would I possibly know.

As she was talking, she went inside of her handbag and pulled out a crack pipe and placed a piece of crack on it. I said lady youíve got to leave, we donít do drugs in this house. She said mister this is the only way I can escape the demons that are connected to me. Before I could say another word she lit the pipe and begins inhaling. She took in the smoke as if she had been her favorite drink and was very thirsty. She continued to drink from the top to the middle of the cup. When she released the pipe, I saw her eyes role back and she begins to move the smoke back and forth in her mouth. As she released the smoke my entire kitchen was filled with the smoke and I was taken on a journey into this ladyís life.

When the smoke cleared I was watching a church service with three people on center screen. There was a woman and her husband and a little girl. She told me that this was her and her mother and father. The service was blessed and I was enjoying myself then, the service ended abruptly and we appeared inside of their car, her father was saying that he had to make a quick stop before going home. When the car stopped we were in the front of a liquor store. He went in and quickly came back to the car. We entered the house and the father begins to drink and watch TV. As the bottle neared empty he called over to his daughter and asked her nicely to sit next to him and watch TV with him.

Kenyaís eyes begin to fill with water as her father begin rubbing up between her thighs. Just as he started her mother came into the room and asked him what he was doing. He rose up from the sofa and hit her full fist in the face. Kenya began to cry as he continued the abuse to her and her mother. She told me that this was happening all through her childhood.

Then I saw Kenya on her way to school and as she entered the school bus there were children teasing her and when she sat down the children began hitting on her and pulling at her clothes. The driver of the bus would call back and say leave her alone but the children would stop and then continue. In school she received the same treatment from the bullies of her class. She asked me, in a very sad tone, where is GOD?
Then we moved on and I saw a teenage Kenya being married to an older man. She tells me that this was her way of moving away from her abusive father. She says I donít blame my mother for not saying anything she was being abused just as much as I was; Iím surprised that he didnít kill us. As we moved on from her marriage she had two beautiful children a boy and a girl. All seemed to be going fine, I said to her, see GOD did see your pains and took you out of those bad situations. HE comes right on time but not always in our time.

As the children grew older, Kenya and her husband began to fight. He would beat her as her dad did her mother. He would sexually molest both his son and daughter. As they got older, the son went off to serve in the armed forces and the daughter well; she got the same treatment Kenya got when she was a young girl.
About the same time, more tragedy struck as her daughter was killed by a drunk driver and her son was taken in as a POW and was beheaded by his captives. Nothing ever goes good for me, she says, I was born to the devil and all I know is evil and wickedness. I see her being beaten and sold to other men by her husband. She started drinking and drugging as a relief but there was nothing that would stop her suffering. She asked me again, where is GOD?

After leaving her husband she took to the streets. All alone things had to get better but in this journey all I could see was the tragedies of the world taken in by this beautiful woman. Tell me, why havenít I been saved? Now, all I do is what you are seeing me do now. I canít see anything but evil, all that surrounds me is bad. I need you to stop the music because it is just a lie. People donít truly believe in GOD, itís just a means of support. Who do they help? They were never there for me! All I get from people are the sympathetic words that you tried to give but they donít make my life better. I have nothing and GOD is allowing me to stay here and suffer.

Iíve starved, was beaten, was homeless, lost both of my children at an early age, was sexually molested, and had a loving mother that didnít care enough for me to leave. Tell me where was GOD and what GOD can do for me to make my life betterÖ

When Kenya said those words to me I knew that I had to reach way down inside of me to give her the TRUTH and not a bunch of has been lies that continued to hide the REAL TRUTH. So this is what I told her.

GOD was with you all through your short life-span. HE watched everything that happened to you and stayed with you to guide you to be a witness for the TRUTH. Our lives are very short compared to ONE who has been living since the very beginning. So when I was told that we are blinded by the TRUTH I wanted to know what this meant and GOD provided me with the answer and I will give that answer to you and then you might begin to see what GOD can do for you and why you donít realize that HE has been with you through all of your despair.

There are many people who pretend to be Christians but they still bear witness to false doctrine. We tend to make up excuses for the TRUTH when we canít explain how things really came to be. When Adam and Eve was in the Garden they knew nothing about the things that were evil or wrong. GOD gave them a commandment to never eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and if they did they would surely die. Now what we were told was our first lie and today we still are being told this by Christians who are blinded by the REAL TRUTH. We were told that Eve ate an apple and then gave this apple to Adam so that he might also eat. Now if we could cover up the beginning of our deception we should know that we are still doing this today and this is why gospel music annoys you because you donít see the TRUTH in it.

Adam and Eve were convinced that they would not die and disobeyed GOD and immediately they recognized that they were naked because they became naked of the TRUTH that they once knew. Now they needed to find out what was TRUTH in order to return to the LIGHT OF TRUTH which had covered them in the beginning.

Kenya there are people today who know that wrong is being done in the world but they have been told excuses to cover their wrongdoings and they actually believe that these wrongs are right. If GOD said that we should not kill and man says that killing is necessary who is right and who is wrong? If GOD says that a man should not lie down with another man but man says that a mistake was made in my birth and I am truly a woman and this is why I can lay down with the same sex and marry; who is wrong and who is right? Our teachings are taking us farther away from the TRUTH and soon there will be no returning to that which is the LIGHT OF TRUTH.
It is true that we are born to the devil; weíve been marked to believe that we are born to do things that are wicked and evil and therefore live continuously in the darkness. We tell the lies of the devil so we can live against the WORDS OF GOD. If we can make the laws of GOD more livable by changing them to meet our needs, we educate our children to be followers of darkness making it impossible for them to see the LIGHT that will guide them out. This is why you canít find GOD in all of darkness that has covered your life. But GOD has taken your hand and led you to the TRUTH if you can come to believe it or not.

GOD is leading you to the LIGHT that has kept you alive when the devil wanted you dead from that first time your daddy molested you. HE kept your mind open to be a witness to others who also wondered and searched for a TRUTH that seemed not to exist as their lives were also being torn apart by the wicked and evil minds of mankind. Even when we know we still know not and this is why we continue to send our children off to be killed when there is nothing in their minds telling them the wrongs being committed. Our minds are torn apart because deep inside we know but we look over the fact that the lives of children mean nothing.

There are children dying because of one who hates mankind so much he would take the innocent lives of children who really donít know. This hater of mankind canít create life as did GOD so his main purpose is to destroy it but we just canít come to believe in this evil so we go on through the garden still believing that we will not surly die. Our years of life have been changed from hundreds of years to barely making sixty and we still make up false reasons why a person does evil and wicked things.

Human sacrifices we make because we refuse to tell the TRUTH. There is only ONE LIVING GOD and we call on HIM when things are too much for us to bare but we donít believe HE exist when things are going good for us. We have divided ONE GOD into different branches of religion so that GOD meets our standards or ways of life. All those who bear witness to the TRUTH are now born again and they shall be accountable from this day to test the fruit of he that gives sweetness but has delivered poison.

Kenya looked at me and all the tears had been wiped from her eyes. She said that she wanted so much to understand why GOD let her live in sin but now she knows that it was to show that women should not be degrading to themselves. She knows now that we should stand up against those who are wicked because we will die in the darkness allowing evil and wicked deeds to continue to exist. She knows now that her children died because she allowed them to live in that same filth her mother allowed her to live in. The streets did her no good and so it killed her daughter and running away did not save her son from death. And the TRUTH did set them free.

JESUS said that those who die for HIS name sake shall have eternal life. I am the TRUTH and the LIFE. LOVE the LORD thy GOD with all your heart, minds and souls and LOVE thy neighbor as thy LOVE thyself and this will fulfill the 10 commandments given to MOSES in the wilderness. The only way into the KINGDOM OF GOD is that we be born again; we must come as children into the GATES OF HEAVEN.

The Light is always shinning although we live in constant darkness which blinds us. You know I have never thought that I would be able to LOVE GOD for my life but I want to thank you GOD for saving me and setting me free. Then Kenya smashed her crack pipe and gave me a hug and left the house with joy and the LOVE OF GOD.

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