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'What Was Least Expected'
by Johnanna Barnes
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"What Was Least Expected"

One of my neighbors and very dear friends was about to do something that no one, least ways himself ever thought that he would do. You see he is a pilot and the ceo of his own company. He lives in our neighborhood, we met through a mutal friend. He loves the ladies and is very popular with them as well. His name was Ryan Meadows and I am not sure but I think he is around thirty years old. He stands about six feet tall, or maybe a little more. He has deepest water blue eyes that you had ever seen, the kind that anyone just could get lost in. He had dark wavey hair that he keeps very full and inviting. He is very muscular and workes in the yard quite often on one thing or another. He has very broad shoulders and a very smooth stomach to go with them. Any single woman would be crazy not to show him some attention. His job keeps him on the road a lot of the time. He will work for two weeks at a time and be off for two weeks. So it is sort of hard to meet women that would be willing to deal with his schedule. He and my husband are always talking about something and they have quite a few common interests.
Well, on to matters at hand, one day when I was at home alone,there was a knock at the front door. Since I was doing some cleaning and some other not so nice things around the house. I could not get to the door, I just glanced to see who it was. It was Ryan, so I told him to come on in and join me in the kitchen.When he came into the kitchen he was surprised to see everything all messed up, so I explained that since I was alone for the day, I thought that I would do some very needed cleaning. I asked him to sit down at the table and I would be with him in a minute, I wanted to clean myself up a little first. He sat down and while I cleaned up we talked. He asked me where my crew was and I told him that my hubby had taken them out for the day so that I could have some 'alone time' to myself. He was surprised because I am never alone without my crew. My crew consists of three wonderful kids ranging in age, like stairsteps. Therefore, I am always busy doing something for them. Ryan said that he was glad that they were gone in a way because I was the one that he wanted to talk to anyway.
Well, when he said that I was kind of shocked. I know that Ryan and I have talked alone about things before but they were always about his dreams, or advice he needed. I hurried and sat down since I was finished, and I asked him what was going on. He then preceeded to explain to me that he was having another one of his dreams and it was really worrying him. As before he was about to go away for another two week trip, and every night before he leaves he has been having these dreams about his flight. Before when we discussed this the dreams were always different every night, and they did not really mean anything, that we could tell anyway. This time Ryan even appeared to be anxious and worried about his trip, which was not good at all. So as he continued to tell me about his new dreams, l listened very carefully. I wanted to make sure that I did not miss anything. He went on to tell me that in his dream, he was about to leave on a new flight. He was getting very excited about going because he would be going to some new places that he had never been to before. Anyway, in his dream he was winding everything down, preparing to get ready to leave on his trip and everynight he was having the same dream. He said it was like a dream inside of a dream and it was really strange. He told me that it was really starting to concern him too, because before when he would dream about his trips, every night it would be a different dream. I was very attentive and told him that he was starting to scare me . I told him that I really wanted to help him if I could. So he proceeded to finish telling me about his dream. He said in his dream for about four or five nights before he was scheduled to leave, the dreams were always the same to a point but the sitution was a little different. Well that confussed me a bit but I let him go on. He said that in his dream he had gotten everything ready to go and was at the airport boarding the plane when he had the first encounter. I looked at him strangly and asked him what sort of encounter. He told me that in his dream he was always having these very beautiful women either making a pass at him or being very bold and doing something out of the ordinary to him. By this time I was very intrigued in the conversation. I hung on his every word. He went on to explain that he was bording the plane at the airport with the rest of his crew members, which happened to all be friends of his, when he noticed this very beautiful woman who was also bording the plane. He thought to himself that if he was not in charge of things on this flight that he could really have some fun with this woman. He knew that since he was the senior pilot that he had to keep his wits about him. With that in mind, he quickly put all the thoughts about doing anything with this woman completely out of his mind and continued inside the plane. His fellow crew members knew of his past endeavours with the ladies on their flights and they were teasing him about this woman. They all saw the way that she looked at him when they were bording the plane. As the crew entered the cockpit they began talk to one another. Ryan told me that in his dreams they always talked about different things but still they talked to eachother. Everything was going very smoothly and they were ready for takeoff. As the plane left the ground Ryan said that he started thinking of the woman again and how he would like to take her to dinner. Then the thoughts left him again because of the situatuion. Halfway through the flight, Ryan told me that he had to go back to talk to the passengers, this was something that he always did as a personal touch that he like to do on every flight. When he got there he saw her again. This time she smiled at him as he walked by her talking to the passengers. He returned the smile to her. When he had finished talking to everyone and easing their nerves a little, he went back to the cockpit. Ryan said that the crew were teasing him about her agian after he told them what had happened. But he said that in his dream, he took it all in stride.
Since things were starting to get interesting now, I got up and offered Ryan something to drink. He agreed that it was about time for a break. I made some iced tea for us and then offered him a snack as well. He continued on with his dream once refreshed. He went on to say that when they landed the plane, in his dream, everything went very smoothly. As passengers were unloading from the plane the woman noticed him again. He was already watching her. When they passed one another she slipped a note into his hand. He looked to see just what it was and saw that it was a note, he then put it into his pocket for later. When they left the airport to go to the hotel to rest for the flight out, Ryan said that his fellow crew members started to tease him again about her and where he was going to go with this woman. He said that in the dream, he just played it all of and never really said anything. I watched Ryan as he was telling about his dreams and I noticed something very strange. Ryan was not behaving like his normal self. I mean he was acting very anxious and distressed. He was even nervous at times. That was not Ryan at all, if anything he was behaving as if he was a whole different person. I just listen to him as he continued on. Ryan told as soon as they all got to the hotel their rooms were ready, so he and another crew member went straight up to get some rest. Meanwhile the rest fo the crew went out for a while to have some fun. When Ryan and his friend got to their room, Ryan said that his friend started to ask him about the woman on the plane. That was when he said that he remembered the note in his pocket. He pulled it out to see just what it said and the woman had not only given Ryan her name, which was Julie McCarthy and phone number, but had invited him out to dinner with her the next night.
Well when Ryan had seen that the woman was that interested in getting to know him he started thinking. He was getting interested himself in the situation. So he finally called her and arranged a time and place to meet her for dinner. Ryan went on to say that they hit it off very well and for the next few day that the crew were in town, he and Julie spent every minute together. He was starting to fall in love with her as she was with him. The day came that they both knew was coming and Ryan said that he tried his hardest to get out of leaving for his next flight, but nothing worked. The crew left the hotel for the airport and Ryan was reluctantly right with them, he and Julie both heartbroken. He was feeling as if she was the one that he wanted to marry and spend the rest of his life with. Julie was as deeply in love him as he was with her and was ready to settle down as well. As Ryan and his crew flew all of their new group of passengers to their new destination, all he could think about was her. I told Ryan that we could go into the livingroom as he continued to talk about his dreams. He went on to say that everything was almost perfect for his flight away from her and he wanted to call her the first chance that he got. By the time the flight was over and the plane was safely on the ground another situation arose for Ryan. Having only Julie on his mind, he was completely at the mercy of the surroundings. He was not aware of what was going on around him. As he and the passengers and crew members came into the terminal, they could hardly move for all the people there. Ryan said that he finally made his way through the crowd and picked up his luggage. As he was waiting for his luggage to come around, he noticed a woman standing there waiting as well. Ryan stated that she was very stunning and as he watched her all he could imagine was the two of them together at dinner. Julie was completely gone from his mind now. The time went by very slowly and he said that he remembers just wanting to simply go over to her and invite her out and kiss her as well. But he waited to see if she would notice him, she did a few seconds later. They began to talk and he found out that her name was Susan Hanes and then later that night went out dancing. The crew had only three days in town this time and Ryan said that he and his new lady made the best of their time together!
Ryan and Susan were so very in love and agian the day came for him to leave her. They were planning on getting married, just as before, but time was not waiting for them. Ryan and the crew left for the airport, this time Ryan had two women on his mind as he flew. The flight ran into a little turbulance though this time. The passengers were a bit stirred up but nothing that was not routine. As the plane desended onto the runway, Ryan said that Julie and Susan were on his mind very strongly. In his dream he told me that he remembers tensing up and tossing at this point. I told Ryan that he probably did not want to make a decision between the two women and that was why he remembers tensing up and tossing around in his dream! He went on to say that I was probably right and then he said that he thought he was problem free for a while. The crew got their luggage and went to the hotel as usual. Ryan told me that he was going to go out with his friends that night in his dream, but then changed his mind at the last minute. They left him and went out for some fun. He went down to the lobby and talked to the desk clerk about things to do in the hotel for the night. She was very soft spoken he said, he was all ears of course. Ryan had told me that he had noticed her as they came in from the airport and that was one reason that he wanted to stay in for the night. As they talked and sparks flew between them and here again Ryan said, was another woman that he was madly in love with and wanted to spend every minute with. This time the crew was in town for about a week and a half because of plane difficulties. Ryan really got to know this woman and all of her attributes. Her name was Jennifer Simmons.They were getting along very well and Ryan told me that in his dream, Jennifer growing closer to him than the others and was more fun as well. She even went to the airport with him and his crew to see them off when the time came for then to fly out agian. It was arranged that he would fly back to her as soon as he could and they would be married. Ryan knew in his heart that Jennifer was the one for him. As they flew this load of passengers, his crew teased him again over the women that he was meeting and having fun with. They said that he was not even trying and he had women all over him and they wanted to know his secrets. Of course Ryan being the playful type that he is, he went right along with them and they joked about it for the whole flight.
On the way from the airport to the hotel, Ryan discovered yet another wrinkle in his dreams. On the shuttle to the hotel he and his friends were joking about their activies while they were grounded this time. Ryan told me that in this part of the dream, he had noticed something very strange. He said that he was not only tossing in his sleep but he was starting to sweat profusely as well. He did not know why but it really made him wonder. I had gotten up to refresh our glasses and stretch my legs as he continued on. Ryan was even getting a little tense as he was filling me in on the current parts of dreams. I was beginning to watch him more closely to see just what an effect they really had on him. For Ryan to be this tense and worked up had me thrown for a while, it was not like him at all. As I got back into the livingroom, Ryan was telling about what happened next. He said that he had looked at the shuttle driver and discovered that it was yet another beautiful woman and she was watching him as she drove. He moved to the seat behind her and they started to talk and he discovered that she was married but getting a divorce. Her name was Tina Walker and one thing lead to another and they had made plans to go out clubbing that night. From that moment on the two of them were inseperable. Ryan and his friends were in town only for a couple of days and that was the hard part, because those couple of days were the best that Ryan had ever spent with a woman. He had told me that he had forgotten all about the other women from before and only saw Tina now. He wanted to stay with her forever, even though he knew that he could not. Their flight took off as scheduled and all the crew were in place flying their hearts out. Well by now Ryan said that his crew members were even getting more envious than before and were really starting to tease him about these women. They had even asked him, in his dream, if he was going to marry them all. Ryan had told them that he was not sure of what he was going to do just yet with them but he was having the time of his life.
After he had explained this much to me I was about to settle in for the rest of the dreams and then Ryan was afraid to tell me the rest. I asked him why and he told me it was because that he was afraid the I would get the wrong impression of him. I tried to express to him that I never judge anyone and that it was not my place to do so anyway! I told him that no matter what he would say to me I would not think any differently of him or his activities. So feeling better about talking to me, he continued with his dreams.Well, Ryan began agian by telling me that he was really getting concerened by this time about all of these women that he was finding to be the one that he wanted to marry. We talked about this for a while, and I asked him if he was even sure that he wanted to get married. He replied, that he never really thought about it and that if the right woman were to come into his life, then there would be no doubt about it. After a little more discussion on the matter, Ryan went on with his dreams. He left the dream in flight and a storm was on the horizon. Turbulence was not far away, and inevidable. Ryan began to prepare the crew because they did not see the storm approaching. Measures were taken and all was well, a crisis avoided yet again. Ryan said that they took the plane around the storm and none of the passengers were alarmed. Ryan told me that if he and the crew did not avoid the storm it may have been a bad one for them to get through and they would have probably had to land in mid flight. He said that he was really concerned about it for a while. But I had faith in him and I knew that he could have handled any old storm that came his way.
By this time I was settled in and waiting for the climax, but it was still a ways off yet. I told Ryan that he was starting to get me interested now. He just looked at me and smiled. I asked him what happened next and he proceeded to explain it this way..."this is where it gets really confussing!!" He looked at me to see if I was really listening as well and I said to him "that is what I am here for, to listen and help in anyway that I can. He continued, since in his dream, the plane was grounded due to the storm, he and the crew went to dinner. This was different for Ryan, he said that he never went out with his crew friends to eat, because they razzed him so much about the females in his life. He told me that he was going to give them a chance to show him that they could be better about the situation for a change. Everything was going good and they had ordered dinner, they had went to a sports bar and it was really packed as well. They had to wait for a while for their dinner to arrive but it was worth the wait. They all were watching the game on the big screen tv. Everyone was glad to see dinner arrive because they were all famished. Everyone was drinking but Ryan, he said that they always ordered drinks, and he always declinded. I have always known Ryan to be a non-drinker which is good. I just smiled a sly smile when he told me that he was the designated driver for the evening. While they were enjoying their dinner, Ryan said that in his dream, one of his friends had noticed that a tall, voluptuous brunette was trying to make eye contact with him. He told Ryan about this and Ryan just pushed it off as him razzing him again. But his friend was very serious about this and had pointed her out to Ryan. He had went on to say that no only did his friend tell him the truth, but she was headed his way. Ryan told me that when he saw her coming over to their table, he got up and met her halfway. They talked and removed theirselves from the crowd for a few minutes. He quickly found out that her name was Megan Reynolds, she was a very well known model in the city and very popular as well. They were hitting it off very well Ryan said when his friends came outside and wanted to know if they should leave without him. He said that he had told then yes that they should and that he would catch them in the morning.
He and Megan had managed to talk all night that night about all sorts of things. They were very compatable together and felt very comfortable with eachother. Ryan said that he was even more sure that he and Megan were meant to be together than he was with all of the women. He said that they walked for what seemed like hours and ended up in a park near her apartment. She then invited him inside and they still found things to talk about. Ryan told me that he was simply blown away at the things that they had in common and that they did not even want to do anything but talk the whole time that they were together. He said that with all the other women it was very different. He was starting to think that this woman was actually going to get to be the one that he was to spend the rest of his life with. Megan had offered him breakfast and a shower, which he accepted without question. Ryan told me that he did not want to leave but he knew that his friends would be wondering where he was and that he had a flight out and needed some rest. Even though the encounter with Megan was very short and sweet, he mentioned that it was the one with the most impact on him. This particular encounter was one in which Ryan began to think about plans to return and ask Megan to marry him as soon as possible. He has become a very fast worker by now. Ryan told me that in his dream, he was getting tired of having to always change the women that were to be his wife and that it was driving him crazy. He just wanted to find the right one and actually complete the deed. After showering at Megan's apartment, he and Megan went out for lunch and then she went back to meet all of his friends with him. They spent the next few days together and then the fateful day came that they both regretted.
The seperation was getting easier for Ryan but not for the women involved. This time the crew members were running late for the flight because they had gotten slightly sick on the layover. One of the stewardesses had to be replaced because she was too sick to continue on with them. The flight had to be held up for a few minutes so that everyone could arrive safely.Ryan was one that managed to stay healthy though so he and two other crew members were already onboard when the others arrived. He started ribbing the ones that had gotten sick to have a little fun with them but they were not up for his anticts. They all took their positions in the cockpit and the rest of the plane. The flight took off very successfully. It was a very short flight and went by without any trouble. Ryan had noticed that the new stewardess was very cute and she was acting very shy and bashful. He said that he thought that she was acting that way because she was new to the job and was not sure of what to do. He also said that whatever the reason, it was really getting his interest. During the flight he watched her and when the flight was over he went up to her and started to talk to her. She said that her name was Desire Shafor, and that she was really nervous about the flight because it was her second flight and she was still kind of scared about being up so very high in the sky. Knowing Ryan, he was just the one to comfort her and he said that he did so very well. As they talked they walked off of the plane together and he convinced her to go to lunch with him. She was a few years younger that Ryan and smaller in stature, but that did not hinder Ryan at all. By this time Ryan was getting very nervous again and was a little worried about what he was about to tell me. I asked him why and he said that this is the part that sort of frightened him in his sleep and he was not sure that he wanted to go over it again for me. I told him that it did not matter to me just this part was about because I wanted to try to help him with anything that was bothering him, no matter how frightening it was. So he just looked at me and continued on with his dream. He said that he and Desire were so very different in every way, but he wanted to get to know her and so did she. Things began to progress a litttle fast for even Ryan and she wanted him to quit his job and move in with her on the spot. She would not take no for an answer and tried to make him give into her and say that he would do as she asked him. Ryan was getting a little concerned by now, he said that it was like she became a whole other person over lunch, and he was not so sure that he liked Desire's new self. She was scaring him because she was trying to hold him against his will so that she could do as she pleased with him. Ryan siad that she had wanted him to stay with her indefinately and be her undying slave and if he did not then she would be forced to get upset and he told me that he did not want to even go there with her. He said that he saw things at her apartment that really scared him that he had never seen before, with any of the women that he had ever been invloved with.
I was sort of beginning to understand why Ryan did not want to go over this particular part of his dream with me. I was feeling a little uncomfortable with this part myself. But as I told Ryan, I was dermined to be there for my friend. I got up and went into the kitchen again, this time to get a snack for Ryan and I to try to take his mind off of the dream for a few minutes. Ryan came into the kitchen with me and we talked some more but not about hi8s dreams. He wanted to know if I had any idea of when my husband and the kids would be coming home. I just smiled at him and I said that it really did not matter because I would be here for him if he needed me to be, even if they did come home. After all, I knew that my husband would fully understand the situation. I knew my family would not be home for some time yet and was trying to put Ryan's mind to ease about being interrupted by them. I finished making our snack and got drinks to go with them and then Ryan helped me carry them all out on the patio so the we could enjoy the sun for a while as we continued to talk. Ryan pulled out my patio chair for me as I sat down and then he sat down with me at the table. Ryan was always the perfect gentleman. After we ate and replenished ourselves, we continued our talk about his dreams. Ryan began where he left off with Desire and her need to keep him from leaving her apartment that day. He said that he did not know what to expect from her concidering the things that he saw in her apartment. There were handcuffs and whips, leashes. and chains everywhere. He went into one room while he was there, and he saw a harness hanging from the ceiling and all kinds of other restaints waiting on him. Ryan said that he was really beginning to panic now. He said that her whole apartment was very dark and dismal everywhere. He was trying to find a quick and easy way out of the situation that he was in but everywhere he look and turned she was there waiting for him with something different in her hand asking him all sorts of questions about his preferences and likes and dislikes. Each time he saw her she was in a different outfit as well. Some really got his attention but they still scared him when he thought about what came along with them. There was black leather and sharp spikes everywhere.
Suddenly there was a knock on Desire's door. Ryan's heart sank as she went to answer it. He said that he was right to be fearful, as Desire and her company entered the room where Ryan was, he said it was as if the three women were sizing him up for something. He watched them as they walked around him poking him and proding him like a piece of meat, and whispering so that he could not hear them. By this time I was really interested to see just how Ryan was going to get out of the situation. Desire looked at Ryan in his dream, and he said it was as if she was looking right through him as she did. He felt chills go up and down his spine and he said he could only imagine what she was thinking about him. He felt like he should just run out of the place but he did not know if they would try to tackle him or not and he did not want things to be worse. Ryan said that longer he waited for them to do something, the more he got confussed. So he decided to try to leave nice and easy. But as soon as he got up from his chair, Desire and the two other women, grabbed him and attempted to restain him with some of the things that he had seen earlier. There was a struggle and he rememebers trying not to hurt anyone of them and after they roughed him up a little he managed to get away from them successfully. Ryan hated telling me these things because he did not like seeming vulerable to me or anyone. But I just simply looked at him and told him that to me he was as strong and masculine as he ever was. Also that no matter if he let the women do as they pleased or not he still would be my friend and I would be here for him as long as he needed me to be. Ryan smiled at me and thanked me for being his friend.
When Ryan had settled down a little and was more relaxed I asked him if he felt like continuing on with his dreams. He told me that there was not much more to tell but he did feel better anyway. I told him that if he wanted to continue I was ready to listen to him. He smiled and gave me a sweet little look through the corner of his eye. He picked up the dreams with what took place after he had gotten away from Desire and her friends. He said that he went back to his hotel and tried to settle down with a few drinks from the bar, something that he did not do too often. The more that he drank the worse he said that he felt. So he left the bar and went upstairs to his room to take a shower and go to bed. But on the way there he ran into some of his friends, they really gave him a hard time about Desire. They had no idea of what he had just been through, and he did not want to get into it with at the time. He let them say what they would without a comeback for them. They all thought that this was strange for Ryan to do but they continued on an did not think anymore about it. After a while they all went to their rooms and went to bed for the night. They had a flight to rest up for in the morning. Ryan and the crew members rose to a beautiful morning he said that was unlike any he had saw in quite a long time. He said that it was like his eyes had opened after being covered for a long time. He could see the sun rise and saw a lot of things differently that morning.......I gave him a strange look and an inquisative sly grin.Ryan saw that his statement had confussed me so he went on to enlighten me to his meaning of it. He told me that when he woke up the next morning and he had went to the window to look outside to check the weather as he always did, he saw a miraculous sunrise, that almost took his breathe away. He said that the colors that he saw that morning were so viberant and awakening that everything that was bothering him about all of these women in his life was no longer of the same importance to him. He really had taken a new look at his life from that morning on. His fight that morning went much better than anyone had expected there was no turbulence at all and they had virtually perfect weather all the way. Even the landing came off without any trouble. Finally the day Ryan had been waiting for had come at last. He left the airport in a cab that he found outside waiting for him. This was winding up to be a great day Ryan had thought to himself.
I was smiling at Ryan as he talked about the things that had happened cause he seemed to be much more relaxed and comfortable. Ryan said that it seemed like it was taking forever for the cab to get home for some reason. He said that with ever turn that the cab made he could feel something weird going on but was not sure of what it was just yet! Finally the cab made it to the corner of Ryan's street. He could see his house from the corner and was very relieved to see that everything was the same as it was when he left it. He got his luggage out of the cab and went inside his house in his dream, then he simply went to his bed and laid down and did some thinking. He said that while he was thinking, he remembered that there were some things that he had to do right away. So he got up and showered and got ready to run errends in town. Ryan said that before he come home in his dream , he passed a church on his way home. It made him do some more thinking about the events of his trip and all of the activities that occurred, especially with Desire and her friends. While Ryan was driving he had to stop at a traffic light near the church, he found himself looking into the church as the doors opened when someone walked out of them. He told me that he noticed something that struck him as very strange, so he thought that he would stop and go in to see if what he saw was really what he thought that he saw. As he entered the church Ryan told me that he felt something warm go all over him, as if it were being poured all over him starting with his head and going down to his feet at one time.
He walked through the church and looked all around, and as he did he sort forgot what actually brought him into the church in the first place. There were other people in the church with him but no one spoke to him until he was about ready to leave. They were all praying and talking amongst themselves and did not really even notice Ryan as he was walking around like a lost puppy. He thought to himself that he had never really noticed just how beautiful the church really was inside and the wonderful feelings that could be had there either. He said that he was just in awe as he stood there and simply took everything that he was experiencing. He had forgot that he just got back from the airport and really needed rest from the trips that he had been taking recently. He said that he had some very thoughts going through his head all at the same time, some good and some not so good. Finally he felt that it was time for him to leave the church. So he got up from the pew that he found himself sitting on all of a sudden, and to his surprised, was addressed by the pastor of the church as he was walking toward Ryan. They began talking about the reason that Ryan had came to the church that day, but Ryan had totally forgotten the reason and was at a lose as to what to tell the pastor. The pastor was a young man, Rayn had told me, and was very knowledgable as well.
As the conversation went on the pastor could tell that Ryan had forgotten why he was there and that he was getting a little uncomfortable as well. The pastor told Ryan that if he had ever wanted to come back for any reason or ever needed the church for anything , that he was not to hesitate to call on him and the church for assistance. Ryan said that he told the pastor that he would do just that if there were ever a need, and then he left. Rayn was very different when he was talking about the pastor and the church than he was while telling me about the rest of the dream. To me he seemed at ease about everything and as if he was covered with the love the was missing from his life in reality. It was certainly a bright point in the dream for me to watch and see. Ryan and I got up and went into the livingroom again, to relax and to talk about this series of dreams of his. He had stated that he had gotten to the point where he did not even want to think about getting married in real life, especially after dealing Desire and her friends. The rest of the women did have exceptional qualities and did leave a lot for a person like him to to desire in a wife. But the risks that were out there were far too great for him, or at lease for now anyway, Ryan had said with a certain conviction. I did try to convince him that he was only seeing the bad things that were in the world and that there was a whole other world of really great things out there for him to concider when thinking about a woman to spend his life with. He just looked at me with a very unbelieving look and at the same time tried to explain his point of veiw to me. But as the good friend that I was to him, I too tried to get my point accross to him as well, and I do think that I made some real progress with him. The hour was getting very late and Ryan thought that he should go home before my crew came in and wondered why he was there so late. I told him that he did not have to leave and that everything would be alright if he wanted to stay until they got home, but he insisted on going. So we got up and I walked him to the door. I tried to ease his confussion even more and I told him that if there were anything that he still needed to talk to me about, that he could come by tomorrow and I would be here for him. He said that he would if the need came up and then he thanked me for listening and helping him as I have and for being a freind to him. I told him that being a friend was the easy part for me. He just smiled and looked at me, very sweetly, as he left to go home.
I was watching a little television, enjoying my favorite desert,stawberries and whipped cream, as I waited for my crew to come in and I started thinking about Ryan's dreams. The more that I thought about the different parts of what he had told me, the more I was coming to a very weird conclusion. I did not want to mention it to Ryan, at least not yet anyway. All of the activities that he had described to me all seemed to be manufactured in one way and by one very well known individual. I kept going over things in my head many times, from many different angles and still ended up at the same conclusion. My husband finally came home with the kids and they all were very tired from being out all day. They wanted to fill me in on the fun that they had had but they just could not. I told them all that we could talk in the morning and that they all should just go and get ready for bed. So I kissed my husband and lead him upstairs to our bedroom and told him to get in the shower and that when he was finished I would have him a snack by the bed for him. He did just that, but not before giving me a very big hug and telling me just how much he missed me and how happy he was to be home finally. I looked him straight in the eyes and said to him that I loved him and that I missed him and the kids very much, but he really needed to get some rest. So he went on into the shower and I went to check on the kids. They were in their rooms getting ready for bed and horseplaying a little, as only kids do before bedtime, he had fed them before coming home so they were not hungry. I hugged them all we and talked for a few minutes and sent them to bed. I then went downstairs and made my husband a snack. As I placed his snack by the bed, I noticed that he was was still in the shower, so I thought I would go and check on him. I knocked on the door but he did not hear me, so I opened the door. I found my husband bent down on both knees beside the shower and he was deep in prayer, thanking God that they had all made it home safe and sound. I knew at that moment that I was in for a very interesting recollection of their activities the next day. I did not choose to bother him and snuck out quickly. I went back downstairs, the house was very quiet and peaceful. I wanted to go to bed as well but I simply could not and I knew why. My heart and my concience were simply not clear and God wanted to talk to me about Ryan's dreams.
So I just tried to relax and let God have his way within me. I made sure that the room was comfortable and I was prepared for bed just in case I went to sleep eventually. I started praying and asking God to give me insight into Ryan's dreams. I wanted to see things as God did and from the real point of veiw, I wanted know the truth. I asked God for guidence and direction in telling Ryan what I needed to about his dreams. I prayed for understanding and it seemed like I was praying for hours. It was like the more that I wanted to quit praying, the more God kept me there talking with me, giving me the answers that I had asked for and some that I did not. He showed me many things that night. Some of which I now wish that he had not, but were neccessary at the time. I knew some of what I had to tell Ryan about his dreams, but God had to tell me a few more things still. I was completely drained after a few hours and was just lying there on the couch letting God flow through me and I remember seeing things that I would have never seen if it were not for God showing me. I remember seeing what Ryan's future was to be like and what was waiting for him and he was not even aware of any of it. The next thing that I remember was waking up in the morning to see my kids fixing breakfast for everyone. My husband was in the kitchen as well reading the newspaper. I went upstairs to shower and get dressed and then came back down to have breakfast with the family. After we ate we discussed our plans for the day. Everyone had different plans, since it was saturday there were a lot of things to do. The kids were off to friends' houses to visit for the day, my husband wanted to go get some supplies to repair the garage. He had been putting it off for some time and today was the day he said. That left me and nothing to do, but I told them that I could find plenty to do around the house and that there were some things that needed my attention anyway. I was still thinking about Ryan's dreams and now that the rest of the family were going to be gone l felt that this was going to be a good time to talk to him about them. After everyone left and went their respective ways, I did a few things before calling Rayn over. I wanted to do some work outside since it was a very beautiful day out.
While I was outside doing some gardening, Ryan was walking by and decided to come by for a visit. I knew that it was not just by accident that he showed up when he did, but I did not mention it to him yet. He offered to help me but I could see him getting all dirty just for me. So I hurried and finished as we talked and went inside to clean up. Ryan helped as much as I would let him, and as I went upstairs to clean finish cleaning up, he fixed us something to drink. When I came back he had the drinks ready and was sitting in the livingroom waiting on me to return. We began talking about the things that happened lastnight after he left and what happened when I was allowing God to flow through me. Ryan listened very intently and was more eager to hear what I had to say than normal, which I found very interesting. I told him that God had some things to tell him and He wanted to use me to tell him. Ryan looked at me with a very shiney gleam in his eye, and smiled at me through the corner of his mouth. I could tell that he was ready to hear whatever I had to say to him and would be willing to do anything that I had asked of him. Well we talked for some time and I filled him in on everything that God had told me about him and his dreams. Ryan was devastated but nevertheless, he was very concerned about what to do next. Ryan was a very patient person and was willing to wait and see just what his future held for him. I tried to help him with any questions that he had about his dreams but he said that he had it all under control for now. He left and went home and I told him that if he needed to talk that I would would be here for him. As he walked away that day I wondered to myself just what was in store for my friend. But then God reminded me that only He knows and it is not for us to know but when the time is right. I put my trust once again in God to protect my friend and guide him through whatever his journey may be in the future. It was very quiet for the rest of the day and I had my hands full of all things to do around the house.
It was quite a few days before I heard from Ryan again but then the day did come when he came to my door once again for advice and help. This time the kids were at school and my husband was at work for the day. He knocked on the door and I let him in. He looked very well actually and I was surprised to see him in such a state. We went into the kitchen and I offered him a drink to cool off with. We sat at the table and began to talk. Rayn had told me that there was so very much that had happened since we last talked that he did know where to start. I suggessted to start when he was last at my house. So he did just that, he said that that when he got home that day, things were different for him all day. It was as if someone was watching over him, nothing bad happened to him, everything he did worked out very well, he said that he even got in touch with some old friends that he could not have before. I was very pleased for him, as was he. He went on to say that he was very surprised at the way things were going and had been going for him for the next day or so when it finally hit him. He knew that God had his hand on him and was watching over him, he remembered the talk that we had had about God and his life. He then said that with this in mind he started thinking about all of the good things that had been happening to him as well as all of the bad things too. He said that he did a lot of thinking about his life as it was and how it could be. It was very apparent to me that God really was working inside of him and was drawing him. I was very pleased that he was so willing to let God have His way and not resist him. Ryan was far too precious of soul to not have him in Heaven with us in the endtimes. Ryan went on to tell me that he was so overwhelmed by everything that he went to see the pastor at the church one day for some advice. He said that he was very helpful and not only that he actually led him in the sinners's prayer, and led him into salvation as well. I was totally surprised and overwhelmed myself with this news. I grabbed him by the neck and gave him a very big hug and told him that I was very happy for him and that I have always waited for this day. The whole room was filled with joy that afternoon and into the evening. I asked Ryan to stay for dinner and he accepted. The kids came home shortly there after and then my husband. We had a very nice dinner that Ryan helped with, out of gratitude to me. The next few days were spent helping Ryan get familiar with God and his love for him. Ryan was very easy to explain things to and he was very open to everything that God had for him, unlike most people. Ryan, my husband and I did a lot of praying and thanking God for his almighty goodness and mercy, and for loving us all so very much to give his life for us unconditionally!!
In the days that followed, Ryan started going to church and held the title of new convert very well. The days went by and all went well for Rayn, until one day he called me distressed. I was concerned as to why he was so distressed and he said that he had to fly out again for another two weeks and he really did not want to go. Well we had talked about his fear of this several times before, and like I told him then, I told him again that he needed to turn that fear over to God. He knew that I was right and agreed that it had to been done he left. He wanted God to work His wonderous miracles in his life and take away this fear from him for good! He said that he did not want to have fear of any kind anymore!! I told him that if he turned it completely over to God then he would not anymore. Well we prayed on the phone and was getting ready to hang up, he said that he had to begin getting everything ready to leave. I told him that I would pray for him and his crew as well as the passengers also. I told him that all would be well because God would take him and the whole plane into His everloving care and protection. With that Ryan snickered and agreed with me and said good-bye. Ryan always came over the morning before he was to leave on a trip to let us know that he was leaving, and to get us to watch over his house while he was gone. About two days after our conversation on the phone Ryan came over to see us. I was delighted to see him and I knew what was in his heart before he even opened his mouth at our door. I invited him inside and my husband was home but the kids were all out somewhere, as only kids do. Ryan began talking and about his trip and about the places that he will be going to, and as he spoke I could tell that he was trying hard not to let his fear creep in on him again.My husband asked Ryan if he had ever been to any of these places before and Ryan said some yes, but some no. He enlightened us as to how some of the places were when he was there the last time and went on to discuss how excited he was to be going to the new places.It all sounded so wonderful to me as I watched him talk with a ferver about them all. I was simply intrigued at just the idea of going to so very many wonderful places, and thinking about all of the mavelous things that would be there to see. Time escaped us as we all talked and Ryan was due to be at the airport within minutes, so we said our good-byes again and wished him well. He just looked me in the eye and said "all will be well and is definately under control!" I smiled and with a gleam in my eye watch him as he walked away and get into the cab.
Well the two weeks was just about up when one day my son answered the telephone, it was Ryan so he gave my husband the phone and went upstairs. Ryan wanted to call to let us know that he would be home in two days and that he had some very interesting and shocking news for us. When my husband told me this, I was really surprised and very curious as well. My husband said that he was curious also, after all, Ryan had never called before, he just always showed up at the door. For the next two days he and I were trying to figure out just what Ryan may have to tell us, but everything that we thought of would not have made him call us as he did and would not have excited him that much. The day came when at the door Ryan stood once again, My husband invited him in, he was so very excited that he said that he came straight from the airport to our house. He said that he just had to tell us first and then go home to settle. Well we went into the kitchen for something cool to drink and then out to the patio to talk. Ryan was about to simply bust inside with excitment. My husband was getting a little nervous and really wanted to know what was going on, so I began to fill him in on a few of the things that were going on with Ryan and his fears. Then Ryan took over and said that he could not hold it in anymore and that he just had to tell us right away. He began by telling us that he was getting married. It was to be within two weeks and he could not wait to finally get this done.Well were so very surprised and happy for him. We both congradulated him and wished him all the best. He went on to tell us that he and his wife to be both wanted my husband and I to be in the wedding if we would, of course we accepted. When Ryan finally calmed down we had a great talk about how in the world this came about. He said that when he left for the airport that fateful day, he again prayed to God in the cab all the way to the airport. He wanted to make sure that those fears did not come back at all. I smiled and told him that if he had turned everything over to God then they would not at all, EVER again, but he was in his own world. I had never seen him this wound up before about anything. It was a great change, I asked Ryan when we could meet her. He said that she was at her house and that we could meet her that evening for dinner if we liked. Ryan was so very excited that he could not finish telling us how they met and what else took place at the time, he wanted to get home and get settled so he could go and pick her up for dinner. He said that he would call us with the dinner arrangments later and then went home for a while. Well My husband and I talked for a while and then we went back inside to try to find the kids, and line up a sitter for the evening. With all taken care fo we just waited on Ryan's call and it was not long before it came as well. Eveything was set for dinner and we left the kids with the sitter and went to the resturant to meet Ryan and his fiance. We arrived and saw her at the table with Ryan and she was remarkably beautiful. completely unlike the other women that Ryan was used to dating. She was a very voluptuous, brunette that had long, shaply legs. Her and Ryan made a very lovely couple. When we got over to the table Ryan stood and introduced her to us. Her name was Melissa Jefferies and she was very soft spoken and seemed a bit timid at first.We got along great and were very happy for them both and could not wait for their day to come so we could see them happy together.
Ryan wanted to tell us how they met and he began with telling us that when he got to the airport, he had made up his mind to completely not notice any of the women that he ran into on his whole trip. Well as he talked and told us of his adventures I noticed one thing, that he was very calm and at ease with Melissa being there and hearing everything about his dreams and fears. He said that things were going very well and he was able to ignore all of the women that crossed his path, he had no intention o letting Satan get his attention with any of them at all. He was halfway through his flight, and they had a little tubulence but it was nothing too bad. He began to pray, as he set the auto- pilot, he said that he prayed for the weather to get better and the plane to steady. By that time he head forgotten all about the fear that he had about the women and the women in general. He was concentrating on what he needed to and put everything else to the side for the time being. Just as God had wanted and waited for him to do. I smiled at him because I knew that God was going to work a miraculous wonder in his life. Ryan continued with the events that followed, he said that God talked to him as he prayed and He told him that he was not to even think about those women or getting married because it was not the right time for such things and that he had a much bigger and better plan for him to focus on at the time. Ryan said that he obviously took the words of God to heart and listened very carefully to them. When Ryan had finished praying he noticed that they were about to desend into another airport and he needed to turn off the auto-pilot and begin desention. After the plane landed Ryan and the crew went to the hotel and again Ryan went into prayer, to thank God for all that he had done so far for him and his fear. Everything from then on was almost perfect and the women did nothing for him,even though everything that he had dreamed happened exactly the way that he had dreamed it. He knew what was coming and went out of his way to avoid every situation. At last the final flight was to come back home, he was so very relieved that things turned out the way that they did for him. He was flying very well as were the rest of the crew and all of the passengers were happy and content. Then all of a sudden a stewardess came into the cockpit to talk to himabout something. This through him for a minute and he did not know what to expect. The co-pilot took over for a few minutes so that they could talk. She had stated that there was a beautiful young woman in the back that really wanted to meet the pilot and thank him personally for such a wonderful flight. Well of course Ryan said that he began to blush because this happens quite a bit and it still gets to him. He went with her to meet the woman because he knew that his dreams were finished and God was with him, therefore everything would be fine. On the way back to meet the woman Ryan said that he heard God speak to him again and He told him that he was to look closely at this woman because she was much more than she she appeared and that he was she was the answer to his prayer. What Ryan did not tell us was that before he left for his trip he had prayed that God find him the perfect wife one that would be everything that He wanted Ryan to have. Ryan said that he had told God exactly what he wanted in a wife, he had even given God a detailed list of his requirements for the wife that he had desired. Well as we all knew from God's word, He would give us our heart's desires, if we just keep Him in our hearts, do His Will in our lives, and diligently seek Him in everything that we do. Ryan was stunned when he saw the woman, who turned out to be Melissa, she was exactly what he had asked God for in a wife. Without a doubt and second thought, Ryan said that he knew at that moment that he and Melissa were getting married and he knew that it would be very soon. They met and had a great talk and she was able to thank him fo rthe flight going so very well. After the flight was over Ryan said that he went up to Melissa and asked her where she was going to when she left because he really wanted to talk to her more and it was very important.
Well hearing that, Ryan said that, she was very willing to hear him out and they went out for breakfast. Ryan said that he and Melissa talked for what seemed like hours, and they had so very much in common. He told her that he was a christian and had prayed for her and God answered his prayer exactly to the letter. He said to her that he knew that very soon they would be man and wife and God would be the one that would see it come to past. Well she listened to him very intently and was very accepting to everything that he had to say. For what he did not know, until she had the chance to tell him, was that she was to a christian as well, and had also prayed to God for the husband of her desires as he had. Ryan was completely shocked by this news and he had told us that before their breakfast was over he and Melissa had mutually agreed to submit to God and not fight his Will. They continued to talk and they knew in their hearts that marriage was in their futures and that they needed to do it as soon as possible. With all of what God had for them in the future and He had already revealed to them both they simply gave to God. Ryan told us that he had purposed to Melissa This was very hard to believe but my husband and I both knew that if it really was from God then it would all work out and it would be perfect because He does not make mistakes. Some would say that it was going far too fast but nothing is too fast for God, He has His own time and nothing happens without that timing being just right. Ryan and Melissa both were very eager to be married and we were all for them as long as they felt that it was God's Will. We all had a great dinner that night and a great talk as well. Melissa was a terrific person and one that I was very glad that Ryan would have in his life. She seemed to settle him down and be his clutch,( if you will), and he was her accelerator. They made the perfect match and why would they not, God put them together and nothing that He does is wrong.
It has been several years since that night and that wonderful dinner, all is very well for Ryan and Melissa and their three terrific children. I see them often in passing and for an occassional dinner here and there but we are still very close and I know that God was right in bringing them together. They are pillars in the community and their children are very well liked and popular as well. They are all members of our local church and have been since that very surprising day. God always wants us all very happy and He will see that we are in his own time. If for some reason we seem happy, and do not know God in our lives, we should all look at the source of our happiness , it may be from Satan himself trying to win us over to his side. Needless to say that we should NEVER let Him win, no matter what!!

God Will Always Win Out In The End...

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