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Darwin's Evolution Theory An Excuse To Behave Like Animals
by Darna Bedwell Gutter
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It is my true feeling that most people, children excluded, have sense enough to know that apes are not our ancestors, unless of course they’ve experienced severe brain washing as a child. But Evolution is just an excuse for man to behave like animals.

As a Christian one wants to believe for the best in people, willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. But I have been face to face with destroyers. The Bible describes them as "swine". “Cast not your pearls before swine, lest they trample them, then turn and rend you.” I am no longer naïve to the dangerous games people are capable of playing.

To believe Darwin’s Evolution Theory that man evolved from apes is to believe the author of lies. To believe the author of lies aligns you with the enemy of God. Satan is using people to destroy others for what they think is their gain. But in the end they become the biggest looser for believing the deceiver and his lies.

This is simple basic fundamental truth. When you look in the mirror do you see an animal – no because you were made in the image of God. But believing in lies can afflict your spirit, causing you to behave more like the father of lies, that ole' serpent the devil. How do animals behave? They are predatory and in constant need of something to fill them. But these are only temporary fixes for a depravity that hungers like an animal for his next prey. Yes like an animal. If you believe your ancestors were apes, then wouldn't that make you an animal?


To believe mankind evolved from apes is to deny that there is a supreme creator in who's image man is made. I will only venture to share this vision with you for the sake of clarity.

I once dreamt that I was faced down on a cool floor in a large throne room. As I looked up, I saw an image sitting on His throne. He had a body and He had arms, a head and legs. However, the features were like pure power, so powerful you could almost hear it audibly. Someone was whispering into His ear; apparently saying something about me.

This supreme being then balled his fist and threw a ball of pure power at me. Upon its impact, I found myself moving at the speed of light through a soft translucent tunnel just large enough for me to glide through. I was zooming back to earth. As I traveled, I saw someone in another tunnel next to mine, zooming in the other direction.

When I got back, I was still in bed. But I woke up immediately and the experience was still fresh and clear in my memory. Immediately the question came to me; What happened? Could I have actually been in the throne room of the Almighty God? As soon as I asked the question, I began to relive the moments. My clue for verification lie with the third person who whispered into His ear.

As I reasoned that Jesus sits on the right hand of God. I was about to conclude that it was just a dream because from my view the person was on the left side. But suddenly, I realized that my left was infact His right. And I believe to this day that I was in the presence of the Almighty God. For what purpose I can not say openly. But perhaps one purpose is to confirm that He did not look like an ape!

Now there are some isolated instances where God Almighty planned subtle evolutions of certain creatures, ie., tadpoles to frogs, caterpillars to butterflies and possibly thousands of macro organisms. But that was God's plan, nothing to do with Darwin's Evolution Theory. Those creatures are still evolving today. If it was God’s plan for us to evolve from apes, wouldn’t we still be evolving today as well? No one has yet to see an ape evolve into a man.

What Do You Have To Lose?

This message is not to Christians who know the "author and finisher of their faith". But to the unbelievers and those deceived or born into other deceptions of faith that would make them vulnerable to lies, lies and more lies. When the anti-Christ is revealed you will be putty in his hands if you don’t begin to question life and find some answers. Don't let the devil use you. Seek truth and you will find it because the Lord wants you to find it. But you must make the decision to seek.

Many faiths claim God. But any faith that does not acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Son of God, is false. In fact any faith that worships an image or images of any type is idolatry. Sure Christians have the cross, but we do not worship the cross, we worship Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit – the divine Trinity.

What do you have to lose by replacing God's plan of creation with some crackpot ape theory. What is 70 or 80 years compared to eternity; just a teardrop in the ocean. If you chose to believe lies, you have eternity to lose.

I'm only talking sense, not trying to convince because if you believe this lie, you could be beyond reason until you have renewed your mind to the things of God through His Holy word, the Bible.

Right now I am attempting to bring truth to you. So you have no excuse to continue on the path of deception. If you refuse, you will answer to God. Do you think he sent his son to suffer in vain? No indeed, He is offended when people deny Christ and the beautiful things He did for us to restore us to a right relationship with God the Father.

Christ gave His life that we might live and know the truth. Without Jesus we would all be in darkness behaving like animals. When Jesus died, he said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” When you’re in darkness you sometimes fail to understand the damage you are doing to yourself and others. Christians are not perfect, no man is. But Christ has paid the price for our imperfections. And His spirit helps us to recognize our faults by convicting our hearts unto repentance.

Another name for people who behave like animals is heathens. These types of dangerous people smile in your face while they seek to destroy and possess your soul. They can never get enough, whatever you have they want. Their greed is consuming, believing what is theirs is theirs and what is yours is theirs too. There is no boundary they won’t cross over. But the Lord promises to pour out His wrath upon the heathens. Wake up and seek the Lord and His righteousness.


When the day comes that you face the Lord, and that day will come, He will question you and you won’t be able to deny that you were told the truth if you are reading this. The day will also come when the Lord will ask me and others, "Did you tell the people who passed through your life the truth?" Although I know some may take offense, I want to be able to say, "Yes Lord, I tried." Listen to the truth; it will set you free from the snares of darkness, sin and lies.

How do you know if you are denying the truth? Ask God to reveal this to you and He will because He wants you to know. He also wants to show Himself to you that you might understand the power of His might. He wants you to be free of a wrong mindset and walk in the liberty and freedom of His love.

Seek the Lord God and His righteousness and pass this legacy on to your children. Lies can perpetrate themselves from one generation to another causing your family to live under a curse for generations. Find the courage to break the curse and seek the truth in Jesus name for your children’s sake.

The Lord our God wants us to experience His love, provisions, and His promises while we live on this earth these few years. It is a lifestyle of wholeness, peace, mercy and love. It is also a life of great challenges to accomplish the things God wants you to accomplish while upon this earth. Earth is the battlefield of good against evil. You must choose sides, there's no in-between. Refusing to consciously choose will surely compromise your outcome.

Seek the truth and you will find it. Begin with the word of God, His Holy Bible. The reading of God’s word will purge away the scales from your eyes and renew your mind to the things of God. He will open the eyes and ears of your understanding so you can stop believing in lies and behaving like animals.

The truth is powerful enough to set you free. It is not always pleasant, but it is powerful. If you let this life slip by without receiving the Lord's salvation to eternity through Jesus Christ, then hell is waiting. And don't think it’s any more comfortable if your whole family is there with you. It’s probably many times worse to have to look into your children’s faces as they too suffer eternal damnation along with you for choosing to believe in lies instead of the truth. I plead with you in the Holy name of Jesus Christ to examine your life.


If after reading this article you decide you'd like to insure your salvation I will lead you now.


Dear Heavenly Father: I have been denying the true faith. I have sinned. (It's ok to confess those sins that you can remember individually -- Because the Lord said, "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive and cleans us from all unrighteousness").

CONTINUE: Lord I want to do things Your way. I believe You sent Jesus to die for my sins so I could establish a right relationship with You. Father I receive the forgiveness of my sins, paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ, the Holy Lamb of God. I receive Jesus into my heart to love and guide me unto eternal salvation with You. I know now by faith Your kingdom is within me while I'm here on this earth. Teach me and guide me Lord. May I always be mindful to repent of anything that offends You. And when I die, because Jesus has prepared a place for me, I will enter into Your heavenly kingdom to live with You for eternity. Thank You Lord. In Jesus' Name. -- Amen

Then begin to feed your spirit with the word of God -- The Holy Bible, on a regular basis. I recommend the King James Version. Many things you will understand. But don't worry about what you don't understand; the Lord will reveal things to you when He thinks you are ready. Ask the Lord to lead you to a church home to worship and fellowship. In the Blessed and Most Holy Name of Jesus Christ.

© 2009

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Member Comments
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Patricia Backora 28 May 2009
Society has descended into crass barbarism. People are selfish and inconsiderate of others. People disobey God, animals don't. Oddly enough, it's almost an insult to animals to compare them with rebellious, ill-mannered human beings. Excellent, well-thought-out article!
Kingdom Citizen 06 Feb 2009
Amen...thank you.


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