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Christian Life Race
by Ruth Draeger
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Christian Life Race

To be taped or performed live
Characters: (9)
Striving Christian
Friend (one appearance)
Non-Believer boyfriend
Super Busy (cell phoneÖ)
Cool- (Sunglasses) (leaf)
Accountability Coach (prop = clipboard and Bible)
Reporter (prop = microphone)

[First Night]
(Skit opens with all characters on stage. Racers are stretching/running in place, Coach checking chart)

Reporter: Good morning race fans! Iím _____reporting for G.O.D. TV coming to you live from the starting line of the ďChristian Life Race.Ē This is the race that starts at the beginning of every Christianís life and ends at eternity. Iíd just like to take some time to introduce you to some of the racers.

(Walk over to some of the racerís)
Over here we have Cool who is known for doing whatever it takes to fit in. Tell me Cool, why did you join the Christian Life Race and what is your strategy for running the race?

Cool: Well, I signed up for the race a few years ago at my churchís youth group. Iíve been going to church most of my life and thought it was about time that I get into the race. My plan is to mostly go with the flow. I believe in what the racers manual says, but I really donít like it to cramp my style too much. I mean, I donít always let everyone know about being in the race. Some people donít think itís very cool, and I have to protect my rep. But I am in it to make it to the finish line. You can count on me to make it there with STYLE!

Reporter: Thank you Cool. And over here we have Super Busy. Same questions for you.

Super Busy: (looking distracted, multi-tasking with cell phone?) Oh HiÖjust a secondÖ Well I signed up for the race when I was only five years old. I prayed the prayer with my parents. Iíve made it to most of the church race eventsÖwell, I used to make it to most. Lately Iíve been pretty busy, so I read the manual once in awhile and make it to the church meetings when I have time. The race is important to meÖ but I also have a lot to focus on at the same time. I have sports practice, student council, band practice, my job and teaching an advance underwater basket weaving class, to name a few things. But I can juggle it all just fine. (phone rings) Sorry I have to take this call.

Reporter: Ok, and next it appears that we have a set of two racers.

Dating (Non-Christian): (looking bright and happy holding a distracted boyfriends hand) Hello, Iím Miss. Dating, Dating (loud whisper) a non-believer. Iím the only one of us that is actually in the race. I signed up for the race when I was eight. Iíve been training really hard since then. I just started dating Non-believer here a month ago. Heís a really great guy. I figure if he sees me running the race, heíll want to be part of the Christian Life Race too.

Reporter: Thank you Miss Dating. Next we have Striving Christian. Striving, I have the same questions for you, but Iím also curious, what does your name, Striving, mean?

Striving: (smiles) Yeah, I know my name is unique. It isnít the name I was given at birth. I changed my name to striving because it means to exert a lot of effort or energy. When I signed up for the race last year, I knew that it wasnít going to be easy. Iím going to have to fight every step of the way and to change my whole mindset on life if I want to finish strong.

Reporter: Well, it sounds like youíve got a good plan. Last but not least weíve got Complacent here to round up our group of racers. ComplacentÖ

Lazy/Complacent: My friends just call me Lazy.

Reporter: Ok then, Lazy, what is your plan for running the race?

Lazy: WellÖ (yawn) I signed up back when I was ten, with my Sunday school teacher. Since then Iíve been doing a little training, but really, I donít like to sweat it too much. Itís just that I donít like to spend too much time on things that take much effort. I get a quiet time in once in awhile and make it to some training meetings at churchÖbut really, Iíd rather play my play station or watch a movie then train. Iíll do enough to get by. I always doÖ

Coach: (yell) Racers Ready?
(All racers take running stance)

Coach: On your mark, get set, LIVE!
(All racers take off running or walking etc)

Reporter: There you have it folks, our racers for this years ďChristian Life Race.Ē Iíll be keeping you posted as the race progresses. Coming up, weíll be bringing you an exclusive interview with the well known Spiritual Fitness and Accountability Coach.
This is _______with G.O.D. TV. Back to you.
(Reporter and Coach walk off)

[Next day]

Reporter: Welcome back race fans to the first check point of the race. As I promised you, weíre coming to you with an exclusive interview with the Spiritual Fitness and Accountability Coach. Coach, why donít you explain to the fans exactly what your purpose is?

Coach: Thank you__________, Iíd love to tell you. I have a very important job in this race. Iím actually a veteran to the racing scene. Iím been in this same race for 25 years. My purpose is to help keep the racers on right track and monitor their spiritual health. I try to encourage them work hard to make it to the finish line. I remind them about all the valuable things they can find in the racers manual, (hold up Bible), I pray with them when theyíre weary, and try to help them to keep their eyes on JesusÖour purpose for being in this race. Sometimes I have to remind them of some hard truths, but itís all for the purpose of finishing their race STRONG.

Reporter: Thank you Coach, looks like you have a hard job, but Iím sure itís rewarding to know that you can have a part in keeping the racers strong.

Coach: Thatís for sure.

Reporter: What do we have here?
(Striving running in, fall down, but getting back up and running to stage)
Looks like we have our first runner to make it to the checkpoint.

Coach: Good job Striving! How are you feeling?

Striving: (drinking water, stretching, etc) Hey Coach, it is so good to see you! Itís been a tough stretch already. I seemed to start off strong. I had a real fire going, especially after that awesome youth convention, but it seems like just as I got around the first curve I fell flat on my face.

Coach: How did that happen?

Striving: I bumped in some old friends that I used to hang out with, the ones who I used to do bad things with. I FELL right back into the same old patterns. Before long I was gossiping and swearing like I always had and I had a hard time even seeing the Christian Life Race track.

Coach: Thatís an easy trap to fall into. What did you do?

Striving: Well, I knew what I was doing was wrong. So I prayed and asked God for forgiveness and asked him to give me courage to share Him with my friends. Most of my friends respected my beliefs even though most of them didnít get it. But look Ö
(pointing at Friend running in reading Bible)
Öone of my friends decided that they want to be in the Christian Life Race too!

Coach: Thatís Amazing Striving! You not only got through the obstacles, but you made a difference in the process. I think you may already have some Accountability Coach potential in you. Why donít we all spend some time in praying and studying the manual before you two tackle the next leg of the race?
(Coach, Striving and Friend walk off)

Reporter: What an exciting day! Stay tuned to G.O.D. TV for all your race updates! Back to you. (Walk off)

[Next Day]

Reporter: Breaking News Race Fans. I come to you live, just as our second racer is nearing the check point!

(Dating comes in Dragging non-believer boyfriend behind with lots of effort)

Coach: (looking doubtful) Dating, howís the race going for you so far?

Dating: (grunting and groaning to finish pulling non-believer)

Non-believer: (just lays and makes self comfortable) Hey Babe, wanna grab me a coke, and maybe a pillow?

Dating: (Steps up to Coach putting on a happy face) Hey Coach! The race is going just fine! Iíve been consulting the manual and running strong..ish.

Coach: (Eyeing non-believer) If I can remember, you used to run a little faster and stronger. Anything beenÖslowing you down?

Dating: (Innocently) No, not really.

Coach: Really?

Dating: Well, maybe Non-believer has slowed me down a little. I keep hoping that heíll want to get up and join the race when he sees how much it means to meÖ

Coach: But???

Dating: But, he hasnít seemed to change any.

Coach: But you seemed to have changed a little.

Dating: Well, itís hard to stay focused. He is sooooo cute. And I really like him, so I want to make him happy, but sometimes itís hard to stay fully committed to the race and him at the same time. We donít really have the same focus and purpose in life. But that could changeÖcouldnít it?

Coach: Do you really want to risk HIM changing YOU more then YOU changing HIM?
(Both look at Non-believer, who is doing something silly)

Dating: You might be right. I suppose I might be an even better example if we were just friends. I might not get so distracted from the race.

Coach: Why donít you come and join us in seeing what the manual has to say, and you can join us for some prayer about your situation and FOR your friend here. We all want you to be able to finish the race Strong!

Dating: Alright
(Coach and Dating walk off)
(Non-Christian starts snoring)

Reporter: Well folks, it looks like this race isnít going to be easy for anyone. Stay tuned to G.O.D. TV News for all your race coverage.
(Reporter walks off) (Non-believer wakes up looks around and stumbles off )

[Next day]

Reporter: Welcome back race fans! Youíre just in time for a race update. It looks like we have a few more racers making it to the check point!

Cool: (struts in, striking poses)(has leaf in hair)

Coach: Good job Cool. Youíve made it to the check point.

Cool: Coooool. Whatís Crack-a-lac-in Coach?

Coach: Iíve just been waiting for all the racers to get here so I can rate their spiritual health and prepare them for the next leg of the race. Howís your Christian Life Race been going?

Cool: Yo, itís cool. Iíve been keeping it real. I had to make a few pit stops to hit up a few parties. But I still made it here, right?

(Coach checking Coolís pulse)
Coach: Cut the act Cool. I know you. Your spiritual pulse doesnít look so good. Whatís up?

Cool: (Looks around then drops tough demeanor) Okay, youíre right. Iíve been having a tough time. I really do want to be in this race. Jesus means a lot to me. But I want people to like me too. Some people donít understand the Christian Life Race. I donít want people to think Iím weird or too religious, so I do what they doÖwhich isnít always the best choice. Itís hard to find a balance, so I got a little lost.

Coach: (picks leaf out of Coolís hair) So, it looks like you got lost in the ďAnything for Acceptance Forest.Ē You could lose yourself there if youíre not careful. Itís not wrong to want to fit in, but is it worth going against what you know is right. Remember the creed you signed in the race manual?
The one that says ďHowever, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given meóthe task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace.Ē

Cool: I know I need to work on my priorities. But itís tough. I keep getting lost. Can you teach me how to stay strong and be wise with my friends and choices?

Coach: Iím so glad that you want to put in some extra time training. Iíll grab my race manual, and we can meet in the prayer room.
(Coach grabs Bible and They walk off)

Reporter: Well, you heard it here. Stay tuned for more updates from the Christian Life Race!

[Next day]

Reporter: Here we are once again. Waiting for our last two racers to make it to the checkpoint. And who is that coming around the bend. I looks like Super Busy!

(Super Busy makes it to the stage weighed down with all sorts of stuff, on the phone a and looking really distracted and stressed)

Coach: Super Busy, how are you doing?

Super Busy: (finishes phone call)(dully) Hey Coach, Iím doing just fine. I have all my activities organized in my plannerÖand Iíve squeezed the race into an hour on Sundays and an hour every other Wednesday. It seems to be working.

Coach: (unsure) Well, youíre still in the race, but you donít seem to be thriving at all. Super Busy, you are so smart and talented, but I donít think that you have your priorities straight.

Super Busy: What do you mean? I accomplish a lot with my time!

Coach: That may be true, but you seem to be so busy and preoccupied that your race isnít strong. Not many racers are behind you in their growth and dedication.

Super Busy: ButÖ.

Coach: Donít you know that when you put God race FIRST that he has promised to bless you in the other areas of your life. You wonít be missing out; youíll be investing in something so much bigger and better.

Super Busy: (Looks unsure as they check cell phone one more time) It sounds a little crazy, but at the same time, it actually makes a lot of sense.
(Drops all the stuff)I think Iíll try it youíre way.

Coach: Iím sure youíll find it makes everything else work together better.

Super Busy: (Gives the ďthumbs upĒ and takes off running)

Reporter: And will you look here. Our final racer is making their way to the check point.

Lazy: (ambles in, playing a game or reading a magazineÖpausing every few steps to sit or lay down)

Coach: (Loudly cheering) Come on Lazy, you can do it. You just need to focus.

Lazy: (looks up surprised, but makes it to the front) Oh, hey Coach. (big yawn)

Coach: Lazy whatís the deal? (Checking pulse) Youíre way behind in growth, and (surprised) your spiritual pulse is so low!!! This is not healthy.

Lazy: To be real with you Coach, I donít know if I really care. This Christian Race seems pretty boring. Iím not getting much out of it. I mean, the meetings and retreats can be pretty cool, but for the general, every day raceÖI just usually donít feel like doing it.

Coach: (really sad) Oh Lazy, there is so much more that you could be experiencing if you could just commit yourself fully to the race. Itís not all just about Godís blessings, but about amazing chance to know him and walk with him. I know that you have most of the head knowledge, but you may need a heart transplant to truly understand.

Lazy: (Shocked) A HEART TRANSPLANT! Are you serious! Itís that bad?!? I thought I was safe and doing ok just being in the race.

Coach: Safe maybe, but thatís not what the race is all about. When you joined the race the entrance fee was giving your whole self to God. He wants all of you, not for control, but so he can make you the best that you can be. He only has good things in store for you. But you have to seek after him, reading the Bible and praying so that you can stay on his path and finish strong.

Lazy: I see what you saying. I really havenít kept up my end of my original commitment. I think that I may need that heart transplant, so I can recommit myself to God and his race. I really want to finish strongÖeven if itís going to hard.

Coach: Why donít you come with me, and weíll get you prepped for surgery. Itís going to take some prayer.

(They walk off)

Reporter: Whoa!!! What a crazy day! But itís a good reminder for all of us to check to see where our hearts are at as we run our race. Stay tuned for our final race update tomorrow. Back to you ______.

[Last Day]

(Coach and Reporter on stage)
Reporter: Welcome back race fans for the second checkpoint of ďThe Christian Life Race!Ē The race is far from over, but this is our last chance to get a peek into the lives of many different Christians who have signed up their lives to run the Christian Life. Weíre here with the Spiritual Fitness and Accountability Coach who has been encouraging and working with the racers along the way. Coach how has this group of racers been doing this season?

Coach: This season has been AMAZING! Iím so proud of all my racers. They have made so much progress. Theyíve all grown in different ways. Iím excited to see how theyíre doing.

Reporter: Well here they come!(Rocky music?)

(Cool runs in confidently, slows down to strut for the audience, stumbles, looks around, smiles and continues running to front?
(Striving and Friend run inÖ Friend starts wandering to the side into the audienceÖbut Striving pulls friend back on path to front)
(Dating runs in alone, falls hard and Cool rushed to help her up and they get to the front)
(Busy and Lazy run in reading their Bibles)
(Boyfriend zig-zags his way, on the sides and though the audience, watching the others a little confused from the side.)

Coach: Welcome racers to the second check point of the race. Iím so proud of you all. Your Spiritual health looks so much better. Why donít you tell our new viewers some of what youíve been though so far in the ďChristian Life Race.Ē

Striving: Hello, Iím Striving, Iíve been running the race pretty strong. I got sidetracked for a little while when I fell back into old habits, but I got a chance to share my faith and my friend here has also decided to join the race, so weíre trying to encourage each other and hold each other accountable.

Cool: Hello to all my peeps out there! Iím Cool. I had to get past the struggle to ALWAYS be accepted by everyone. Now, as long as Iím cool with God, thatís a good enough goal for me. But God has blessed be with a love for people, so Iím trying to use the leadership skills heís given me to help in my youth group.

Dating: Hello, I WAS Dating a Önon-believer. We werenít really running the same race, and I was getting distracted from MY race. So we decided to just be friends so I can focus on Godís plan for my life. So Iím changing my name to Focused.

Busy: Hi, Iím Busy. I used to have my priorities all mixed up. I like to be involved in a lot of stuff, which isnít bad in itís self, but I needed to reorganize and set God and my race as my top focus, and the rest of the stuff is falling into place pretty nicely. (Phone rings) Hello God? Yeah Iím doing great! Thanks for the awesome day you gave usÖ (Walks to back with phone).

Lazy: Hey, I was know as Lazy. I was a Christian, but no one ever would have guessed because nothing in my life ever changed. I found out that after all these years my heart wasnít right, so I got some major surgery and recommitted my life to Christ. And since then, even though I have tough, and lazy days, Iím running a lot stronger in my race. But (looking at Coach) I could still use a lot of encouragement. So just call me Growing.

Coach: Iím so proud of you all. Keep up the good work, and Iíll meet up with you all at the Church checkpoint. Donít forget your race manuals! (Lifting Bible)

(Racers take off running, and Boyfriend inches to the front)

Boyfriend: Excuse me Coach? My name is Lost, and Iím not really sure what this race thing is all aboutÖbut Iíd really like to find out. Could you tell me?

Coach: FOR SURE! Come walk with me and weíll talk about it. (Walk off)

Reporter: Well folks, it looks like weíve had a good season, and that there may be even more racers joining soon. I hope I see you all at the finish line. If you havenít signed up for the race yet, I hope you donít put it off a moment longer.
This is ______with G.O. D. TV. Back to you!

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Member Comments
Member Date
Jacob Gibson 09 Mar 2009
Hi Ruth. Thank you for the consisderate critiques. I'm sorry that I took so long to reply but when I saw how long this was I wanted to make sure I had enough time to read it and put some thought into it. (I'm also sorry that you had to see some of my not-so-great work lol. I usually try harder than that) Mmmm, this is a good skit! It's funny, very convicting and motivating, well written, and a great analogy of the Christian race. I also like how the coach encouraged all of the racers instead of belitting them for their mistakes. My only suggestion; it could be a little shorter to make it easier to memorize lines and to keep the audience's attention. But that's just my thought. Great work! I look forward to reading more from you. God, help us all to run strong! (Side note: I wrote something similar to this--Jonah, Best of Bible Sports--about the life of Jonah viewed as a sports event from the viewpoint of two angels)
Faithful Okoye 26 Feb 2009
THis is so funny. When the reporter meet Cool and he says "Coooool. what's cra-ci-la-cin." You're expressing all the personalities so well. It's amazing. But true. Very true. Okay now let me finish it up
Faithful Okoye 26 Feb 2009
Wow. great plot, great story, great ending. You're a very good writer It had a lot of meaning. may God help me refocus my life back to Him and only Him. I don't want to be Lazy, nor Buzy, or Cool. I hope to be Growing, Focused And Striving. Help me God. Thnks for this great story. It should be made into an actual play, or even movie.


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