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Why Do People Do and Say The Things People Do And Say?
by Michael Blackston
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The Flow
Michael Blackston
Why Do People Do And Say The Things People Do And Say?

As much as we would like of think of ourselves as a collective people continuously moving forward in principle, intellect and insight, we have history and the present to prove that we would be wrong. That’s not what history teaches. Eschatologically speaking, we seem to be on the verge of something big and not so great for those who find themselves unprepared.
We have the latest technology making the world a much more convenient place to live. We have computers capable of doing things that only a few years ago would have been called magical and certainly impossible. A chart I saw recently showed the spike of technological advancement literally launching upward from its former gradual slant sometime around the late 80’s and early 90’s. Since that time, the increase in advancement has been unprecedented, mainly due to the invention of the computer chip. We’re a computer society and I have no problem with that. I’m writing this on a laptop at my kitchen table. My fingers have none of the ink smudges that once partnered with the creation of a document. I have not heard the first “ping” insisting I should push a typewriter bar back to the left and advance a piece of paper to the next line. No keys are sticking together in a cosmic mesh of thin metal because I hit too many at once. Younger readers will not understand these examples, while older ones may very well have nightmares tonight if you’ve spent much time hunching over an old Royal.
We simply have a lot more conveniences than we used to and that’s a very good thing for the most part.
Unfortunately, we’re not a perfect lifeform. Due to sin, we’re able to take good things and sift through them until we find a heap of bad we can have fun with, tossing good aside. We’ve told ourselves, and we’ve believed it, that fun can only be found in the naughty or the ease of convenience. Somehow hard work and ambition to achieve for the good of mankind has been superseded by indulgence and a carefree attitude that asks, “Who cares about tomorrow? I’m in it for what I can get today!” and “Who cares who I hurt? I’m having fun!”
We’ve become lazy and selfish, indulgent and careless.
Once again, let me point out that I have no problem with advancement and technology. I love gagets and all the new stuff we continuously learn we can do through machinery and computers. But with all blessings, even the technological kind, there exists a responsibility, not only to ourselves, but to each other. Convenience can easily breed a sense of entitlement and a sense of entitlement always ends up misdirecting your Flow.
And I think that is one of the main reasons for the way people treat each other today. Why does the cabbie or commuter honk their horn at you while you’re crossing a busy street? Most of the time you would find it is because they have somewhere to be and they feel it is more important than your place. They, assuming a higher status of destination, feel entitled to blow their horn or curse or gesture in a not-so-friendly manner.
Why, when two people walking in opposing directions collide, does one get attacked with, “Why dontcha look where you’re going?!” There was a time when both would stop, take account of the situation, make sure the other was okay, apologize for the collision, perhaps even help each other with things which may have dropped and been on their way. Gee, Michael. That’s so old and outdated. Nobody acts like that anymore. If you were thinking that, you’re right. No one acts like that anymore and perhaps that’s why you’re reading this. It should happen like that.
We feel entitled in today’s society in a way that has made us little tyrants running around, each with his or her own agenda and without a care for each other. I wish it were different and I wish that everyone would read this and make a change for the better, but biblically, I have bad news. It’s only gonna get worse until the return of Christ. That’s why it’s so very important that those of us who have the hope and truth of Jesus Christ make every effort, every day to direct the flow of our lives and our attitudes in a positive way, regardless of the situation. I know that things get tough. I know that you may be having a hard time paying that bill and the same people call you day after day and get meaner and meaner about your late payment. It’s hard to smile back through the phone and wish them a blessed day. And it’s especially hard to be sincere if you can make yourself do it. But that’s what we, as Christians, are asked to do. We can’t change the rules. We have to live by them. And if we’re to claim the Kingdom of Christ, then we have no choice but to love each other in all things and at all times or accept that we’re hypocrites. We’re asked to take up our cross DAILY, forsaking ourselves and follow Christ if we are to be his true disciples.
That’s a tough challenge to face, but we were never told it would be easy being a believer while still living on this earth. We’re surrounded by evil and evil’s influence. We can’t see most of the battle that rages about us, but it’s there and it impacts us if we let it. We’re told that we do not battle flesh and bone, but principalities. That’s the supernatural world around you that the devil operates invisibly in. One teacher stated that if we could see what goes on around us, the battle between good and evil that rages in the supernatural, we would go insane with fear. I believe that.
So what’s the short answer as to why people do and say the things they do and say?
Because there is corruption in their hearts and I’m not just talking about those who haven’t come to Christ. Corruption exists among so many of my Christian brothers and sisters. It’s called sin. We ALL do it when we turn our backs on God. That’s the definition of sin: any thought or action opposite of the will of God. I wish I could say that I’m writing this from a mountaintop devoid of any sin, but I can’t. I’m worse than many who may be reading this. The key is knowing when we’re out of God’s will, recognizing it, then turning from the dark back into the light. That’s the wonder of God’s mercy. We will draw into the dark at times, but His light is always shining and if we turn to it, through repentance, we’ll always see clearly again.
Understand that the next time you think to yourself, “Why did they just do that?” or “Why did they just say that?”, you’ve been there too. You don’t know what’s going on in their life, what news they may have just gotten, or that they simply haven’t received the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Next time that happens, be aware that this is another bend in the river, another opportunity for your personal Flow to change course and it’s up to you to decide which course it will take.
One last thought on relating to those who are lost:
My wife asks herself a Flow-Control question when she’s involved in a negative situation involving a non-believer. “How can I expect someone who doesn’t know Christ to act like a Christian?”
That’s a very good question to ask yourself. And maybe it’s your opportunity to deliver the message. When you feel like you’re the last person that individual wants, you may be just what that individual needs.

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