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A Temple of Spiritual Doom
by Patricia Backora
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It is the nature of a sheep to FOLLOW, never to question. My people hesitate to ask legitimate questions as to whether or not they’re being led astray by the preacher. Even though My Word clearly instructs Christians to prove all things (I Thes.5:21). Many preachers pipe a seductive tune to enchant My sheep to lead them over the Precipice of Destruction unawares. They themselves are Blind Leaders of the Blind who know not where they are going. Prosperity-oriented preachers are even confused about their destination. One eye is on the almighty dollar and the other eye is on heaven. These wolves in sheep’s clothing have a divided heart. Some try to serve two masters (Matt.6:24). Others KNOW inside their own darkened heart that they’re only serving ONE god, money. In order to retain their burgeoning flocks, they jabber out of both sides of their mouth. Preachers of deceit profess to follow the Lamb wherever He goes, yet are leading My flock to worship Mammon. They warn Christians that any of their relatives or friends left behind after the Rapture must NEVER have anything to do with promoting the cause of Antichrist, and must NEVER, on pain of eternal damnation, receive His mark. That much is true. There is NO forgiveness for those who swear allegiance to the Man of Sin and take his mark. It’s even unforgivable to accept that mark out of fear for your own life (2 Thes.2:3; Rev.14:9).

Most Christians, if not all, would agree that Antichrist is going to be a nasty character who’s beyond all possibility of redemption. So why the inconsistency in what I see going on big evangelical churches? A dreamy fog of deceit has taken over the minds of so many of My flock. They’re just BARELY aware that deep down inside they’re uneasy about something being pushed from the pulpit: UNCONDITIONAL support for ALL the policies of the secular State of Israel, regardless of who’s getting hurt. Well-meaning preachers stir up in their flocks misguided zeal for rebuilding a Temple destroyed through divine judgment for the crucifixion of My Son.

The word “Antichrist” means “against Christ” or INSTEAD OF Christ. Zionist “ethnic cleansing” is an Anti-Christian policy in that it rejects Christ and His ways of love. How many babies would Jesus burn with phosphorous pellets? Would JESUS bomb UN buildings, schools and hospitals, which are clearly marked as such, and visible to death-dealing pilots? Would JESUS blockade badly needed humanitarian aid from reaching sick, dying people? Would that same Christ Who fed hungry multitudes with bread and fish torpedo some starving Palestinian who wades a few feet offshore to catch a few small fish to eat? Christ said, Blessed are the merciful, for THEY (not the unmerciful) shall obtain mercy (Matt.5:7). Even under the Old Law, cruelty toward “strangers in the Land” (non-Israelites) was strictly forbidden (Lev.19:34). Instead, the Israelite was commanded to love the foreigner AS HIMSELF!!! How many alleged Israelites would like to receive the same apartheid abuse meted out to Palestinians? There is NO EXCUSE whatsoever for any Christian saying “amen” to the barbaric Antichrist (against Christ) atrocities being committed by the State of Israel against its indigenous peoples!

I hate every evil way of violence and arrogance (Prov.8:13). It is against My Spirit of Love to gloat that due to your genealogy you’re better than your neighbor and entitled to abuse him/her. Certain false extra-Biblical religious texts make it clear that this is the view held by many who claim My favor through birthright. If a doctrine or teaching leads My people away from the true Christ of the Bible, I detest it (Rev.2:6). My Son is declared by Scripture to be holy, HARMLESS, and undefiled (Heb.7:26).

Acts of hate and genocide are AGAINST the Spirit of Christ Who plainly said: “I am not come to destroy men’s lives but to save them” (Luke 9:56). Those who reject My plan of salvation will ALWAYS devise some sort of substitute redemption plan of their own making (Rom.10:3). That’s exactly what wicked Cain did. He rejected My instructions to offer up a BLOOD sacrifice on the altar, preferring instead a bloodless offering of vegetable produce. Many of My people have gotten bored by the simplicity of My unadorned Gospel of grace. Now they’re fascinated by all the ritualistic trappings of Talmudic Judaism, as well as incorporating a good smattering of angelology and other New Age influence to color their drab “services”.

As unpopular as this idea is, there is only ONE Way to salvation, and that is through Christ alone (John 14:6). NO MAN, whether Jew or Gentile, can ever approach Me except through faith in My Son, who is the only DOOR of salvation. Anyone, whether Jew or Gentile, who attempts to barge into My Presence any other way is a thief and a robber (John 10:1,9). Turn back to the weak and beggarly elements of the Old Covenant and you fall from the New Covenant of Grace in Christ (Gal.4:9; 5:4). If you, as a Christian believer, want to rebuild what Christ has destroyed, you make yourself a transgressor (Gal.2:18). In falling out of love with Christ and into love with old things that are passed away (2 Cor.5:17; Col.2:14; Heb.8:13) you risk rejection as a castaway who has turned back unto perdition (Heb.10:39). So why all the enthusiasm in the church world over rebuilding the ancient Jewish Temple? In a word: self-interest.

The convoluted reasoning of My people goes thus: In order for Jesus to hurry back to get them in the Rapture before they get old and die of some dread disease, the progression of prophecy fulfillment must be hurried along. The Antichrist must sit inside a rebuilt Jewish Temple. Simple logic dictates that there must BE a Temple for that rotten rogue to invade. So Christians donate prayers, time and money to the rebuilding of a Levitical Temple system discontinued by their New Covenant of salvation through faith in Christ alone. In rebuilding things I destroyed, they make themselves transgressors.

Do you not see, O My people, that you’re helping ANTICHRIST rise to power by setting up the props for his performance? Do you not remember who crucified Me? It was those who kept false TRADITIONS OF MEN and rejected the true Written Word of God (Mark 7:6-9). There is a ruling power in the earth cloaked in religious guise. This Antichrist spirit ALREADY works in the earth through powerful men in high places (I John 2:18). This behind-the-scenes cult would deceive ALL of My elect through religious deception if at all possible (Matt.24:24). The same spiritual power which incited ancient Pharisees to reject and revile Christ is still at work in society. It diminishes and outright denies the authority of the written Word, and blasphemes that Holy Savior by Whose Name ye are called (James 2:7; Rev.2:9). The governments of this earth are NOT under My control yet, so you cannot give blanket approval to everything any earthly power does. So why do you skate on thin ice at the peril of your own souls?

No, I am NOT pleased that so many of you are struggling to usher in the Antichrist instead of looking upward for My appearing. Should you expect a blessing from Me for aiding and abetting My very worst enemies (2 Chron.18:2)? With or without your financial aid, the Jews’ new Temple in Jerusalem WILL someday be built upon the spot formerly occupied by the El Aqsa mosque. You can certainly expect something to happen to that mosque in the future, whether or not you’re still present in the earth to witness what power-crazed men finally do. It will be an act of deliberate provocation which will be like swatting at a hive full of hornets to rile it up. Where the Middle East conflict is concerned, the explosive climax of the conflict over the Temple Mount will make today’s news events seem tame by comparison. The entire Arab world will be so infuriated by the desecration of their cherished religious shrine that warring factions of Islam will bury the hatchet and unite against their common foe: the tiny but militarily powerful Jewish state. It will take the delicate diplomacy of the cunning Man of Sin to smooth things over and bring relative quiet back to the Land.

Is it out of true love for the Jews that My Christian people fly to Israel to boost their tourist industry and spread the news that they’re standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them in all things? What if the Jews weren’t any more of a “sign people” than any other ethnic group on earth? What if the Christians weren’t being taught by rich double-dealing preachers that “blessing Israel” brings tangible blessings in THIS LIFE? What if there were NO authoritative proof that the majority of today’s “Jews” are descended from the ancient Patriarchs, any more than you or the next guy in the pew? Would the secular State of Israel still be highly exalted by fawning believers? My Word teaches believers to love others without partiality (Rom.12:9; James chapter 2). Prejudice works both ways. Nowhere are Christians told to turn a blind eye to the sins of any specific ethnic group, just because of what they call themselves. A sinner is a sinner is a sinner and ALL unrepentant sinners end up in a Christless eternity.

How easy, to lose sight of the spiritual and favor the carnal way of looking at things. The New Covenant is one of grace, not race. So many of My people forget that foundational truth of their covenant in their eagerness to “love Israel” to the exclusion of all other ethnic groups who live beside her. Few Christians realize that My goal is not just to save “respectable” nationalities but people from EVERY tribe, tongue and nation (Rev.5:9). I am called the God of Israel. But someday I shall also be called the God of Egypt and Assyria (modern-day Iraq). Far from abhorring and rejecting these other nations, as I shall call these peoples MY own even as I do Israel (Isa.19:23-25). During Christ’s Millennial Reign, they shall worship Me TOGETHER and they shall ALL be a blessing in the earth. What a gloriously wonderful day, when all this terrible ethnic hatred and prejudice will be a thing of the past!

It’s all too easy for My people to get in the flesh and view the Jews and the Arabs only as chess pieces on the board of some prophecy timeline. Why do TV preachers rejoice whenever tensions rise over in the “Holy Land”? They figure that they can AFFORD to “get happy” over tragedies which blow up digital TV images thousands of miles away from their cozy living room. THEY teach My people that since the Jews’ problems point to their own evacuation from earth, it’s time to PRAISE THE LORD for each newsworthy sign that I am about to take Christians up to Paradise to escape what their “beloved Jewish brethren” will have to endure. What kind of “love” is that? My own Word teaches that He who is glad at calamities (misfortunes) shall not go unpunished (Prov.17:5). And WOE unto you who desire the Day of the Lord, for it is a day of gross darkness and not of light (Amos 5:18).

A multitude of preachers have made big business of the Rapture, and have gotten quite rich off it. Really and truly, they would be SAD to leave their treasures behind if I were to give the call to My Church: “Come up here!” I am sickened that My alleged House has once again become a House of Merchandise and a den of thieves instead of a House of Prayer. There’s tons of money to be made in books, CD’s DVD’s, “study series”, and other prophecy paraphernalia designed to tickle ears eager to hear some new thing (Acts 17:21; 2 Tim.4:3-4).

Some “prophets-for-profit” have already fallen by the wayside and gone out of fashion. They stretched their rubbery Rapture rhetoric so much it snapped back in their reddened faces. According to them, the Rapture was “supposed” to happen way back in the seventies, eighties, or nineties, or by 2000 “at the very latest” and you all are still here! A lot of people have FINALLY woken up to their flimsy excuses for why their prophecy charts and formulas failed to produce the Rapture within a reasonable span of time. But the vast majority of evangelical believers still would dearly love to see that Temple rebuilt, regardless of the human blood which will lay the foundation for that particular project.

Search the scriptures. In order to find any command to build a physical Temple, you have to go back to the Old Testament under the Law. Stephen rejected the idea that I dwell in brick and mortar temples (Acts 7:48-49). NOWHERE does Jesus, Paul or Peter EVER teach Christian believers to finance any “church” building or the rebuilding of any religious Temple. Instead, Paul clearly teaches: YE are the Temple of the Living God (2 Cor.6:16). Your BODY is the Temple of the Holy Ghost (1 Cor.6:19). Any attempt to prepare the way for Antichrist to take residence in a rebuilt Temple is an act of treason against your own Government in heaven. Shall you do evil, that alleged good may come of it (Rom.3:8)? Giving to any Temple fund is a denial that YOU yourselves are My true Temple!

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