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Storehouse Of Unclaimed Promises!
by Shirley Williams
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“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in our time of need” (Hebrews 4:16).

In my time of prayer and praise, to my surprise, I found myself in a familiar room. I’ve often called it the ‘glory room.’ It was the throne room. It was filled with the brightness of the glory of Jesus, and it was awesome. I did not see all of the surroundings. Some things were hidden to me.

As I stood in this place that was so open and glorious, more than anything else, I was acutely aware of the holiness of the Lord. I had been in my bedroom praying in intercession when the next thing I knew, I was here. I started to continue praying but found that I couldn’t. My knees became so weak I could hardly stand in the holy presense of Jesus. “Lord, I can’t just stand here...” My legs gave way and I fell to my knees. “I have to bow before you,”I said.

From out of the deepest depths of my being, I heard come forth the most glorious praise. I heard it coming out of my mouth and was sorely amazed. I had never experienced such abandon in worship of the Lord to this degree before. It seemed to roll up and out of me like a fountain. “Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water” (John 7:38).

I don’t know how long this went on but then I heard the Lord Jesus say to me, “Arise.” His voice was strong and comforting as it seemed to wash over me. It was a familiar voice I had heard many times before. I lifted my head and slowly stood to my feet. Just as Heb.4:16 says, I had come boldy (with confidence) to the throne of God in prayer for other people. I recalled praying in my bedroom, “I’ve come, Father, in behalf of other people. Not for myself.” And that was about as far as I got before I found myself in the throne room. Feeling somewhat strengthened now, I began to pray in intercession as I did before.

As I prayed before the throne of God, suddenly this paper appeared in my hands and I found myself reading/praying from it. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do. The paper in my hands was oblong and not like regular sheet paper. It was like fine linen parchment paper. What amazed me was the fact that it seemed to be alive. It was as if the paper breathed. This is understandable since there is no death in heaven.

As I read down this paper, being careful to pray in line with God’s Word, I said, “Father, in the name of Jesus, I put you in remembrance of your Word. And Lord, if I may so boldly stand before you as to put you in remembrance of your Word, You also said, come let us reason together.”

With such boldness, I began to proclaim and ask for the needs of the people I was praying for to be met because He had promised in His Word to meet our needs. It was His Word, and He watched over it to perform it. When I got to the end of the my prayer requests, an angel to the left of me stepped over and took the paper out of my hands. The angel was glorious. The angel’s have been in the presense of the glory Himself since the beginning. They have absorbed the glory. Isn’t this what happened to Moses after he had been up on Mt. Siani with God for forty days and nights? His face was so bright with the glory of God that he had to put a veil over his face because the people couldn’t take looking at it.

I watched as the paper was taken to this bowl that almost looked white but was really almost transparent. It wasn’t just an ordinary bowl but a bowl that was made out of such pure gold. The human mind on earth can’t imagine the colors in heaven. They’re so vivid and so pure. There is nothing here on our color wheel to compare to the color‘s of the heavenly realm. Instinctively, I knew what this bowl was the angel was going to. Yes, the “prayer’s of the saints” are in vessel’s known in the Bible as the “Golden Bowls” and my prayer paper was put in this ‘bowl.’

After Jesus went to the cross and emptied out His life’s blood to make atonement once for the sins of mankind. He was in the grave for three days and nights. On the third day, He arose from the grave alive by the glory of God. After He was resurrected, He carried His own blood into heaven and placed it on the mercy seat, to ever speak on our behalf. The bible says, the life is in the blood. The blood of Jesus is a LIVING thing. Its not dead and just sitting there in a congealed state in heaven. It is living and it speaks on our behalf in heaven before God, the Father. Jesus ever lives to make intercesion for us, as He sits on the right hand of the Father (Heb.7:25).

The magnitude of the power of the blood and it’s innocense was overwhelming. KNOWING that this pure and holy blood had been poured out for me, and for all people nearly took my breath away. In it’s presence, there is a deeper revelation of why Jesus shed His blood for you personally. And at the same time, there is a deep joy because you know that innocent blood of Jesus when it was applied, saved you and made you the righteousness of God. You are aware more than ever that this holy, anointed blood is still being applied to your life daily to cleanse and purify you, as well as protect you.

The precious blood of Jesus is most holy and is very honored in heaven. Many times here on earth, the blood of Jesus is taken for granted and treated as something common. As Christian’s, we have the tendency to throw around the blood of Jesus somewhat carelessly and without proper reverence. Even Satan and his demon’s seem to have more respect for the blood of Jesus than we do. They fear it. Shouldn’t we, who have been bought back from the devil’s bondage by the blood, reverence it that much more? Yes, we should.

We must understand and get a clear revelation that the blood of Jesus defeated Satan on the cross, and His blood, when appropriated, still destroys his evil assignments of destruction (Isaiah 54:17--Rev.11:12)). The blood of Jesus means that we have been delivered out of the clutches of Satan and by the Lord Jesus’ victory, we also have victory over Satan‘s every evil work. Praise the Lord! Here on earth, in the body of Christ, the blood is not honored nearly enough, while in heaven, it can create a holy hush.

This is what was happening now as I watched the prayer paper I had held in my hands be submerged into that honored blood. Then, the same angel lifted my paper out of the bowl and he held it up for me to see. I saw that the blood of Jesus covered all the prayers on the paper. At this, shouts of joy and praise began ringing out around me and I felt my heart lift up to join them in praise. The angel’s know that the blood of Jesus means victory for the children of God in all things, salvation, healing---all that pertains to their life. They actually know this better than we do.

I became intensely aware of the Lord’s presence as He stepped closer to me now. “I wanted you to see that the prayers you have prayed were in accordance with My Word, and they have already been covered by My blood.” He said, “The things you requested in behalf of others on your prayer list has already been guaranteed by My blood. Therefore, the answer to everyone of your requests is, yes” (His promises are yes and amen. He had already granted the answer and made provision).

At the moment, I wasn’t able to speak. I could only listen. But I did understand that the reason for the prayer list and the bowl was because the Lord wanted me to see the reality of the blood guarantee. He wanted me to see that when I had been saying on earth, “By faith, I count it done,” it truly was already done. I was just agreeing with heavens and the covenant of God with man through His Word and through Jesus as the Living Word. The provisions of the covenant with better promises, Jesus was showing me, is already done and in place for God‘s children. Therefore, all we have to do is just receive it by faith.

Every promised provision God made in His Word to us has already been covered and guaranteed by the blood of Jesus. I felt this revelation by pass my mind and sink down deep into my spirit, leaving me with the sensation that I had just eaten a large meal and I was full. I began thanking and praising the Lord for this revelation. He responded, “All you have to do is thank Me and believe Me. Believe that My blood has guaranted the things you have need of.” “I will,” I answered.

I want to say again that the blood of Jesus is the guaranteeing factor of the New Covenant with better promises (Heb.8:6), and we can believe and receive them ALL by faith in God’s Word. The Lord said then, “These promised provisions are in place and waiting to be received by My children. If they would only take Me at My Word and receive them by their faith.”

The Lord spoke in that strong, yet comforting voice that you never wanted to stop listening to. I was reminded of what Peter said once when many of the disciples were going off on their own and when Jesus asked if he was going too, Peter said, “Where shall I go Lord? You have the words of life.”This is how I felt as the Lord’s Words penetrated my being, that they were infusing me with His very life force. I wanted Jesus to just keep on talking so I could hear His voice. It was no wonder to me that the multitudes followed Him on earth and how they sat and listened to him talk for days at a time.

The Lord continued to speak. “My blood has provided and made available better promises of a New Covenant. Just simply thank Me for them and receive them by faith. And when you say on earth, ‘I count it done,’ go from that point and act like its so.” I felt faith rising in me as the Lord’s Word’s seemed to energize me and lift me to that higher level where I believed that nothig was impossible to me. I felt spiritually strong standing by Jesus. In fact, I felt like I could leap over tall buildings and conquer the world single-handedly.

The more the Lord spoke, the stronger I felt. (Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, He is the living Word, Rom.10:17).
He said, “My promised provisions are a done-deal in the spirit realm. But you will have to grab hold of those things by your faith in the Word of God. You will also have to rely on the power of the Spirit, KNOWING that My blood has guaranteed you the possession. Then, call those things forth from out of the spirit realm and on in to this natural realm (Romans 4:17). You must not doubt in your heart but BELIEVE that it is already done”Jesus said.

Though I wasn’t saying anything outloud at the time, on the inside of me, my faith continued to rise and I was saying, ‘well, its mine! Thank God, its already done. Its mine in Jesus name, and I claim it by faith. Yes, its mine, its mine. Every promise of the Father belongs to me. He said so in His Word, and I lay claim to it because the provision is guaranteed to me in the blood of Jesus. He bought and paid for it with His blood, and its mine.” The Lord, knowing my thoughts, smiled and nodded at me. “Now, you’re getting it,” He said. I cannot tell you in words how this made me feel, to actually see the Lord’s pleasure with me. My heart just seemed to swell up inside of me with love and adoration for the Lord. I was estactic with “joy unspeakable and full of glory.”

It wasn’t until later that I fully understood what was going on here. On some level, I knew that God’s promises were mine, but I didn’t make a practice out of saying everyday that they were MINE. They were mine because Jesus said so, but I had not OWNED many of them. I had not taken possession of them. It was for sure, my mind was being renewed by the Lord’s Words to begin saying with new found confidence and conviction, ‘the promised provisions of the New Covenant are MINE!

I was still basking in this new revelation when the Lord began speaking again, “A lot of my people when they come to Me, they start out praying in accordance with My Word. But often, before they’re finished, they have moved off of faith and they’ve gotten over into unbelief saying, ‘well, this probably won’t work anyway.’” Not only was I confronted with my own unbelief but I felt the sting of the Lord’s sadness at this. For the first time, I truly understood more of how badly He wanted all people to have what He has so unselfishly provided for them when He shed His blood on the cross.

I wanted to reach out and comfort the Lord but I remained where I was and waited. He continued, “When they get off their faith and get over there into unbelief, there is not much I can do about it. I have no other recourse but to toss it (the prayer list) aside like you’d wad up a messy piece of paper and throw it in the trash can.” This kind of surprised me and I thought I must have misunderstood what He had just said. But I knew I had heard Him clearly. Then I remembered in the Bible that His answer to us is “Yes and Amen.”

I also knew from Heb.11:6, that it took faith to please God. I knew our faith moved God on our behalf just as I knew our unbelief shut things down. I also knew from Mark chapter 6 that He couldn’t do any mighty works among the people in His home town because of their unbelief. Because of it, He had to move on to another town. All these things, in a split second were running through my mind, helping me to understand what Jesus was saying.

John 9:31 says, “But if any man be a worshiper of God, and does His will, him he hears.” God’s will is for His children to live by faith. He said, the “Just shall live by faith” (Gal.3:11). God hears when we pray His Word back to Him in faith. It pleases Him. And when we do, it means that He’s able then to activate the provision that you’ve asked for. The angel’s are sent forth as ministering spirits (Heb.1:14) to bring it in to you in the natural realm. Remember Daniel? God dispatched angel’s to carry an answer to Daniel the very moment He heard Daniel’s prayer. Daniel had prayed in faith, believing to receive an answer back from God.

If Daniel had prayed in unbelief, even though God heard him, God wouldn’t have been able to do anything with the request. It would have come out of an evil heart of unbelief (Heb.3:12). Plus, the angel’s assigned to you would be standing around with nothing to do. They hearken unto the voice of God’s Word when we speak it forth (Psalm 103:20). The only thing our prayers of unbelief activates is Satan and his evil demon’s to bring to pass what we’ve prayed negatively against the Word.

I could see this more clearly than I ever had before. If you could actually see into the spirit realm when you pray, you would see yourself with a prayer list in your hand. When we go into our prayer closet to pray, we are actually standing before God with prayer list in hand, reading it off to Him. If we get off of our faith on God’s Word and get over into unbelief, then our prayer list becomes inneffective. Unbelief voids it out. Yes, God is soveriegn and sometimes, He will go ahead and bless us but is the exception to the rule. Faith is what pleases God, not our unbelief.

When we don’t get results from our prayers, we blame God and end up saying, “Well, I knew it didn’t work anyway. It never does for me. It must not be God’s will.” Oh, but it did work for you. It just worked in the reverse. You said it didn’t work and it didn’t because you nullified your own prayers through unbelief. And not only that but you dishonored the blood of Jesus which guaranteed that you’d receive the answer if you would stand fast on God’s Word. When you end up praying in unbelief, your promised provisions remain where they are and out of your reach.

The Lord continued to teach me. He said, “I’ve got a whole Storehouse full of unclaimed promises! What do I need them for?” This kind of tickled me and I said, “Yes, Lord, I know this is true.” What does God need these provisions for when you think about the riches, the glory He has and the splendors of heaven? He’s provided these provisions for His children. Not for Himself. And as for finances, the money we need is here in this world. God said in Luke 6:38, that “MEN shall give unto your bosom.” (that is when we sow seed toward a financial harvest). And like Kenneth Hagin used to always say, God’s not going to rain it down on your head like ripe cherries off a tree.” We’re going to have to actively use our faith in God’s Word to get it.

We’re going to have to pray and repent of unbelief, impatience, unforgiveness, our own time-table and anything else the Holy Spirit shows us that is blocking us from being able to receive from God. We’re going to have to set our minds to believe God and trust Him completely. We’re going to have to stand on the Word in faith and lay claim to what legally belongs to us. Yes, we’re going to have to name it and claim it because its our covenant right through the blood of Jesus to do so. Through His finished work on Calvary, we can lay claim to everything God has promised to us in the New Covenant. We can count it done when we pray, and give God praise and thankgiving for it. Then, like Jesus said, “Go on and act like its so.” Because it is.

Jesus spoke again and said, “Do you remember when I said, My people don’t believe Me?” I answered, “Yes, Lord, I do.” He said, “You must convince them to believe.” Immediately, I felt the weight of His Words greatly and the responsibility they carried. “But Lord, how can I convince them to believe?” Suddenly things had taken a turn. He replied, “If YOU believe, then you will be able to convince THEM to believe.” I felt the vibrations of His presence in a different way now as the truth of His Words settled over me. Directly, I felt strong again but knew it wasn‘t my strength but His. It caused me to be at peace knowing I could do ANYTHING as long as the Lord was by my side (Phil.4:13).

Once the Lord knew that I had come to this conclusion, He asked me. “Do you believe?” Without hesitation I answered Him with great peace and an exhileration in my spirit. “Yes, Lord. I do.” I knew that He wasn’t asking this question because He needed the information. He already knew everything and He knew what was in my heart. He had asked the question for my benefit. It was to bring me face to face with a fresh decision, a new committment really to deliver His message to a people in need of faith. But at the same time, He was dealing with MY faith first.

As the Lord began talking about His Storehouse of unclaimed promises again, He said, “This is where my children have got to become rooted and grounded in Me and in My Word. They must KNOW My Word. And by faith, they must take their stand on My Word.” He said, “Anybody in the natural will be willing to fight for what they believe is their’s. If they believe it strong enough, they’ll be willing to fight for it.”

While I was thinking that this was true, the Lord said, “You know how it is when you’re in the grocery store? You’re willing to fight to hold that position you believe is your’s in the check-out line.” This made me smile as I saw the truth in the Lord‘s words. I also saw myself in it, plain as day and I had to laugh while admitting that I had been there, done that. Of course, He already knew I had. “I know this to be a truth, Lord. And what a simple truth it is.” He responded back, “All My truth is simple. Don’t you think its time to unravel the complications man has added to My Word, and its brought back to its simplicity?”

I suddenly sensed the Lord’s anger in this statement but instead of it frightening me, it made me want to tell everybody to stop complicating God’s Word and get back to its simple message of love, grace and truth. It made me want to take up the Lord’s cause even more and proclaim the gospel, unraveling it and making it simple. So simple that a child could understand. I said, “Yes, Lord, it is time. Its past time.” I knew that, along with many others, this was what He was telling me to do as well.

I saw the simple truth about the grocery store and what the Lord was saying to me. Not only did it apply to me but to both men and women everywhere; because men now days do about as much grocery shopping as women do. And you know how it is---here you are in the check-out line. You’re wanting to get out of there as quick as you can. Maybe you’ve been waiting a little while and if somebody else comes along and just acts like they want your spot, you’re ready to hold your position because you believe it belongs to you.

Thats YOUR position. You’ve put a CLAIM on it and you’re now willing to FIGHT for it. That is, you’re immovable and you close any gaps between you and the check-out clerk. I mean, you’re right now ready to tell that person trying to bump you out of position, “Oh no, you don’t! This is MY position. You can go and get in the back of the line. I’m not moving!”

The Lord added, “This is the way you have to deal with Satan in the spirit realm when he tries to root you out of position to receive from God. This is what you have to do when he comes to steal My Word from you. If he’s able to steal My Word from you, then he can steal your provisions. When this happens, those provisions will remain in My storehouse unclaimed.”

Satan steals from us by getting us to move over into the area of unbelief. If we allow him to succeed at this, then we’ve also allowed him to move us out of position to receive God’s promised provisions. Kind of like a football player running down the field out of line to catch the ball coming toward him to make a touch down. The ball passes right by him because he was out of position to receive it. This happens when we haven’t gotten ourselves in the Word and allowed the Word to build faith in us (Romans 10:17). Therefore we’re not grounded in God’s Word, and our inner-man is weak, whereby, we get over into unbelief more often.

Our inner-man needs to be strengthened by the Word. We need to take the time to read the Word, pray the Word, meditate on the Word, believe the Word, and speak the Word out of our mouths. We need to spend time with the Lord Jesus, allowing the Holy Spirit to bring revelation of the Word to our spirits so that it becomes a living Rhema Word. Its vital that we come to know the revelatory Word of God’s truth because when this happens, Satan couldn’t steal it away from you if he tried all day long.

When you’ve diligently prepared yourself through the Word, through prayer and repentance, there’s no way Satan can take away that position you hold by faith. That position of standing on the Rock of revelation knowledge of the Word. When you stand in this position, strong in faith with the full armor of God on, then you can say, “Oh no, devil! Oh, no, no, no! I refuse, in the name of Jesus, to stand anywhere else but right here on the Rock of this revelation knowledge of the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ. And there’s no way that I’m going to move off of this truth! (whatever truth it may be for you). You’re a liar, and I submit myself unto God, and I resist you in Jesus name. So, be gone from me (James 4:7).”

We have to let the devil know real quick that we’re not going to get off the stand we’ve taken on the Word (Eph.6:13-14).You’re standing Rock-solid on God’s revelation of the truth and there’s no way he can prize it out of you. When you get to this point of believing whats promised to you in the Word, it then becomes a KNOWING in your spirit. You know that you know that you know. And you’ll be saying, “Its MINE!” The more you say it outloud, “Healing is MINE! Prosperity is MINE! Love, joy and peace is MINE!” and so on, the stronger your faith will become. Why? Because your spirit is HEARING what you’re declaring and Romans 10:17 says, “Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.” Your self-talk needs to positively be in line with what God says.

As you continue to be faithful in this, one day something will just seem to ‘click’ in your spirit and you’ll know that that you know, break-through has come. Manifestation has come and now its just a matter of the angel’s getting it directly to you. Determination becomes even stronger to make sure that by faith, that manifested provision remains in your hands. You determine not to allow the devil to steal it from you. You have to let the devil know that you’re putting him in his place by reminding him, ‘theres no way you can take this revelation truth of God’s Word out of my heart.

“I refuse to allow you to influence me to believe anything else except God’s truth. As the truth is in Jesus (Eph.4:21) and Jesus abides in me and the Word has risen up on the inside of me and it has spoken the truth to me. So no, in the name of Jesus, I refuse to budge. If anybody has to move Satan, its YOU!”

Once you’ve done this, stand (strong in faith and humility) like Eph. 6:13-14 says. “After having done all to stand, therefore stand.” We hold our ground. We hold our position, not in our might and power but by the Spirit of God. We must not neglect to be dependent upon God’s grace to enable us to stand. By grace we stand, and by pride we. Why? Because James 4:6 says, that “God gives grace to the humble but He resists the proud.” We must guard our hearts by the Word at all times.

So, why do we need to maintain our stand? Because we see by faith and we believe in the position we have IN Christ (the anointed One, and His anointing). Because we BELIEVE the blood of Jesus guarantees His promises to us. We believe that God’s promises are signed and sealed by the blood of Jesus. Therefore, we must speak and declare the Word. We MUST declare the Word! Romans 10:10 says, “For with the heart man believes unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.’ Or, ‘unto’ whatever you have need of from God. Pray God’s Word back to Him in faith. This pleases God, the Father.

For example, if its physical healing you need---whatever your need might be, God has the ready provision for it. So just reach out in faith and lay claim to it by the Word in Jesus name, giving Him praise and glory for the answer. Even before you can see it manifested in this natural realm. You must be determined not to be moved by what you see (circumstances), or what you feel, but only be moved by what you believe. “Though nothing has changed in the natural yet, I refuse to get off my faith stand. I refuse to believe anything else thats contrary to the Word of God. I have blood covenant rights as a child of almighty God, and because My Father has made provision for my every need, I believe that I receive it (whatever your need is) now by faith, in Jesus name. “

(sample prayer of faith for healing)

“Father, I thank you that you’ve provided healing for me through the sacrifice of your Son, Jesus, Who shed His blood for me. And not only healing but you have provided divine health for me. I thank you that the blood covenant was made with better promises, and as Jesus is, so am I in this world. And He’s not sick and neither am I. I praise you and I thank you for your Word that is anointed and has the power to heal.

I thank you for revelation knowledge of your Word, and I thank you for wisdom to know what to do with the knowledge you reveal about my covenant rights. I thank you that my inheritance includes the provision of healing. Your Word declares that I can walk in divine health because its mine. You’ve provided it for me. That promised provision is mine and it no longer needs to be in your Storehouse. You don’t need it Father, but I do, in Jesus name.

And so, I appropriate and take possession of divine health (3 John 2). I remove it by faith from out of your Storehouse and claim it as MINE in Jesus name. And from this day forward I purpose in my heart to stand on this revelation knowlege because that provision belongs to me. I hold that position by the power of your Holy Spirit, and I REFUSE to budge off of it because that promise and provision belongs to me. Its MINE! Its MINE! Its MINE!, and I refuse anything less than to be able to walk in divine health for the remainder of my days here on this earth. I thank you for the provision of healing and divine health. I believe that I receive all I’ve asked for and am expecting now by faith, in Jesus most holy name, amen.”

Plain As Day Ministries
Shirley Williams

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