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Laws of connection into greater hight
by Bolaji Olusola Timothy
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Extract from Birth and Height
Among instrument of miracles, God uses men in one way or the other. It is therefore necessary to watch carefully how our relationship with brethren and others are handled. it highly expedient that we do it as God has instructed, we cannot afford to mess things up when.
How was Jephthah recommended? He was sent out, yet he could be connected. He was known for a particular job; he could fight. In the book of Genesis 40: 1-3, Joseph and the king’s servant met just in the prison. Joseph was appointed to look after them. “…the captain of the guard charged Joseph with them and he served them! And they continued a season in ward “verse 4 they only spent a season or a year in that regimented apartment.
During this period of time, they dreamed and he interpreted their dreams. One died and the other person was restored. After two years, a situation, which brought Joseph into limelight, emerged. The man they had just a year of fellowship connected him with the palace.

You never can tell who is assigned to connect you to your height. That is why Apostle Paul said “learn to entertain strangers!” Someone must first be at the top before you can be drawn up; if it is the assignment of such person to connect you. Pharaoh’s servant was schemed to connect Joseph, but that season of their relationship gave the man confidence to recommend him. No matter how short the meetings and relationship with people, keep it healthy and love without compromising the truth.

Esther and Mordecai relationship is another prove of connection to a great height. Mordecai may not have been the only uncle Esther had. He was not in any way rich, but he took care of her. He encouraged her until she became the queen. What everyone need in life is not material or money, it is love. Mordecai got to the highest position after the King through Esther.
Many guardians may have destroyed the relationship that may have consolidated their exploit in life.
Who would have heard about Ruth, if she had broken the tie with Naomi or who would have heard about Boaz, if he had done similarly like the right kinsman? Who would have heard about Rehab if she had only sought to entice the two spies and handed them over to their enemy? She kept them and had a permanent link with Christ.

Your journey to the apex is facilitated or destroyed by your relationship. Jonathan protected David many times. Abigail averted the evil that may have come upon Nabal and her household. The girl , a servant in Naaman ’s house connected him to the prophet who was the solution to his problem. They must have been very nice to her. She must have been well treated with dignity, if not, she would have been afraid to confront Naaman’s wife.

There are many connections to your exploit, do not destroy men. They may be at the moment, your servant, relative, children, brothers, friends, school mate or a total stranger. Mind how you treat people, many have secured great testimonies in this wise while many have great regrets. Do not destroy your connector.
For you to be connected in life, it would not be sudden. Searching the life of people likes Jephthah , Joseph, David and Daniel you must have the following:
1. An Identity
2. Good relationship in the past and present.
3. Contact address (Prison and land of Tob )
4. Knowledge and skill (Develop skill and still practising)

your identity is the picture with which you are recognized . There is a course you are pursuing, a carrier or profession. There is a gift or talent prominently used in your life. There must be an identification tag on you. You may not be employed by anyone or company, but you are not idle either; you are diligent at some reasonable endeavour. This means you need to be distinct in some areas, unique as a person, gracious, have flair and do something relatively with ease before you can be recommended. For you to be identified, you must possess distinction, uniqueness and grace in a specific endeavour. God is known by these attributes. Likewise, you must have qualities that characterize you. Your grace is interpreted in the skill with which you discharge your duties. Joseph was a dreamer and interpreted dreams and gave solution. Daniel had skills (Daniel 2:18), have excellent spirit with which he could dissolve hard sentences
Contact address

It is important that you learn how to handle yourself and others. No one can favourably be connected with you, if you cannot be located. A man without a residential location, postal address or other form of contact models must not be among the living. There cannot be a connection without contact address. The place may be in the manger, desert, valley, wilderness or place, mountain and whatever the definition, do not be ashamed, Joseph was in the prison, yet he was sought for. Jephthah was sent for in the land of Tob ; although, he was living in the jungle, he was discovered . John was in the wilderness. A person’s gift pivoted with skill will create an avenue for him or her to be located. Do not be ashamed of where you presently live.
Knowledge and skill

When you are recommended and invited, there will be need for you to work for the confirmation of your real worth. Without knowledge and skill, this wonderful opportunity of connection will be blown off, it may be one of such in a lifetime. In Genesis 40:1-4 Joseph dreamed and had been in prison for a long time. There was an opportunity based on his previous grace of interpreting dreams of these servants. After many had failed, he was recommended for that same Job. If he had not developed skill in understanding dreams and interpreting with ease while walking and serving God, he must have failed in confirmation. Knowledge and skill will boost your identification. The knowledge and skill developed by Jephthah made him qualify and he was contacted to meet that need.
Ponder on these few laws of connections
  • You cannot exist alone! No one can get to the top with a solo effort .You will always need one person or the other at every stage of your life to conduct or escort you to your height. You must be responsible for other peoples’ lives also.

  • If you cannot be contacted, then you cannot be connected to your height when necessary. Joseph did have contact address, even though it was in the prison. Do not mind where you live now, mind where you are going to and seal every link with your abilities upon the pivot of credibility, integrity and humility.

  • If you are contacted and you lack identity, Good and godly relationship skill, knowledge and skill in using your talents, gifts or abilities and absolute dependence on the Lord of the future, you will not have grace to get you confirmed in the platform and palace of exploit. God’s will, your deeds, words, and wisdom are necessary for your permanent confirmation in your height.

  • Great men will recommend men and women they can easily trust than backup men who have disappointing abilities. Trust is a reward and it is earned over time. Trust grows and gets you people’s commitment. It is easier to win the help and favour of men and women that you have won their trust. They find it convenient to throw their resources and self at your domain for use.

  • Someone must first be at the top before you can be drawn up, so do not envy others’ successes or disrupt their progress. They may have an assignment toward your height. Else, you will be operating from Cain’s theology: destroying, disturbing and hindering progresses. By this, you have automatically disturbed your progress

  • The more people you destroy, the more of your hope you kill. The more people’s future you estranged, the more of your opportunities you destroy. If your attitude is on the contrary to this, you are building a credible and strong future for yourself.

  • Men that are capable of lifting you up often appear casual. Men who are capable of greatness are at their initial stage in life mean and you may easily underrate. Therefore, be careful, no matter what, do not underrate any man. Potentially great men come into your life casually. If you have to labour on this one to become that great personality they are capable of , please do, you may be investing in your own future.

  • Those who run away from responsibility often miss the opportunities and connection that is attached to such obligation . Every legitimate responsibility has reward, learn how to have positive attitude towards responsibilities.

  • Self-pity will not advance you beyond your stagnancy. The gift of pity received from a man is relatively limited to your need of God’s favour to make a noticeable difference in your life. Pity is limited but favour can sail you across the rivers of limitation. You are not a product of pity; you are made for dignity.

  • Uncommon insight of help will win you great favour that is in scarcity. The help you give do not die, they may be necessary in the day of recommendation, just like Joseph and Mordecai.

  • Selfishness is a forerunner of fall. Envy is a companion of limitation. If all you know best is to outrun others, always seeking to be number one, you have sent an invitation card to frustration; you had signed the grave treaty. No one amounts to anything with selfishness, greed and pride. The reward of selfishness is limitations, greed will lack the peace of satisfaction and the best reward of pride is humiliation. You cannot be well connected without deeds of love, acts of commitment and attitude of sacrifice.

  • Make someone’s future count where yours do not. Let someone go where you cannot, even though you wish, but for some obvious constrains. Give someone precious necessities you were never privileged to have to aid their proceeds; these gives a sharp and blessed image of you. Joseph interpreted dreams while his was yet unfulfilled. He launched the man with encouragement and the man launched him by recommendation, likewise, Esther and Mordecai.

  • The relationship that is pivoted by rewards and gains will always end in disappointment. Best of all relationship just always commence casually and grows in a mutual sacrifice.

  • Your relationship with someone will bring you closer to someone you do not know but may need to know, you are an indirect link to someone else in your relationship.

  • Relationship not based on truth is more dangerous than the most readily contagious disease, it is more of connection to calamity and regrets than to your height.

  • These dangerous five: Deception, Anger, Envy , Pride and Ignorance will kill the potency and potential of any relationship . You will increase your value and that of your relationship or association if you are a lover of truth, have high degree of tolerance , and sacrifice for the success of others, humble and wise with words and deeds; These make up your integrity kit.

  • To relate well in life, you do not need much education, money, position and fame; you are well capable with the word of God, God who gave us His son, and the only lowly friend who can identify with all about us. God and His words are reliable referees in any relationship.

  • The strength of your protection, provision and promotions is determined by the quality of your relationship and quality of people you make your counsellors and associates.

  • The miracle you are going to receive in future is connected to your good deeds in the past or that of the present and your consistent living with the Lord at all times.

  • Laziness is cursed in this world where favour is attached to labour . A Palace cannot accommodate the drudgery of incompetence. There is always a special place in the palace reserved for the diligent soul. No matter the hastiness of the lazy man, there are special spaces in the palace still reserved for diligence!

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