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by Bolaji Olusola Timothy
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Extract from the Principles of faith

Now there is in Jerusalem by the sheep gate a pool, which is called in Hebrew, Bethesda, Having five porches. In these lay a great multitude of sick people, blind lame, paralyzed, waiting for the moving of the water.
For an angel went down at a certain time into the pool and stirred up the water then whoever stepped in first, after the stirring of the water, was made well of whatever disease he had.

In that beautiful morning that had an attachment with the major festivity was a city with a pathetic site. There, miserable folks were faithful citizen of this pathetic location in the city. This place was called Bethesda which some interpreted “House of mercy”.

In Bethesda, by the pool, there were multitudes of impotent people, the blind, halting and withered waiting for the moving of water. Actually this was schedule once in a season and only the very first person who gets into this pool gets healed. What then happened to the ever increasing multitude of impotent folks, powerless, helpless, and blind in perpetual frozen state of frustration waiting for a seasonal stirring of the pool that can only get one person healed in a season? The impotent folks were in serious anticipation and so cannot entertain any distraction at that moment because the angel may come at any moment to stir up the water. It is once in a season, even though, some of these people are still laminated by great limitation. It is a competition, the first among the miserable Multitudes that manage to get into the pool first receive the miracle. It is certain that the protocol of men, angels and nature have limitations.

In some anticipation, God may have to overstep the boundary of man, angels’ and nature’s protocol in bids to accomplish some certain feat for some people and I pray that, the reader of this work may be the recipient of the Lord’s of mercy in the house of mercy in this special offer of favour!

Nature, men and angels do have protocols: these are the principles and practices by which they operate and discharge their assignments and duties. They have automatic set gauge of attitudes’ response to situation, they do have specific obligation, observation and very much at home with some tested and approved procedures and processes. They have set of cultures by which they abide and they have difficulties with changes. These agents do have set of laws that they must abide by. Men, angels and nature are very committed to those protocols. These protocols are limitations to some certain miraculous moves of God and where need be; God will have to overstep these boundaries, he is the creator and probably placed some of them as laws to govern perfect existence of all things. The only boundaries of God’s actions and working are His words.

Man’s Protocol.

The protocol of man are well established in their age– duration of existence on earth with various stages, Understanding about situation and endeavour, Experience, Physical abilities, Mental capacities, Spiritual attitude and platform, Culture/tradition and custom, Influence and instituted laws. All these sometimes may be useful in God’s hand; but sometimes they hinder the thought of faith in the mind of people about what God intends to do because we cannot figure out their compatibility with the existing laws and procedures of general rules governing things.

Man’s life is in stages and the age of man is as well in segmented courses: from babyhood-adulthood, they are in stages. As man grows older, development is programmed in such body. Cells, tissues, organ and systems witness series of changes. These changes have duration. Time is very important in human consideration. Mothers or parents watch carefully the time and changes in their growing babies. Some have them noted clear in their dairy, the first time their little baby called the “mama” or “daddy” is always welcomed, this shows that the child is growing. The day the little baby start crawling and walking are well noted with curious anticipation and joy. Any delay will definitely cause great sorrow and worries in the mind of the parent.

The growth of children from babyhood-adulthood is quite interesting and important.
Age to humanity is a measure of performance and growth with respect to time and it counts so much in man’s assessment. Success is also measured with respect to age in some instances. It is expected at certain age; some stages of development must set in. A delay of such stage or physiological changes will create worries in the mind of those who can read the meaning.

So you can imagine the ordeal of Abraham Terah, when at 75 years who thought of going to settle in a strange land. After some walk with God, and was promised by God, Abraham rehearsed his observation with good consideration of the nature of man “ then Abraham fall upon his face, and laughed and said in is heart, shall a child be born unto him that is an hundred years old? And shall Sarah, that is ninety years old, bear? Gen17:17 when those special visitors came unto Abraham and pronounced their intension, do you know what Sarah said “Sarah laughed within herself, saying , after I am waxed old shall I have pleasure, my lord being old also. When Elisa thought of a recompense for the caring woman of shunamite, it was discovered that she had no child, she was barren,“ And Gehazi answered, verily she had no child and her husband is old I king 4:14
In Lk 1:7 about Zechariah and Elizabeth they had no child because that Elizabeth was barren and they both were now well stricken in years” age along with other factors affect the judgment response of man.

In cases necessary, God always set aside all these protocols of age Jeremiah 1:6, he said ah, Lord, God! Behold, I cannot speak for I am a youth.
Age has been one limiting means of assessment and just like the man by the pool, many things may be written off. This protocol of age has never been a barrier to God. He overstepped in the case of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Zechariah and many others.

It is very easy for man to stand firm in the area where he had experience, but once there is any instruction that negate this, the heart seek a rebellion, it is strange, and does not look like what he is used to. Protocols are set because of our experiences and ignorance, but God has no limit except his word.

Angel’s protocol
Angels are ministering spirit and are subjected to carrying out instructions however, they are limited according to assignment and power given to them to operate. Angels have area of specialization and carry out specific instruction. They have limited power and strength. In the widest sense they are agents of God's providence. They come with their Lord to earth to do him service. They follow instructions. They are limited individually or collectively.

Nature‘s protocol
Natures and creatures are guided by sets of laws and they cannot violate the rules governing their activities. Due to protocols that are in existences in men, angels’ and creatures’ activities, procedure, practices, and principles of these Man and angels and nature, limitation are inevitable. These limitations will bring lots of complain and doubt as witnessed in the life of that 38 years old man by the side of that pool.

Just like the complains of that man by the pool,
Based on the laws, the assessment of age, tradition, the limitation of nature, the restriction of time, season and schedule, we do have so many complains why some situations in our lives are just too difficult to be solved or why they cannot just be solved. The man had the following complains and excuse why he cannot or may not be healed.

• I have no man who could just be fast enough to put me into the pool before anyone else.
• The angel is even one, they are not many , he comes to stir at a scheduled time just once, a season
• He has made several attempts which he failed.

When Jesus perceived that he had long standing records of failure and expectation of doubt, he said rise, take up your bed and walk. The instruction cannot but be followed in the chronological order, however some steps were ignored. The pool was not stirred, he was not pulled in their first, he was pronounced healed , nor the man acknowledged before then, but the Lord of mercy in the house of mercy , ignored all of those stiff and mercy restricted protocol and proclaimed “Rise, take up your bed and walk”.

It was an instruction that silent his doubt and complains. He cannot but respond to the instruction which swallowed all his limitations, fears, doubt and failure and accommodated the power of God and mercy to receive faith and power to respond to the instruction. Those were the evidences and manifestations of healing, ignoring human expectation, angelic intervention and natural order.

It will not be an issue if God had to consider your case, which may be health or non-related but similar to totally stranded situations and your progress in life is impeded. You are stranded by possible legitimate reasons and limitations and you cannot but view this instruction as mere motivation, when God must have considered the condition for the miracle.

Why is Christ choice of this man among multitudes living helplessly in the place? It was on the Sabbath day, healing was not permitted. The man was not righteous, probably got into that mess as a result of sins as Christ warned him subsequently not to go back into sin. Then what made him qualified! Written boldly is
God’s Mercy
. I can see the significance and relevance of The Lord of mercy in that place is what really makes the difference and not the name “mercy” and fellowship in the building called “mercy”. A life must be willing to entertain and accommodate the Lord of Mercy as did that 38years old man in serious infirmities.

God’s mercy

Mercy is a divine quality, in which unworthy people receive grace and ability from God. Mercy is the act of showing compassion, kindness or forgiveness to somebody that probably do not deserve or should be judged. It is a compassionate disposition or situation that provides relief or prevents something unpleasant from happening to someone. The situation of this man by the pool had the tendency to degenerate into a more terrible state, if Christ had not surfaced. Only God can give answer to that. He may still have to stay longer there but what is the probability that he will eventually see someone who will stay with him and watch with commitment over the season that the angel will come and stir the water; will he find any such person. It was obvious that all his relatives, friends and probably his wife had deserted him and left to die by that porch; it was a pathetic situation in the life of this man when the Lord of Mercy surfaced. He was going to die without healing in the House of mercy for there was no hope for him; I cannot but shout a sound hallelujah for this give me the confidence that if only the Lord of mercy can be invited into any situation no matter what the present state, mercy will locate and allocate the healing and solution to such problems and dying moment.

Mercy can be explained with “kindness,” “loving-kindness,” “goodness,” “grace,” “favour,” “compassion,” and “steadfast love.”

God’s decision of miracle most of the time does not depend on our righteous act but rather on his mercy. The psalmist says for his mercy endures forever”. Some opportunities might have been wasted in life. He will still not cast us away, because of His mercy that endures forever. Sodom and Gomorra destruction had to be discussed for God’s enduring mercy. Mr. Lot despite his wrong choice, received mercy. The pilgrim in the wilderness may have all perished if not for mercy. The Israelite may have died in the captivity, if not because of God’s mercy. God’s mercies are propelled by his faithfulness to promises- He cannot break covenant. God uses this instrument of wonder more than any other. Most miracles in Christ’s time were propelled by mercy. God in everyday activities show His mercy. Even in the midst of backsliding generation, He had not ruled out miracles through His mercy.

God’s attributes of mercy make way for undeserved miracles, if only you will invite the Lord of Mercy into your life and situation, I have the great confidence that He will visit you and I shall join you to praise Him with songs. Amen.

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Member Comments
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Bode Ayodele 13 Feb 2009
Beautiful write- up and surely God sent! I have never seen it put across in this manner before. I pray others in need of this form of encouragement wil be directed by the spirit of angels of God to see and read it. There are times in the life of man that men face tests. Failure of a test in the school of God will mean a blessing will be delayed or denied until the test is retaken and passed which may be in another season! There is also what the bible calls a Day of Visitation in the life of a person, ministry, City etc which if missed could lead to the person missing his blessing (Just as in the case of Jerusalem as seen in Luke 19: 41-42. " And when he was come near, he beheld the city, and wept over it, (42) Saying, If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes." The subsequent verses go on to state the evil that would befall Jerusalem as a result of not being aware of it's day in the calendar of destiny. In Jeremaih we even have a situation where God vowed, due to their not being repentant and ashamed after comitting sin, He would surely destroy and not bless on the day of visitation: (Jeremiah 8:12) "Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush: therefore shall they fall among them that fall: in the time of their visitation they shall be cast down, saith the LORD." For a person who is aware of the knowledge I have put across but continuosly finds him or herself falling short on the day of visitations it can be painful and disatrous. But reading through the above artice indicates that there is yet another avenue the person can take beyond hoping to pass on the day of visitation if only one can make the request. If one can realise that passing in his/her case goes beyond his ability to fulfil certain requirements or attain a particular benchmark- If the person can ask that he be a benificiary of God's mercy. Thanks for sharing


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