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Satanism and The Occult
by Dustin Rader
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The names of Bam Margerra, AC/DC, and Ozzy Ozbourne are social icons in our society today. Their names carry a lot of weight in the eyes of the MTV world. Yet these are just some of the names of the superstars and ďrole modelsĒ that many in our generation look up to and try to emulate in their personal lives. Yet the key factor in the lives of these people is their portrayal of the occult. They flaunt their lifestyles in front of the world and their signs and symbols can be seen daily on the television. The world tells us that there is nothing wrong with these people and that we should accept their way of expressing themselves and we shouldnít ask any questions about it. But there is something about these people that should cause much concern to Christians. Although the icons themselves donít admit to it, they appear to be practicing in a form of the occult entitled Satanism. In this report about the occult I will primarily deal with Satanism. I will do my best to give a brief history of this so-called ďreligion.Ē
Satan was once one of the three archangels known as Lucifer. As an archangel he had duties to fulfill. He was given control over the earth and his job would be to take care of it. Lucifer had a different agenda on his mind though. He wanted to be greater than God. This was unacceptable. God cast down Lucifer but not before the angel was able to bring one third of the angels down with him. The first time that we see Lucifer in the scriptures is in Genesis chapter three. In that chapter Lucifer has already fallen and he comes to Eve in the form of a serpent and beguiles her. He convinces her to take of the fruit of the one tree that God had commanded them not to partake of for food. This tree was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Lucifer convinced her that by eating this fruit she would be like God. Eve partook of the fruit and then gave the fruit to her husband to eat. He ate it and from that point on the human race has lived a life separated from Godís personal presence. The only way that man can once again commune with God is to accept the sacrifice of Godís only begotten son that was made on the cross of Calvary. Satanís sole purpose is to keep men from accepting this sacrifice and to condemn them to die eternally with him in Hell.
Satanism has been around longer than I have been alive. It is the practice of worshipping the dark force of this world. They worship and sacrifice to Lucifer the fallen angel. The first Church of Satan was established in 1966, the self-proclaimed year of Satan, in San Francisco California by Anton LaVey. LaVey not only established the Church but was also the author of the Satanic Bible. Anton LaVey died in October of 1997. They are still disputing over the exact date of his death, which was either on the 29th or 31st.
The Satanic Church is very focused on spreading their web of lies all across America. An individual may become a lifetime member of the church by sending a fee of one hundred dollars. After receiving the payment of that fee the church will deem you an official red card member and mail one to your home. On the red card there is a baphomet and a message stating that you denounce Jesus Christ and Christianity. The baphomet is the most popular of satanic symbols. It is a pentagram turned upside down. It represents the horned goat of Mendez. Bam Margerraís signature symbol is no more than a modified baphomet.
The smaller or local groups of Satanism are known as ďgrottos.Ē If the Satanic Church doesnít have a grotto positioned in an area of interest they will send out a grotto leader to introduce their teachings to that society. They seek to find those who are curious, open minded, and willing to learn about Satanism. The easiest place to find those people is in the local high schools. Most teenagers are more than willing to do whatever it takes to be accepted and loved by their peers. The grotto leader or local grotto will promise them love and loyalty, not to mention power, if they will only join the grotto. Most of the time the grotto will convince a young ignorant teenager to commit an illegal act. After the act is committed and the pictures or videos are taken, the grotto leaders will bribe these teenagers into joining their grotto. Out of fear of getting in trouble for breaking the law the teenager will join the grotto, thereby denouncing the name of Jesus Christ and denouncing Christianity.
Once inside of the grotto they will begin to participate in many rituals and activities that would make most people sick. These rituals may include but are not limited to; drug use, orgies, drinking blood (animal or human), sacrificing animals, sacrificing babies, and even making candles from the fat of whatever they have sacrificed. The longer a person is exposed to such cruel and disgusting behavior, the more desensitized they become. It constantly gets easier for them to perform these acts and many of them could kill an innocent human baby without shedding a tear.
Parents beware. These evil groups are seeking children like yours. As a parent it is your job to make sure that your son or daughter isnít involved in such evil. Remember if they still live under your roof then they still live under your rules. Enforce the rules. Take a look into their bedroom sometime. If youíre making the house payment then Iím pretty sure that you own that room. I understand that once a child reaches the age of being a teenager you donít want to treat them like a five year old anymore. Iím here to say that you donít have to treat them like that. Just make sure you are keeping up with their lifestyle. Where they hang out, who their friends are, are they dating anybody, what television programs they watch, what music they listen to, and how they dress. These are just some of the things that you still have a say in until they leave your home. Donít slip up. God has given you those children to care for and raise to be used for his honor and glory.
The Satanist in todayís society is usually a hidden fact. Worshippers of Satan usually donít want everyone to know that they worship that way because it gives them a better chance to do more damage to their communities. As closet Satanists they are able to run for public office without question, infiltrate Godís Churches, and be a full functioning member of the community. If their beliefs were made known to everyone then surely the community wouldnít allow it to continue.
In conclusion I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this report. I can only hope that it will open your eyes to the evil of this hidden group and that you will begin to watch out for this behavior in your own home, community, and church. I have done my best to give a brief report on the history of the Satanists and inform you of some of the behaviors that they are involved in. I trust that whoever takes the time to read this paper will continue to further their study of Satanists and try to combat them in America today. Remember the warfare that we participate in is a spiritual warfare. Itís time that we all get involved.

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Rod Smith 25 Jan 2009
A very detailed and informative article on satanism. In Luke 9:1 Jesus gave the disciples power and authority over demonic powers. It still applies today for those who will believe it and act upon it. What we must do is promote the truth of Christ publicly as actively as we can.


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