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Israel and the IMPARTIAL Judge of all the Earth
by Patricia Backora
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Some Christian are under the illusion that I discriminate between people on the basis of race or national origin when I dispense justice. They suppose that I, Elohim, the Great Judge of all the earth, am so biased toward Israel that I don’t even bother to examine the pile of evidence stacked on My docket. Forgotten is what I said: I am no respecter of persons, and in EVERY nation he who lives uprightly is acceptable with Me (see Acts 10: verses 28 and 34-35). NO man, whatever his race, is to be called common or unclean. NO one EVER has the right to walk proudly before Me and flatter himself/herself that he/she is better than their neighbor on the basis of skin color or national origin. He who barges brashly into My Presence and brags that he's doing me a big favor for being born into a certain ethnic group, well, I am able to abase that one in a hurry.

Christians are taught that they owe Israel not love only, but UNCONDITIONAL support in each and every thing this nation does, whether it be good or evil. You wouldn’t believe the stupid prayers some Christians pray: "Dear Lord, please enable Israel to crush all their enemies and wipe out as many of them as possible so they can live in peace. You said You'd prosper Me if I love Jerusalem, so please hurry up and do it. I really could use the money, Lord."

But how can I reward a prayer prayed out of blind prejudice and greed? I am not going to dump money on a poor Christian just because he yells "Yay!" every time the news shows some Palestinian refugee camp going up in smoke.

I blame Christian religious leaders for teaching such prejudice to My flock. I had a very long struggle getting pale-skinned believers to worship side by side with blacks and so-called foreigners. But racism persists in that My dear people ignore outrages committed by their favorite nation, Israel. My people hero-worship anyone who claims natural descent from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Any other stranger in the room might be totally ignored. But I have seen so many rush up to hug those who profess to be natural Jews, simply for that reason.

America behaves like Israel’s indulgent, proud parent. Just like a teenager looks unto his/her dad for spending money, so this little nation leeches money off its big brother Uncle Sam to pay for missiles, jet fighters, tanks, and navigational war equipment. Politicians in America and elsewhere are corrupt puppets who cater to Israel's every whim. They find it hard to utter the feeblest criticism against Israeli war crimes. The mighty Eagle is at the beck and call of the tiny tyrant nation on the other side of the globe. The leaders of the USA are literally in the pocket of rich men who have a vested interest in promoting unjust warfare and stirring up old animosities between Israel and her historic enemies. There’s loads of money to be made in testing and marketing state-of-the-art armaments, and the Palestinians make handy guinea pigs to test them on.

I do hear the cries rising up to My Throne from Gaza. I see the terror etched onto tiny faces of little children awoken night after night by heavy shelling and bombing. Think you that I shall excuse those who inflict permanent psychiatric and neurological damage upon these tiny innocents? I see their perforated eardrums bleeding from the blasts. I see tiny tears wet pillows as babies and toddlers scream for their mothers from an unutterable terror, shivering from head to toe. Talk about terrorism! Israel tries to pin the blame on a captive population for putting their OWN head in the lion’s mouth!

One heartless jezebel witch who lives in luxury and relative safety swears things are as they should be and “there IS no humanitarian crisis”. She casts a spell of deception upon the world news media. Satan himself never uttered a more blatant lie! All liars shall have their portion in the lake with burns with fire and brimstone (Rev.21:8).

Raise up a lamentation against those wicked soldiers who slew three defenseless children playing in the dirt! Brave, bold, “defenders” of the State of Israel pointed their tank turrets DOWNWARD at them so they couldn’t possibly miss! Go home to your mamas and brag about the mighty victory “God” gave you over unarmed kids! Raise a drink to celebrate the tears now being shed by bereaved parents! But tremble at My word: Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. Even as a tornado sweeps up unexpectedly over a serene landscape, so will the storm of divine retribution come from ELOHIM at a time ye think not. I have reserved a special place in a fiery hell for soldiers (and others) who use tiny children for target practice.

Such wicked deeds were committed by Australian settlers against the aborigines, because they were considered “subhuman”. But I have kept careful records and NOT ONE soul shall go unavenged. Apache helicopters drone overhead, dropping death and destruction upon defenseless civilians packed like sardines with nowhere to hide. Helicopters named after yet another downtrodden ethnic group, who would be insulted that bombs named after THEM are being dropped upon other oppressed people of color.

I remember the “brave” white soldiers sneaking up on whole villages of Native Americans while the men of the village were away, how they slaughtered defenseless women and babies. COWARDS! The Israelis cannot say they’re doing the same IN MY NAME! I abhor men of violence who needlessly and wantonly shed innocent blood. I denounce Israel’s actions from My high holy heaven.

The remnant of Judah has returned to her land. A few genuinely seek peace despite all the turmoil. I HAVE reserved My Holy Land for the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to be their possession forever. But instead of humbly thanking Me for restoring them to this land, a great majority of the Jews in Israel have a prideful "we did it all by ourselves" attitude. Deep in their hearts they worship the land, not the God of the land. They trust in America, not the God of their forefathers. Instead of relying on the LORD to deliver them and prosper them, they look unto America, their new Baal god, to provide all their needs and wants.

I see the tiny babies blowing up under the relentless bombing done by unmanned drone planes. I see those ugly monster tanks on the border between Gaza and Israel, ready to go in and kick the dead and the dying. Tanks freely donated by the mighty USA and financed by American taxpayers. I see the weeping widows and the despairing parents who have lost some or all their children. I see the starving refugees searching for dead grass to eat to keep them alive while "God's chosen nation" dines richly and prevents the free flow of foreign food aid to the hungry. I see all the sick children and the physical, mental and emotional deterioration of many of Gaza's inhabitants. I am furiously angry because of these things. My wrath has reached a white-hot boiling point.

So I don’t care about “ha goyim”, the OTHER peoples of the earth? That’s news to Me! Just WHY has Israel waited until now to bomb Gaza, right before their elections are held and Obama takes over from Bush? Is the LORD unable to see through Israeli lies? Think you that I will excuse this outrage just because ISRAEL perpetrated it? Has Israel forgotten the famine I unleashed upon her after King Saul broke a treaty of non-violence with the lowly Gibeonites? And why did evil King Saul do this? To gain political popularity with his countrymen, same as what’s happening today! (2 Sam.21:1-2).

I do not excuse treachery and truce-breaking, even when committed against a subservient slave nation. Innocent blood of non-combatants cries out to Me from the ground where it was so brutally shed by hi-tech AMERICAN armaments! I blame the US and its current administration for the thousands of lives unjustly cut short by missiles, rockets, bullets and bombs sent free of charge to equip the Israelis. Many precious Gazan souls might have been led into the light of the knowledge of Christ had American-made weapons not driven them prematurely to the world of the dead. Let your "Christian" president reflect on that sobering revelation as he worries about the wonderful legacy he'll leave behind for history.

This is the heart of Jewish Law: What is hateful to yourself, do not to your neighbor. In a nutshell, that is the Law and the Prophets. In Matthew 7:12 Christ reiterated this pivotal truth from a positive perspective: "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them. This is the Law and the Prophets." Does Israel want others to bomb THEM? Does Israel want others to demolish their homes as a collective punishment for the sins of one individual? Does Israel want THEIR territory sealed off, and THEIR borders closed off by a hostile occupying force, who allow in only trickles of food and medical supplies? Does Israel want THEIR olive groves demolished by foreigners? Does Israel want THEIR little children foraging for garbage so they can stay alive? Does Israel want access to THEIR schools, social networks and employment (when available) blockaded by checkpoints (chokepoints), fences and armed guards? What is the CRIME of that poor old grandma or tiny child, that he is sentenced to life in a 400-square-mile prison? How dare Israeli soldiers break the heart of My Law, especially on the Sabbath, part of a Law they profess to keep? They violate the very SPIRIT of the Sabbath Day, which is rest, by robbing their neighbors of rest.

NATURALLY the Gazans make a big deal out of being besieged. Didn’t YOU react the very same way when Hezekiah was besieged by Sennacherib? Do you think Gazans thank Me that they’re privileged to drink brackish water fouled by the feet of Israeli oppressors after the style of Ezekiel 34:18-19? Surely I SHALL judge between the fat cattle and the lean cattle who are head-butted out of the way by them.

Are "God-fearing" Israelis truly keeping the heart of My Law, "What is hateful to yourself, do not to your neighbor?" How many Israeli parents would sit idly by and watch their own child(ren) die slowly of malnutrition? What Israeli husband would love an invader who slaughtered his wife in a bombing raid? How patiently would Israelis endure endless imprisonment in a tiny square of land, forbidden to leave, and cut off from the basic necessities of life, except for sporadic occasions when the oppressor nation gets in a good mood and loosens the tourniquet just enough to keep the subservient nation just (barely) alive, and ONLY out of fear of being condemned worldwide for genocide? A few aid trucks rumbling into Gaza makes a good photo op and casts Israel in a more positive light, doesn’t it?

Why didn’t Israel keep THEIR end of the bargain and lift the siege of Gaza during the cease fire? No wonder the Palestinians refused to renew that worthless treaty!

Self-obsessed Israel has shown unbridled contempt for men made in My own likeness. Those poor Palestinians didn't just sprout up out of the dirt. I CREATED them. How dare the arrogant Israelis and their groveling toadies despise the work of My hands! How dare they rob the Palestinian people of what makes for basic human dignity and tread on them like dirt, then wonder why they're so angry!

There is great weeping and lamentation in the Occupied Territories, where water supplies are being cut off and settlers foul the Palestinians' drinking water with their own waste water. Meanwhile, luxury-loving Israelis lounge around their swimming pools and give their spacious lawns a good soaking, unconcerned that THEIR affluence is built on the misery of others. These stiff-necked kingpins care more about the beauty of their own homes and lawns than for the health of a Palestinian infant perishing for want of sufficient food and clean water!

Israelis grudgingly TOLERATE a few Arab citizens in their midst. Who else would dirty their hands cleaning the streets after affluent Jewish Israelis leave their charming little cafes? Who else is glad to earn a few pennies collecting garbage or scrubbing hospital toilets? Who else does most of the tasks which are beneath the "Chosen people" to do themselves? Yet if working poor Arabs are second-class citizens in Israel, they're treated like royalty compared to the Palestinians. Palestinians are regarded as dogs and the scum of the earth. Especially in the Church Age, I don't add or subtract points for being born into or outside of any particular ethnic group. Daily and nightly the Palestinians, bleeding and starving, and mourning their dead, cry out to their Maker for justice and deliverance. Sure, their theology isn't perfect, and they don't always mouth the correct terminology when referring to their Maker. But I can have compassion on the ignorant. I certainly hear their righteous prayers for vengeance and they will eventually be answered in the days of Tribulation wrath. Not one drop of innocent blood shed on either side shall go unavenged.

In the approaching terrible day of unprecedented divine wrath you'll no longer hear of lush lawns and full swimming pools, watered with the tears and deprivations of an oppressed people. What you sow you reap (Gal.6:7). Israel is sowing the wind and she shall reap a whirlwind of Tribulation wrath in the coming years. Although I always fought alongside Israel when she was under threat and outnumbered, I now turn My face against her. Not just because of the innocent blood on her hands, but because she opposes the spread of the Gospel of Peace within her borders. She rejected My Son the Lord Jesus Christ two thousand years ago, and she's rejecting Him once again in the way she persecutes evangelists within her borders.

I will make water so scarce in the land of Israel that every cupful will become precious. You'll hear no more of water fun parks or even of car washes during the Great Tribulation. Instead of luxurious tourist hotels and fancy restaurants, there shall be mourning, weeping and wailing throughout the land as I begin to chastise the Land of Israel like a spoiled, disobedient brat. I have even called for foul weather to hinder this unjust warfare, especially the high-flying death dispensers the Israelis fly over their neighbor's territory to destroy innocent lives. I will cut off the tourist trade as decent, freedom-loving people go elsewhere for their holidays. There shall be a worldwide boycott of Israeli goods. Israel has become in the early part of this century the worldwide pariah South Africa once was.

Yet, despite all the chastenings which shall fall from My hand, Israel will not return unto Me nor seek Me with broken-hearted repentance. In the coming days things will become so unstable in the Middle East that My ancient people will seek another savior, because America will show herself to be very incompetent at bringing about a lasting peace. Smiling “Mr. wants-to-please-everybody" won't have the stomach for imposing tough solutions of give-and-take diplomacy which might lose him a few friends. Israel will find an illusory deal in the European Antichrist, who will mastermind a bogus peace pact lasting for seven years. But in the end this Man of Sin won't deliver a permanent peace solution for Israel and instead will betray Israel in order to seek her destruction.

How horrible will be the time of Jacob 's Trouble (Jere.30:7; Matt.24:21). The evil you sow, you surely reap. Sow hunger in the land, and you reap famine for yourself. Those who caused others to subsist on grass and animal fodder won't even have any grass, because during the height of the Tribulation Period, My angel of Judgment will burn up all green grass on earth (Rev.8:7). I have called for a famine to strike not only those who carry out this siege of Gaza but to afflict those who applaud it as being necessary to keep Gentile “dogs” in their place. I punish those who take pleasure in sin just as severely as those who commit it (2 Thes.2:12). All who love wickedness shall be damned together at My Throne of Judgment, consigned forever to the pits of blackest darkness created for satan and his demons.

The horrible Tribulation will merely foreshadow the eternal torments of wicked sinners. Those who caused others to hunger shall themselves go mad with hunger. Yet even during the days of densest Tribulation darkness, I will never fail to provide for those who turn in repentant faith to My Son. But those who walk in arrogant pride, looting, killing, lying, cheating and truce-breaking will suffer My unbridled wrath.

Mighty America will be toppled. Then she will no longer be able to continue to serve as Israel’s cash cow and savior. In that day Israel will be forced to turn to the God of Jacob for deliverance from the armies which shall then compass round about her (Luke 21:20).

The harvest comes slowly but surely. Cut off the food and water supply from your neighbor's tiny little babies and the day will come when your own family's mouth will be parched with thirst and it will be THEIR bellies bloated with starvation. You who strut proudly before Me as being inherently superior to all other peoples on account of your race or national origin, you shall be laid low. Any blessings I have bestowed upon you in times past it is also My prerogative to take away forever.

I know the wicked motives of those who are slaughtering the Gazans. Just any old excuse will do. Most politicians are rotten to the core and they stink in My nostrils. America’s pet politicians are way too cowardly to stand true to their deepest convictions because they’re beholden to those who ALLOWED them to get elected. These slick politicians sing off the hymn sheet handed them by their puppet masters. One woman politician across the sea lays all the blame for this conflict on the weaker side, but I also detect the tremor in her voice and see the nervous shifting of her eyes. She KNOWS she’s restricted to saying what she’s been ordered to say. Politicians must SELL THEIR SOUL to get into power and stay there.

I know "toughness" gets votes and makes politicians popular with sinful voters. But everyone should know that the Lord God’s greatest wrath is kindled against the Israeli aggressors. Bomb others just to make yourself popular with the electorate and the fire of My wrath will fall ten thousand times as hard upon your head in that day when I weigh the deeds of wicked men in the balance and consign them to eternal hellfire. Because these wicked, violent soldiers devalue the life of a Palestinian, I will lightly esteem THEM when they cringe before My Judgment Seat and plead with Me to spare their worthless souls.

Heaven will not be populated with bloodthirsty, wanton baby-killers. My Son said: Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy (Matt.5:7). The other side of the coin is this: Withhold mercy from the afflicted and I shall surely withhold mercy from you too. I will use the same measly measure you yourself use to dispense mercy to measure it back to you (Matt.7:2). Prevent others from feeding the hungry and the Maker of heaven and earth shall visit a PROPORTIONATE punishment upon you for doing so. The judgment which feeble man is powerless to inflict is My prerogative to pour out. The LORD of heaven, Creator of all flesh, is easily able to abase the proud soul and bring the wicked low (Isa.10:33; 13:11.

I sternly but lovingly warn ANY nation which boasts of being My special favorite: Don't flatter yourself. I am moved by faith in My Son, not faith in genealogy charts. Whereas in times past My angels went into battle with Israel and gave her the victory, that shall no longer be the case. I am so provoked by Israel’s cruelty that I may tell Michael the archangel to fight for the Palestinians just to give them a chance to live and find the true Way to Life. Christ died for ALL men, not just the “chosen few” (I Tim.2:4).

Any so-called wins Israel gets from this day forward will have nothing whatever to do with Me. Until she reconciles with My Son and repents of crucifying Him, and pledges allegiance to her God instead of the USA, she can give glory to America for squashing the tiny ant beneath her jackboot. Whereas in times past I strengthened the Israelis to defeat their enemies, now I shall smite the conscience of many of them so that they don't have the heart or the will to continue this sickening warfare against sick and dying refugee families. My face shall be turned against any and all who persist in this damnable war on babies and weak women. I abhor cowards who destroy schools, family homes and hospitals to prove how big and strong they are (Psalms 5:6; 72:4). I have cursed the weapons of warfare which make such a big profit for arms dealers and their burning will be a terrible witness against the vile men who enriched themselves from warfare, both financially and politically.

I called Israel to be a light unto all nations (Isa.60:3). I favored her above all other nations of the earth in that I shared the oracles of My Word with her while all other nations were left in the dark. I gave Israel the unique privilege of teaching all nations My ways and pointing them to the One True God, Who is Light. But how did Israel thank Me for My unspeakable favor and tender mercies? Instead of being a shining beacon of light Israel has made herself a dark blot of hatred on the face of the earth, inciting violence and despair in her conquered territories. Instead of being drawn to her light, the peoples of the earth abhor her and are repelled by her for her bloody arrogance and her harlotry with war mongers.

I called Israel to point all nations to the God Who sets the captives free, and to proclaim liberty to the captives. Instead, she has turned a tiny tract of overpopulated land into a hellish prison house of darkness and despair and will not willingly let her captives go. Israel, once held captive by a mean-spirited pharaoh who would not let them go and made their lives a living hell of bondage, is even now treating the Palestinians the same way. Even as Israel moans about how she's entitled to ALL the land from the Nile to the Euphrates, she and her toady neighbor Egypt refuse to open their borders to release this half-starved, downtrodden people from captivity so they can go find somewhere else to live. Let the haughty Israeli oppressor reflect upon this sad fact next time Passover rolls around and they go through the motions of thanking Me for their ancient deliverance!

I made it very clear that I did not choose Israel because they were better than other nations (Deut.7:7-8). I chose them out of faithful love toward their beloved forefathers who had walked humbly with Me. In no way did Israel EARN her privileged position with Me. It was bestowed by an act of gracious favor in memory of their fathers..

Christians fawn over Israel so much they turn a blind eye to all the bloodletting and bombing done by this tiny nation. But if anything, I hold Israel much MORE accountable because of all the privileges she's enjoyed as a nation, not less accountable. To whom much is given, from him much is expected (Luke 12:48). Even bloodthirsty Mugabe will be punished in hell far less severely than the butchers of Gaza. For THOUSANDS of years, My “Chosen people” have KNOWN the heart of My Law and have received more light than this wicked tyrant ever did. Yet in their relentless persecution against the Gazans, they have murdered the innocent and kept them chained in gross darkness and made their children tremble with the terrors of hell. Those who impose darkness and despair upon others will surely REAP eternal darkness in the dungeons of the damned for all eternity.

Remember the horrific days of the Warsaw Ghetto, when so many hungry and despairing Jews were SEGREGATED and marked for humiliation and destruction with a simple yellow star? What an abominable way to treat a fellow human being, keeping them caged up in a horrible pit of fear, with NO human dignity, NO hope for a decent future, NO prospect of improved circumstances for succeeding generations. Well, that’s how the poor Palestinians feel. The most heartless of the formerly victimized have become the victimizers! Gaza is a tiny sardine can ghetto full of cursing, angry, despairing souls. I say unto any “Christians” who rejoice in Gaza’s destruction: Try telling these downtrodden souls about the JEWISH Jesus Who came to save all humanity, not just His fellow countrymen. How successful do you think your attempts at evangelization would be if the ISRAELIS allowed you to make an incursion into Gaza with the Gospel? All these people know is that the other “people of the book”, the Jews, treat them with the basest contempt like dogs and wish their destruction. In the heat of battle and in the midst of unutterable anguish, the Gazans find it difficult to realize that at least SOME of the Jewish people feel for them, but feel powerless to alleviate this no-win situation.

“No truce is needed”, say the smug warlords of Israel. But what good would it do to PRETEND a truce is going on, in the long run, if these devious men are merely playing a cat and mouse game with a penned-up, frightened populace to serve their own evil ends? This is the age of the trucebreaker (2 Tim.3:3). Those who make the truce nearly always BREAK the truce, though not always in an obvious manner. Slow starvation will kill your enemy just as surely as doing it quickly with a bomber every TV camera can spot! It’s very easy for a politician who’s just finished a seven-course banquet to surprise the world with the news that “no truce is needed because there’s no humanitarian crisis.” I, the Great Judge of all the Earth, will surely see to it that because of this stiff-necked, unloving, hard-hearted attitude, that the very politicians who have smugly said this go hungry themselves in the coming siege of their own land. He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity (Rev.13:10).

Those who sin out of ignorance will receive fewer stripes from their God than those who slaughter the innocent with both eyes wide open. Woe unto wicked oppressors who rob the hungry of bread and rob the defenseless of life for hidden reasons of political expediency! Woe unto strong nations who invade weak territories to rob the poor of their sustenance, to afflict the downtrodden soul who is already at the point of death! The merciless can expect no further mercy from Me! Nor will Father Abraham acknowledge that cruel wretch as his own descendant at the end of time. Instead, that wicked sinner shall be cast into outer darkness where there is eternal torment and gnashing of teeth (Matt.8:11-12). Many non-Jews, along with Jews made righteous through Christ, will sit together at the banqueting table with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Meanwhile, all unrepentant murderers of My Son and hinderers of the Gospel of peace shall suffer eternal damnation in a devil's hell. Those who loved blood on this earth will drink it to the full in the world to come.

Tell Me WHY I should show Israel any favoritism. It was ISRAEL who murdered My spotless Holy Son by betraying Him to the Romans (Acts 7:52). It was the Jewish leaders who had Stephen, the first Christian martyr, stoned to death (Acts 7:58-59). My son Stephen begged Me, with his last dying breath, to please forgive his persecutors. But how did those wicked men repay Me for this kindness? They went on resisting the Gospel and fighting against My Son. Today it is against the law to preach the Gospel in Israel. So why should Christians automatically show partiality toward Israel? Far from looking the other way when Israel breaks the heart of My Law, My wrath is come upon unrepentant, unregenerate Israel to the uttermost (I Thes.2:16).

When Israel rejected the day of her visitation back in the time of Christ, she rejected My Peace Offering and her house was left unto her desolate (forsaken by God) (Matt.23:37-39). As I said in the days of Hosea I say once again of professing Israelites who reject My Son: LO-AMMI (Hos.1:8).Those who are determined NOT to repent of rejecting Christ are NO LONGER MY PEOPLE!!! Because unrepentant Israel has rejected My ONLY (Acts 4:12) Way of eternal salvation, all her sins lay naked and exposed to My sight, regardless of their yearly Day of Atonement. How can I honor anyone going through the motions of this day if My ONLY acceptable sin Offering has been rejected like rubbish? NO! Ten thousand times NO! For all these reasons and many more, I cannot excuse Israel’s actions on the basis that she’s some special chosen people and inherently better than her neighbors the Palestinians.

As these dark days draw to a close I will prove through My supernatural judgments that I abhor the bloody and deceitful man, regardless of his race or national origin (Psalms 5:6).

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