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The Spiritually Endangered
by Darna Bedwell Gutter
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I believe there are two kinds of mankind that are and always have been in imminent spiritual danger. Why, because the world and even many churches (moreso today) make them so comfortable that they are not inclined to change, even though it places them in danger of eternal damnation. Someone needs to care enough to make it real enough for them to consider what is at risk. The two types of mankind Iím referring to are the "without-God-rich" and the "homosexual" (both genders).

The Bible gives a vivid account of what happened to the rich man who apparently did not prepare for his eternal life. It says, "He died and opened his eyes in hell. And he could see across the gulf where the poor man Lazarus who used to beg for crumbs outside his gate, whoís sores the dogs would lick, was being comforted in the bosom of Abraham." And he cried out, "Oh, please send Lazarus to cool my tongue with a drop of water from these tormenting flames." His request was denied. He asked further, "Then please send Lazarus back from the dead to warn my brothers so they will not come to this place". Again his request was denied. Abrahamís answer was, "If they would not hear the prophets, they will not hear." So, consider me a prophet of God for your sake. Will you hear His warning?

For the rich man, money became his god, his idol. The Bible states, "You can not serve God and money." Doesnít mean Godís people canít be rich, but being rich and denying God is the danger. Unfortunately many wealthy people donít feel they need God. The world makes them feel comfortable by worshipping them. They are held in high esteem wherever they go, whether they are right or wrong. It is an intoxication thatís hard to break free from and many donít want to.

This so-called privileged entitlement mentality is passed down through generations. The Bible states, "Its easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. But what is impossible to man is possible with God." In my opinion it is God's children who are the privileged upon this earth because we are entitled to all the promises of God. It is written, "God giveth wealth without sorrow." Without God, their's is an alterworld with no foundation.

The Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah depicts destruction because of immorality. All sorts of immoral acts were going on. The people even tried to molest the two angels God sent to warn Lot and his family. The city had become so defiled there were not even 10 righteous people left. Had there been 10, the Lord would have spared the city. But instead, he took the few righteous out of the city and destroyed it.

Today the homosexual is encouraged by the world to come out of the closets, get married and raise children. Here again lies the danger of passing this mentality down through generations? But there is also the danger that when one refuses to acknowledge Godís standards of right and wrong, the Bible says, "The Lord will turn them over to a reprobate mind." They lose their conscience in the matter and continue to act out their own desires: a very dangerous place to be, without conscience.

Based upon the same passage that, "What is impossible for man is possible with God.", I will presume that where there is life, there is a chance to repent and be restored to a right mind with God. Deliverance is possible not by oneís own strength, but one has to have a strong desire and acknowledge their sin and need for deliverance. Repentance will get Godís attention to work on oneís behalf to begin to draw them out of the darkness into the light. For it is by His strength that deliverance comes. But one must seek His forgiveness with a penitent heart.

It is a spirit of lust also that drives people addicted to pornography and gambling. And these people can be and are often delivered. I will confess to you that I found myself going to a casino a couple of times a month to "try my luck". I began to feel that I was acquiring an addiction to gambling. I could see that it was drawing me away from God. So I got very serious about the Lord putting a stop to that activity in my life through prayer and fasting, and He did. You must put up a fight. The Bible says, "Resist the devil and he will flee." You must get past the present and think eternal minded. What could possibly be worth losing oneís eternal salvation?

Itís easier for unbelievers to wallow in their sinful state, because no one wants to take responsibility and talk about judgment on the world's stage. If you have a friend or acquaintance in either of these categories: Homosexual or rich without God, donít allow the friendship to blind you of the consequences they are facing. Don't turn your head and think its someone else's responsibility to enlighten them. You may be their only chance to hear the truth. Remember truth has the power to set someone free.

So we must not fear the consequences of trying to deliver a soul from damnation. Sure you may risk losing the friendship by professing the error of their ways, particularly if they are unable to see that it is motivated by Godís love for them; but itís a risk worth taking.

God has put some people in our paths to encourage them to take heed to His warnings and turn. Show real concern and recognize that their salvation is more important than their friendship. They may not have the strength to change and God knows that, so encourage them to, "Ask and you shall receive." Remembering that, "We have not, because we ask not." But equally important, you must also remember that God will hold you accountable if you do not warn someone, particularly if you had the chance and they die in their iniquity. Their blood will be upon you.

King James
Ezekiel 3:18-21
When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.

Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul.

But don't jump in without having sought the Lord's guidance first, however long it takes. In my own efforts to witness to a homosexual, it took several months as I sought the Lord. This young man was a host at a music store where my students had their recitals twice a year. I communicated with him very little beyond those occasions if at all. But I always included at the end of my recital programs a "Love Letter" witnessing of God's love and the promises or consequences that either bless or curse our lives. So my initial ministering was not directly targeted at him.

Nevertheless, he got the exposure. And as time went on his conversation began to reveal that those seeds had begun to penetrate and convict his heart. Once I surmised that, I began to be more direct. The Lord directed me to write out my concerns for him and minister to his particular need for repentance. I sent the message via e-mail and never pressed him for a response. Although he never responded directly, the occasion arose that allowed me to comfortably witness to him several more times in the same manner, but always without expectations.

Writing down your message of repentance takes the pressure off of you and them by not having to do it face to face. I began to offer spiritual challenges like reading and rereading my messages every day for 5 days. Through your efforts God will begin to do His work to help them. Don't be afraid to give them gentle warnings after you've cited Biblical consequences. Ex: Donít be like the rich man, listen to Godís message and messengers.

Whether you are there or not, to see the outcome of your efforts, as a Christian or even as a friend, you can feel that you've done your duty. You will know that you have delivered the message of truth. From that point all you can do is make it known that you are available to answer questions or talk. If they choose not to, you've still done your duty to them, yourself and God.

© 2008

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Kingdom Citizen 04 Jan 2009
A very good piece...people should heed the warning. Keep on writing...you are a great writer and your work will increase with passion and purpose...God bless you. Amen.


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