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Elijah's Trial
by Shanna George
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Sis shanna 12/205/2008

Brothers and sisters, it is time to get ready, for our soon coming King.

We have been warned for years now about what is here, and what is yet to come, and it has been going on mostly deaf ears. But some of the body is beginning to wake up after a long sleep like Rip Van Winkle waking up from a long nap of hundreds of years.
I know personally I have sent out warnings since 2004 and many prophets have been proclaiming these days for years and now they are here upon us.

Yahweh has been calling us home, He has been trying to draw the body of Christ to him, and away from the love of the world, the false doctrines, and the love of "things" which cannot be taken with us.
Naked we came and naked we will leave.

The only garment we will have on will be a robe of righteousness, if we have it clean and spotless when He comes.
And the souls we have helped to bring into the kingdom.

What we are seeing today is the results of clinging to things of this world not being able to let go of the want for more toys and things and forgetting oneself and reaching out to the hopeless and the helpless. the poor and needy. Giving them hope.
The church has spent on itself, amassing bigger mega churches, fancy cars, houses and you name it they have got it.

I know the argument, that the Lord wants us to prosper, that is absolutely right, but He said Seek first the KINGDOM, and All things will be added.
So if you are seeking the kingdom first, things will come to you, rather then you seeking "things". ALL things shall be added.

The Lord wants to prosper us, so we will reach out to others, not just to get, to increase your own goods, our own life, but to get to give to others in need.

There is so much fallacy in many of the teachings about the tithe, and because of the false teachings, there is little help in reaching the lost or touching the lives of hurting people around the world and even in our own back yard. There is nothing left as it goes all to the church, and to ones own life.

So we are seeing very hard times in America because Yahweh wants to see where our heart is, whether will go on and trust him even in the hard times.
Or will we be like Elijah who ran off to the brook Kidron just wanting to die because of the persecution and death threats of Jezebel.
Elijah was powerfully used by God, you see all the amazing miracles done through him proceeding his discouragement.
Now he just wanted to give up and die because he was going through some hard times and needed greater faith.

Oh you of little faith, look at Job, his family was all wiped out, his wife was on his back telling him to curse God as he suffered in every way possible and was in so much physical pain in his own body.
On top of that he lost everything! and because of his tenacity and faith all was returned after his trial in an even greater way.
Yet through all of that He continued to bless God!

This is the kind of faith we are going to have to have in the coming days, it won't just be the financial melt down, what is coming is much greater. And if you do not know who your source is, if you are looking to others for your needs instead of Yahweh alone, if you do not know where your protection is, if you do not fully understand you will yield to your flesh You have no other redeemer, no other to save you but the Lord, if you lean on any other you will not make it. What is coming is the trial of our faith. It shall be world wide not just here in US.

Yahweh God will bring down the haughty and the proud, and lift up the humble, He will bring down the covetous and bless the giver to the needy. If you draw out your soul to the hungry. and satisfy the afflicted soul. Then shall your light rise in obscurity, and darkness be as the noon day.
The Lord shall guide you continually, satisfy your soul and make fat thy bones, and you shall be like a watered garden and like a spring of water whose waters fail not. Isaiah 58:10-11.

If you are seeking that which is lost, and bringing souls to Christ, you will shine like the stars in this hour.

We are heading for great trials. It will require great faith. It will be not only be a trial of our faith alone, but it will be our love that will also be tested in the coming days.

There are only two commandments to love God with all of our heart, with all of our mind and with and all of our strength, then.....We are to love our neighbor as ourselves.

I am not talking about throwing a couple of dollars into the salvation Army bucket, though it is a start, but it means putting others even before ourselves, looking after our brothers and sisters in need, not just telling them to be warm.
Of course we are to pray for one another but also to be like the widows mite, who gave all she had, it isn't giving out of our abundance that counts but giving out of our lack.
It is not like throwing a few bucks you have extra into the bucket but reaching deep down, to the last coin, and throwing it in. This man or woman shall be more then abundantly blessed in the days to come.

It means giving up something to see souls saved. knowing the Lord is watching. He is watching how we stand under these great trials.

The robes will be getting washed white as snow in the blood, not loving our lives until death.
Down the road not to far in the distant future we will be required to choose, our family or God, our own lives or the lives of our brethren, will we stand for Jesus unto death?

If we had been reaching out all this time like the great women and men of God of days past to see the lost saved, instead of massing fortunes for ourselves, we would not have many yet to be saved, there would not be starving people, physically or spiritually around the world, because every church body would be out in the field reaching out.
You do not see that happen today because there would be no money in the tithe box because the people would all be out in the field telling people about Jesus. And it takes much sacrifice to win souls.

With the love of God in hearts instead of buying new homes and cars and all the latest of "new things", they would be hurting for their brothers and sisters in other lands, and the millions of starving kids around the world.

This is LOVE, this is loving your neighbor as yourself. You ate three meals today, they ate one if they were lucky, the unlucky ones eat whatever they can find even if it be in the garbage cans or the dump.. Some eat leaves to stay alive.

Why is this crises coming to America? Look at the selfish decadence, look at the greed of corrupt governments, big business, and worst of all in some of our own larger ministries and churches. The covetousness in the church is such a turn off to the world, they want to see JESUS, YESHUA.
What they want to see is change in their lives, they want to see miracles, they want to see hope in a hopeless world.

What are we teaching those we are to disciple around the world, what kind of example is Yahweh looking to see in us?
Many are teaching Christians that we need to look rich so that people will see all God has done in our lives so people see us prosperous. Is this how we should bring people to Christ, so that they are as covetous as the rest? Looking on the outside instead of at the heart?
Lord have mercy, what they need to see is change in our lives, love, purity, humility, forgiveness, kindness, mercy, righteousness where as before they saw sin. They need to see God's love in our lives, remembering if He lives in us He will be working through us.
They need to see His love, that He so loved the world that he laid his life down for each and every one of us. they need to see the cross applied to our lives.

If Jesus is living inside of us then He will manifest Himself through us to the world and what THEY WILL SEE IS JESUS, YESHUA. Not money, not possessions!!! They will see His love for the world, wanting to give them a future and a hope.
They will see us lay our life down for one another.
Even to the point of death! What man has ever died for you but Yeshua Jesus, what friend has laid his life down for you but Yeshua, Jesus Christ.
No other, all others that came are all DEAD. Jesus, Yeshua is ALIVE.

I understand how Elijah felt, he had been proclaiming the word to Israel and they had forsaken the Lord's covenant, thrown down the altars, and slain the prophets, he must have been very discouraged when on top of knowing that, he heard that Jezebel wanted to kill him.

Yet even then at his lowest point Yahweh came through, showing Him His love and care and His mighty hand, and so it will be for those who press in and trust the Lord.

Yes, brothers and sisters it is going to get much worse for those who trust in the arm of flesh rather then the arm of the Lord.
There is no turning back, in the coming days we shall be tested to the end of our endurance but the Lord will send His angels to bear us up.
You shall see many fall by your side but do not fear, trust in the Lord, a thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at your right hand, but it shall not come near thee, there will be pestilence and all manner of evil, there shall no evil befall you, neither shall any plague come nigh your dwelling if you trust in the Lord it shall not come nigh thy dwelling.
The angels will be given charge over you to keep you in all your ways.
Set your eyes upon the author and finisher of your faith. Make the Lord your habitation in the coming days, your shield and your buckler.
For with your very eyes you shall see the reward of the wicked.

Love will be the plumbline.

We shall be judged for how much we have loved, not for how many times we went to church, nor how much we have amassed in this life, or how much we gave to the tithe box, but our heart will be judged by Yahweh God. Will He see Himself in us?

Did you respond to the cries of the hurting, the lost, the addicted who needed hope?
Even the neighbor you never bothered to check up on. We will be forgiven as we have forgiven, He will be merciful if we have been merciful.
If anything was more true it would be the love and the path we are called to follow in the beatitudes, the Lord gave us as this example to live by.

Time is short, and if we are to draw near to the Lord, it is NOW, for soon we shall no longer have the strength and it will be to late if our faith is small.
We need the faith to move mountains and we need it now. We need to know He is near and be directed by His presence, to KNOW that He will never leave nor forsake you, and we are to look to him in all things, and not to man.
Our Messiah will not be on earth, we shall meet him in the air.

It is time to get very serious brothers and sisters, the days that have been prophesied are in our midst, and more to come.

When you see all these things come to pass, look up for your redemption draweth nigh!!

Whatsoever you ye desire when your pray, believe ye receive them, and you shall have them. Mark 11:24

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