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Rachel's romance stirs: Her struggle to keep it asleep
by Monica Uwajeh
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Rachel’s Romance Stirs: Her Struggle to Keep It Asleep
Rachel- 18-year-old conservative Christian; loves Christian romance novels who has strong convictions in this area. She is short and thin with dark hair and blue eyes
Alex- Rachel's less conservative best friend
Mary- Rachel's conservative Catholic grandmother
Justin- Rachel's boyfriend; a conservative Christian; respects her highly; also finds her physically attractive

Bill- Justin's older brother; has more experience with women

Setting: Rachel's bedroom- There's a closet centerstage. Rachel is combing through it getting ready for church and her date with Justin. Her friend Alex is watching her. Stage left is a bathroom door. Stage right is the living room door.

Rachel: [Takes out a champagne colored cardigan with a matching blouse and skirt] [She goes into the bathroom to try on the outfit]

Alex: [looks at Rachel's skirt, which flows below her knee] Perfect, Rach. Justin won't get any ideas from you.

Rachel: He better not get any ideas.

Alex: He's a guy. And besides wouldn't it be a little flattering if he wanted to kiss you.

Rachel: Yes, but I still don't believe it would be right.

Alex: Yes, I know.

[The girls go out into the living room.] [ There's a knock on the door.]

Alex: That must be Justin.

Scene two
[Rachel opens the door, and her Grandma Mary walks in]

Grandma Mary: Now, girl, let's have a look at you. You look nice, but remember don't let him play with your tongue.

Rachel: Oh, Gram, don't worry about it. I'm not even going to let Justin kiss me on the lips.

Alex: You've been dating for four months. Wouldn't you at least like him to try? [Blushes, looks at Grandma Mary]

Grandma Mary [Peers at Rachel with a glint in her eye]. It's OK; my girl knows what I taught her.

[Grandma Mary and Alex leave]

Rachel: I know that. And a whole lot more. But romance has a way of stirring even when you want it to sleep in. I really like love stories. There's a part of me that would love it if Justin kissed me tonight. I hate it. It makes me feel two-faced. Alex has me figured out a little bit. Hopefully, for his sake, Justin doesn't. I've tried not to send him any signals.

Scene three [Justin's room] He is fumbling around with the buttons to his best shirt.

Justin: Yeah, right, buddy. It's not gonna happen. It doesn't matter how good you look there's no way.

Bill: No way what?

Justin: [turns around with a slight blush on his cheeks]

Bill: C’mon, little bro. It's me.

Justin: There's no way Rachel's gonna let me kiss her goodnight when the only place I can afford to take her is Sideline Variety.

Bill: I'd give you the money. But I just don't have the cash, dude. And from what you've told me about Rachel, she doesn't care about them anyway.

Justin: She doesn't.

Bill: You're holding out on me, Bro.

Justin: It's just—well I've never kissed her goodnight before.

Bill: What? You've been seeing this girl four months. If you don't kiss her soon, she’s going to think you don't find her attractive.

Justin: Maybe Rachel isn't like that.

Bill: But I've never met a girl who wouldn't want her boyfriend to kiss her goodnight.

Justin: She hasn't given me any signals.

Bill: Was she sending signals when you asked her out?

Justin: No, she wouldn't anyway.

Bill: she said yes, didn't she?

Justin: What's your point?

Bill: Maybe she's a little shy.

Justin: No, Rachel's one of the most outgoing girls I know. She just believes guys should ask girls out.

Bill: So, she's a bit old school. It's not like she's a Puritan or something.

Justin: You think I should just go for it then.

Bill: Yeah, bro.

Scene four [a church] The closet is now offstage. There is now a platform centerstage now that serves as a choir a loft. Rachel is singing. Justin is in a chair watching her.

Rachel [to audience] I love to sing praise songs. But tonight I can't stop thinking about Justin. Where's he going to take me? I know he can't afford much. But something feels different about tonight. Oh, I've got to stop reading those Christian love stories. They're not so bad. It's not like the characters have sex. But they do kiss. And it always seems like a nice moment. It will be that much nicer when I share it with my husband for the first time. I really believe that. I do. I even prayed tonight. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Justin [to audience]: Rachel always has this big smile on her face when she's singing. I know she really loves the Lord. I don't want to lose her. But I can't keep my eyes off her lips. And she's not even wearing lipstick. She's a normal girl. Bill's right I should just go for it. But she's not. She's Rachel. That's why I need some signals. But she'd never do anything obvious. Good thing she can't see what I'm thinking.

Scene five [still at church after the sermon.] Rachel is standing by Justin who is still sitting in the same chair staring at the pulpit.

Rachel: Are you okay? You seem a little weirded out.

Justin: It's just something between me and God.

Rachel: If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.

Justin: Thanks, Rach.

Scene six [Sideline Variety] The platform is now gone. Pieces of foam painted gray to look like a curb span the front of the stage visit. There's a counter stage right.

Justin: You want your pizza with the garlic crust.

Rachel: No, just a plain one tonight.

Justin: [Goes up to the counter and places the order] Seems like a pretty good signal to me. It's the best one I'm gonna get. Good thing I didn't order onion rings. She might wanna eat at the lake.

Rachel: [peers at the basket in Justin's hand as he carries their orders to his car] Chicken. You always get I onion rings. You sure you don't wanna talk.

Justin: No, I'll be fine. You want me that the lake tonight instead of in the car. It would definitely be less cleanup.

Rachel: I don't think that's a good idea. It's dark. I don't think they'll be too many people there. Why don't sit on the curb and eat?

Justin: Yeah, cool.

[Justin is stage left. Rachel is stage right] [they sit on the curb]

Justin : [stands up moves to centerstage] [to audience] I blew it. The lake thing was too obvious. Why else would she be sitting so far away from me? I hope she can forgive me. [He comes nearer to Rachel]

Rachel: [moves to centerstage and looks at Justin] [to audience] He hasn't even touched his chicken. He's always been a gentleman. But the lake would just be too romantic. Even with all my beliefs and prayers, I don't think I could say no to a moment like that. Maybe he wouldn't even try anything. I didn't wanna take that chance. But I'm acting like he just called me a horrible name or something [moves closer to Justin]

Justin: [puts his arm around Rachel's shoulder] Forgive me.

Rachel: Forgive me for overreacting. Maybe we can go in the summer when there's more people there.

Justin: Yeah, cool. Now let's eat.

Rachel: [after taking a few bites of pizza] [to audience] Maybe I should pull away from him. I feel so guilty. I know I overreacted. But I just don't know.

Scene seven: The painted foam is now offstage. Foam Justin and Rachel are standing in front of her door. Justin looks at her and leans forward to kiss her.

Rachel: Stop! No!

Justin: What? I thought you wanted me to kiss you.

Rachel: I knew I shouldn't have let you put your arm around me that long. But I felt so bad about the lake thing.

Justin: I should've taken the hint when he said no to that. But I just don't get it. It's not like we're Puritans. Don't girls wanna get kissed. Don't you?

Rachel: Yes, I'm sorry. I led you on.

Justin: No, Rach. You didn't. I wanted to kiss you so bad. I was looking for any signal I could get.

Rachel: In a way I did. I should've told you that I didn't believe in kissing a guy I wasn't married to.

Justin: Why?

Rachel: I don't wanna be all messed up when I get married.

Justin: I'm not gonna mess you up Rachel.

Rachel: I don't wanna mess you up either. We're only 18 Justin. We're probably not gonna get married.

Justin: Who knows?

Rachel: I wish you wouldn't say that.

Justin: [with a mix of fear and irritation] Do you wanna break up or what?

Rachel: No, this is hard enough without you talking about our future. It's not like I haven't thought about a goodnight kiss. It took a lot of prayer for me to say no tonight.

Justin: [kisses her on the cheek] I promise I'll never try that again. But there's a problem.

Rachel: What?

Justin: What are we gonna do prom night? I can't exactly picture us slow dancing all night without wanting to kiss.
Rachel: Neither can I. But you'll think of something, by God's grace.

Justin: I think it's worth a shot.

Rachel: [Rachel looks behind her, sees her mother in the driveway, which is offstage] [goes inside the house turns out the lights]

Justin: She's cool. Please, Lord, give me something. A Christian concert. Or something with lots of people. [He exits stage right]

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Marijo Phelps 28 Nov 2008
Beautifully written - you showed the angst, drama and conviction well. Would be a super drama for a youth group. Great job, Monica!


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