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What In the World?
by hannah mcclure
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What in The World? by Hannah mcclure

When you sit down to watch your favorite tv show, or look at the news do ever stop to think of how the world is changing? Not just in your community? The earth is constantly spinning on end, and not only that, but it is also spinning out of control.

Many people today are turning from Gods word. There are people turning to abortion, murdering, gay marriage,( there have been more than 10,000 gay marriages since 1953), there are so many things that are too terrible to mention. In Revelation God mentioned that the "Great Whore" would sit down on the world and tempt the people with sex, tons of it, before the end of times. I believe that this is happening now.

Some well known whores are Brittany spears, jessica simpson, paris hilton, and pretty much all of the actresses. On a show called, "paris hiltons bff, a christian girl named Corrie wanted so badly to be parises best friend. How messed up is that? A christian girl is actually wanting to be friends with a whore! God says to not hang out with people like that, because a young girl can get tempted with so many things in hollywood. Tempted she was. She partied, she drank, she said sexual things, she agreed with everything paris said.

In Romans 13:14- It says do not be drunken, go to drunken parties, or orgies. Do not take part in sexual immorality, and clothe yourselves in Gods flesh."

It says right there that christians are not to take part in this.Thats exactly what she did and she didnt even stick up for Christ,or stick up for God. Paris told Corrie that they were going to party in Las Vegas, and what did this poor witness do? She said, "Yay lets do it!" Not one mention of Jesus.

The young are tempted the most God says and tempted she was. Hopefully God will turn her around.

Other shows such as School of Rock show very sexual appeal, and the whores are always enjoying climbing all over the men. Even in the commercials they mention sex appeal, a girl usually shakes her booty to get a guys attention, or on the winterfresh gum commercial the guy whipped his belt out with a thrusting movement, on the coca cola commercial they have changed the sweet polar bears drinking cold soda to scantily clad whorish acting girls dancing around, probably to tempt the men into buying the drinks.

Men are no longer called boyfriends, or soulmates. They are players, just men who play with a girl a few weeks and throws her away. Some players in bible times were the gentiles, chorinthians, and Israel.

The world is constantly celebrating sex, and even girls are having sex at the edge of 10! Can you believe that? Its because theres so much evil on tv. And in a few years it wont be better. The whore is here that was prophesied.

People are even being tempted by satan by movies! Some christians feel like its ok to watch movies such as horror movies. They think its fun to get scared and have a little bit of ghosts in their lives to scare "them good." Ghosts in the dictionary are spirits from the netherworld. They are demons, and yes there are demons disguised as ghosts today. There are hauntings. But do you want to fill your mind with seeing satan?

Back in Greek times, the Greeks had something called a Colliseum. They would watch christians and non-christians being killed for fun. They loved watching the lions tear apart their flesh, and the blood spilling all over the place. They loved watching them being sliced with verious weapons. That was the first and earliest form of horror shows, and the origin of movies, all movies come from the greeks. It was their form of entertainment. God hated it, and said that anyone who watches the murder of another person fake or not, they are guilty of commiting sin in their own eyes, because they are agreeing to watching something as awful as the spilling of innocent blood. The romans enjoyed watching Jesus' blood spilled all over the place. They loved to see his pain. Whats the difference today? Well, we just use fake blood, and costumes. Like the greeks, we are making horror shows a love, a entertainment. And Jesus is so angered by this.

One of the traps that people try to say about abortion is that if you've been raped or if something bad has happened to you, its ok to kill the baby. A wesite even says, the most merciful thing to do is to kill the baby. But let me ask you something. Would killing be considered a sin or a help?

In deuteronomy 24:16- It says, "Fathers and mothers, do not kill your children.

Exodus 21:12-13 says any man who schemes to kill another man is guilty of shedding innocent blood. Isnt what we do if we plan to abort a baby?

(Gen. 1:20-25). also says God created people in God's own image. So we're really killing Gods baby!

In Job 3:16- It says,

16 Why wasn’t I buried like a stillborn child,
like a baby who never lives to see the light? As it goes on it reaches a conclussion which he states,
1 At last Job spoke, and he cursed the day of his birth. 2 He said:

3 “Let the day of my birth be erased,
and the night I was conceived.
4 Let that day be turned to darkness.
Let it be lost even to God on high,
and let no light shine on it.
5 Let the darkness and utter gloom claim that day for its own.
Let a black cloud overshadow it,
and let the darkness terrify it.
6 Let that night be blotted off the calendar,
never again to be counted among the days of the year,
never again to appear among the months.
7 Let that night be childless.
Let it have no joy.
8 Let those who are experts at cursing—
whose cursing could rouse Leviathan[a]—
curse that day.
9 Let its morning stars remain dark.
Let it hope for light, but in vain;
may it never see the morning light.
10 Curse that day for failing to shut my mother’s womb,
for letting me be born to see all this trouble.

11 “Why wasn’t I born dead?
Why didn’t I die as I came from the womb?
12 Why was I laid on my mother’s lap?
Why did she nurse me at her breasts?
13 Had I died at birth, I would now be at peace.
I would be asleep and at rest.
14 I would rest with the world’s kings and prime ministers,
whose great buildings now lie in ruins.
15 I would rest with princes, rich in gold,
whose palaces were filled with silver.
16 Why wasn’t I buried like a stillborn child,
like a baby who never lives to see the light?

Hes actually talking about a unborn child. This is for abortionists to see. God says in

Romans 1:31 People(including mothers) without natural affection, are worthy of being put to death.

In one part of the BIble it even says, that the man who has sinned with the woman should be put to death, not the baby!

In 1 Timothy 5:8 It says, "But those who won’t care for their relatives, especially those in their own household, have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers. They are worthy enough to go to hell.

Unless you repent you will go to hell for aborting that precious child you abort in the belly. The bible says its worse than murder.
So a woman cannot kill her baby because she feels guilty, she is worthy of crime. And reality it does not say that. People actually support it. And the Bible says those who support or are a witness at the scene of a crime, are worthy of the same sin. So if people support it, they are murdering in their own eyes. Just like looking at pornographic magazines can cause some young men to rape other women.

Another thing in reality and in this world today is the accults. The Bible says not to twist scripture around,and yet the world says its ok to do that. They say we must accept each other opinions and just leave it at that. Oh you have your opinion! I have mine. Thats excluding Gods message.

In 1 John 2:13-14 it says "If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For everything in the world--the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does--comes not from the Father but from the world."

I'm going to do something a little different. Think about this word that I put down, and what first comes to your head.


One of the first things should have been pornography or murder. Think again and more and more things will start popping into your head that are wrong. If you want to know what is right study the Bible. Look through the verses.

Now I'm going to do something a little different. When you read these words think of what first comes to mind.


It should be pure clean thoughts. Now if I put Jesus beside murder see what happens? Jesus-murder. It doesnt seem right. Jesus-abortion. God- abortion, God- murder, God- pornography. You see Gods opposite. The categories should be here. Satan- murder, satan- pornography, satan-abortion, satan- sex. Satan is lord over all these things. Now think of the world, the world is satan. Imagine this. satan- love, satan- peace, satan- obedient, satan- happiness. No, they dont fit in.

So, now I hope you see what the world has done. Whats become of it. Now you see the sadness that it brings God. When the mother who aborted her baby sees that face in heaven and never gets to touch him, when the whore at highschool gets raped and killed, when the 12 year old boy shot all his classmates at school because he had watched a bloody game, when a teenage girl realizes that shes forgot Jesus.
We need to change.

We need to stop. Turn off the the tvs, radio, and when we see something we know that God disagrees with, we should ask, "What in the world?" And think this IS the world!! And I'm not going to be part of it.

God beams with pride.

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