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Trust in My Goodness
by Patricia Backora
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Trust in My Goodness

My precious people, so many of you have struggled with doubts concerning things pertaining to healing and other supernatural miracles. I want you to cease your struggles and be delivered from your inner unrest. I have called you to peace in the perfect rest of faith which I impart through My Holy Spirit. You cannot “muster up” the kind of faith which breaks through to victory. There is no such thing as “mustered up” faith produced by mental gymnastics ever mentioned in My Gospel.

Predatory preachers will send you a handkerchief which is supposedly activated by offering “a sacrificial vow” or other such gimmick, and in this evil manner fishers for funds hold your faith in Me hostage to your grip on your wallet. I have seen thousands ride buses hundreds of miles to “get a touch” from the latest faith (fake?) healer of the hour, because there is such desperation of heart. The whole thing is often staged like a rock concert in that the theater or stadium is rented out for so many hours, and that’s it. The “program” of music, warm-up acts, lighting, and preliminaries to “set the mood” is planned much like any other carnal event OF MEN. Did Peter, Paul or James impart the Gift of Miracles in this manner?

Yet that faraway coliseum in some far-off city is foremost in the mind of the desperate seeker of deliverance. He/she will endure ANY amount of trouble to get to where the alleged anointing resides. The supposed minister of the “anointing” is not always pure of motive. Fame and greed are strong motivational factors in the hearts of many.

People hope against hope that the preacher will take five minutes to minister personally to them, that he/she will walk down the aisle and call out their name to give them their undivided attention. Yet the stadium is packed with far more people than the “anointed ministry” can personally minister to. The “ministry team” is on a tight schedule, with so many minutes allotted to announcements, special music, sermonizing, “ministry”, and collection of offerings. Time is taken to promote books, CD’s, “miracle oils”, cassettes, DVD’s, ad nauseum. Did Jesus interrupt His own ministry to the sick with commercials?

Many run to and fro in the earth, looking for the “anointing” and the Word of the Lord, and are unable to find it (Amos 8:12). Yet in the NT I speak of only ONE anointing, that precious unction of the Holy Spirit which ALREADY indwells each Spirit-filled believer in Jesus Christ (I John 2:27). Why do you run to and fro looking unto some other mortal human being who is alleged to be blessed with a far greater measure of that same precious Treasure you ALREADY possess inside your heart by faith (2 Cor.4:7)?

I can’t bless chaos. My idea of what constitutes divine order often differs sharply with what man considers to be orderly. Today’s so-called “miracle services” are considered the only orderly way to minister to the sick. But the sad truth is, NOWHERE in the Bible do I sanction the procedures commonly followed today by “miracle workers”. Beautiful music is played to attract My Spirit like a bee goes for honey. But even pagan, New Age religions employ chants and repetitive melodies to attract benevolent spirits and induce positive feelings in their followers. That is not My Way, especially so in this New Covenant of Grace. You sing out of a heart of love to Me, not because you’re trying to “conjure up” My Presence. I am not a genie who must appear at the beck and call of superstitious religious people.

Many would say that miracles happened spontaneously in the Bible, in the sense that they weren’t the expected outcome of a pre-planned “miracle crusade.” Peter’s shadow fell across many sick people and they were healed instantly (Acts 5:15). That’s about the closest you come in Scripture to a formal “miracle service”. No singing to “stir up the anointing”. No special music, no fancy lighting, no ushers passing around the plate, no “vows of faith” to “sow a seed to meet your need.” Whenever people came to Jesus for healing, He needed no warm-up acts to “set the mood”. Jesus just got right down to the holy task of healing folks and setting them free from the works of the devil wherever He saw the need for deliverance. Jesus didn’t rent any stadiums. The fact that He ministered sometimes to CROWDS just happened because so many people were sick at the same time and each wanted a touch from Him. Jesus’ traveling healing ministry took place BEFORE THE CROSS AND BEFORE THE COMING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT TO ENDUE INDIVIDUAL BELIEVERS WITH POWER FROM ON HIGH (Luke 24:49; Acts chapter 2). Jesus had to physically move around to as many places of need as He could, under My direction, because His Holy Spirit did not yet reside in the hearts of His followers. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil (I John 3:8). If My dear Son set people free from the works of the devil BEFORE He even died for them, how much more does He want to set you all free today from the oppression of the enemy!

So many ask Me: “Where’s the miracles, Lord? Why don’t/won’t You heal or perform signs and wonders just like you did back in the days of Peter and Paul?” Many of you have been taught by well-educated, but faithless ministers to “dispensationalize away” My greatness and power by saying that healing is “done away” and isn’t even included in the Atonement, in contradiction to Matthew 8:17. Healing is “spiritualized away” as being intended only for the inner part of man. If My Son bore the infirmities and sicknesses of His own generation, AS WELL AS THEIR SINS (Isa.53:5), then why do you think He bore your sins but not your sicknesses, just because you happen to live in the 21st century instead of the First Century? I could show you NO loving favor at all unless provision was made for it in the Atonement of Christ. Were it not for the shedding of the Blood of Jesus on your behalf, all of you living upon the earth would be counted as My enemies, forever without hope and condemned to a devil’s hell.

So often I get the credit for people’s severe illnesses, and a few Christian believers even thank Me for them. But when Jesus healed a crippled lady, He plainly said that SATAN had bound her for eighteen years (Luke 13:16). Jesus didn’t refuse to heal that lady and tell her I was punishing her for sin, or that she needed that trial of affliction to help her grow into a stronger person.

Where is the holy discernment of My people? You are commanded to prove (test) all things (I Thes.5:21). You are to hold fast to that which is good, not that which is evil. Jesus let you know that you are to examine everything you are offered to determine whether it’s a snake, a scorpion, a stone, a loaf of bread or a fish (Matt.7:9-10; Luke 11:10-13). I give GOOD gifts unto My children. I don’t offer them a bitter cup of foul poison to kill them. Beware of spiritual-sounding false teaching which indoctrinates you into thinking that bad is good and good is bad, and I can’t tell the difference and don’t want you to be able to either.

Pray earnestly for a revival of true faith, and for My grace to discard every wrong teaching and practice that springs from tradition and bad religion. When mercy-drops of healing fall from My Throne of Grace, you will not be drawn to some slick showman in a vast auditorium. You will be drawn to Jesus, as He is revealed through the humblest of vessels. Often it will be just you and Me, with no human being doing any direct praying over you. Did you know there are times when you pray in the tongues of the Spirit that you’re actually praying for people you don’t even know, who live on the other side of the earth; people you will never meet until you get to heaven? Stop mouthing those false platitudes of men, such as “miracles are done away” or “this sickness is a blessing in disguise”. Instead, give Me thanks for every GOOD and encouraging thing in your life which serves to build up your faith (confidence in Me and My love for you expressed in power). Pray often in the tongues of the Spirit, especially when satan tempts you to complain in your own language. You will be amazed at how much better you feel, and how much brighter your hope is inside.

Look not unto any man or woman, either “dead saints” in heaven or living believers on earth. You have only ONE Savior, not many. My Son the Lord Jesus Christ is the Savior of the Body as well as the soul, and without Him you can do nothing (Eph.5:23; John 15:5).

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