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My House is Built of LIVING Stones
by Patricia Backora
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I have clearly stated in My Word that I no longer inhabit a sanctuary of stone, built with the hands of man. Instead, I inhabit the hearts of My people by faith, and corporately the Body of Christ, which is the assembly of saints on earth (Eph.3:17; I Cor. chapter 12; 6:16).

When I walked the earth, My disciples marveled at the splendor and size of the huge stone blocks comprising the Temple. At that moment their eyes were fixed on earthly, visible things instead of the realities of the Spirit. It was then I told them that the temple built by human hands was appointed to destruction (Mark 13:1-2). But the true Temple of My body would be destroyed only to be raised back up in three days (John 2:19).

The spiritual reality is this: I am the true vine and ye are the branches (John 15:5). The spiritual sap of My eternal life flows freely through all those branches which are attached to me and have not been severed through rebellion or unbelief. I am present within you through My Spirit to enlighten you to the truths of My Word. I share your joys. I share your sorrows and feel your hopes. I whisper endearments of love to your soul. And when My people gather together to celebrate My life and share My love one with another, it is glorious indeed. I inhabit such joyful gatherings. I minister to those who lack through those who have been blessed with the unction of the Spirit to meet needs in My assembly. As My people step out in obedience and faith I am able to move through such ones in power and anointing. Truly it is the power of the Risen Christ within them which brings deliverance to the captives and sets the oppressed in heart free.

Instead of such a blessed scenario flourishing in Christian gatherings, I see countless stone tombs across the land housing the spiritually dead who are content to sit idly in their tombs until the final trumpet sounds and the supernatural part of the Christian life can finally begin. It is a matter of pride and quest for personal identity in most cases. People love to point their finger and boast: “I belong to that church over there. See how big and beautiful it is?” And when asked if a fledgling “church” has grown much, the proud nominal Christian might say: “Sure it has, brother! We’re flying high now! We’ve built a brand new Sunday School wing onto the church!”

Formality proliferates in such cold, dead structures. Formality kills the “family feeling” of the Family of God. People sit in their stiff wooden pews and stare at stiff faces “over there” which have nothing to do with them. Offerings are taken up, not for the poor (Matt.19:21; Luke 19:8; Rom.15:26), but for more lifeless bricks and mortar to house more morose robots who dig deep into their wallets for more and more money to give a deadpan preacher. Once again My precious people are saying: “I am of Paul. I am of Apollos” ( (I Cor.1:12-13) as they worship men more than Me. The latest religious pop idol on the scene promises to preach on seven brand new keys to prosperity in case the last guy’s seven secrets failed to work. And the people love it and fall for it. They crowd around this fresh-faced idol with the fancy haircut and thousand-dollar suit, standing in line to buy his motivational books, CD’s, video’s and other “ministry” paraphernalia. And My precious people are persuaded to sell themselves short by glib liars who persuade them that the only priesthood in My House stands at the front of the so-called sanctuary. Duped Christians dig deeper as they fall deeper into the Ditch of Deception, led there by blind leaders of the blind (Matt.15:14). Christians enrich the rich at their own spiritual peril, and impoverish themselves and their families both materially and spiritually (Prov.22:16). Truly the House of the Living Dead has become a house of thieves and overpriced merchants (Matt.21:13).

An airbrushed, polished, “Prosperity Christ” is being pushed by these merchants of greed in order to construct their own temples, now referred to as “Mega-Churches”. How sickening to see so many homeless (some of them believers) out in the street pushing shopping carts, wandering all alone, homeless, sick and hungry, while “Pastor” polishes his oaken pews and landscapes his expansive (expensive) flower gardens. People who come to these alleged “churches” for help are made to feel like beggars who ought to be ashamed, although My Son said: “Sell what you have and give to the poor” (Matt.19:21). Jesus did not command His disciples to sell motivational material, books, CD’s or T-shirts to make themselves richer on this earth. And Jesus said nothing whatsoever about taxing My people to fund “church” furnishings, tall steeples, or choir robes. The most despicable beggars of all are predatory preachers who club MY people over the head with threats of hellfire if they don’t “tithe” and “give sacrificially till it hurts.”

Speaking of beggars, the New Covenant ushered in a far better covenant between Me and My people. All weak and beggarly elements pertaining to the Old Law system were nailed to the Cross of Christ (Gal.2:9; Col.2:14-23). The congregation pertains to the Old Covenant, not the New. NOT ONCE does the word “congregation” appear in the NT instructional epistles to the churches, only in the book of Acts in a context pertaining to Jewish synagogue worship. My ORIGINAL church knew no such clergy-laity divide in their gatherings, where know-it-all Bible experts charge offering money to dispense pearls of alleged wisdom to those they consider dumber than themselves. A man-made priestly caste system carries the implications of a superior ruling class entitled to take tribute from lower-ranking members who don’t participate in ministry. This doctrine OF MEN violates the clear teachings of NT Scripture, which teaches that ALL believers are part of My Royal Priesthood (I Pet.2:5,9; Rev.1:6; 5:10).

Aside from the fact most preachers prefer to cling to false traditions because they’re more comfortable with them, a lot of saints crave the VISIBLE over the invisible, just like in the bad old days when Israel fired Me from being their King and demanded a human one (I Samuel Chapter 8). Today’s believers want a human arm to lean on and solve all their problems for them. They’d rather “belong to” the richest, fanciest church building in town than actually BE the church of LIVING stones I ordained in the beginning (I Pet.2:5). Even if it means demoting themselves from NT priests to the level of tribute-paying serfs. Even if it means putting some MAN between yourself and Christ, contrary to I Tim.2:5. Even if it means becoming a crowd of fawning admirers OF MEN and paying tribute to them the same way an earthly king is surrounded by a court full of subjects bringing gifts to him, carnal believers crave the visible. They are prepared to pay ANY price to have a manmade structure they can be proud of, regardless of their own loss of spiritual status.

Evil preachers of greed want a free ride on the backs of My hard-working people. These kingpins lounge around in luxury and prance around on a velvety podium singing their own praises. “WE” accomplished this, “WE” got this done, “to the glory of God.” The royal “we” masks the true boasting of the word “I”, the center of the word “pride”.

I feel like the odd one out in such hypocritical, empty places. An Imposter Christ has stolen the hearts of My people (Matt.24:24; Mark 13:22; 2 Cor.11:4). A false Jesus spun out of the darkened imagination of preachers who want an easy road to prosperity (for themselves only) with no cross to bear. Well, I would have you all to know this: I will tolerate no rival Christs, even if at best they are only imaginary. At worst, false Christs manifest as actual deceiving demons controlling a lustful preacher who can’t get enough of the “good life”. Satan persuades My people to see bad as good and good as bad. While I wouldn’t have preachers go back to a false “poverty is good” message, I don’t want them fixating the eyes of My people on temporary, perishable things of earth which can’t be carried to heaven with them.

False “messiahs” in the pulpit try to drown Me out, but I refuse to be silenced or driven out of the midst of My own people. The credit crunch is a heavy burden on the world economy. But it will prove to be “crunch time” for religious panhandlers out to fleece My flock. Before dumping further precious resources into the coffers of wealthy beggars out for more luxuries, My people will pause for a moment and ponder whether it is truly I who am GENTLY leading them to give the rich preacher their so-called faith offering or if it is the enemy goading them from behind. I am about to cut the leeches off My bleeding Body and restore health and healing to a precious remnant church OF LIVING STONES who will no longer be duped into deviating from My original plans and purposes, or from the true vision I have for My Body.

Luxuries will disappear for profiteering Prophets of Greed. I will bring a cold wind of judgment against them and blow upon their flimsy kingdoms of selfishness. My true believers will know no lack of life’s necessities as they trust Me with all their heart. But the well of endless donations is about to dry up for those who finance a rival STRUCTURE OF MEN I never ordained.

Matt.15:13: But he (Jesus) answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.

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Member Comments
Member Date
Gay L Hall 06 Aug 2009
Amen sister, again Amen! Open your eyes people and see the truth! God help us sister, God help us!
Judy Wilson 14 Nov 2008
I just don't know what to say other than i don't understand why so many can't see or discern these things and if we don't have Him , an intimate relationship with Him and Him alone its all for nothing. If your going to be a minister then we need you to need God! Keep writing and proclaming. Amazing article!


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