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by Boyewa T'Oritshe-Nunu 
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• Socio-economic profile

• Organisation
• Office Address
• Contact Person(s)
• Name of Leaders

• Mission Statement
• Objectives

• Publicity & Awareness I&II
• Skill Acquisition Program
• Apprenticeship Initiative
• Employment / Job Placement Scheme

• The Project Monitoring Board
• General Assembly Coordination Council


Name of Org????? is a regional group based in???. It was originally formed on the ???of ??? 200?, by ???..

We started active work on ??? ?? 200?. The Name of Org intends to open a Skill Acquisition Centre in ??????????. Our recruitment drive and actual geographical coverage includes??????????????????. Our quota system of selection of trainees, which is an integral policy of the Name of Org ensures that each local government areas has five (5) intakes, with only host City having a higher percentage of intakes. Our out-reach recruitment drive stretches into some rural areas, especially where there is much feminization of poverty..
The Name of Org was formed due to the economic hardship prevailing in the region which has caused an unprecedented rise in crime, and prostitution.
• Socio-economic profile:
We work in ????????????,. A high percentage of the indigenes of this region are still living in poverty, ostensibly due to ‘bad governance’.
???A survey conducted showed that ??60%?? of the youths in ??? are unable to pursue their education above the secondary school level to the university level due in part to the socio-economic situation prevailing; and as such are unable to secure good jobs/employment opportunities. The research further shows that 20% are unable to afford secondary education.
The results of this dire situation paint a gloomy picture for the future of ???. This situation has brought in its wake, high rates of street gangs, and armed robberies among the young men and little girls between the ages of ??12 – 17??, have become promiscuous, and taken to commercial sex in order to survive the harsh economic realities in ???


Organisation: ???
Office Address:???
Contact Person(s) Name???
Name of Leaders: Mr.??????? (President).
Mr. ????? (Secretary General)
Mr. ??? (Director of Programs)
Mr. ???(Vice-President)
Mrs. ??? (Financial Secretary)
Ms. ??? (Publicity Secretary)
Mr. ??? (Regional Field Coordinator)


• Mission Statement.
The birth of the organization was in response to our concern over the harsh economic realities faced by members of our community. Poverty, illiteracy, high rate of unemployment, unprecedented rise in armed robbery, proliferation of prostitution amongst our girls/women, teenage pregnancy at an all time high, plus the feminization of rural poverty, are the result of the times we are in.

The ‘??? Skill Acquisition Centre’ will serve as a foundation for applying home grown initiatives and innovations for instilling a culture of vocational skill development ethics into our youths, in order to achieve in the mid and long term a moderate level of sustainable economic growth.

The (??Name of Org??) mandates are the empowerment of our folks technically and economically, but also mentally, and psychologically through a wide range of basic skill acquisition/vocational training program that will hopefully gender home grown entrepreneurial initiatives, which in turn will lead to the emancipation of our youths from all forms of socio-economic vices, e.g. armed robbery, prostitution, fraudulent practices, gangsterism, cultism, etc. We consider our skill acquisition project as a foundation for sustainable socio-economic independence and the elimination of poverty on the long term..

• Objectives:
(1) Provide a platform for youths, and the unskilled in ???(Name of Locality) to acquire necessary fundamental skills for the development of the society, socially and economically.
(2) Develop and empower the youths, vocationally, mentally and psychologically, in order that their energies be channelled into building a better standard of life for themselves, and the larger society..
(3) provide a platform to promote intercultural harmony, and inculcate a culture of ‘work ethic, and labour in dignity’.

The ??? Skill Acquisition Centre project will help our community in the following ways;

1).The project will improve the general economic standard of life of the community by equipping the youths with vital developmental tools for the attainment of qualitative socio-economical knowledge that will empower the youths face the financial, political and social challenges of the twenty-first century.
2.) The project will cause a positive change in attitudes of our people, who have for so long, and too long, felt helpless, ill equipped, second classed, marginalized, and denied of the accruing benefits from the resources of the Nation.
3). The skill acquisition project will also impact on the social lives of the people positively, reducing the level of crime, and other negative social vices indulged in by our youths- the mental change will be profound
4).Fourthly, the grant will not only usher in a new wave of community development, but also serve as a source of generating essential income/capital for ???, by bringing in much needed revenue income into the community.

We address these issues through series of activities enumerated in the Project Implementation Information.


To implement our Skill Acquisition Project, which includes an Apprenticeship initiative program will undertake the following activities:

(A). Publicity & Awareness I&II
(B) Skill Acquisition Program
(C).Apprenticeship Initiative
(D). Employment / Job Placement Scheme.

A - Publicity & Awareness I&II.
This initiative is in two parts:

Publicity & Awareness. I:
• Advocacy Visits/Consultations
• Rallies/Open-Air Campaigns
• Advocacy Visits/Consultations
Cognisance of the fact that we can not achieve our goals without soliciting for partners, and collaborators, we plan to pay advocacy/courtesy visits to key traditional Chiefs/elders/spiritual fathers, and consult with key personalities in the local, and State government levels, corporate bodies, and professional organs within our region. The underlying aim being in part to present them with copies of the draft plan we hope to implement, so as to be seen as transparent in our intents, but also have access to them when ever we have a need.

• Rallies /Open Air Campaigns:
We intend to use this approach to sensitize and mobilize our community. We will embark on a tour of selected local government areas for a period, by hosting rallies and open air campaign in each selected local government area pursuant to consultations with the elders, chiefs, and the spiritual fathers of the locality. We will be showing educative Film slides, and with microphones, and speakers, explain our goals.

Publicity & Awareness II:
• Media Launch (Radio/TV/ Print):
We will launch an awareness campaign intended for the general public through the media. : In this second part of publicity & awareness we intended advertising full page on the National dailies, some air time on Radio/TV. The agenda is to cause wider public awareness that will attract youths across the State to come and sign-up, and be registered
• Bill Boards / Posters:
We will also erecting massive Bill Boards and Posters in strategic locations within our geographical coverage. The boards and posters will carry inspiring messages for the youths.

B - Skill Acquisition Program:

Our skill Acquisition Program offers vocational courses in three disciplines, namely;
1). Hand Crafts.
2). Manufacturing/Production.
3). Technical / Mechanical Fabrication and Construction.
The (??Name of org.??? intends to equip this centre with varieties of working tools, electronic and mechanical equipments, learning modules, viewers with sets of slides, Multimedia training materials, and locally sourced materials for the manufacturing, producing, and fabrication of diver’s products..

We have instituted a three part vocational educative curriculum of specialization, with a syllabus on skill acquisition. As a result of the number of specialization we intend offering our trainees, we have recruited experts, specialized in training on utilizing local materials, and natural resources for manufacturing, fabricating, and producing a number of marketable commercial products, and items; and also imparting technical, instructors on mechanical, and technical know-how.
As earlier stated our vocational educative curriculum of subjects, and syllabuses are in three parts; Part One – Hand Crafts; Part Two - Manufacturing/Production; Part Three – Technical/Mechanical Fabrication and Construction.

Part One – Hand Crafts: For example our group of instructors and experts will provide knowledge on crafts, and sculpture, carpentry. - using raffia fibre, and wood in the production, and fabrication of wooden pistons, house-hold furniture, brooms, tooth-picks, hand fans (for fanning firewood/coal, and cooling body heat), multi-coloured baskets, sunhats, and mats, raffia sifters(for sifting grinded corn/cassava/maize), multi-coloured decorative house-hold raffia items e.g. bamboo chairs/tables/decorative items; footwear’s fabricated from used tyres.
Through this Local Craft Technology (LCT), we will also offer courses in embroidery, and knitting. At least eighty percent (80%) of the materials for this initiative will be locally sourced.

Part Two - Manufacturing/Production:
The Name of Org ???, will through the Skill Acquisition Workshop Centre offer basic training on manufacturing, and production techniques, packaging of varieties of domestic/utility products such as bathing/washing soaps, cooking oil, pomade/ointment, fruit beverages, natural herbal applications, distilled water production. The resources of production are relatively about seventy percent (70%) naturally sourced, reducing the costs of chemical, and other synthetics.

Part Three – Technical/Mechanical Fabrication and Construction:
We will also be imparting technical/mechanical knowledge at ??? Skill Acquisition Workshop Centre. Practical and theoretical teachings on electronic/mechanical components/equipment, specifically; installation, repairs, fabrications, welding, casting, wiring, etc will be provided. To effectively impart technical and mechanical knowledge on our trainees, we have contacted some professional technicians, and mechanics who have volunteered their expertise as instructors. A syllabus for our technical and mechanical course will be printed out.

All finished products from the skill Acquisition initiative will be commercialized. We will activate a retail/whole sale outlet through the 'Skill Acquisition Market Cooperative', fondly called ‘SAMCO’. Proceeds from this initiative will be deposited into the following treasury accounts:
• Instructors Allowance Treasury - Paying&feeding Instructors
• Skill Acquisition Treasury - Daily maintenance of the centre
• Trainees Allowance Treasury – Pocket money for trainees.
• Apprenticeship Project Treasury: For sponsorship, and bursaries.
• Micro Finance Funds – Start-up loans for ex-trainees

C - Apprenticeship Initiative:

The Apprenticeship initiative compliments our skill Acquisition Project, and is specifically designed to equip our youths with basic and sustainable handwork.
The initiative is to sponsor young men and women to learn a trade. We will register youths for apprenticeship courses in sewing, knitting, hair styling, and bakery. Each
of our youths will be attached to any of these enterprises for a period of one year, and thereafter commence an internship for another one year We will buy all the relevant materials needed by each apprentice and also provide bursaries for the duration of the courses. We will try and ensure that each youth will be seconded for apprenticeship, and
internship within area of residence.
We have approached proprietors of such enterprises (Hair Salon, Bakeries, Sewing Salons, and shops, etc) within the State. The proprietors of the enterprises all appreciate what we are about to do, and expressed their willingness to assist us by reducing the apprenticeship registration fees. At the end of the year they will gain freedom to work as professionals in their various
fields of specialization.
The overall objective of this initiative is that our folks will be equipped to earn income through knowledge acquired, and be able to develop themselves, and their families.

D - Job Placement/Employment Initiative:

This program is a complimentary initiative to the Skill acquisition project itself. It’s designed to ensure that all those who pass through our Project have access to better opportunities to utilize their knowledge. In the light of this we decided to institute a Job Placement/ Employment Search Committee (JP/ESC), made up of 5 members whose functions are to assist the Centre in sourcing for jobs/employments for those members who have attained the necessary qualifications. Members of the committee were contacted, briefed in advance on the objectives of the project, and chosen based on their influence and professional achievements in their various fields within the State. Their primary objective is to assist qualified trainees secure jobs, and gainful employment in areas of specialization.


We have instituted the Project Monitoring Board (hereafter referred to as PMB) which is the supreme governing authority responsible for the administration, implementation, and management of the ??? Skill Acquisition Centre.

• The Project Monitoring Board:
The PMB comprises twelve (12) Executive Board Members; nine (9) full time executive members, and three(3)Guest board members(the 3 guest executives are from different institutional/Professional bodies, selected because of their transparency, competence and experience in funds and project management - they will be serving specifically on this project on voluntary basis.

The PMB will be divided into four units, namely;
UNIT I: Disbursement/Expenditure; actual disbursement of funds, amount spent and incurred Unit one will be headed by a board member, and one guest executive.
UNIT II: Administration/Management; The daily administration, and management of the ??? Skill Acquisition Centre will be run by three board members and one
guest member.
UNIT III: Implementation –The practical actualisation and implementation of the project will be run by four board members.
UNIT IV: Account & Auditing of the administration and management of funds will be run by one board member, and a guest executive.

• General Assembly Coordination Council:
The twelve members Project Monitoring Board decided to form a ‘General Assembly Coordination Council’ (GACOCO) whose primary purpose is to ensure that the ??? Skill Acquisition Centre’s vocational curriculum and other affiliated programs are well coordinated, standardized, and responsive to the aspirations of the trainees.

The General Assembly Coordination Council comprises thirteen members - ten instructors; three board members. It has a Secretary General, and four Coordinating Secretaries,
GACOCO will meet on a monthly basis with the executive board for consultations and deliberations on:
• Overseeing the implementation of new administrative/management strategies
• Facilitating affiliate collaborative networks with other institutions
• Redefining policies
• Revaluating teaching strategies
• Reviewing the Vocational Syllabus
• Monitoring the impact of the vocational programs on the trainees.
The monthly meetings will last three days in order to properly brainstorm on attaining the next level, access progress, and upgrade work capacity. This monthly strategy meeting will create access for field instructors to not only contribute to formation, and development of the Centre’s vocational policies, but more it‘s the execution.
GACOCO is split into three subgroups namely, Programs/Syllabus Coordination Group, Internal Coordination Group, External Coordination Group.

(1).Programs/Syllabus Coordination Group.
Review/Formulate the Centre’s syllabus/Vocational programs, revaluate teaching strategies, ensure programs/schedules are strictly adhered to by instructors, and monitor the impact of the programs on trainees.
(2).Internal Coordination Group.
This group will directly oversee the implementation of administrative/management strategies, collate, and store the Centre’s data, develop a computerize communication/information data base system to collate, store, and disseminate, maintenance of Centre’s infrastructures, ensure strict codes of ethics amongst instructors/trainees, and general security.
(3). External Coordination Group.
Facilitate affiliate collaborative networks with other institutions/organizations, publicity, sourcing potential donor bodies/grants.


In the next three to five years we plan to form advocacy groups to address issues highlighted below:

(1) The formation of a vocational youth political power block that will advocate, mobilize, and sensitize youths for the State legislature to pass a bill into law which will provide government sponsored vocational skill acquisition Institutes/Centres for training, and developing unemployed youths. The idea is to form a pressure group of enlightened vocationally trained youths visit members of the State House of Assembly on the need to also pass a bill that will create microfinance institutes.

(2) We intend to form a Political Awareness Committee (PAC) that will direct our trainee youths to vote for men/women who include ‘vocational skill acquisition and microfinance for unemployed but skilled youths’ as issues in their election campaigns. We intend paying periodical visits to members of the State/National Assembly members, and also invited some members to the Centre.

Conclusively the Centre’s mandate is to offer our unemployed, and uneducated, and unskilled youth’s qualitative vocational education that will empower them to financially, politically and socially face the challenges ahead.

Note: All information in question marks are unacertained.

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