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He Will Bare You On Eagles Wings
by Shanna George
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In recent months I have seen more of the image of the anti christ being formed then I have my whole life.

Deception abounds, people are being mesmerized by charismatic figures, even some who call themselves Christians.
They do not understand the spiritual undercurrents, the principalities and powers, that are being called into play to bring about their devised end, and their wicked plans.

What amazes me is that watchmen have declared this for many years now to no avail, it is like the ostrich with his proverbial head in the sand, much of the church has it's head everywhere but on Christ and will not look up, because they are in denial..

If you say there are spirits moving characters like a chess game into place just as prophesied they would think you are nuts. They are being drawn into satans hands, to believe the lie.
We, this country and the world are heading into the NWO the New World Order. Headed by the coming one, the anti Christ.

All the pawns are in place, the global money crisis came about to bring us right into the hands of those who have been in the planning stage of the new world order and the one world religion. The stage is set. The die is cast, and there is no turning back.

The Lord is calling His Remnant to go back into the wilderness, all who are born of His Spirit, true believers are covered in the blood, and the death angel will passover when he see's the blood covering them and when God brings judgments to this unrepentant world, He shall hide his remnant under His wings.
They are His, and they love and are devoted to the Lord.
Exo 19:4 Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles' wings, and brought you unto myself.

Some will ask why God would do such a thing.

Why would he choose only a remnant? When he sent His prophets to warn of what was coming and told His people to prepare, only the few who went into the wilderness and allowed the Lord to test them, would deny self, while the rest of the body went on enjoying the things of the world, mocking the word the Lord gave to the prophets to give them to prepare.

They said," preach to me smooth words, I don't want to hear of judgments, I want to hear that no matter what I do God will forgive me, so pardon me, while I live MY LIFE".

In the old testament it was the same thing, the people loved their sins more then God, they loved their idols and their own ways.

So God chose a remnant because the people were hard headed, and stiff necked, and so it is today, even under the new covenant. God has not changed and neither has the world or His people.

So God has a remnant that have loved and trusted in Him and consecrated themselves to him, who have allowed the trials and testing, now they will be ready to follow Him where ever He goes.

God is calling some to physically "go into the wilderness to leave the city, and others He may have them to hide themselves in Him, but in either case they are to get out of Egypt before He brings about the judgments on the world.

Those who KNOW Him, he will speak into our hearts and tell us what He would have us to do, what he would have each of us do in our own situation or in His plan for our lives, we must trust only in him. Not our Pastor not our family or our friends but Jesus only. He is our God. If we cannot do that we need to go back to the word of God and press in.

Rev 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her,my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

This is not a time for fear, but of love, for LOVE cast out all fear. I know so many are fearful of what is coming, they are fearful to see their finances crumble in the market, worry how they can pay their bills and feed their families, all in the same boat not knowing where to turn, so they cry out for a leader like they did with King Saul, so God gave them what they wanted a leader, and it was not what they wanted or expected.

The people are even now crying out for a leader because they do not want God to rule over them, to decide what they can do and not do. They want to have the right to sacrifice their children to Molech, and to do abominable things, and to make laws so they can do as they choose. "We want our own choice", they are saying. So God will give them their choice and at the same time it will be His choice, and what will come they will not wish for but it will be too late. They made their choice, they cried out for a leader that would be pleasing to their flesh.

Yes, prayer could change the direction we are heading or it could very well be too late, we all have been warned, and so many have shut their ears to the truth. Yet God is a merciful God, and only He knows when He will withdraw His grace.

He has revealed it to His prophets, they have warned and they have given His words and none would hear.

We will see things soon we never thought would happen in this country, what we are being told is a lie and much deception abounds, and we are seeing someone given power that will change this nation and it will be according to prophecy.

The Lord is allowing the blindness to occur, it is as if they do not see truth because they refused to listen.

2Th 2:10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

I have never seen so many eyes blinded to deception as we are seeing now. I am seeing the hand writing on the wall. This country has been found wanting.

What is happening has been prophesied from ancient time, and yet though prophets have been speaking of this time for years now, it has gone unbelieved, the hands would quickly go to the ears as they didn't want to hear the truth as they want to live in their imaginary world not having to account for their sins, chasing after their dreams of wealth and success.

Beloved, faith worketh by love and perfect love cast out all fear. Either we can trust God who is our source or we shall be fearful, because we cannot trust our jobs, we cannot trust the banks or the government to save us. Only the Lord God who is our provider. Jehovah Jireh.

I had a very difficult time this week as I am being tested in this very area, my hours of work were cut drastically and other test that indicated the Lord was looking to see if I would absolutely trust him, and in the physical it looks hopeless, but in the Spirit, I know God's word is true and he will provide for His own when we absolutely trust Him.

There will be death and disease everywhere we look, wars and rumors of wars, but the end is not yet. This is the test that shall come upon the whole world. Who will we choose? We will be forced to make that choice. Are we true believers of Yeshua or are we mouth professors. Will we follow after the crowd, and our own flesh, or the living God.

We must hope in Him, we must put our absolute trust in him for He loves those who love him. And His promises shall never fail.

The time is coming when we will be asked to stand for what we believe, and we must ask ourselves if we are willing to give up our life for Christ as He gave up His life for us.

This country puts its trust in the government to protect us, but God can and will allow this country to go through judgments and the church is to be judged first. So wisdom says to put your trust in God, not the arm of flesh. No other way but to trust and obey.

I think about the Christians in India and other third world countries, and how we are hated by those who take things in their own hands instead of doing things Jesus Christ way. They hate us because God answers our prayers, and he blesses us. They look at Christians in America with such contempt for one thing many are not behaving in such a way that glorifies God, and they think we are not true believers, so they will come and test us, are you ready?

We are hated by the liberal community and by others who have their own agendas because we as true Christians who will not bow down to their gods.

I see a very dark cloud over this nation, one of darkness and destruction, but at the same time I see God with such love for His own, he embraces and covers and hides us in his pavillion.

Just as Meschach, Abendego, and Shadrach were thrown into the fire and came out untouched so will we be if we hold onto our faith. Because he loves us with an everlasting love, and as we trust him and give everything to him in perfect trust, He will reveal himself as our beloved, our hearts must be knit to his in this hour and loving those whom we come in contact, sharing His love.

What better then to speak about His love to those who have never known Him. To testify of His love, how little fear will we have when we speak of His glory and all he has done in our life.

What are houses, possessions, and money when we have the love of the Creator of the Universe and the one who loved us so much He laid down His life for us, shed His life's blood to redeem us, oh what love.

Are we here to live for ourselves or are we here to lift and glorify Christ in the world.

Beloved begin to proclaim Christ love for us and all he has done for us to a hurting world. Show them Our Lords faithfulness.

You will never see His faithfulness until you absolutely TRUST HIM.

If we cannot do this how can we call ourselves His. It all comes down to, "are we living for self or are we living for Him?"

In my case it isn't just about me, but it matters to me that those who God has used me to touch, are also cared for so that they can testify of His love and faithfulness, so I will trust him for them as well.

I love God so much, and I have a great love for the body of Christ, to see you seeking Him and knowing that the truth shall set you free. And to know Him and to hear His voice so that you too can be directed by Him. Not turning to the right or left, but only the way He has chosen for you.

The Lord will lead you and guide you as to where He would have you to be in this time, when He calls you out of Babylon.

You will hear His voice and must obey him, and he will guide you just as He guided the children of Israel,and fed them manna, gave them to drink out of a rock. Their shoes never wore out, they lacked nothing and every need was cared for by Yahweh.

For some He will call you from within, to meet Him in that secret place and to live there with Him, trusting Him for all your needs, others He may take you to a secluded area with your family taking only what He tells you, and others He will keep where they are and use them to help others, but He will hide you until the indignation be past. Leaving Babylon is leaving our love for the world and placing it all on Jesus.

He is faithful! Do not fear, do not trust in what you see with your eyes but trust what you do not see, for God is there bringing what you need into fruition.


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