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We Have Been Friends A Long Time, A Friend Loveth At All Times
by Margery Wolfe
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We Have Been Friends A Long Time
A Friend Loves At All Times

I had a disagreement with a long time friend in the Ministry and it really hurt me because I loved them.

My friend did something that I did not understand and frankly was surprised at the move made by them.

Proverbs 17:17 says a friend loveth at all times. The Bible also says who can find a friend; a friend sticks closer than a brother. Jesus called his Disciples friends because a friend knows what a friend does. So why do a friend keep things from you?

All the time we do not always understand why our friends do what they do, but we have to trust God that he knows. Whatever they do if they are in Christ, itís under the blood. Rather they believe that what they do is okay, if they are called by Godís name, God is in control of it. We can voice our opinions and beliefs of what they do, but do we really know. We know one thing for sure is that God knows.

People struggle with things that will cause their health to fail. Because they believe what is right and live it and expects everyone else to live it also. Sometimes people get caught up in things before they realize they are caught up. Sometime people have a misrepresentation of the other personís actions. They are caught up in what they say rather than know what they are really all about.

My friend was married to a wonderful man, so I thought. I was on the outside looking in and never saw the abuse that she really suffered when no one was around. He physically abused her, talked her down verbally, and he would try to hurt her sexually. We would pray together and of course the right thing I thought to do was to hang in there. She could have been dead had she not followed the leading of the Holy Spirit to get up and leave right now. He planned to kill her. If he could not have her no one else would. But when God said move she did and God was able to intervene. He was glad she did leave because it caused him to come to himself.

Another friend of mine, I did not hear from quite often. When she was doing right as we call right, I would hear from her. When she was doing what she wanted to do and her husband did not agree, she called me to complain about him. Well when I told her she was wrong according to scripture, she did not want to talk anymore. Time would pass and she would get to a new stage in her life, and she would call again. At first I would miss talking to her, but then I realized that when I did not hear from her, she was doing her own thing, not necessarily right and did not want to be told about it.

Once I had a friend that was married and she met this man that she could talk to so easily. They could talk about anything. Well she thought he was her soul mate. Because of the friendship that I did not agree with I had not heard from her in months. Friendship is what it is. When one will walk with God and rely on the Word and walk in proper relationship with God, their friends will back away and make excuses, not because they do not love you, but because they are acting out of the flesh. If it is something the flesh wants and the flesh is stronger than the Spirit of God in them; they will act on it. If they have a friend that is reasonable enough to listen to them and agree with them, they will turn to them.

Many have walked away from great friendships because they want to please the flesh and not God, but when they get themselves together they will look for the friend they walked away from because they will need some sound talk when they get into the relationship that was founded on a friendship that started off with sin.

Call it as it is, sin is sin. If a man will start a marriage off in the bed with a woman, he is only satisfying his flesh. Soon the real person will show forth and the bedroom will not be the main focal point anymore. Many divorces have come forth because of the seed of whoredom that was planted in the marriage through disobedience to Godís word. God said no and they went pass the Holy Spirit speaking it to them.

A man needs a woman to say no, and if when she does and he forces himself on her well he will lose her, and vice versa. A man expects a woman to live what the Word she believes says. A woman expects the same but is more emotional in the relationship. A woman does not feel loved in most cases when they are fleshly. A spiritual woman that loves God and really know the Word will try very hard to please God. A woman that is married seeks to please her husband and a single woman seeks to please God, for he should be her husband until such a time that God will allow one to find her.

Sometime we go before God and miss what God has for us, but when we wait to see what God has to say; we will be blessed.

When we want our desires fulfilled rather than God we will hear from God the wrong things because it is pleasing to our flesh. God spoke to me twice about someone I was going to marry. Because they were pleasing in my sight, I failed to heed the warning God was giving me. God said ďjust as I told Hosea to marry a woman of whoredom, I tell you if you marry this man it will be the same wayĒ. Because he made reference to his Word, I took it as an Amen. I married that man on a Friday afternoon and on Saturday night he stayed out all night and told me the boys gave him a bachelor party. He came home in time to go to church. I realized then what the Lord meant, but it was too late. Although the marriage had never been consummated I took the covenant serious and tried to hold on. Doing the first two months of marriage, this man stayed out all night at least ten times. It seem he always was home for payday and church. He took care of his responsibilities but I realized that I could take care of my self, so why did I need him. God had provided for me and had been my provision all of my life. If I had fully understood what God was saying to me, rather than thinking about how long it had been and marriage would make it right for me to have sex; I would not have settled for less than what God had for me.

God had spoken to me once and I thought that I had missed him. He told me who my husband was, but because of other circumstances in place, I said that could not have been God speaking to me. Some months later God moved me out of the Church where I was and I found out why. I had learned to hear and know the voice of God. And I found out that what God had already spoken was in the present. Sometime God speak and the situation is not the way we see it, but then God does not move by what we see, he moves by what he says.

I admonish you to hear and know that it is God speaking and not flesh. Once you put yourself in position to receive of the Lord, wait I say upon him to set things in order. We can only make a mess of things and wreck havoc in our lives doing things our way.

This situation happens a lot. People think they are marrying the right person because of an answer associated with the Word, but God give warnings through his Word. All God knows is his Word. The Word has to be investigated to see if it is saying yes or no. And when you know that you know it is God, stand on it; wait on it with joy.

The marriage ended because he chose not to be with me, I was too holy for him. He wanted me to fuss about him staying out all night and when all I did was show him love he stayed out more. He wanted to know why I did not curse him out; every other woman did? I told him I Love Him and God does too. Eventually he did not want God and me either so he abandoned the marriage to live with someone that would curse him out and throw his clothes out every other week. Thank God for deliverance, but I had to stay the course and yet be the woman of God that God called me to be. Its Godís way or no way, make up your mind to choose to do it Godís way.

I also found out from the other woman that he had stopped drinking to be with me and be in the church but he could not keep it up. She also being an older woman told him to get him a younger woman that he could have sex with. She told me that he was her husband of five years although they were not married. She did not know what was so special about me, but he was only suppose to get sex, not fall in love with me. When I met him, he said I was going to be his wife for life. I just did not know he meant when he wanted to be my husband. Be careful to look into the spirit and see that person and not just hear what they say. He knew me from the neighborhood when I did not know him. He had watched me for almost two years and knew how I lived; he didnít have to touch me he knew I was that clean chaste virgin. What I mean is I was clean, sanctified.

Church girls, watch out. My son that is now deceased had warned me two weeks before he died ďmama donít marry no one that donít love doing what you doĒ. He knew I loved God, loved working in the Ministry and Evangelizing. He said you will never be fulfilled unless you do things Godís way. I did not know also that he was referring to his own wife that murdered him a few weeks later. He loved God, had changed his life and fully committed himself to God, but she only pretended to be happy in Lord. We have to learn to follow the warnings and leading of God.

Then there is a time that God will speak and we donít listen, there are consequences. Sometime we do not move when God says so and cause havoc to come into our lives. We are in disobedience. We cause wrecks, we cause others to go through changes that is unnecessary and sometime we lose out on what God had for us.

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