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The Banner of Perfection
by Joseph Jagde
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f I muse under the banner of perfection, raising it above me, I should look at it more as something I can view as I strive and move forward, keeping it in my sights, as an encouragement as I try to move further down the coast. But if I see this banner as flying so high above me, rising into the unreachable sky, at first maybe only somewhat in the distance, but soon unreachable in sight, then maybe I should lower the banner so I can at least see it, or just go without it and lose hope for perfection on the visible planes. But we might be capable of navigating our way down the coast without using the demands of perfection to get going. Even with a heightened sense of excitement, of what I can really do and enjoy, I can only fly so high. I will eventually face the unreachable. But what then is my banner, my banner for the day, for this goal, how high should this banner fly for this or that, should it be so distant that it blends into the distant sky where it loses it differentiation. Or should I keep this banner close enough so that I can see it clearly in the sky, in greater proportion to the endless background of the sky, as a point of perfection, a star that I can see, not like a kite that flyís so high and distant that I can barely see it. Perfection is indeed a moving target, but first keep it as target that I can see, a target that has some proportion to me, if I choose to raise that banner. I meet the girl with the perfect look, but she is 100 feet tall, then things are out of proportion for me. By the way, I am looking at this banner at the beach, so there is an element of perfection already present, because after all, youíre on the beach. Whatever you are doing, you donít want to be aloof about it. One of the advantages of perfectionist route is it might help us see how far we can go and push forward more than we would have otherwise. But this subtle goal of perfection, actually doesnít do that in many cases. Because of raising perfection, I actually do not push forward, where if I had lower standards, I actually would have done so. My actions then contradict the original goal of perfection, which was to push forward, and not only do I not get perfection, I donít get anything at all, where maybe I would have gotten something.

Perfection also relates to the maximum and trying to get the maximum performance. But it is an imperfect trail to the maximum with twists and turns that are impossible to avoid totally. Can I run the five-minute mile or try to at least come close to it? I want to take this perfect route but also what will get me there? I want to both take the perfect road and get to the perfect place. I actually may need to take a less defined and more circuitous route to my place of perfection. I could take my car cross-country on winding roads and still get to L.A., the City of the Angels. Take a walk by the bay of perfection and see what it looks like. Letís try to get to the City of the Angels regardless. Then give yourself a break for 60 seconds or even 2 minutes. Itís a start, you can look up, come up for air, breath a little. As we hold up our perfectionist model, contemplate its advantages, and that will put me on the plane of a more realistic analysis as to the why of the perfectionist route, because perfection should have itís advantages, or why bother. Perfection if sought after should be sought after for its advantages not for the sake of perfection for perfections sake. Itís good to barrel towards the maximum to an extent, but it is also important to see what are the additional inputs needed as we strive for the maximum performance. I might be a great rebounder on the basketball courts with the input of further weight training. I might be able to read this book perfectly with the input of a new pair of glasses. Then what are the outputs, if I am moving towards perfection there should be some signs, I am running faster, jumping higher, going further. Or is perfection always found in the heightened state of affairs? Indeed, it is possible that someone ran the fastest mile ever and didnít time it or didnít have any observers cheering them on. I mean you can start the game running, break out the gate at full speed, but how do we deal with some of the obstructions as we point to the maximum, or even just ponder additional inputs along the way to the maximum. There might be needed input points within the striving. As I strive for the maximum run, at some point I realize a better running shoe is essential. I had left that out, and I realize everybody else has that state of the art running shoe. Getting back to the fuller picture again, where and when is additional input needed, such as the need for a better running shoe, as I strive for a perfect picture, I may need to do some more painting, add some colors or positioning on the brush. Maybe something we can do is look for positive links. For example, I did good on a test in school or I pitched a good game for my baseball team way back yonder, maybe I could correlate that with this upcoming date, maybe there is some overlap that I could link with, however weak the link is, there might be one as I revisit moments in the past that felt right and worked. I had a good balance for the one thing and maybe I have good overall balance for the other thing. I might not know whatís perfect until I get there so picture another good or perfect moment or scene and bring it to this new seemingly unrelated scenario. I was close to perfect on the baseball mound so maybe I can be close to perfect on this date or on the ski slopes. These positive links might have recurring aspects to them that crossover into this new realm without requiring perfectionist impulses. Youíre already halfway there then because the native ability you have can come across in a somewhat similar way in a more unfamiliar situation. You jumped into what was then a relatively unfamiliar situation and found out good things about what you had going for you, and that can happen again with what is another type of pursuit that is at its starting point in the realm of the unfamiliar. Then conditions might not be suitable to your idea of perfection. In the movie Gone with The Wind, Scarlettís idea of perfection is Ashley even as she ultimately was led on by both him and her own ideas of him. She became so centered on this one idea that she crowded out other good ideas and possibilities for her own benefit. Ashley became the whole picture she wanted to get to when there were other actors in her landscape. Her pursuit of her idea of perfection becomes self centered and selfish in a way that turns against her own best interests. But more so is that she centered on this one idea when there were other very workable ideas for her and she didnít allow herself to at least see further than what she was centering on because of her wanted perfection, so wanted that she couldnít even let go momentarily just for the sake of getting another view of the situation. There were others interested in her affections and company, but she saw her only way as being the perfect way. The hopes of perfection may cause us to center on just one hope to the exclusion of other real hopes because I donít even believe that perfection can be a many sided hill. Because the striving towards this one hope takes on perfections mantra, it seems that to try and center elsewhere is a compromise of this mantra. We might face a dichotomy as we look for the perfect way. The road we face seems to be split in every other direction. I have a dual attraction to perfection. I like perfections road but there are some things on that imperfect road that intrigue me. Either road might not be a walk in the park anyway and there might be a fork in this perfect road. There might be seen, unseen, and unforeseen fault lines in our thinking and approaches as there is not way we can bring up our overall thinking and approaches to full visibility anyway. The joke might be on us. Picture yourself as an outfielder in the stadium. You do have a great arm, but in the dense fog that just rolled in right on time in the stadium and now can you still make the perfect throw to the plate when you can barely see it. I canít seem to get what I want, then I begin to play games with myself, this isnít really what I want, itís a perfectionist pursuit in an imperfect world. At last, then, I bring the game playing to myself and itís myself I play tricks on. Because either in an imperfect way or a perfect way I really do want this and if the perfectionist route obscures my view and fog does roll in on that way, I still want this and I can try for it in less than perfect and less tangible ways where more uncertainty spills in but I am willing to try for this even without a perfect way to it because this is what I want. It you canít reach perfection, what do you fall back to. Can I still get a little piece of the pie or will I fall into the all or nothing trap, especially if I am otherwise getting nothing? If I canít hurdle the mountain, is there someplace else I can go ? If you have to throw perfection out the window, you donít have to let all things go out to sea with lost perfection. There are still some things you might salvage from an imperfect situation. You donít have to throw everything overboard. However if you enjoy a song on the radio, that is perfections moment. It canít better than that. I was swimming next to some surfers, there was a surfer near me that was on a wave I thought could have been 20 feet high on Long Island beaches in the evening sun and I had a good idea of the size of this wave as it was nearby to where I was swimming, maybe 30 feet to the side of where I was. As he was surfing this wave, He yelled out,Ē it doesnít get better than this.Ē It was relatively rare to get waves that were safely ride able yet that high on Long Island to where they were coming in intermittently enough to where you could get set and not worry about another similar wave right behind it. He found his idea of perfection in that moment. Where does perfection start and stop and how is it even recognized? Where does it leave me off? What turns do I make on perfections roads?. Or does it have to be found in a straight line. Why strive for perfection if you canít even picture things even beginning to go that well for you, or if donít see yourself getting started on something that isnít going to be on the border of disastrous. Do I really expect to go from utter pessimism to trying for perfection? If I am negative and lacking a hopeful vision, why try and mount perfections horse and ride it from there? I should try and get my negative self moving in any small ways I can. Maybe we revolt first against the idea of even visualizing ideals that seem to require perfection, believing that we know we donít actually possess what it takes to get there. This is another way that plans get stalled. Perfections ideals are put out there and yet I donít believe Iím in possession of what it takes to match these ideals and in fact I may be right about that. But I donít want to come into that face off, and confront that indeed I donít possess what it takes to reach this perfectionist ideal so in order to avoid the confrontation towards possibly finding this out about myself, I do not proceed at all, and I groom a horse named procrastination. We donít want to further envision or picture those secret and clandestine ideals, and thereby set ourselves up again for another one of those disappointments, by letting our imagination run a risky wider course rather than safely circling around the lofty ideals that are probably not obtainable therefore there isnít going to be much risk to holding these lofty ideals because they will never have to be tested. It is better to hold out for the more unobtainable because that way, I donít risk the confrontation and I can keep making believe that this is possible. Then the highly unlikely or nearly impossible becomes more what I am looking at than anything else and is that good? But then, since my sights have been so much on perfection, I lose sight of what I have going on for me and take the emphasis and analysis away from the usable. But why is it harder to envision something more in tune with the better, rather than the less than or even terrible outcome. I donít have to sink my ship either, if I donít get perfection because I still get some sights from the deck Iím on, even if its not the upper deck or first tier that I originally wanted. The split in our thinking begins, the inflection point rises, as we ponder the more perfect scenario, which seems in fact to cause a further division, a fracture in our thinking, a further breach in our ideals, when there might have been some hope of the mending of those fences by bringing the images closer to the forefront, rather than by having the imagery more distant from where I stand. Really then, what is going to be a healthy merger within all of what Iím thinking about and striving for? If we are going to entertain the idea of perfection, look for perfection that is closer rather than more distant times and places. I want the perfect day in 2021, but how about this month. If I canít even imagine a home run, just think about a hit. So our inability to envision and imagine represents the safer course as I do not let my imagination soar even once in a while, hopefully this way is less damaging to the beliefs I already have that Iím stuck with something less than perfect while I have to be nothing less then perfect to explore something different or new. So Iím stuck with less than perfect, but I have to be nothing less than perfect to get out of the situation Iím stuck with. I might be in a catch 22. Could I ever be the less than perfect traveler? I canít even imagine something less than perfect. Did India Jones travel through perfection or wasnít he bouncing around in a world a chaos? If I have to make the more perfect leap to over that issue, to the last widening ravine, why even envision it, it almost like a seventh heaven. I am looking at something that I find desirable but increasingly seems unobtainable that Iíve identified as perfection. Itís right there. But I canít get to it. What good does it do me? Perfection doesnít stand with me, so Iím left alone to deal with imperfection. Yet, I am expecting results from myself that are predicated on having perfection standing with me when the reality is I will have to go alone and go on without perfection by my side. I will have to proceed on a stand alone basis without perfection. We punish ourselves for imperfection, driving ourselves further from perfection. For example, I have tickets for a series of plays I miss my ride for the first play, a play that I really wanted to see, so I cancel the whole series. I miss a great trip with my friends, so Iíll punish myself and not go on any subsequent trips. I got a C in this course, so I will not apply to graduate school. What we are doing here is applying perfection to our self chastisements. The perfect chastisement is to not continue on because of my lack of success and I will not have to deal with a lack of success if I donít try and I can keep things more on an even keel if I donít do anything more on this. There are no more bumpy roads if I get off the roads. I havenít had a bad day on the golf course lately, I made sure of that by not playing for the last 5 years. Why not start by just picturing myself doing a bit better, feeling somewhat more comfortable or engaged, rather than aiming your arrow for a more of a final vision, that seems to fly at a higher than the day. Flying at an altitude higher than I can obtain now, rendering me more subject to hopes and whims of absolute perfectionist sightings I can barely even see right now. More like musings that never get heard, the voices I canít hear, again like that banner so distant in the sky I can barely see it. If you are already frazzled by seemingly trying and disgruntled and unfulfilled circumstances, and your finding yourself in a widening disconnect, and while looking for the perfect escape to the Kingdom, as you look for incremental relief both in reality and in your imaginings it might be easier to start with the small, before what can seem to become illusions further alienate you from your capabilities of the moment. You just donít want to be chasing illusions, be they illusions of perfection or anything else. If you look to ease out what your finding be illusionary, you might want to escape to another imperfect situation, but it still could be much better situation. If you are in real trouble, it might be best to look for the better escapes that really deal with what is the trouble, rather than outright perfection. If I am trying to get out of a storm, do I look for the perfect route out of it or just any route that gets me out? Why also then have musings of perfection when the resources arenít there and I should round off into working with what I have. I wished I had better resources, but the answers have to come based off the resources I can work with, and I canít work with resources that arenít available to me. Or I want to define perfection more realistically and on a valid plane to the situations or circumstances I am in. I can gloss over with make believe perfection, but the reality is, Iím in this situation. Is real perfection just on a visual plane? Do you see a perfect world out there with these eyes? I canít have the perfect vacation trip to the planets if the Star Trek series is cancelled. If it valid for me to think of perfection as surfing the monstrous waves when I am just starting out with my surf board and I know in my heart I could never face the 40 foot waves with just me and my surfboard, I really donít have the potential and Iím right that I would be a mistake to think I had the resources I needed for this. Reality checks are also good checks to make if I am caught on the toehold of perfections mandates and I need to free up and either try again or try my luck elsewhere. Perfection itself needs to be routed through the intersecting lines of reality. Why try to route perfection through this endeavor when I am dealing with at least some element of chaos. In football, I can try to run the perfect route as a receiver but if I encounter numerous tacklers from all sides I might not be able to do this previously designed perfect route on the football field. I hit perfection on my routeís formation but little else once I encounter the chaos of the game in the moment. I thought everything was included with the package of perfection. Check your transmission lines. As your routing through the wires perfection, where are the splits. If I try to route through those lines of perfection into the center, where and when can I centrifuge the off line transmissions, the splits in the wiring, or a more complex web of wires that I am routing through while trying to connect the remaining dots while running through my first route perfectly. Should I have redundancy in my routings, where if a wire breaks, I have a second route, as I first try to route through perfectly? Have you ever routed perfection through a day of chaos? If you did, was it worth the effort? The opportunity cost of striving for perfection is that it leaves us little energy for the imperfect that might still be there to be attended to after our best efforts in the chase for perfection. After my pursuit of perfection, I have nothing left over to give to the imperfect which is also worth tangling with because it is my backup plan. And then could the imperfect and perfection have a rendezvous? Can they achieve some contentment in their intertwining? Or would everything just mix down into the imperfection. How many opportunities have you and I said goodbye too because we knew we or they were imperfect and somehow even with knowing this, we were waiting for perfection to arise and greet us towards this when it was never going to greet us? Then how should I link my perfectionist musings with the prevailing conditions? If the day is so sunny, do I have to be in the perfect location to catch the sunshine when my goal is to catch the sunshine and it would only be helped if it was on the favorite beach but it doesnít have to be there? The abundant sunshine gives me many chances to catch its rays and I donít have to be in any one location or in a perfect place. Anywhere I go I can catch the rising sun and isnít that interesting? And if the ill winds of fate are against me, do I hold myself to the perfection I wanted when I am just holding on for dear life and Iíll think about anything else later if I can survive this. Then what is perfect, if I pitch a game where I hold the team to 2 runs, if this a perfect game for me, maybe, given my abilities, rather than the standard definition given of a perfect game.

Then how about the perfectionists lock out. By setting up prerequisites, barriers of entry of perfectionist makings, I may be excusing myself from the game. Can I jump into this now or not? Even if I meet the prerequisites, will I then make the jump or just set up more prerequisites? There may be several prerequisites to doing this, yes, but since I am really setting them up, I need to think about what these prerequisites really are and how much of the prerequisites are actually there. I donít want to examine perfection per se but the actual pre requirements, what they are and how I might actually be coming close to having them. Instead of knocking myself down with my face off with the confrontational demands of perfection, I take a look back at the prerequisites and see if some of what it involves is actually within my possession or within my grasp. Unless I can hurdle over my faults, failings, and take that leap into perfection, I perceive myself as not being able to let this in unless I can welcome it perfectly. But again, I may not have in my possession what it takes to make that leap. Then maybe we donít even want perfection. We first enjoyed the chase for perfection and now we donít even enjoy the chase and whatever might be found at the end of the chase has lost it lure. If you were being lured, then perfection should have only been introduced if it helped the lure and only if it helped. I think I need everything but I donít know what that includes. I just want the ride to perfection but Iíll get off the bus earlier than the perfections stop. In some ways, we had chance at and a channel to perfection yesterday, while we were chasing tomorrow, waiting for that perfect day, when all the perfect soldiers would line up, letting go off those perfect chances we had right there with Ringo, John, Paul, and George in those yesterdays we had together and instead we ended up on that same corner with Dick Van Dyke in his movie about alcoholism, drinking a bottle out of a paper bag and listening to the tune of yesterday, when my troubles where so far away, and reaching an end of a cycle right back to the gutter. And from that gutter, I am only going to try and reach for perfection again? A good movie that relates is Fried Green Tomatoes, the central character is a women goes back to the place of her youth where all the scenes of the action part of the movie takes place in the retrospective view of the places in her youth, but there is nothing left there now in the present time but thick vines and what seems to be an abandoned set of stores around an old railroad station. Although she has her epiphany now against all these scenes of her youth, itís too late now to do anything meaningful about it. Moral being itís nice to finally get the epiphany, but it might be long after the fact, in a those distant tomorrows, when things where going to somehow be perfect, where now it is too late to get the perfection because those days have long gone by and so has everyone else. I lost that slate and my spot on the racing board. Why did I assume I could see yesterday from the top of the world in that distant tomorrow? You can be at the top of the world, but the view from the top is not going to give you a second look at yesterday no matter what. Climb that perfect mountain but realize you are leaving yesterday behind. And then if I climb a 10000 foot mountain, getting to the top, I might feel like Iím a mile high. But Iím still the same 6 feet tall I was before I got to the top of this mountain. Iím still working with the same base as far as my personal height is, and in many other ways my baselines are somewhat similar but only now do I go into full recognition of them because I didnít want any self recognition until I could look into the mirror of perfection when I finally made that great mountain climbing expedition. The moral is, I donít even allow myself to look at my possessions unless it has a bridge or base to perfection. I really need to see what I possess, even in the mirror of imperfection. No matter what we are trying to do or ultimately achieve, in many ways what we are working with for the most part stays the same. We donít get a different base or that much of a different base. We need to not lose track of what we are going to be working or possess with as another reality check. Whatever is obtainable point of perfection I reach I am still at the point of being 6 feet tall, or 5 or 7 feet tall. I am still working with this height or with this speaking voice or with this taste in music as what I actually possess. Rather than always trying to get the perfectionist look at whatís best I can derive meaning off of lesser. An imperfect bird in the hand might be better than two perfect birds in the bush that Iíll never have. You think you want to be chairman in 30 years, or strive for that, finally reaching that high mountain in 30 years. Moral is donít put all your eggs in the basket of years later or the top of a perfectionist climb. But you might get there and realize so much has disappeared behind you into the past, and that fog followed you part of the way up to the mountaintop and you donít even have the view you wanted from the top. Full consideration should have been given to all those prior days and each of itís concerns with some fortification of the present, not just those distant tomorrows at the expense of an ongoing discount of what today was offering, until the sighting of where the make was of when things were going to be perfect. Big deal, you finally get that perfect day, but by ruminating about it, pining for, that done at a continuing cost which became prohibitive towards the message of the moment and tapping the wells of the running waters then and into the now. You might be so forested and cloistered by hoped for projections of future perfections that you lost your way in that forested field of hopes, dimming your sight for today and then you also didnít see underneath the wanted perfection into layers of imperfection that also had bona fide opportunities. A perfect idea can be found in an imperfect article. And those layers of imperfection might have hidden another layer of perfection. The girl looking for the perfect date and the guy looking for the perfect dates have to meet in perfection otherwise they will ship and skip past each other. I could be color blind to perfection or I canít hear and I canít see and hear at that frequency of light and sound. It could be right in front of me and I canít even see it because I need glasses. And it all means nothing now if it wasnít going to mean anything to you then, but it might have meant the world to you then if you could have gotten past the perfection that created unnecessary demands to the imperfection you really wanted and the wanted perfection just cascaded into obstacles. By the time you got the hole in one on the golf course, your audience disappeared they didnít stay for the finale and you wanted that perfect moment to be perfectly shared and you didnít get both. A girl at the height of her beauty say 30 years old has an audience. She will still have an audience at 70, but she may lose some of the audience by then for her beauty anyway, although she might of course have other great achievements at a later age these achievements will not get the random eyes that her beauty got her 40 years prior. In the zero sum game, perfection must add up then. And that includes perfection right now if itís ever going to add up and unless your buying into something that is adding up for you and starting that adding up process now, then why are you buying? Just donít purchase perfection if it isnít going to start delivering for you now. Michael Jordan is made a comeback at 38 in the NBA. He still had an somewhat declining audience. But if he waited another ten years, would he still be selling out arenas and getting a great TV viewer ship. Consider your position then and what Iím dealing with and where is my audience located. So the young women says, Iíll get my masters, my PhD, my law degree, then Iíll get married at 30, in 2002. But in fact the prefect time for her to get married happened to be in 1996. So she had the perfect age, but the perfect time for the perfect guy was 1996. Perfection doesnít always come together for their individual seekers because mergers are coming from different currents and different views, perfectionist views or otherwise, because there are several currents of perfection including the perfect time for someone else, and I might be perfectly ready to hop that ship but it has long traveled past my coastal Port of Spain. There are crisscrossing routes to consider when we bring perfection to the front position. I might be nearing perfection on one front but missing it on another front. It could work the other way the perfect time for this guy to get married was when he was 25. However, at 35 he is meeting a girl who is 25, who was then 15 at his perfect age of 25 and too young at that time. But he is so mad that he missed his perfect time, when someone else who is perfect comes along years later and he canít see it now because he had hoped to meet with perfection 10 years ago and she didnít show up then so he canít make it happen now, not realizing that perfection has different intersections and doesnít always show up at my perfect time or may show up at a perfect time again which is the perfect time for someone else. And then we might isolate ourselves in search of that trail which we believe follows perfection. But since Iím isolating for perfection, I am sure I am holding to the right theory. I might be following the wrong trails to perfection. If I isolate my hiking goals to this trail, make sure this is the right trail or if Iím less certain of that, then I could retry other ideas without saying I gave up on certain perfect trails because I just didnít have that perfect trail. I hold that bat in my hands but nothing else happens as far as a swing for the fences. I need to grab the handle of perfection. What good is perfection if I canít get my hands on it, if there isnít going to be any hands on to this? Do I really need to turn off the lights on everything else, limiting other diverse possibilities and intersections in the wiring, giving up on further balancing in the question of what I should be incorporating as I go along, as I size out imperfection which is also a complex undertaking which you have to ask, is that worth it. Getting rid of imperfection and keeping perfection might be more work than I need to do for the results I am getting. It may not be worth it. I am looking for perfection but nothing else and no one else and itís a big wide world for me if I can see it as imperfect with imperfect but real chances. At some point later we could switch this into current routings of perfection, but not yet. I might have the capacity for perfection later for now I need to focus on what is findable. But realize you could focus yourself out of every other game as those games might be over by the time you get there. You are finally ready after game time. You donít have to bring perfection with you on every trip. You donít have to pack those bags of perfection to go. Did you ever enjoy an imperfect ride? Perfection might not be found in the isolated circumstances and conditions, it might be found within the layers of imperfection. The diamond might be located under the surface. So then look under the surface of things. And whom do you want to bring with you on your trip to perfection. If I want the perfect hike of 20 miles, and I have someone that will join me if I lessen the distance to 15, then I compromise perfection for company of someone who will only hike the 15 miles is prioritized over the perfect 20-mile hike. An absolute key then, if you want to be perfectionist, then be perfectionist and call what you are doing away from this as compromising which is good so even if you are not always being perfectionist, youíll still good because youíre a willing compromiser. So in conclusion, if we want to try for perfection, at least stay on the beach, keep the banner in view from the beachfront, donít fly the kite so high that itís blending into the distant sky, keep the banner of perfection closer and more visible. If the banner disappears from my sight, then what good is it. I lost my checks on the visual plane. And be careful not to find out that the joke is on you, the last laugh was that you were at the point of perfection and you didnít realize it, and spent all your time chasing something you already had. If I have the prevailing winds, I might raise my sails perfectly to meet them. If winds are less then perfect, I can adjust my sails to the winds of imperfection. All the while keeping my sails in view, like I keep the banner in view. I can follow my way down the coast. I donít always have to have my sails up but if I donít have my sails up, I may miss a particular breeze from the coasts. Opportunities can be lost. Can I finally make that perfect leap past perfection and into imperfection where I can actually do something? I was starting out on a run of towards the baseball stadium which at that point was almost 10 miles away. I began too pull out my watch after a half mile and I stopped myself and said to myself, wait until I actually do something, run a few miles before I see what kind of time frame Iím dealing with. It was as if by looking at my watch I was going to all the sudden be 7 miles into the run or run faster. The half-mile I had run was just about nothing compared to my plan for 10 miles. Looking at my watch was just a make believe dance with the situation that accomplished nothing. Do something first before bringing in perfectionist measures. Hit the home run first then bring in the tape measures. Donít start bringing in the measures of perfection until you actually do something. Babe Ruth pointed to the stands but he did hit the home run, then we had a story. Take in the outsiderís view of yourself, a more distant view that might give you more objectivity and perspective. Your opportunity could be anywhere and everywhere, donít just assume itís here only and artificially establish those boundaries. Think of what we have and just how much of it are we using. I might have these great gifts but I might be using only a small percentage of these gifts or I am using them only a small percentage of the time, maybe because I am looking onward and only for the whole package of perfection. You might be grabbing past the grab bag. Perfection then is like that sail that I raise towards perfection or lower towards depending on what keep me sailing down the coast. I only raise my sails to perfection if it will keep me going, if not I lower them to imperfection. I use perfection only if it serves me and when it serves me. I am master of my ship.

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