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You cannot pick and choose
by Wendell Owens
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"You CANNOT pick and choose"

I am troubled today by the sheer ignorance of so many so-called Christians that do not know their Bible, and that it is the HOLY (divine) Word of Almighty God, .....and it is without error from cover to cover. They pick and choose what they hear and want to believe.
I chose the King James version because the commissioned scribes and priest were under penalty of death, if even one passage of scripture was misinterpreted. They used the original Hebrew, Greek, and Latin to translate and they researched each sentence to make sure they knew the who, what, when, where, and why of what each scripture meant. Therefore I believe it can be trusted and is in harmony with God's divine heart.

Why am I troubled? Because I hear things like this lately............
A. I love the Lord but the Bible was written by men and lost perfect translation down through the ages!
What complete hog-wash! God would never let His word be flawed!
B. I love the New Testament...but Paul is a male chauvinist, and some of his teachings are anti-female.
That's blasphemy! It was the Holy Spirit that told him what to write!
C. I cannot accept some of the things the Bible teaches to be meant for us in the church today!
Then throw you Bibles away, and live like hell, if it's in error it's no good to you anyway!

God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, He changeth not, neither does His word.

The God I serve is perfect and Holy, what He said in His word is perfect and Holy, not only for the time in which He gave it to be written, but for today , tomorrow, and forever!
You cannot pick and choose what you want to believe and what you want to cast out. You must believe it all from cover to cover whether it sets well with you or not.
God's word is not, nor ever will be subject to our whims of doubt, or carnal interpretations, it is HOLY and without dispute.
God did not need our advice when He wrote the Bible and He doesn't need our advice now on interpretation. Either (as I said before) take it ALL as HOLY or throw it away and go live like hell, because it is doing you no good to read and obey a book that is error, and written by a God that is flawed by allowing His words to be mistranslated and to ultimately confuse you.

Take a look a item A above......"the Bible was written by men,,,,,,,lost it's perfection in translation thru the ages."
That makes me want to vomit,,,,,,nothing is further from the truth. Look at 2 Timothy 3:16-17...."All scripture is given by inspiration of God and all scripture is profitable for doctrine, reproof. correction and for instruction in righteousness, (vs 17) that the man of God may be thoroughly furnished unto all good works.
That scripture tells us it wasn't written by men, but by the in-filling of the Holy Ghost to prophets and men of renown as God gave them the utterance. They wrote only what God told them to.
Did they jot down their own concepts of what God meant to be read? Absolutely, NOT! Otherwise God's perfect word is mixed with flawed men's thoughts and therefore in error, and if in error why bother reading it? It then becomes fiction. Might as well pick up a copy of Aesop's fables and believe in that. I will not base my faith and trust my eternal soul to a flawed fiction. My God is God, His word is infallable and that's the end of that!!!

Look at item B above......"Paul is a male chauvinist and anti female"....again I get sick. God did not allow only the Old testament to be flawless, His word is perfect in the new Testament too, so Paul's witting are God inspired also.
Some women just hate the scripture that says,..."wives obey your husbands in all things" ...they hate the word OBEY. Well I didn't write it but if it says obey then obey. The Bible tells us that God is the head (authority) of the man, and the man is the head (authority) of the woman, therefore if the man makes a wrongful judgement God goes to the man not the woman for correction, for it is the man's responsibility to make godly decisions for his family. Now if you're married to an unbeliever you still have to obey him but only as in the Lord as the scriptures says to do. I have to obey God's word, and be subject to the pastoral authority over me the same as anyone else and so what's the problem in obeying here? Obedience is better than sacrifice the word tells us in Proverbs.
They also try to explain it away by saying,..."that was in the days of Corinth when there was a lot of women gossiping and causing trouble in the church" ,,,some still do that today,,,,,,not all, but some.
Now listen, I am not saying women are the cause of trouble in the church today, on the contrary, men bear as much blame as women do. I feel women are God's lovely and holy gift to men as a help mate, and equal in their eternal souls, but not authority in the church or home. If a man is wise and Godly he will seek out a women's point of view before making any important decision because God gave women great minds of intuition on many things. But in the final analysis when push comes to shove,,,,,,the man's decision is final, and he will either bear the burden of wrong or receive the praise for his choice. Everyone (male and female, even children) has their proper office to uphold and if they are out of balance you get chaos, and chaos is NOT from God.

Lastly look at item C above...."I cannot accept some of the things the Bible teaches is for the church today." Can you believe that statement? Well, if you can what are you going to do with " God is the God of yesterday, today and forever, He changes not and His word abideth forever?" Speaking in tongues, healings, laying on of hands, words of knowledge, prophetic words....etc..........all that and more is just as much for today as it was when God put it in effect. "He changeth not" is the key word here to understand.
So please, read your word, take it ALL as from God, obey it, and be full of the Holy Ghost, and do not listen to half truths and false teachings,.......they only lead to weak foundations, weak faith, and strong attacks from our adversary who's only job is to kill, steal and destroy us. By the way, from the statements I listed above (A,B,C) on what Christians believe these days, it seems he is doing a pretty good job.
God bless you all, that you may be strong in His word is my prayer.....................
Wendell ......His servant

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