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The Gang Line Series Part Two
by Mike Ramey
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Tip From The Old School: Should Your Child Be Arrested, DO NOT ONLY Rely Upon A Public Defender. FIND The Money And PAY For A Private Attorney With Experience In Juvenile Justice Issues. DO NOT Play Your Child’s Rights ‘Cheap’!

Many of those who work in, or have worked in law enforcement, the courts, or the prisons ALWAYS get a good laugh when the subject of the infamous ‘No Snitch’ code comes up. It does not exist…except in someone’s imagination.

Since I have worked as a probation officer in a juvenile court with male and female teen offenders from truants to armed robbers, let me share some truths.

*Point One: The ‘No Snitch’ Code is a L.I.E.

*Point Two: He/She who gets to the police, and/or the prosecutor/district attorney FIRST, OFTEN gets the BEST DEAL!

*Point Three: If I needed information on a particular case which involved a threat to a juvenile, or the general public welfare, I found more than enough ‘birds’ who were willing to sing their little heads OFF!

Sure. I had received more than my share of threats--from teens and their parents--especially when it came to ‘putting a teen away’ for some time in a state facility. However, when the lawyers, my clients, their family members and the judge were all seated before the bench in either a violation, commitment or services hearing, no one could ‘plead’ ignorance. The rules were spelled out well in advance.

There IS no honor…among thieves.


The current version of the ‘No Snitch’ code has two very successful ‘street and Internet bootlegs’ floating around. Newspaper articles, and television talking heads have been treating this as if it is something ‘new’.

The DLS? It’s as old as the gangsters of the prohibition era.

Remember how they were ‘turned out’? Eventually, the public got tired of the Capone Mob, Murder Inc., and the Commission. Over the course of time, corrupt cops, elected officials and appointed lackeys were swept out of office simply because a few brave souls INSIDE of these organizations ‘spilled their guts’ to law enforcement. They ‘got tired’ of the carnage, the dirty deals, and the poisoned politics that made sure the criminal got off free while the victim was six feet under, and their families were destroyed.

Fear was overcome and justice won out.

You see, fear is only an effective weapon when folk are truly scared. Eventually, those who are fearful--over the course of time--get a bellyful and decide that it was better to stand on their feet rather than crawl on their knees.

The ‘color’ of the man or woman who is making you fearful is truly a nasty slice of life when it is of your OWN race. To counter this, a saying: “When one gets sick and tired of being sick and tired, then--and ONLY then--will action be taken to correct the problem.” With fear successfully tossed over the side, the old gangsters were eventually outgunned by the truth, and the constitutional amendment that started prohibition was also repealed.

Fast forward some 50 years.

A new wave of gangsters in the form of Modern Street Gangs are in the terror business. This time, they use the media, a pushed materialism agenda, and the manipulation of the truth of the criminal justice system to encourage teens and pre-teens to ‘roll the dice’ on a life of crime. These new ‘fearmongers’ dress well and talk slick in order to line their own pockets. They also use the subtle art of intimidation against their OWN race in order to impress someone higher up in the crime or entertainment business.

They don’t impress nor intimidate yours truly.


Right is right, and wrong is wrong. The truth WILL hunt down a LIE and blow it out the sky, whether those involved are living in a shack, or a mansion.


A few years ago I was standing in a parking lot after midnight trying to console the mother of a teen that I knew. He and a questionable friend were out riding around in the family car. One teen got locked up for mouthing off to the cops, and the other was set free. Guess who got to tell ‘his’ story to the mother? Right. ‘Mr. Questionable’. Not only was he set free, but he tried to turn the jail experience into something ‘needed’ for the mother of the teen that was locked up to understand. “Oh…well he stood up to the cops. You just have to let him go on his way, ‘cause he needs room to grow…”. And so on, and so forth. It didn’t strike me until later that ‘Mr. Questionable’ was walking around free to give the explanation while the other teen was in a jailed location. Why mother permitted her son to hang around with ‘Mr. Questionable’ is beyond me, but her son learned a valuable lesson that night. Whether or not that would be a life lesson learned is anyone’s guess. Their truly is NO honor among thieves.

I have read several dozen arrest reports over the years describing how one or two teens who had no business involved in a discussion between the police and a friend--or a family member--and figured that they had to ‘jump bad’ with the police. The ‘funny’ of the police report was that the person whom they were questioning was eventually let go; but the person who decided that they wanted to be a street corner lawyer was locked up.


In wrapping up our time together this month, permit me to remind parents and teens--again--that the ‘No Snitch’ Code is a LIE that needs to be EXPOSED regardless of how many DVD’s are made, marketed, and released! It CAN NOT be stated any better, or simpler.

Manipulation by intimidation only leads to DESTRUCTION! Everyone loses when crime is allowed to continue unchecked, and criminals are allowed to prosper at the expense of our race, or the general public.

I have a solution for those who ‘support’ the ‘No Snitch’ Code. It is based in biblical record, and simple truth. In fact, a few might consider this a cruel tactic but it might wake up many of the thuggs and accomplices in the gang scene. But, let me set this up.

A few years ago, there was a song that was released entitled: “Don’t Call Me Brother!” The summation of the song: Those in our community who ACTIVELY abuse, neglect, hurt, or maim a member of their own race have NO right to attempt to relate themselves to that race, or claim that racial identification. Now, I can ‘see’ a few folk reading this column who remember the song, and are nodding in their minds as to that solution. The biblical solution to those who like to build their resume on the backs of their race is to ‘shun’ such people who delight in doing wrong--even IF they are active in the local church. In spite of their being told about the right way multiple times, these TRAITORS refuse to listen. Thus, they need to be ‘turned over’ to the streets they love so well until they ‘wise up’ and want to come back and be upright people.

The ‘No Snitch’ crowd still live in some of our homes, eat our food, and are having their ways and bills paid by our generosity in some cases. Perhaps, IF their actions had consequences, they would become upright citizens like the rest of the community.

It’s time the ‘No Snitch’ crowd discover the pain of being ostracized.

Just tell them: “Don’t Call Me Brother”…and MEAN it! Then...call the police!

And…if any of you ‘No Snitchers’ want to ‘whine‘ about my words? You have my email address.

MIKE RAMEY is a Street Gang Specialist, consultant, trainer and Lead Instructor of THE GANG LINE, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you have questions, comments, or would like to have him train your group, ministry or agency on how to spot/stop gang activity, email RameysGangLine@yahoo.com ©2008 Mike Ramey/Barnstorm Communications International.

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