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Holy Men Pray The Cause For Prayer
by Emmanuel Annang
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Moreover as for me, God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in not praying for you…” 1 Sam 12:23

Holy Men Pray is the campaign theme for the campaign title Voluntary Christian Prayer Worldwide, and the slogan is Advancing through the cause and influence of prayer.

Holy Men Pray is a marvelous thing the Lord is doing with believers like you and I to seek the spiritual power of the church and kingdom of God on earth through the cause and influence of Voluntary Christian Prayer Worldwide.

The mission of Holy Men Pray is to enjoin all believers around the globe to intercessory prayer for the church through a network of Christians in Africa, America, Australia, Asia, Europe and Christ believing organizations.

For far too long many believers have behaved like guys who impregnate a women only to deny responsibility laterand even if they did it come too late. Not many guys are men. Unfortunately this is the very life many believers behave in relations to prayer.

We consider prayer as something we do at a given time or in a time of trouble but this is error of understanding. Prayer is not an activity or an option but an attitude and a relationship we have with God in the real of the spirit. We can not afford to loose our place in Christ and as one with God and leave so ordinary and irresponsibly as men without power and authority.

I agree with Leonard Raven hills when he says “prayer is not given for us to use when all else fails but is given for us to keep all else from failing”. I also agree with President Finney when he says “God needs prayer from us as a condition of his doing to us and for us all he would.

He loves us and sees a thousand blessings that we need, and that he would delight to bestow; but yet he cannot bestow them except on condition that we ask”. What can be so useful to us, sinners, as direct communion with God?

The searching of the heart that induces humility is great, the reading of the word that brings understanding and converts the soul is a blessing and the fellowship of the saints is lovely but what can be compared with a personal intercourse with God? Prayer.

How obvious, then, that we always need the spiritual power and divine influence of prayer on our hearts and lives and on the issues of this life and faith. Truly we need not wonder that God enjoin us to pray always. An effective prayer is like a seed in a fertile soil.

For effective prayer we must have a selfless attitude, a sense of purpose and in mind an idea of the lord’s will and glory. By prayer men come face to face with God, touching base with God our maker with a broken heart and for effectual correction change and influence.

By prayer we are keeping faith with the commandment to prayer without seizing and serving God by being each others keeper which was also the life ours forefathers who spent most of their lives day and night making sure that other believers persevered.

Luke 10 is a very interesting and instructive verse particularly in reference to the great harvest without men to harvest. What is the big deal here? Actually the reasonable cause of action a farmer with a great harvest yet without men to harvest will do is to go look for more hands to help in the harvest.

But the responds of Jesus to this obviously action is interesting. The parable did not tell of the farmer’s action as just looking “out there” or for solutions but rather urging his workers to “look out” for answers through the influence of prayer.

He says “Pray that the Lord of the harvest will raise men for the harvest”. What is the essence of prayer in a situation the deserve pragmatism and action? Of course looking for labors to do the job at seems the reasonable thing to do rather than prayer.

Does it mean that faith denies pragmatism? No, there is no storm stronger than the way of peace and this is way God will like us looks and handle things. God want us to be patient and not moved even by the storm because there is no storm He can not still.

This is the confidence He wants to have in Him knowing that “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof”. Amen. By making time to pray we are not only believing this but we are also showing agreement and acknowledging the authority of the Lord’s power over all matters that pertain to life and spirit.

And we are also duly appreciating the paramount importance of much prayer and relying first of all on God, who works mightily in his praying servants through his Spirit given to us. No doubt we are in the last times and we need to remind ourselves of the perilous times, share burdens, fellowship and encourage ourselves to persevere to the end.

It is interesting and instructive however to note that this whole thing about the perilous time when men shall be “dead” to God and leave in the flesh relates more to the church than for the world. What is the big deal about “men being lovers of themselves, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unholy, unforgiving, brutal, unloving, traitors, unloving and loving of pleasure … bla bla” according to 2 Tim 3.

Is this verse in reference to world? What is the news here if the unsaved world which is already condemned in sin anyway do sin? and not acknowledging Jesus as Lord? Is it news worthy? No, it is no news. The verse is indeed a revelation of the life of a Holy generation and perculiar people who will be come evil and sinful.

It reveals an evil thing that will generate amongst a unique generation and a holy people so different in relations with evil and the unsaved world. I don’t see the reference more to the unsaved world here than a direct reference to a new generation people, who will be caused to go astray, depart from the faith and begin to manifest signs associated with the world.

It’s like a spell that will come attacking the faith and honestly as believers we need not be apologetic about the likeness of these already with us. This is the essence of the scripture and the concern to the lord.

These signs make the cause for prayer not just necessity but a spontaneous spiritual action given to men to determine to the way forward and to rescue man and the church from the influences of the perilous times that shall befall men.

I believe by now you agree with me the cause for prayer is a great vision and a mission given to the church as a means of deliverance and therefore as products of faith, we are burden and feel more responsible toward other believers and to make sure that we all remain in the faith and overcome the evil times that shall influence men.

After all we called to Judge ourselves and every thing pertaining to this life and… we shall judge angels! This sense of judgment is a great means for us to examine ourselves and to achieve a better understanding of ourselves, life and our faith.

No doubt as a members of the family of Jesus Christ, intercessors or observers of the church we will find in the Lord’s word a revelation of the changes and the challenges that shall face the church and also discover in the Lord’s will the way of deliverance.

The movements of the power of God in the early church was awesome and the work and the witness of the believers and disciples marvelously moved the church forward from glory to glory and brought hope and life to other believes and world.

This was greatly achieved through the selflessness of believers and the constant prayer of the saints. No doubt our forefathers had a great consideration and understanding of God. Unfortunately, this generation of believers is a people so conscious of ourselves and liberties and but without responsibility and consciousness of our liberator.

I am not one of those who condemn the church but I know our lukewarm attitude toward God and our faith affects the church and denies us of so much spiritual blessing available to us; we have little or no influence over the world and with no evidence of our faith the world if left in utter darkness and confusion.

Our spirituality is without power and has in fact become a ridicule and mockery to the church. How come the church will begin to accept mundane things as part of the faith? Is it surprising that sacrilegious things are finding way in the practice of faith? We have seen a gay person consecrated as priest over the Lord’s house of prayer and other reports of mundane things associated with the practice of faith here and there.

Obviously the mind and conscience of many believers and the unbelievers will dangerous affected and violated and give courage and inspiration to unreasonableness and wickedness of men with excuse. How come we have become corruptors of the faith? The faith Jesus died to establish and others martyrs like St. Paul, Martin Luther King and other so worked and suffered for? No doubt there is carnality in the church and many believers are leaving double life.

The faith of many believers is being ensnared through the weakness of the mind and through approaches of deceptions of material worth, lust and power and all manner of worldly passions. “As it was in the days on Noah so shall it be in our times”. We are becoming exceeding passionate about ourselves and feelings that we fail to see our salvation being consumed.

I remember during the world cup and most recently the African cup fiesta, attendants and fellowships in most churches dropped and in cases where matches were fixed on worship days some churches were empty.In fact some auditoriums were decorated with football souvenirs and the pulpit given to sports massages.

Some how it dawned on me and I felt the urge to call some friends and loved ones all over the world to remind them of things like this and the implication on the faith. And I am not here condemning sports, I do sports and I play foot ball but it is not one of the things I daily want to die for.

The concept of globalization has come up as a good thing and I figure out it will come along with some benefits here and there in terms of trade, co-existence, information sharing and knowledge transfer and economy and stuff like. But I also see it as a double edged sword.

From the view of prophecy I have peace with it but obviously the possible dangers of changing or rather worsening trends of socio-cultural lifestyle and political tensions and the challenge on the faith must be a cause for worry and the church must perceive to take the battle to the enemy before it come hurting and hunting us.

I agree with Prophet Benson Idahosa that “without the guidance and light of God man’s end will be a failure”. Our social fiber and systems will suffer serious decay and unpardonable damage to conscience, uprightness and law and order. Let us take the necessary cause of action and seek to protect values that ensure our liberty and worship.

We have not been commanded to watch and wait until our destiny is traded off on the excuse of political expediency in the practice of liberty but to watch and pray! Vigilance is thus required of us to stop the conveniences, excesses and the excuses of unreasonableness. Oh, how it pleases the lord to see the kingdom of God thrive on the earth!

The gospel to the “dry fields” in the outskirts of your community and across the countries and the reading of bible so good and refreshing is not without opposition. In the 1960s the US Supreme Court ruled against public prayer and reading of the bible thus God was driven from the American public schools.

I see this worldly pursuit becoming a shared value in many communities of the world even with increasing knowledge and many liberties. Recently in Accra, Ghana the government attempted to remove moral education from basic school curriculum with the excuse that other subjects addressed moral and religion issues.

Thus moral instruction which is so useful for good human development and for nation stability and integrity was belittled. The attempt to take God out of social and public life to the private place is not a new thing and with new trends of development and changing lifestyles the church of Jesus Christ will confront battles many years to come and this can only be advanced and achieved on the threshing floor.

By our enjoined burden in prayer we are seeking revival and the Lord’s deliverance in the church. Now, the people stood up to pray and against the policy to remove moral education and religion from school curriculum and thank goodness the government quickly reversed the policy giving way for young pupils and students to nurture sound moral and spiritual values!

This is a refreshing piece of news and we rejoice but we must not be complaisance and be naive to believe that the will of God will always prevail in the cause of political and social actions. This is why you are enjoined to pray to ensure the building of the church and against the gates of hell in Mt 16:18 “I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.

Let me illustrate another scenario, maybe you may identify with it. Ever seen a fight involving two individuals with one of them having an upper hand over the other and but out of pride the losing fighter wants to keep fight? This is so, yet deep down in the soul of this losing fighter is a deeper wish and a cry for “will somebody somehow care a little and save him from dropping dead?”

The point is that the wicked is lost in sin and though he may be aware he is limited and has no strength to “come out”. God want the wicked turn from his sin and not to die in his sin. “Have I any pleasure that the wicked should die? Ezekiel 18:23. This is the will of God but whose charge is it to intercede for the rising faith in the heart of the lost and to literally hold back the wrath of God?

In the account of the prodigal son, although bible does not indicate about the father’s intercessions for his lost son, I strongly believe the father was praying for his son to return back home and this is supported by his daily search and look out for his dear son.

Can we still have faith in the lost and seek the will of God with hope in the victory of salvation? At the time when Saul and his solders and elders were lamenting over the reproach of Goliath against Israelites and against God, there arose David with the anger of the Lord and with a cause to confront the reproach of the uncircumcised philistine with the probing question to his elders “Isn’t there a cause?

1 Samuel 17:29 Jesus on His way to be with the Lord prayed for the disciples and this life is also seen in the prayer life and ministry of St. Paul. He always prayed for the new believers and the church and also called the saints to prayer likewise.

“finally brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you” 2Th 3:1 The good news is that there is hope “if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and I will hear them and answer from heaven”.

Do you believe there is hope? I believe there is hope but a hope with a cause, a cause for the saints to go down on their knees and travail in prayer. The last time I had a dream and saw an opened chamber full of worms and I wondered what it meant, and the understanding revealed the heart of many believers.

In the next moment I saw this worm full sewage being sucked away and I perceived the redemption of the Lord coming to the church. Amen. I welcome and congratulate all who care to accede to this cause and pray without ceasing. Brethren I believe that by making time to fast and pray we are taking care of your own ministry, deliverance and destiny.

Job by making time to pray for his friends gained his restoration and this is promise of the Lord for you! By praying we are making a bold step to advance the cause of Christ. What a great a feeling I have even as I put these words together.

A kind of putting myself in the place of the Heroes of faith like St. Paul, Martin Luther King, Charles Finney and others today in prayer and continue in the work handed down to us like by Jesus Christ.

My name is Emmanuel, I am your brother and I like you to be my praying partner and member of this chain prayer network. Thank you for sharing in this vision and hope. I believe this is a good thing and I know you believe this also and are inspired. Be a part and a patron.

The campaign title “Holy Men Pray” is not about a gender cause but rather a cause for prayer and our destiny in Christ so; let no man or woman feel left out. This is a serious thing and perhaps more deserving of attention than anything.

Volunteers who care to pray are encouraged to set a side a quality and a convenient day once a week in prayer and without food. Pray as led but be focused and stay mainly on the church and pray for the ministry, missions, new converts, church leaders, saints, lost souls etc.

Pray using yourself as a point of contact for other believers and the lost souls worldwide; also use your local pastor as a gap for church leaders worldwide and your local church as gap for the universal church.

Rise up and stand in the gap and pray and faith will increase, life will change and the church and our communities will be revived again because we prayed in Jesus name! Amen. Together let’s pray for increasing faith in Jesus and subdue evil forces and powers that work against the church. Also pray for people in authority and seek social justice, discipline and order in your community and the world.

I can imagine our days are parked with business and other activities but we can make a way out by setting new goals and priorities to make sure we have enough time to pray for our destiny and generation. This is about the passion of God in your heart, your responsibility as a Christian and a mission you are called to pursue it.

I believe from this understanding a determined mind set and selfless prayer is possible and you pledge yourself to an unceasing prayer. Saturdays are my free times and my set days. Yours day may be a Friday or Sundays or Saturdays or whatever.

However it goes, we have to remember we are the remnants of the Lord in these last times and as the Lord advanced Moses and Aaron to bring the Israelites out of Egypt so will the Lord always advance his people for His redemption and salvation 1 Samuel 12:6 If you are touched and feel about the kingdom of God, you do not need to subscribe to participate; you only need to share in this vision and pass it to other believers and together run with the vision.

Just make that faith decision that will also impact the church and bring about the Lord’s peace and many blessing in the church and your community. Find your place in this cause and allow God to do a marvelous thing with your life. We want to know you are praying with us, share with us your thoughts, efforts and recommendations.

Let us know how we can help you or how you can help make this cause more fulfilling. Do not hesitate to make contributions to this mission. “May the Lord give onto us once more the spirit of prayer and together through the cause and influence of prayer advance the kingdom of God on earth” Amen.

“And I sought for a man among them that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none” Ezekiel 22:30

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Fay Davidson 30 Aug 2008
A very insightful article on prayer demonstrating great spiritual discernment. However the length of it will be a deterrent from people reading all of it, which is quite sad, as there is a lot in your aricle. I suggest the next ime you might write in 2 or 3 instalments so many others will cane be blessed by your godly insight.


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