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by Oguntoye Raphael Oluwa-Shola
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First what is the End?
The End is the time after finished work[s] which is time of rest from work that is sabbath day or time,year, or millennium.
Now the beginning of the End is the starting minute,hour,day month or year either millennium of the End, that is Sabbath.
Therefore, the end is the position 7th and u can see this from Genesis to Revelation. This topic: The Beginning Of The End now started on America September 11, the fire of purification that is been kindle from above on the world leader , to Afghanistan then to Iraq[Babylon] ,and at this junction of the fire on Iraq, the fire will spread all over the world that that the Genesis of of all evil[] and all evils will be eradicate from the world for Sabbath millennium purposes that is on to God our Father and Christ Jesus His son our Lord and Saviour will be carry out

Just to share with you what I'm been inspired with

oh the LORD bless America the word of us that know the
righteous judgement of God concern your war on Iraq.
But know for sure that this will cause 3rd world war
in Jeremiah 50:46,51. And you U.S.A is the sword of
vengeance of God of Israel in Jeremiah
50:3,9,41;51:48b; Isaiah
And this the propheshies concern her-babylon[Iraq]'s
total desolation or
destruction,also never to be rebuild again in
Jeremaiah 50[whole
verses]3,4,915,22,25,29,39-46; Jeremaiah 51:[whole
verses]2,6,8-12, Revelation 18:5-8,21-24.
Then this vengeance of God to be fulfil now on Babylon[Iraq] Isaiah
14:22,23; Jeremaiah 50:15.

This is the knowledge the Lord gave me (Dan. 9:2) of
what is to happen in this Millennium 7th, the last
mille nine in fulfilment about prophesies concerning
it in Dan. 9:24-27; Rev. 6:5-8, Matthew 24: 6-15
(because it is a pity for this generation, that they
want to quench the (unquenchable) fire the Lord God
has prepared; for He want to refine the whole world in
his furnace to produce His heart desire: to judge
every one and wage fatal war against the enemies Psalm
149:1-9 even from Jerusalem where He, God of trinity
had reign before: Melchizedek, Jesus Christ and, Holy
Ghost on the Pentecost day).

My message to you –elders or leaders in Christendom
(Living Churches) is that this Sabbath millennium is
full of wars than other millenniums (Daniel 9:26;
Revelation 6:4-8; Joel 1:4-10, Matthew 24:6-9). 2000
years form creation of Adam to the flood of Noah;
another 2000 years form the flood of Noah to Jesus
Christ’s ministry on earth, and from the Lord Jesus
ministry on earth till December 31 2000A.D. another
2000 years. So all these above years are all equal to
6000 years that has just gone-by but now 7th
millennium– last millennium, it remain tow world wars
that will occur before ‘Rapture’ Christ’s second
coming (saints’ harvest), because scripture must now
fulfil about seventy weeks of years (which many great
men of God believe that it remain one week, which is
not so. (Like Pastor W.F. Kumuyi of Deeper Life Bible
Church), even founder of Grace & Truth Inc. E.C.Hadley
and etcetera they have the believe) in Daniel 9:24,
has just started fulfilling from the year 2001 A.D.,
for what U.S.A. has bank, and what Iraq has in store –
the weapons are not for Hamon-gog (Ezekiel 38:14;
39:6; Revelation 20:;7-10) after rapture but will be
use in 3rd world war (while the mosque in Jerusalem
will be destroy and a great new Temple of God of
Israel will be build in the place back, for there was
a former Temple which the Romans destroyed in 70 A.D)
because the Lord will give victory to we Real
Christians’ (Daniel 9:25; Revelation 6:5 & Luke 8:7)
for we, Christians are now above 20 years old : 20
century 2000 A.D. and, you know any able male in
Israel that clock 20 years old was soldier.

But 4th world war an Antichrist from the country
Greece (Daniel 8:25; 9:26 & 27, Revelation 6:8:
Matthew 24:15-19/-22; II Thessalonians 2:3, 4, 8-12)
(though many living churches’ founder teach that major
Antichrist will come after Rapture, yes but he will
come twice like the Lord Jesus. His first coming he
will be born in Greece as military, scientist man with
great knowledge in the word of God. He will fight
against king[s] of south : Iran (ancient
land of Medelians and Persians) in the
last one week of year[s] and fight against saints also
and prevail because he is that named death in
Revelation 6:8 and Hades is his false prophet. This
Land-Jerusalem (Daniel 11: 30-32, 36,37; II
Thessalonians 2:3,4), then set up the abomination that
causes desolation in the Temple which we Real
Christians (like Edomite – Herod the Great did) will
build for honour the name of God of Israel in the
first 7 weeks of years. Because, this millennium (1000
years) fall under ratio 7:62:1 = 70 weeks of years. So
at the end of last one week of years Christ will
appear in sky and overthrow the Antichrist by the
breath of his mouth and destroy by the power of his
coming in II Thessalonians 2:8; Revelation 6:12-17;
Daniel 7:8-11. Then the second coming of major
Antichrist is in Revelation 13 whole. He will come
this time as beast (demon), he is the head that has
fatal wound but had been healed (Revelation 13:3,12.
In case of here it will be after rapture, and force
any one to take 666 number. So as DAKE’S ANNOINTED
REFERENCE BIBLE proved it that Russia is the major
Antichrist, even founder of Grace and Truth Tract
Ministry E.C.Hadley in his book-Soon To Come PROPHETIC
EVENTS proved it Romans to be it, is not as that
really but they are minor Antichrists (for the
Scriptures says Messiah or Christ will be born in
Bethlehem but many thought it was John the Baptist,
till then Christ born in where it was writing about

As of Muhamon Gadafi, Sadam Husain, Saudi Arabia, even
Palestinians that are trouble makers carrying out
Jihad (especially Shari‘a) scheme, and cheating their
neighbouring countries by the power of their wealth,
the Lord will hardened their hearts for themselves
destruction now. So if you believe this message
blessed are thee, you will be great on earth and in
heaven like Abraham, not like Lazarus lowly on earth
and in heaven; and have victory in battle like our
father of faith, because every one of us will also
fight with physician hand (For my people perish
because of lack of Knowledge; but we are not sons of
darkness that the day will come upon us as a thief,
while we are sons of the Light). So you may send this
message to all Living Churches in the whole world for
it concern every living churches because Joseph will
make Israelites (Living Churches) to enjoy, then Moses
(Jesus Christ) to come and carry them out (Rapture) to
promise Land (Heaven).

Therefore, I am by name Enoch Olusola Samuel, a
Christian spiritually sound and received call to be
Army of Christ (Soldier or Zealot)

A talk about the seals opened in Revelation 6 : First
seals opened is the work of ministry of the first
beast that resemble lion. A lion, mighty among beasts,
who retreats before nothing. (Proverbs). That is
Gospel of Christ prevailing other worldly religious

Second seal opened is the work of ministry of the
second beast was like an ox. The colour red (horse)
means danger, (ox that is mad, no more under control
of human being makes the environment to be in danger)
that is scientists who go seeking for many schemes
without accepting the righteousness that comes from
God; and people increasing in all kinds of abominable
sins. So the result is the large sword of AIDS
(Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) that men slain
each other with.

The third that was opened which is the work of
ministry of the third beast that resemble man; which
is management – Genesis 2:15 and serving God in fear
Ecclesiastes 12:13. The colour black (horse) is thirst
(for righteousness); pair of Scales that means justice
– sound judgement, and who can display these except
Joseph Son of Israel – the dreamer and David Son of
Jesse. These both brought together tribes of Israel
(yes Jews first and all Living Churches) for enjoyment
and for sound judgement. So shall it be now in this
7th millennium (1000 years) that fall under ratio
7:;62:1 – 70 weeks of years. Therefore, this third
seal will be fulfilled now in the first ratio 7 weeks
of years, as from this year 2001. About verse 6 that
talk of price of wheat and barley it means famine as
it occurred in times of Joseph and King David. But as
of this Osama Bin laden he will die mysteriously the
death of Goliath of Philistines, If you will belief
it, the 3rd World War has started indirectly and it
will soon surface directly, when Iraq[Babylon] will be
totally desolate and never again to be count as people
or country in Ezekiel 26:[whole verses]14,21,;Ezekiel
28:[whole verses]8,17-19;Jeremahai 50[whole
verses]3,4,9,15,22,25,29,39-46; also chapter 51[whole
verses]2,6,8-12,24-26,43,53-57;Revlation 18. I'm very
sorry for majority in Christendom seeing so-call Holy
Roman Empire as the KING OF THE NORTH but not so,while
Greece is the one [even U.S is not] and this will
fulfill with Greece at towards the end of this Sabbath
millenium-the last ratio -ONE WEEK OF YEAR[S] THAT LAST IN THE 70WEEKS
YEARS [which this 70WEEKS OF YEARS in Daniel 9:24 means this Sabbath or
millenium if any may aspect it so.

Moreover, the fourth seal, that is, the activity of
ministry of fourth beast that has the face of eagle.
Eagle is an animal as it’s been described in Job
39:27-30, (blasphemous bird) destroy for food and set
her nest on high. The colour pale (horse) is ruin
(great destruction-dreadful and fearful colour). The
Death on the horse is the major Antichrist that Christ
shall overthrow by Rapture (II Thessalonians 2:8;
Revelation 6:12-77; Daniel 12:1-3; 7:9-11,23-27). For
this Antichrist will come twice like Jesus, because he
also is second in trinity of Satan : Satan the dragon,
Antichrist the beast, and evil spirit
-fornicator(woman) that commit fornication with kings
of the earth and slain God’s saints: Revelation
17:1-5. But this Antichrist will come after Rapture in
form of beast (demon) and, he is one of he heads of
the beast that has fatal wound but had been healed
(Revelation 13:3,12b, 14b).

Sir, I am in need of sponsorship for this ministry –
Army of Christ (Zealot or Soldier’s goal) and, I have
more messages for Living Churches (present messages).
Therefore, if I found favour in sight, I need people
in the living churches – true worshippers of God to
sponsor this ministry.

Finally, according to wisdom (Jesus: John
3:16:1:12) given to me from God my saviour. I have
messages and visions (meaning of end time prophecies)
to reveal and share with Living Churches (Revelation
1:11,19 & 20).

By Enoch Olushola Samuel.

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