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A Voice Crying In The Wilderness
by Shanna George
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A Voice Crying In The Wilderness
sis shanna

It is a grief in my heart as I have seen over the last 25- 30 years the increase in false teachings in the church. It is as when it seems like nothing is happening, there are always those who make something happen.

I sat up until early this morning writing, but as so often happens what I have written mysteriously disappears off my computer. This morning I had a very short electrical blackout, it was enough to shut down my computer and when my computer came back on everything was lost.
But I am not going to let the enemy of our lives discourage me from sharing my heart and the word of God with you all.

It always seems as if it is the big names, with the greatest exposure that seems to come up with the new teachings, or old ones wrapped in a new wrapper.

I wonder if my brothers and sisters who follow after these leaders realize how obscure most of the prophets of old were. They were simple men doing a simple job.

Most were sheep herders or herdsmen of some kind, they were not rich, well known with a world wide following but were obscure men and women, with the exception of a very few.
They were men who spent long hours in the wilderness having much time in prayer and intimacy with God.

Most of them worked with their fathers on their fathers land, and the furtherest thing from their minds was that God was going to use them mightily.
Jesus Christ had such humble beginnings, he was born in a lowly manger, John the Baptist came out from the wilderness just wearing camel hair, with a leather girdle about his loins eating locust and honey.

He came walking, not flying Lear jets, nor driving Mercedes. This was God's man of the hour to prepare the way of the Lord.

The prophets came to warn the people of coming judgment because the people were doing evil in God's sight.

Jdg 6:1 And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the LORD: and the LORD delivered them into the hand of Midian seven years.
If you mention any of those verses today you are told we are under a new covenant today.

Has God changed He know longer hates evil? So He no longer brings judgment?
Only self serving feel good meetings, and pleasure for the people of God? irregardless of their spiritual state?

I want today to look at who God chooses to do great and mighty things.

The children of Israel continually did evil in the sight of God, so he allowed the Midianites to prevail against Israel, they even made caves and dens into strongholds in the mountains to hide from them.

They had destroyed, all their sheep, cattle, all livestock, left nothing from which to sustain them.

Jdg 6:4 And they encamped against them, and destroyed the increase of the earth, till thou come unto Gaza, and left no sustenance for Israel, neither sheep, nor ox, nor ass.

The Midianites were without number, and they came into the land to destroy everything on it.

When God heard them cry unto Him, he sent to them a prophet.

Jdg 6:8 That the LORD sent a prophet unto the children of Israel, which said unto them, Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, I brought you up from Egypt, and brought you forth out of the house of bondage;
Jdg 6:9 And I delivered you out of the hand of the Egyptians, and out of the hand of all that oppressed you, and drave them out from before you, and gave you their land;
Jdg 6:10 And I said unto you, I am the LORD your God; fear not the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but ye have not obeyed my voice.

I don't know if you noticed as I have, but the conditions then were not much different then today.
A young man Gideon the son of Joash the Abiezrite was threshing wheat in a winepress trying to hide it from the Midianities.
The ANGEL OF THE LORD appeared to him.

Jdg 6:12 And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him, and said unto him, The LORD is with thee, thou mighty man of valour.

Gideon said why Lord if you be with us has all this fallen on us?, where are all the miracles our Fathers told us about? He has delivered us into the hands of the Midianites, has God forsaken us?

This is the cry of those of whom judgment has been pronounced.

Gideon didn't see Israels sin, he was totally incredulous. He couldn't believe that God would allow all these things to come upon them.

Isn't that what many Christians in America think right now, even though there is sin in the camp, in the lives of believers, even though the church has distorted His teachings to the point they are nothing like He taught them?

Even though there is no fear of God, but a seeking after the material and for pleasure. having their cake and eat it too mentality. Never mind that the cry of the poor is ignored, the widows and children left to fend for themselves.
Do they think God will wink at these sins?

Most do not believe God will bring judgment, if He does they will think He forsook them just as Gideon and the children of Israel were thinking. And shake their hands at Him.

Jdg 6:14 And the LORD looked upon him, and said, Go in this thy might, and thou shalt save Israel from the hand of the Midianites: have not I sent thee?

Gideon could not believe God would use him, he came from a poor family, he said he was the least in his family.

Now does this sound like he is some famous Prophet? Some well known preacher?

No he is very meek and humble. Can't even believe God is telling him these things.

Jdg 6:15 And he said unto him, Oh my Lord, wherewith shall I save Israel? behold, my family is poor in Manasseh, and I am the least in my father's house.

Jdg 6:16 And the LORD said unto him, Surely I will be with thee, and thou shalt smite the Midianites as one man.

Gideon still cannot believe this is happening. He even tests the Lord who has spoken to make sure it is the Lord.

Jdg 6:17 And he said unto him, If now I have found grace in thy sight, then shew me a sign that thou talkest with me.

Jdg 6:18 Depart not hence, I pray thee, until I come unto thee, and bring forth my present, and set it before thee. And he said, I will tarry until thou come again.
Jdg 6:19 And Gideon went in, and made ready a kid, and unleavened cakes of an ephah of flour: the flesh he put in a basket, and he put the broth in a pot, and brought it out unto him under the oak, and presented it.
Jdg 6:20 And the angel of God said unto him, Take the flesh and the unleavened cakes, and lay them upon this rock, and pour out the broth. And he did so.
Jdg 6:21 Then the angel of the LORD put forth the end of the staff that was in his hand, and touched the flesh and the unleavened cakes; and there rose up fire out of the rock, and consumed the flesh and the unleavened cakes. Then the angel of the LORD departed out of his sight

When the angel of the Lord had proven who he was, and that the Lord was truly speaking this, then Gideon began to believe.

Jdg 6:22 And when Gideon perceived that he was an angel of the LORD, Gideon said, Alas, O Lord GOD! for because I have seen an angel of the LORD face to face.

Yet Gideon still found it impossible to believe God could use him to destroy the Midianites, so he put a fleece before the Lord.

Jdg 6:36 And Gideon said unto God, If thou wilt save Israel by mine hand, as thou hast said,
Jdg 6:37 Behold, I will put a fleece of wool in the floor; and if the dew be on the fleece only, and it be dry upon all the earth beside, then shall I know that thou wilt save Israel by mine hand, as thou hast said.
Jdg 6:38 And it was so: for he rose up early on the morrow, and thrust the fleece together, and wringed the dew out of the fleece, a bowl full of water.
Jdg 6:39 And Gideon said unto God, Let not thine anger be hot against me, and I will speak but this once: let me prove, I pray thee, but this once with the fleece; let it now be dry only upon the fleece, and upon all the ground let there be dew.
Jdg 6:40 And God did so that night: for it was dry upon the fleece only, and there was dew on all the ground.

Even how Gideon defeated the Midianites is in itself remarkable, because he didn't go in there with thousands of men.
Because God wanted to show, it is not by might nor by power, but by MY SPIRIT says the Lord.

I believe that the Lord will use His Army one more time, to do mighty exploits, but it will be men and women of Gideons stature. One who is dead to self, and very very humble.

I do not believe that Gideon had no faith that God could do those things, he already knew how God delivered the Fathers of Israel.
It was the unbelief that he would choose him, that God could do such a thing through Him.
He was a very humble and saw himself as the least of these.

This is exactly why God chose him, and why I believe that those chosen to do "greater things" will not be seeking the limelight, nor will they be of any great stature before the world.
Just as all the prophets God has chosen to speak for Him to the nations, including David who had been a shepherd in the fields.

1Co 1:27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

Even the way the defeat of the Midianites was accomplished is so like God, he does the impossible and shows us all it is only He that could do such an impossible feat, which seems impossible to our own eyes and mind and natural thinking.

The Midianites were without number. Look what God did to make sure that no one could claim this great feat.
This alone made Gideon and his men look like grasshoppers.

Jdg 7:2 And the LORD said unto Gideon, The people that are with thee are too many for me to give the Midianites into their hands, lest Israel vaunt themselves against me, saying, Mine own hand hath saved me.

So He weeded them out, he chose those who were not ashamed to appear foolish by lapping the water like a dog, what a humbling experience.
They must have had to get down on all fours to do this feat. Yet the ones who got on bended knees to drink the water were eliminated.
Gideon originally had 20,000 to go up against this great army of the Midianites, but then the number was dropped down to 10,000. but that was not enough for God to show He is God and He alone.

Jdg 7:7 And the LORD said unto Gideon, By the three hundred men that lapped will I save you, and deliver the Midianites into thine hand: and let all the other people go every man unto his place.

So this rag tag army of three hundred went out to face the Midianites whose number could not be counted.

Sounds impossible right?

Read on.
Gideon still had a problem believing God could do this thing through him and this small company of men.

There was a man who had a dream that he saw a cake of barley bread roll into the Midinaites camp into the tent and smote it and it fell.

Jdg 7:14 And his fellow answered and said, This is nothing else save the sword of Gideon the son of Joash, a man of Israel: for into his hand hath God delivered Midian, and all the host.

When Gideon heard this He worshipped God.

He then knew what God was about to do.

He gave a trumpet to each man, a lamp and a pitcher, and he told them when he blew the trumpet they were to blow their trumpets, break the pitchers and hold the lamps in their left hands

They were to shout. "The sword of the LORD, and of Gideon".

When the Midianite army heard this commotion they fled and cried. God had literally terrified them to the point they destroyed each other.

That was it, this is our God!

They had no idea what hit them. They had no idea the God of the universe had just delivered the Israelites out of their hands.
Everyone man turned against his own with the sword in the Midianite army. God caused them to defeat themselves.

Jdg 7:22 And the three hundred blew the trumpets, and the LORD set every man's sword against his fellow, even throughout all the host: and the host fled to Bethshittah in Zererath, and to the border of Abelmeholah, unto Tabbath.
Jdg 7:23 And the men of Israel gathered themselves together out of Naphtali, and out of Asher, and out of all Manasseh, and pursued after the Midianites.

I share this story because contrary to what many of you are being taught. God is not going to do the obvious, he is not going to use those who are rich in this worlds goods, those who have made a name for themselves to lead his Army one last time.

One thing I do know is that the true church of God needs to arise, and stand for truth. You need to get back into the word and study to show yourselves approved a workmen not needing to be ashamed.

The body needs to wake up, to what is happening to the church and to the word of God. they have been sleeping and the wolves have come in for the kill.
And the sheep are wandering seeking pasture, and the Pastors have been trampling down the residue.
The body is being given moldy bread and it is making the church sick, and the worst of it is that they believe what they are being taught, there is no discernment.
There eyes are closed, their heart is snatched by these body snatchers.

Rev 3:15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
Rev 3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
Rev 3:17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:
Rev 3:18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.
Rev 3:19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

We need to be about our Father's business, to reach the lost, to reach out to the one, who is suffering

The truth is brothers and sisters, we need to humble ourselves before the Lord, we need to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice.

Are we any better then the likes of Paul or John or Peter? these men suffered for the kingdom of God.
They laid their lives down at the altar. they paid the price to be given the power.
They walked in holiness before the Lord.
And they never once asked for a thousand dollar seed offering, or any offering for that matter.

Stop listening to all the hype, and following after names. it is a snare to you and to your soul. I say this in love.

There is only ONE we are to follow, and His name is Jesus Christ, He will never you leave nor forsake you.

To be called and used of God is not to think of yourself more highly, but it is to put others before yourself and not to toot your own horn.

If He calls you to be in His great army it is Him that is great, forget about titles, if others want to call you by a title then that is on them if they so choose to do so, but do not tack one on your own name we are nothing, we need to become lower so Jesus Christ can be lifted higher, so He can be all that is important to us in our life.

If any is chosen to be in this army it is because you have gone through the wilderness of sacrifice, and have given up your own life for His.
It is an exchange life, His life for yours.

Seek him, seek what He wants you to do, to lead you in all your ways. Remember our life is not our own, we were bought with a price. His shed blood on Calvary.

Rise up church, and be the people of God He has called us to be. WE can only be truly victorious when we are walking in His Word and His Spirit.

Stop talking about the gospel and begin to live it, for many we may be the only Gospel they will ever read.
We have been given all we need to live the victorious life, to be overcomers. We have the living God within us.
The Holy Spirit anoints those who have died to their own self interest, To God be the glory!!!

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