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Entering His Rest
by Sharon McClean
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Deut. 12:8—You shall NOT at all do as we are doing here TODAY—every man DOING WHATEVER IS RIGHT IN HIS OWN EYES—(9) “for as yet YOU HAVE NOT COME TO the REST and the INHERITANCE which the Lord your God is giving you.

Deut.12:5—But you SHALL SEEK the PLACE where the Lord your God CHOOSES out of all of your tribes, to PUT HIS NAME for HIS HABITATION, and THERE you shall go. (Exodus 20:24,b—In every place where I RECORD MY NAME I will come to you, and I will BLESS you.) (Ex. 15:16—You will bring them in and PLANT them in THE MOUNTAIN of YOUR INHERITANCE, in the PLACE, O Lord, which You have made for YOUR OWN DWELLING, the SANCTUARY, O Lord, which YOUR HANDS have ESTABLISHED. (Joel 3:14—MULTITUDES, multitudes in the VALLEY of DECISION! For THE DAY OF THE LORD is near in the Valley of decision. (16) The Lord also will ROAR from ZION, and utter His voice from JERUSALEM; The heavens and earth will shake, But the Lord will be a SHELTER for HIS PEOPLE, and the STRENGTH of the children of ISRAEL. (17) So you SHALL KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD, DWELLING in ZION MY HOLY MOUNTAIN.

Ps. 134:13—For the Lord has CHOSEN ZION; He has DESIRED it for His HABITATION. (14) THIS is My RESTING PLACE FOREVER; here I will DWELL, for I have DESIRED IT. (Ps.78:68—But CHOSE the tribe of JUDAH, MOUNT ZION, which He loved. (69) And He built His SANCTUARY like the heights, like THE EARTH which HE HAS ESTABLISHED FOREVER. (7) He also CHOSE DAVID His servant, and took him from the SHEEPFOLDS; (Eze.34:22—therefore I will SAVE My FLOCK, and they shall no longer be a prey; and I will JUDGE between sheep and sheep. (23) I will establish ONE SHEPHERD over them, and HE shall FEED THEM--MY SERVANT DAVID. He shall feed them and be THEIR SHEPHERD. (30) Thus they shall KNOW that I, the Lord their God, am WITH THEM, and that they the house of ISRAEL, are MY PEOPLE, says the Lord God. (33) YOU are MY FLOCK, the FLOCK of MY PASTURE; you are men, and I am your God, says the Lord God. (Returning to Ps.78:70—He also CHOSE DAVID His servant, and took him from the sheepfolds; (71,b) To Shepherd JACOB HIS PEOPLE, and ISRAEL His INHERITANCE.

(Gen.35:10—And God said to him, Your name is JACOB; (Ps.24:5—THIS is JACOB the generation of those who seek Him, who seek Your FACE.) Your name shall NOT be called JACOB anymore, but ISRAEL shall be your name. (Luke 1:31—And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bring forth a Son, and shall call His name JESUS, (32) He will be GREAT, and will be called the Son of the Highest; and the Lord God will give Him the THRONE of HIS FATHER DAVID. (33) And HE will REIGN over the house of JACOB forever, and of HIS KINGDOM there will be NO END.)

Deut. 12:8—You shall NOT at all do as we are doing here TODAY—every man DOING WHATEVER IS RIGHT IN HIS OWN EYES—(9) “for as yet YOU HAVE NOT COME TO the REST and the INHERITANCE which the Lord your God is giving you. Ps 2:6—Yet I have set My King on MY HOLY HILL of ZION. (7) I will declare the decree: the Lord has said to Me YOU are MY SON TODAY I have BEGOTTEN YOU. (8) ASK OF ME and I will GIVE You the NATIONS for Your INHERITANCE and the ENDS of the EARTH for YOUR POSSESSION.

(I believe this to be a spiritual place where we stand upon this word and ask for the nations for His inheritance and the ends of the earth for His possession.) (Heb12:22—But you have come to MOUNT ZION and to THE CITY of the LIVING GOD, the HEAVENLY JERUSALEM, to an innumerable company of angels, (23) to the general assemble and church of the FIRSTBORN who are registered in heaven, to God the Judge of all, to the spirits of just men made perfect, (24) to Jesus the MEDIATOR of THE NEW COVENANT, and to the blood of sprinkling that speaks better things than that of Abel.)

Heb. 4:1—Therefore, since a PROMISE REMAINS of ENTERING HIS REST, let us FEAR lest any of you seem to have come SHORT of it. (2) For indeed the GOSPEL was preached to us as well as to them; but THE WORD which they heard DID NOT PROFIT THEM, NOT BEING MIXED WITH FAITH in those who heard it. Gal.3:7—Therefore KNOW that ONLY those who are OF FAITH are sons of ABRAHAM. (8) And THE SCRIPTURE, foreseeing that GOD WOULD JUSTIFY THE NATIONS by FAITH PREACHED the GOSPEL to ABRAHAM BEFOREHAND, saying ‘IN YOU ALL THE NATIONS SHALL BE BLESSED.

(Gal. 2:2—And I went up BY REVELATION, and communicated to them THAT GOSPEL which I preach among the Gentiles.) Matt. 9:35—And Jesus went about all the cities and villages, TEACHING in their synagogues,
Preaching THE GOSPEL of THE KINGDOM, and HEALING EVERY SICKNESS and EVERY DISEASE among the people, (36) But when He saw the MULTITUDES He was moved with COMPASSION for THEM, because they were WEARY and SCATTERED, like SHEEP having NO shepherd. (37) Then He said to His disciples, “THE HARVEST TRULY IS PLENTIFUL, but the LABORERS are FEW. (38) Therefore PRAY the Lord of THE HARVEST TO SEND OUT LABORERS INTO HIS HARVEST. Gen. 8:22—WHILE THE EARTH REMAINS, SEEDTIME and HARVEST, and COLD and HEAT, and WINTER and SUMMER, and DAY and NIGHT shall NOT CEASE.

Is.46:9—REMEMBER the former things of old, For I AM GOD and there is NO OTHER; I am God, and there is NONE like ME, declaring the END from the BEGINNING, and from ANCIENT times things that ARE NOT YET DONE, saying, “My counsel shall stand, and I will do ALL My PLEASURE. (Is. 45:22—Look to Me and be SAVED, ALL YOU ENDS OF THE EARTH! For I am God and there is NO other.) (Ps 22:27—ALL THE ENDS OF THE WORLD shall REMEMBER and TURN to the LORD, and ALL the FAMILIES of the NATIONS shall WORSHIP before YOU. (28) For THE KINGDOM is THE LORD’S, and HE RULES OVER THE NATIONS.)

(Hosea 6:11—Also, O JUDAH, a HARVEST is APPOINTED for you, when I RETURN THE CAPTIVES of MY PEOPLE.) (Ps.126:1—When the Lord BROUGHT BACK THE CAPTIVITY of ZION, we were like those who DREAM. (Gen. 28:12-18) Jacob’s dream.) Returning to Ps. 126:2—Then our mouth was filled with LAUGHTER, and our tongue with SINGING. Then they said among THE NATIONS, “The Lord has DONE GREAT THINGS FOR THEM. (3) The Lord has done great things for us, whereof we are GLAD.) Is. 51:16—And I HAVE PUT MY WORDS IN YOUR MOUTH; I have COVERED you with the SHADOW of MY HAND, that I may PLANT the heavens, lay the FOUNDATION of the EARTH, and say to ZION, “YOU ARE MY PEOPLE.”

Matthew 13:24—The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed GOOD SEED in THE FIELD; (Matt. 13:38—THE FIELD is the WORLD, the GOOD SEEDS are the SONS of THE KINGDOM, but THE TARES are the sons of the WICKED one. (39) The ENEMY who sowed them is the devil, THE HARVEST is the END of the AGE, and the reapers are the ANGELS. (40) Therefore as the TARES are GATHERED and BURNED in the fire, so it will be at the END of THIS AGE. (41) The Son of Man will SEND out HIS ANGELS, and they WILL GATHER OUT OF HIS KINGDOM, ALL THINGS THAT OFFEND, and those who practice lawlessness, (43) and will cast them into the FURNACE of FIRE. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. (43) Then the RIGHTEOUS will SHINE FORTH as THE SUN in THE KINGDOM of THEIR FATHER. He who has ears to HEAR, let him HEAR! (Matt.15:13—“EVERY PLANT which My heavenly Father has NOT PLANTED will be UPROOTED.)

Acts 1:6—Therefore, when they had come together, they asked Him, Saying, “LORD WILL YOU AT THIS TIME RESTORE THE KINGDOM to ISRAEL? (7) And He said to them, “It is not for you to know the times or seasons which the FATHER has put in HIS OWN AUTHORITY. (8) But YOU SHALL RECEIVE POWER when the HOLY SPIRIT has come upon YOU; and you shall be witnesses TO Me in JERUSALEM, and in all JUDEA and SAMARIA, and to THE END OF THE EARTH. (Ps. 135:24—Blessed be the Lord out of ZION, who DWELLS in JERUSALEM!) (Matt. 28:18—Then Jesus came and spoke to them saying,” ALL AUTHORITY has been GIVEN to ME in heaven and on earth. (19) “Go therefore and make DISCIPLES of ALL THE NATIONS, baptizing them in the name of the FATHER and of the SON and of the HOLY SPIRIT, (20) teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS, EVEN TO THE END of the AGE.) (KJV) and lo I am with you always, even to the END of THE WORLD.)

(John 15:8—By THIS My Father is GLORIFIED, that you BEAR MUCH FRUIT; so YOU WILL BE MY DISCIPLES. (16) You DID NOT CHOOSE ME, but I CHOSE YOU and appointed you that you should GO and BEAR FRUIT, and that YOUR FRUIT should REMAIN, that WHATEVER you ASK THE FATHER IN MY NAME He may GIVE you.) (Is. 27:6—Those who come He shall cause to take root in JACOB, ISRAEL shall blossom and bud and FILL THE FACE OF THE WORLD WITH FRUIT.) (Ps.14:7—Oh that the SALVATION of ISRAEL would come out of ZON! When the Lord BRINGS BACK the CAPTIVITY of HIS PEOPLE, let JACOB REJOICE and ISRAEL be GLAD.)

Matt.13:44—Again, THE KINGDOM of heaven is like TREASURE HIDDEN in a FIELD, which a man FOUND and for JOY over it he GOES and SELLS ALL THAT HE HAS and BUYS THAT FIELD. (Is.66:10—Rejoice with JERUSALEM, and be GLAD with her; rejoice with JOY with her all you who MOURN for her; Zeph 3:16—In that day it shall be said to JERUSALEM; “Do not fear; ZION, let NOT your hands be WEAK. (17) The Lord Your God is IN YOUR MIDST, the MIGHTY ONE WILL SAVE; HE WILL REJOICE over you with GLADNESS, HE WILL QUIET you IN HIS LOVE, HE WILL REJOICE over you with SINGING. (18) I will GATHER those who SORROW over the appointed ASSEMBLY, who are among you, to whom its REPROACH is a BURDEN. (19) Behold, at that time, I will deal with ALL who AFFLICT you, I WILL SAVE THE LAME, and GATHER those who were driven out; I WILL APPOINT THEM for PRAISE and FAME in EVERY LAND WHERE YOU WERE PUT TO SHAME. (20) At that time I WILL BRING YOU BACK, even at the time I GATHER you: for I WILL GIVE YOU FAME and PRAISE among ALL PEOPLES of THE EARTH, WHEN I RETURN YOUR CAPTIVES before your eyes, says the Lord.)

Returning to Is.66:22--That you may FEED and be SATISFIED, with the CONSOLATION of her bosom, that you may drink deeply and be delighted with the ABUNDANCE of HER GLORY.)

(Ps. 135:4—For the Lord has CHOSEN JACOB for HIMSELF, ISRAEL FOR His SPECIAL TREASURE.) (Exodus 19:3—And MOSES went up to God, and the Lord called to him from THE MOUNTAIN, saying, “Thus you shall say to the house of JACOB, and tell the children of ISRAEL: (4) You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I BORE YOU ON EAGLES WINGS and BROUGHT YOU TO MYSELF. (5) Now therefore, if you will indeed OBEY MY VOICE and KEEP MY COVENANT, then YOU SHALL BE a SPECIAL TREASURE to ME, above ALL THE PEOPLE; for ALL THE EARTH is MINE. (6) And YOU shall BE TO ME A KINGDOM OF PRIESTS and a HOLY NATION; THESE are THE WORDS which you shall SPEAK to the CHILDREN of ISRAEL)

(1 Peter 2:6—Therefore it is ALSO contained in Scripture, Behold I lay in ZION a CHIEF CORNERSTONE, elect, precious, and he who BELIEVES on HIM will never be put to SHAME. (7) Therefore, to you who BELIEVE, He is precious, but to those who are DISOBEDIENT, THE STONE which the builders REJECTED has BECOME the CHIEF CORNERSTONE, (8) and a STONE of STUMBLING, being DISOBEDIENT to THE WORD to which they were also APPOINTED. (9) But YOU are a CHOSEN GENERATION, a ROYAL PRIESTHOOD, a HOLY NATION, His OWN SPECIAL PEOPLE, that you may proclaim the PRAISES of HIM who CALLED YOU OUT OF DARKNESS into His MARVELOUS LIGHT.(Amos 5:20—Is not THE DAY OF THE LORD DARKNESS and NOT LIGHT?) (Matt. 13:52—“Therefore every scribe INSTRUCTED concerning THE KINGDOM of HEAVEN is like a householder who brings out of his TREASURE things NEW and OLD.)

Returning to Gal.3:9--So then those who are OF FAITH are BLESSED with BELIEVING ABRAHAM. (19) For as many as are of the works of the LAW are under THE CURSE: Rom. 4:13—For the PROMISE that he would be the HEIR OF THE WORLD was not to ABRAHAM or to HIS SEED through the LAW, but through the RIGHTEOUSNESS of FAITH. (14) For if those who are of the LAW are HEIRS, FAITH is made VOID, and the PROMISE of NO EFFECT. (15) BECAUSE the LAW brings about WRATH; for where there is no LAW there is NO transgression. (1 Thess.5:9—For God DID NOT APPOINT us to WRATH, but to OBTAIN SALVATION through our Lord Jesus Christ.) Gal.3:16—Now to ABRAHAM and HIS SEED were the PROMISES made. He does not say, “And to seeds, as of many, but as of one, And to your Seed,” WHO IS CHRIST. Gal.3:29—And if you are Christ’s THEN you are ABRAHAM’S seed, and HEIRS according to the PROMISE.

Returning to Heb.4:3--For we who have believed DO ENTER THAT REST, as He has said: “So I SWORE in MY WRATH, they shall NOT ENTER MY REST. (11) Let us therefore be DILIGENT to ENTER THAT REST, lest anyone FALL according to the same example of DISOBEDIENCE. (Rom 1:1—Paul a servant of Jesus Christ, CALLED to be AN APOSTLE, SEPARATED TO THE GOSPEL OF GOD. (2) which He PROMISED before through His prophets in the Holy Scriptures, (3) CONCERNING HIS SON JESUS CHRIST our Lord, who was born of THE SEED of DAVID according to THE FLESH, (4) and DECLARED to be THE SON of GOD WITH POWER, according to the SPIRIT of HOLINESS, by the RESURRECTION FROM THE DEAD. (Acts 13:32—And we DECLARE to you GLAD TIDINGS—that PROMISE which was made to the fathers. (33) God has FULFILLED this for US their children, in that HE HAS RAISED UP JESUS. As it is ALSO written in the second Ps: You are My Son, today I have begotten You.) (Ps.2 goes on to read: YOU are MY SON, today I HAVE BEGOTTEN YOU. Ask of Me and I will give you the NATIONS for Your INHERITANCE and the ends of the earth for Your possession.)

Returning to Rom.1:5--through whom we have RECEIVED, GRACE and APOSLESHIP, for OBEDIENCE to THE FAITH AMONG ALL NATIONS for HIS NAME.) Returning to Heb. 4:12--For THE WORD of GOD is LIVING and POWERFUL, and SHARPER than any TWO-EDGED SWORD piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joint and marrow, and is a DISCERNER of the THOUGHTS and INTENTS of THE HEART. (1 Corin. 14—But the natural man does not RECEIVE the THINGS of THE SPIRIT of GOD, for they are FOOLISHNESS to him, nor can he KNOW them, because they are SPIRITUALLY DISCERENED.)

Returning to Heb.4:13--And there is NO CREATURE HIDDEN from HIS sight, but ALL THINGS are NAKED and OPEN to the EYES of HIM to whom we must give ACCOUNT. (Rev.3:16—So then, BECAUSE you are LUKEWARM, and neither COLD nor HOT, I WILL SPEW YOU OUT OF MY MOUTH. (17) Because you say, I am rich, have become wealthy, and have NEED of NOTHING!—and do NOT KNOW that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and NAKED—(Rev.16:15—Behold, I AM COMING AS A THIEF, Blessed is he who WATCHES, and KEEPS HIS GARMENTS, lest he walk NAKED and they see his SHAME) (John 10:10—THE THIEF does NOT come except to STEAL and to KILL, and to DESTROY. I have come that they MAY HAVE LIFE, and that they may have it more ABUNDANTLY.)

Is.52:1—Awake, awake! Put on your STRENGTH, O ZION; put on your BEAUTIFUL GARMENTS, O JERUSALEM, the HOLY CITY! (2) Shake yourself from the dust, ARISE, and sit down, O JERUSALEM; loose yourself from the bond of your neck, O CAPTIVE DAUGHTER OF ZION. (7) How beautiful upon the MOUTAINS are the feet of them who bring GOOD NEWS, who PROCLAIMS PEACE, who brings GLAD TIDINGS of GOOD THINGS, who proclaim SALVATION. Who says TO ZION, YOUR GOD REIGNS! (8) Your WATCHMEN shall lift up their voices, with their voices they shall sing together; for they shall see eye to eye WHEN THE LORD BRINGS BACK ZION. (9) Break forth into JOY, sing together, you WASTE PLACES of JERUSALEM! For the Lord has COMFORTED HIS PEOPLE, He has REDEEMED JERUSALEM! (10) The Lord has made bare HIS HOLY ARM in the EYES OF ALL THE NATIONS, and ALL THE ENDS OF THE EARTH SHALL SEE the SALVATION OF OUR GOD. (11) Depart! Depart! Go out from there, touch NO UNCLEAN THING; Go out from the midst of her, BE CLEAN, you WHO BEAR THE VESSELS of the LORD. (12) For YOU SHALL NOT GO OUT WITH HASTE, nor GO BY FLIGHT; for the LORD will GO BEFORE YOU, and THE GOD OF ISRAEL will be your REAR GUARD.

Micah 2:13—I will surely assemble ALL of you, O JACOB, I will surely GATHER the REMNANT of ISRAEL; I will put them together LIKE SHEEP of THE FOLD, like a FLOCK in the midst of their PASTURE; they shall make a loud noise because of so many men. (13) The one who breaks open will come up before them; THEY WILL BREAK OUT, pass THROUGH the GATE, and go OUT by IT; THEIR KING WILL PASS BEFORE THEM, with THE LORD as THEIR HEAD.) (Ps.118:19—OPEN to me the GATES of RIGHTEOUNESS, I WILL GO THROUGH THEM, and I will PRAISE THE LORD. (20) THIS is THE GATE of the LORD, THROUGH which the RIGHTEOUS shall ENTER. (21) I will PRAISE You. For You have BECOME my SALVATION. (22) The STONE which THE BUILDERS REJECTED has BECOME the CHIEF CORNERSTONE. (23) THIS was the Lord’s doing. IT IS MARVELOUS in OUR EYES. (24) THIS is THE DAY which THE LORD has MADE; we will REJOICE and be GLAD IN IT. (Acts 4:10—Let it be known to you ALL and to ALL people of ISRAEL, that by the NAME of Jesus Christ of NAZARETH, whom you crucified, whom GOD RAISED FROM THE DEAD, by HIM this MAN STANDS HERE BEFORE YOU WHOLE. (11) THIS is THE STONE which was REJECTED BY YOU BUILDERS, which has BECOME THE CHIEF CORNERSTONE. (12) NOR is there SALVATION in any other, for there is NO other name under heaven GIVEN among men by WHICH WE MUST BE SAVED.

Returning to Heb.4:14--Seeing then that we have a great HIGH PRIEST who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession. (15) For we do not have a HIGH PRIEST who CANNOT sympathize with our WEAKNESSES, but was IN ALL POINTS TEMPTED AS WE ARE, yet WITHOUT SIN. (16) Let us therefore come BOLDLY to the THRONE of GRACE that we may OBTAIN MERCY and FIND GRACE to HELP in TIME OF NEED.

Exodus 33:13—(Moses) Now therefore, I pray, if I have found GRACE in Your sight, SHOW me YOUR WAY, (Ps. 24:4—SHOW me YOUR WAYS, O Lord, TEACH ME YOUR PATHS.(12) Who is the man that fears the Lord? HIM shall HE TEACH in THE WAY that HE CHOOSES. (13) He himself shall DWELL in PROSPERITY. And HIS DESCENDANTS shall INHERIT THE EARTH.) Returning to Exodus 33:13--that I may KNOW You and that I may find GRACE in Your sight. And CONSIDER that this NATION is YOUR PEOPLE. (14) And HE SAID, “MY PRESENCE will GO WITH you, and I WILL give you REST. (15) Then he said to Him, “If YOUR PRESENCE DOES NOT GO WITH US, DO NOT BRING US UP FROM HERE. (Ps.100:2—Make a JOYFUL SHOUT to the Lord, all you lands! (2) Serve the Lord with GLADNESS; Come before HIS PRESENCE with SINGING. (3) KNOW that the Lord, HE is GOD; It is HE who MADE US, and NOT we ourselves; WE are HIS PEOPLE and THE SHEEP of HIS PASTURE. (4) Enter into HIS GATES with THANKSGIVING, and into HIS COURTS with PRAISE, Be THANKFUL to Him, and BLESS HIS NAME. (5) For the LORD is GOOD; HIS MERCY IS EVERLASTING, and HIS TRUTH ENDURES TO ALL GENERATIONS.

Heb. 6:13—For when GOD made a PROMISE to ABRAHAM, because He could SWEAR by NO one greater, HE SWORE BY HIMSELF, (Gen 22:15—Then the Angel of the Lord called to ABRAHAM a SECOND TIME out of heaven, (16) and said: “BY MY SELF I HAVE SWORN,” says the Lord, BECAUSE you have done THIS thing, and HAVE NOT WITHHELD YOUR SON, your only son. (17) In blessing I will bless you, and in multiplying I will multiply YOUR DESCENDANTS as THE STARS of the HEAVEN and as the SAND which in on the seashore; and YOUR DESCENDANTS shall posses THE GATE of THEIR ENEMIES. (18) In your SEED ALL THE NATIONS of the EARTH shall be blessed, BECAUSE YOU HAVE OBEYED MY VOICE.) (God’s grace?)

Is.48:17—Thus says the Lord your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the Lord your God, who teaches you to PROFIT, who LEADS you by THE WAY you should GO. (18) Oh, that you had heeded My commandments! Then your peace would have been like a river, and your RIGHTEOUSNESS like the waves of the sea. (19) YOUR DESCENDANTS also would have been like the GRAINS of SAND; HIS NAME would NOT have been CUT OFF nor DESTROYED from before Me.)

Returning to Heb. 6:14--saying, “Surely blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will I will multiply you (16) For men indeed swear by the greater, and AN OATH for CONFIRMATION is for them AN END of ALL DISPUTE. Thus God determining to show more abundantly to the HEIRS of PROMISE the immutability of His counsel, CONFIRMED it by an OATH, (18) that by two immutable things, in which it is IMPOSSIBLE for GOD to LIE, we might have STRONG CONSOLATION, who have fled for REFUGE; (Ps.99—The Lord also will be a REFUGE for the oppressed. A REFUGE in times of TROUBLE. (10) And those who KNOW Your NAME will put their TRUST in You; for you have not FORSAKEN those who SEEK YOU. (11) Sing praises to the Lord, who DWELLS in ZION! Declare His deeds among the people.)

Returning to Heb. 6:18--to LAY HOLD of THE HOPE set BEFORE us. (19) This HOPE we have as an ANCHOR of the SOUL, both SURE and STEADFAST, and which ENTERS THE PRESENCE BEHIND THE VEIL.

Returning to Exodus 33:16--For how then will it be known that YOUR PEOPLE and I have FOUND GRACE in YOUR sight, except YOU GO WITH US? So we shall be SEPARATE, YOUR PEOPLE and I, from ALL the people who are UPON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. (2 Corin.6:14—Do NOT be unequally yoked together with UNBELIEVERS. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has LIGHT with DARKNESS? (Amos 5:20—Is not THE DAY OF THE LORD DARKNESS and NOT LIGHT?) (16) And what agreement has the TEMPLE of God with IDOLS? For YOU are THE TEMPLE of the LIVING GOD. As God has said: I WILL DWELL IN THEM, I WILL BE THEIR GOD and THEY SHALL BE MY PEOPLE. (17) Therefore, COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM, and be SEPARATE, says the Lord. Do NOT touch what is UNCLEAN, and I WILL RECEIVE YOU. (18) And I WILL BE A FATHER to YOU and YOU SHALL BE MY SONS and DAUGHTERS, says the Lord ALMIGHTY.)

(1 Sam. 15:22—“Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in OBEYING the VOICE of the LORD? Behold, to OBEY is better than SACRIFICE, and to HEED than the fat of rams. (28) For REBELLION is as the sin of WITCHCRAFT, and STUBBORNNESS is AS INIQUITY and IDOLATRY.) Ps. 78: 5—For He established a testimony in JACOB, and appointed a LAW in ISRAEL, which HE COMMANDED our FATHERS, that THEY should make them KNOWN to THEIR CHILDREN; (6) That the generation to COME might KNOW them. The children WHO WOULD BE BORN, that they MAY ARISE and DECLARE THEM to their CHILDREN. (7) That they may SET THEIR HOPE IN GOD, and NOT FORGET THE WORKS OF GOD. But keep His commandments. (8) and may NOT be like their FATHERS, a STUBBORN and REBELLIOUS generation, a GENERATION that DID NOT set it’s HEART aright, and whose spirit was NOT FAITHFUL to God.

Mal. 4:2—But to you who FEAR My name the Sun of Righteousness shall ARISE with HEALING IN HIS WINGS. (4) REMEMBER the LAW of Moses My servant, which I COMMANDED him in HOREB for ALL ISRAEL, with the STATUTES and JUDGMENTS. (5) Behold, I will send you ELIJAH the prophet BEFORE THE COMING OF THE GREAT and DREADFUL DAY OF THE LORD. (6) And He will TURN the HEARTS of the FATHERS to the CHILDREN, and the HEARTS of the CHILDREN to THEIR FATHERS, lest I COME, and STRIKE the earth with a CURSE. (Ps. 38:22—For those who are BLESSED by Him SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH, but those who are CURSED by Him SHALL BE CUT OFF.)

Returning to Exodus 33: 17--Then the Lord said to MOSES, I will also do THIS thing that you have spoken, for YOU HAVE FOUND GRACE in My sight, and I KNOW YOU BY YOUR NAME. (18) And he said, PLEASE show me YOUR GLORY. (John 1:14—And THE WORD became flesh, and DWELT AMONG US and WE BEHELD HIS GLORY, the GLORY as of the ONLY BEGOTTEN of THE FATHER, full of GRACE and truth.) (18) NO ONE has SEEN God at any time, “The ONLY BEGOTTEN of THE FATHER, He has DECLARED HIM. (Ps. 2:6:8) Ps.84:11—For the Lord God is a SUN and SHIELD; The Lord will give GRACE and GLORY, no GOOD THING will He withhold from those who walk UPRIGHTLY.

(Ps.45:2—You are fairer than the sons of men; GRACE is poured upon Your LIPS; THEREFORE GOD has BLESSED YOU FOREVER. (3) Gird YOUR SWORD upon Your thigh, O Mighty One, with YOUR GLORY and YOUR MAJESTY. (4) And in Your majesty ride PROSPEROUSLY because of TRUTH, HUMILITY, and RIGHTEOUSNESS; and YOUR RIGHT HAND shall teach You AWESOME things. (6) YOUR THRONE, O God, is FOREVER and EVER; a scepter of RIGHTEOUSNESS is the scepter of YOUR KINGDOM. (17) I will MAKE YOUR NAME to be REMEMBERED in ALL GENERATIONS; Therefore the people shall PRAISE YOU FOREVER and EVER.) (Mal. 3:16—Then those who FEARED the Lord spoke to one another and the Lord LISTENED and HEARD them; so a BOOK of REMEMBRANCE was WRITTEN before Him for those who FEAR the Lord and MEDITATE on HIS NAME. They shall be MINE, says the Lord of hosts, ON THE DAY THAT I MAKE THEM MY JEWELS. And I will SPARE them as a man SPARES HIS OWN SON WHO SERVES HIM. (18) Then you shall again discern between the RIGHTEOUS and the WICKED. Between one who serves God and one who does not serve Him.)

(Returning to Exodus 33:19--Then He said, I will make ALL MY GOODNESS pass before you, and I will PROCLAIM THE NAME of THE LORD before you. (Exodus 3 13—Then Moses said to God, “Indeed WHEN I go to the children of ISRAEL and say to them, THE GOD of YOUR FATHERS has SENT me to you, and they say to me. “WHAT IS HIS NAME?” WHAT shall I say to THEM? (14) And God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM,” and He said, “Thus you shall say to the children of ISRAEL, “I AM has sent me to you.” (15) Moreover God said to Moses, “Thus you shall say to the children of ISRAEL: THE LORD GOD of YOUR FATHERS, the GOD of ABRAHAM, the GOD of ISAAC, and the GOD of JACOB, has sent me to you. THIS IS MY NAME FOREVER, and THIS IS MY MEMORIAL to ALL GENERATIONS.)

(Returning to Exodus 33:19-- I will be GRACIOUS to whom I will be GRACIOUS, and I will have COMPASSION on whom I will have COMPASSION. (Rom 9:15—For He says to Moses, I will have MERCY on WHOMEVER I will have MERCY and I will have COMPASSION on WHOMEVER I will have COMPASSION. (16) SO THEN it is NOT of him who WILLS, nor of him who RUNS, but OF GOD WHO SHOWS MERCY. (Then looking back at verse 11—For the children NOT YET BEING BORN, nor having DONE any GOOD or EVIL, that THE PURPOSE OF GOD according to ELECTION might STAND, NOT OF WORKS but OF HIM who CALLS. (13) As it is written, JACOB I have LOVED, but ESAU I have HATED. (Jere. 49:10—But I have made ESAU BARE; I have uncovered his secret places, and he shall not be able to hide himself. His DESENDANTS are PLUNDERED, His brethren and his neighbors, and he is no more. (11) LEAVE YOUR FATHERLESS CHILDREN, I WILL PRESERVE THEM ALIVE, and let your WIDOWS TRUST IN ME.

Is. 1:16—WASH your selves, make yourselves CLEAN; (that He might sanctify and CLEANSE it with THE WASHING of WATER by THE WORD, (27) that He might present it to HIMSELF a GLORIOUS CHURCH, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that it should be HOLY and WITHOUT BLEMISH.) Returning to Is.1:17—Learn to do GOOD, SEEK JUSTICE. (Is. 42:1—Behold! My Servant whom I UPHOLD, My elect One in whom My soul DELIGHTS! I HAVE PUT MY SPIRIT UPON HIM: He will bring forth JUSTICE to the GENTILES (4) He will NOT FAIL nor be DISCOURAGED, till He has ESTABLISHED JUSTICE IN THE EARTH. (6) I, the Lord have called You in RIGHTEOUSNESS, and will hold Your hand; I will KEEP You and GIVE You as a COVENANT to the people, as A LIGHT to the GENTILES.) (Is. 49: 8,b—I will PRESERVE You and give You as a COVENANT to the people, TO RESTORE THE EARTH. (6,b) I will also give You as A LIGHT to the GENTILES, that YOU SHOULD BE MY SALVATION TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.)

Ps.94:12—Blessed is the man whom YOU INSTRUCT, O Lord, and TEACH out of YOUR LAW, (13) that You may give him REST from THE DAYS OF adversity, until the pit is dug for the wicked. (14) For the Lord will NOT CAST OFF HIS PEOPLE. Nor will HE FORSAKE HIS INHERITANCE. (15) But JUDGMENT will return to RIGHTEOUSNESS, and ALL the UPRIGHT in heart will follow it. (Pro.2:21—For the UPRIGHT will DWELL in THE LAND, and the BLAMELESS will REMAIN in IT; (22) But the wicked will be CUT OFF from the EARTH, and the UNFAITHFUL will be UPROOTED from it.) (Ps.96:10—Say among THE NATIONS the LORD REIGNS; The WORLD also is FIRMLY ESTABLISHED, IT SHALL NOT BE MOVED. (13) For He is coming to JUDGE the EARTH. He shall JUDGE the WORLD with RIGHTEOUSNESS and the peoples with HIS TRUTH.) (Jere.4:1—If you will RETURN, O ISRAEL, says the Lord, and if you will put away your abominations out of My sight, THEN you shall NOT BE MOVED. (2) And you shall SWEAR, “The LORD LIVES, in TRUTH, in JUDGMENT, and in RIGHTEOUSNESS; THE NATIONS SHALL BLESS THEMSELVES in HIM, and in HIM THEY SHALL GLORY.

Pro. 12:17—He who speaks TRUTH DECLARES RIGHTEOUSNESS, but a false witness deceit. (28) In THE WAY of RIGHTEOUSNESS is LIFE, and in ITS PATHWAY there is NO DEATH. Pro. 11:30—The FRUIT of the RIGHTEOUS is A TREE OF LIFE, and he who wins souls is wise. (31) If the RIGHTEOUS be RECOMPENSED on THE EARTH, how much more the WICKED and the SINNER. (Jere.51:10—The Lord has DECLARED our RIGHTEOUSNESS, come and let us DECLARE in ZION the WORK OF THE LORD OUR GOD.)

Is. 66:1—Thus says the Lord; heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool. Where is the house that you will build Me? And WHERE is THE PLACE of MY REST? Ps. 132:13—For the Lord has CHOSEN ZION; He has DESIRED it for HIS HABITATION; (14) THIS is MY RESTING PLACE FOREVER; HERE I WILL DWELL, for I HAVE DESIRED IT.

Pro. 13:12—HOPE deferred makes the heart sick, but when the DESIRE comes, IT IS A TREE OF LIFE.

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God is Not Against You - He Came on an All Out Rescue Mission to Save You

...in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them... 2 Cor 5:19

Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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Member Comments
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Dennis Carey 13 Aug 2008
Sharon - In a word, AWESOME! In these last days, it is essential that we remember the admonitions and commands of the Lord. As our nation and the world drift further from God, and closer to the abyss, it is the Word of God that offers our only refuge. Thank you for once again bringing the life-saving, soul-saving Word to the forefront of our thinking. In Christ, Dennis
Vicki L Sullivan 13 Aug 2008
Hi Sharon, the ministry God pours through your writing is true and good. I'm so thankful for you!
Peggy Yengling 09 Aug 2008
Dear Sharon, This wonderful study you have provided offers much guidance for us as God's messengers. As the Lord looked after His flock in the days of David, He looks after us today. There is ONE Shepherd who rules over all nations and He is gathering us to be His sheep, to come to His Resting Place. He pleads with us to heed HIS Word and be ready for the time when HIS SON will return. Our mission is to make disciples of all people and go out into the world to spread God’s Message and save souls. Let us not delay! God appointed us to bear fruit and flourish. He chose us to be His messengers and He will equip us! HE wants all people to be saved - He wants to bring everyone into His place of rest. There is ONE WAY to be saved and that is through Jesus Christ - this is the GATE we must open. As we seek God’s TRUTH more and more, He will provide what we need to reach the hearts of the people. Pro. 12:17—He who speaks TRUTH DECLARES RIGHTEOUSNESS. God bless you, Sharon, for being such an obedient servant who is so full of God's wisdom! Love, Peggy


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