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Your Kingdom Come
by Christian Coutts
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Your Kingdom Come

Lord I donít understand when diseases win
Nor when a life is over before it begins
I know You are sovereign and in control
Yet so many questions trouble my soul

How can one see signs and wonders?
Yet still there are those that fall asunder
Some blind eyes have sight restored
While other lives are almost destroyed

I know Your ways are beyond me
I can look and look and never see
The plan that You have for our lives
I wish I could see through Your eyes

I hear so many testimonies of Your power
Yet I seek more of You this very hour
I long to follow the example of Your Son
Telling the world of Your victory won

I donít understand why it canít be
Like the days in Scripture that I see
When the believers spoke so bold
And healings following the promises told

Why, Lord, I must humbly ask
Why do I have trouble with the task?
Of spreading the Gospel for all to see
Healing the sick and setting captives free

I donít want my own glory and honor
Miracles can only come from the Father
But You used the humble in the past
To spread to all, the message that lasts

Can I too be part of Your plan
Use me to teach my fellow man
That You are the Only Way
To call home those who are astray

Lord, help me with my unbelief
Remove the things that cause You grief
Cover me in The Precious Blood
Flow through me like a flood

Fill me up until Iím overflowing
Mold me until it is You Iím showing
I want to lose myself in You
It is only You that I wish to pursue

Use me Lord to display Your glory
While I share with all Your history
Heal the sick and mend the broken
As through me Your Word is spoken

I donít seek after my own desires
I long to spread Your Word like fire
I pray for those with broken hearts
In us Your Spiritual revival starts

I donít mean to question Your ways
I just want what Your Word says
I want faith to move the mountain
I want to soak in the life giving Fountain

I wish to see it come to past
The sick healed to the last
You healed all that came to You
To place Your love in our view

Please, My Lord, I beg of You
Show me what You will have me do
I want only to be a servant, faithful and good
Make my life be a life of IS and not should

Increase my faith to serve Your will
Fill me with Your power until it spills
To those with whom Your Word I share
Give me a heart that loves and cares

Give me boldness to stand up and speak
Help me find those whom for You seek
Put into my path more in need
For Your children I wish to intercede

I beseech You, My Lord God
With the gospel of peace, my feet are shod
My heart is ready to go
To tell the world all I know

I want to tell of Your victory on the Cross
The salvation You offer to the lost
Give me words to speak to hearts
Your anointing to me impart

Remove anything in me that is impure
This is one more thing I must implore
I want to follow all of Your ways
To serve all of my days

Is there something hindering in me
That Your miracles I donít often see
I know I take for granted so much
But I just want Your loving touch

I praise You in all things
Your praise my heart sings
You are exalted on high
Tears of joy, my heart cries

Your majesty is beyond me
I am overwhelmed by what I see
Your creation testifies of You
But still I seek more of You

Is my prayer to selfish, Father?
I do not wish to be a bother
I only can offer what I have been given
So for You my life I am living

Iím just a child wishing to make You smile
My life is but just a little while
I want it to be all for You or nothing at all
I wish to say ďHere I amĒ when You call

Donít let me hinder Your plan
Just because I donít understand
Show me how to be more like You
Let me live a life that is good and true

If I hinder signs with my doubt
Renew my faith, my heart shouts
Refine and mold all of me
Until it is only You that others see

Empower me so Your Word is amplified
To my ministry let Your Will be applied
If it is for teaching then let me teach
If it is preaching then let me preach

Whatever Your Will then let it be done
I just want to be a good adopted son
I want more of You no matter the cost
Give me a desire to reach the lost

Let me bear good fruit for You
Heavenly treasure I wish to accrue
I ask for blessings so I can share
To show this world how much you care

Give me wisdom to be a good steward
Fill me with the knowledge of Your Word
Saturate me through and through
I can do all things through You

Brothers and Sisters,

This is a free writing that I started as a prayer. I have been reading the Gospels. I read about the believers in the past that followed Jesusí commandment and preached the Gospel everywhere they went. I read of the signs and wonders that followed them as they followed their orders. Then I started reading ďWhen Heaven Invades EarthĒ and I see a similar success in the ministry. I am overwhelmed at the display of Godís power through these people. Yet, I am concerned.

I am concerned because I have a strong desire to serve the Lord in any way He will allow me to serve. I am praying for and receiving a new boldness to witness. I am praying for and receiving more faith. Yet I am not seeing the same signs and wonders. I am not so selfish or egotistical to think if signs and wonders did come that they would be from me. I donít seek any glory of my own, I truly donít. What I do want is a faith that expects the impossible. I pray that as I speak the Word of God that people will be healed, the captives are set free, and demons flee from the presence of God.

I pray to shine like a giant lighthouse on the hill so that the lost can find their way back to God. I want God to fill me to overflowing that when I walk through the crowds that the same miracle that followed the Apostles follows me. I wish above all to take the ďmeísĒ and ďIísĒ out of it all. I want to become invisible and God to become visible. Everything that I am and have is Godís. I offer all of that which I am steward to serve the Lord. I donít wish for the signs and wonders to be seen so people can say ďthere is a man of GodĒ or to that affect. I want signs and wonders to be seen so they can ďcan you feel God?Ē I want souls convicted of their sins to come to repentance. I want signs and wonders to lead to a great pouring of souls into Heavens gates.

You can read of the promised crowns in Heaven for good servants, but even these I do not long for, but I long for Godís Kingdom to truly invade earth. I want to be a conduit for Godís Kingdom (without the ďIĒ). I pray that all of The Fatherís children embrace this same desire. I pray for a Spiritual Revival to come to the entire Body of Christ throughout the world. Imagine what God will do if the entire Body of Christ truly come into one accord in a desire to bring His Kingdom Come! I donít want the world to see Christians and go ďOh they are nice peopleĒ. I want the world to go ďWow, there truly is a GodĒ and repent of their sins and seek the mercy of The Father.

I truly believe if the church could forget about the ďchurchĒ and remember the mighty God we serve. The we can truly fulfill the Great Commission with all the promises that come with it.

I appreciate all encouraging comments that I have received on past writings. What I will ask of you on this article is to let me know if I make sense. Is there something in me that is hindering Godís plan. I do not think I am significant enough to do that, but I do not want to be the one in Godís way.

In humble service of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

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God is Not Against You - He Came on an All Out Rescue Mission to Save You

...in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them... 2 Cor 5:19

Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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Member Comments
Member Date
Jody Goode 23 Aug 2008
Oh, Christian - you silly, silly boy. Nothing but humble adoration of your God do I see from you. Believe me - your Heavenly Father smiles down on you from His abode on High. Rest in the knowledge and wisdom you have received as you seek His Face and be confident in your service to the King. The results are always His - He wishes only to have our hearts turn toward His and from there He sends us out to do His bidding. He has yours - wholeheartedly - I have no doubt! It is not yet time to see all the fruit of our labors, but He sees them all and blesses them for His good and perfect purposes. Rest and Rejoice for He is GOOD ... Jody
Helen Dowd 09 Aug 2008
Christian, you are true to your name. You have prayed a prayer that all of us as CHRISTIANS need to pray. I thought of Paul when I read your poem and your message after it. I believe that God will take your youth (regardless of your physical age), your enthusiam and your sincerity in what you said and make you a modern PAUL...I have read many of your entries and I can see such growth. I know I am only one voice, but I am sure that anyone reading this and some of your past writings will agree with me. I remember how at one point, in your writings of the past, you were in a "slough of despond". Do you remember that? I am sure you do. Well, like the "Christian" in Pilgrim's Progress, which I have often mentioned, God has delivered you from that, and now you are a mighty preacher for Him...God bless you. Forgive the long comment, but it is on my heart to say to you as an encouragement...Helen
Judy Wilson 09 Aug 2008
Christian, first i want to thank you for your prayers for me and my family. What i see is a man that wants what most of us want , there is a remnant gathering out there that doesn't want church as we see it now, we want the God of the bible and all His glory. I see a great hunger in you and you will be used. Count on it, the Lord is searching for such as you. We at this point can't be satisfied with what we have of Him now and untill we get there with Him, we will always want more. The more we die to self, the more of Him will shine through. My prayers are with you, love judy
Grace V 08 Aug 2008
Truly I believe Lord is waiting to see a child like you to seek Him face to face to evoke Spiritual Revival that would stir the world. You sure sound like giant lighthouse who is seeking the Lord anxiously to shine for Him for His glory. Evan Robert is one of them who sought the Lord unceasingly in prayers and our heavenly Father touched his spirit and evoked Welsh Revival. Lord has created the hunger in you to seek Him. All that I think of now is a book ĎDaily Chase-Special Editioní written by Tommy Tenney. I would rather call this book a guideline written by Lord the Holy Spirit to educate and feed His children on how to seek him face to face, in another word seeking his glory. Do you know what happens when the Lord turns His face to you? Do you know what happens when you finally see his face/glory? A giant Revival will break-out! Find out the secret Lord used Tommy to write. God Bless


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