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Socialism, Sodomites, and 666
by Kevin Cook
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We live in turbulent times, we live under the threat of terrorism, and the coming apocalypse looms on the horizon. American society is on the edge of collapse, and if certain satanic forces have their way, it will collapse before our very eye’s. We will all stand in horror, with our mouths hanging to the ground, wondering how a nation such as The United States of America, could crumble to the ground.

The answer is difficult to explain for there are many different avenues we are racing down as a nation, that will ultimately contribute to our downfall. It takes more than one stick on dynamite to bring down a large building, it takes many sticks of dynamite strategically placed throughout the building to bring it tumbling down, and that is a picture of what is happening in America today.

Socialists have been busy for years, eating away at the foundation of our nation, with hopes of bringing about her downfall, and destruction. Their agenda’s have succeeded in many areas largely due to the fact that the most Americans are sufficiently comfortable with their cushy lives, and fat with all the good things of life that they are distracted just enough to not give a darn.

Like any successful war, it must be fought on many fronts in order to wear down the enemy so that victory can be accomplished. America is that enemy, the enemy of liberal socialism, so in order to win the culture war they have fought from many sides. Like a bunch of hungry cats licking their chops when a can of tuna is opened, liberals have been salivating for years just waiting to enact complete social control over the people of the United States.

Over a series of many years they took control of several key areas of society. The Entertainment and Media, public education including our colleges and universities.

Like the communist party of the former USSR, and like Nazi’s did in Germany they control what is taught to American school children, and young adults. They control the majority of our news media telling people what they want them to hear, and it’s not the truth either. These minions of Satan preach their hedonistic sermons from the pulpits of social anarchy everyday all across America, paid for by our tax dollars.

The schools preach an anti-American, anti-Christian message, students minds are programmed to turn away from Christianity without even really knowing what it is. They are taught that about witchcraft, Islam, The New Green Religion, and a of course humanism.

They are taught that homosexuality is normal, natural, and an acceptable lifestyle. Students minds are programmed to accept whatever the preachers of leftism preach, and to reject their parents authority, and moral beliefs. They end of believing that homosexuals are the new black people of the twenty first century, and that anyone who disagrees with homosexuality is to be automatically branded a ’hater’.

Socialist’s have long known that the way to attack the west and cause her to tumble is too take direct aim at her moral values, and that is just what they have done. They have launched assault after assault upon the moral and Biblical underpinnings of American society. They rewrote the history books used in our schools, taking out every mention of God and Christianity, and changing the stories to reflect their hedonistic worldview.

There are groups pushing for the United States to surrender it’s sovereignty and join with Canada and Mexico, and become the North American Union. They have created a new money system to replace all three currency, what next? Why? Because socialists hate America because we are a free nation. They will do away with our Constitution, and Bill of Rights if we let them.

Let’s examine the Hatred of the Left!

Socialists have used racist tactics like targeting blacks and other minorities with so-called “family planning” services. These so-called services are aimed at keeping black Americans from obtaining political power by snuffing them out with abortion.

Liberals will always find a way to dress things up and make them sound great in order to achieve their foul goals. American communists have murdered over 50 million helpless unborn children in the name of ‘birth control’, and ‘convenience’. Planned Parenthood was founded upon hatred and racism, do the research on Margret Sanger, what she studied and believed and you will see for yourself what I am talking about.

Socialist’s hate Christianity with a passion because it teaches the basis for individual liberty, and justice.
Liberals won’t blink an eye to kill a baby, but will picket a prison to protest the execution of a convicted murderer who deserves what he’s about to get, the chair! They hate what is right, and love what is wrong, exactly what the Scripture say’s they will do.

Also Christianity, and the church stand in the way of socialism’s plight for total control of society. They must remove ALL of the obstacles before they can taste of their dream of complete utopian rule. In Nazi Germany the church did what the Hitler’s government told them to do, or else. Preachers who stood upon the Word of God and spoke out against the Nazi’s were arrested, placed in concentration camps, and killed.

Kind of sounds like what the homosexuals are gearing up for here. Using the power of our government to silence the church, and the mouths of Christians from speaking the truth about homosexuality. If you think that it is not the same thing, you are very naïve indeed! ACTUP DC used the writings of Adolf Hitler to design the marketing campaign we know as the ‘homosexual agenda’. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where the real hate is coming from does it?

The homosexual movement in America, and those who support it are full of satanic power. There goal is to turn America on it’s ear and force it to bow down to the idol of Sodom’s selfish hedonism. They continues to work feverishly to pass laws that restrict our freedom while giving the haters of liberty a more and more political power. What they don’t realize is that when evil grows to a certain level of power, it always collapses upon itself, their calamity is not far away.

The homosexual agenda, and other events that are taking place in our nation are just part of God’s plan of prophetic events leading the world into toward the rapture of the church, and the coming tribulation.
Homosexual’s seem to be gaining more power in society all the time. Are we to be at the mercy of a wicked minority?

How does the homosexual agenda fit into the last day’s?

I believe what God say’s in His Word, that in the latter day’s men will become increasingly more and more wicked, much like in the day’s on Noah before God sent the flood an destroyed them all. So God will send tribulation over the whole earth, reminiscent of the plagues he sent over Egypt to convince pharaoh to let the children of Israel go free. It will be a terrible and fearful time on this earth, but they will keep on living in their wickedness, and will not repent of their sin.

The Scripture declares “it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God!” And with certainty, God is plenty angry with America for allowing this evil to continue and take root in our culture.

The Question is, how long until God has had enough?

The only real way to back it off is to pray against it in the name of Jesus, and beg God to send revival to America today! Those of us that love this country, our freedom and liberty, and believe the Word of God are not the haters, we are lovers of God, and lovers of His truth!

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Member Comments
Member Date
John Wacaster 09 May 2009
Definitely true, and meanwhile an impotent, apostate American Church treats the Bible like a self-help handbook rather than the revelation of the awesome and wonderful God of all creation and His Son, the Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ
Clifford Tate  24 Jul 2008
Very well organized in sructure and content. The liberal socialist are trying to create a utopia all over the earth without God and His principles governing behavior. Part of our problem today is that many preachers and christians are not proclaiming the true gospel. When the gospel is truly believed, people's hearts and lives are transformed. No matter the enslaving sin. Continue to have the courage (in Christ) to speak the TRUTH in LOVE!!


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