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Amuse visit with jesus
by Daniel Lee
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Amuses visit with Jesus

Amuse was all excited, Jesus the preacher was near by and teaching and he wanted to hear everything Jesus has to say. Amuses' mother had prepared something for him to eat during his time listening to the preacher."

"It is not much I know son but if someone needs food you can share it with him or her perhaps. It is only 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread but, someone without anything will be happy for it." Amuses' mother said.

"I will share it Mother!" Amuse promised as he had the food fixed on his back for the trip.

"Do you know where he will be teaching son? His mother asked. "Our little town is too small for a synagogue to teach in?"
"I am not for sure Mother but many others from the city also want to hear him too so I will just follow the direction they are going."

"Yes his mother nodded I suppose that would be the way to find him. I am sorry I cannot come with you but me and your sisters must stay here so you report back to us just what you hear." Amuse promised he would and then he was out the door and one his way.

Amuse quickly found his way to the cities main street and after watching the people for a bit he headed in the direction he felt he had to go. Outside the city it did not take him long to work out that everyone was headed to the mounds not far from the city. It was a raised wide-open mount where a speaker could speak and be heard by many others. It was a bit of walking to get there, so Amuse knew he had some walking ahead of him but he was ready for this walk.

Their were many rumors about this man Jesus and most people like Amuse wanted to see if they were true or not. That was why most people wanted to be where he was. The day was early enough so the temperature was not bad for the walk but later it would perhaps get hotter on the mound! Amuse just hoped whatever he said did not take too long so that at its end Amuse would not have to return home in the day's sun.

There were rumors that this man Jesus could heal the sick and do so much Amuse just had to hear what such a man had to say.

As he walked along Amuse could overhear people talking about this man Jesus and some thing he had supposedly did or said. It was hard to believe he could heal so many different types of people.

He also heard people saying, "Perhaps this Jesus was the messiah.

Others laughed at these comments, as for Amuse, he would have to see and hear this Jesus to make up his mind for himself.

By the time he reached the spot of Jesus talk the crowds were getting very large so there was no question he was in the right spot.

On the hill there were trees here and there on the mount and Amuse headed up toward one not far from the top. Amuse found a spot near a tree where he could see and hear all that was said and happened.

As he sat there Amuse looked up to the men at the top of the hill but he saw no one who looked as if he was the messiah, only men like everyone else. That was so of them all except perhaps for one man off by himself apparently in prayer. From snatches of comments around him Amuse was able to put together a picture of this man Jesus and in no way did he sound like the messiah Israel was looking for.

" He was an ex carpenter," one man behind Amuse was saying.
Another said, "He was from Nazareth and everyone knows the messiah would be born in Bethlehem."

After a time Amuse noted several of the men on top of the hill walking among the people seated on the mount.

One of the men came close to Amuse and asked him about what he had with him in his pack! " 2 Fishes and 5 loaves of bread sir," Amuse told the man, "I will share them with other if needed he added." The man nodded, and went on to others around him helping people to find seating to hear the man Jesus speak. Finally something was happening and the men who had came down from the top of the mound returned as the man in prayer got up and turned around.

Right away from his spot, Amuse noticed that this man, this Jesus, looked like any of the others around him. In fact perhaps he looked a bit like his Father who had died from the sword of a Roman solder. His Mom did not want to talk about this and Amuse understood, he felt a silent fury at, them, himself.

This man Jesus silently looked about the people and then he spoke.

"Bless are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they that morn: for they shall be comforted. Bless are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth."

From the first words out of Jesus mouth Amuse was thrilled; this man did not teach as other he had heard but with a power that caught everyone's attention.

Over and over he taught of the blessings from god for the poor in spirit, for the meek, for the peacemaker, for those persecuted for rightness sake. If he was not the messiah, this was a man to follow and hear every word he had to say.

He was but a child but if he could convince his Mother, he thought they should all follow him wherever he went.

As he walked among the people, they asked him questions too his comments and he always had an answer for them no matter the question! As he taught with words never heard from a man before very few got up and left, those who did left shaking their head as if they did not understand.

Amuse although in pain from the past could not leave, this man, this Jesus, had words of life not death, how could anyone leave hearing such words.

Though a few people did leave, most stayed, and it seemed the crowds grew bigger rather then smaller, as this Jesus spoke.

After a time the man Jesus returned to the top of the mound and sat with several of his followers standing or sitting near by him. Some sort of conversation was going on between Jesus and one of the men with him but after a time it ended.

And the man headed in Amuses direction... As the man approached closer Amuses realized that this was the same man who had spoken with him earlier.

Coming up to Amuses the man crouched down and spoke to him, "Young man my name is John, the master send me to ask you if you still would willingly to share your fish and bread with those here? If so he instructed me to bring you to up him, will you come with me now?"

Amuses did not speak at first but looked around himself but finally he said, "Yes I will go with you. I do not know how my little could feed so many but if your master Jesus wants it I will gladly share it with him."

John as the man had called himself helped Amuse up and led the way up the mound to Jesus who still sat waiting for them. John took the fish and loaves from Amuse and gave them to Jesus who stood with them in his hands and raising the baskets toward heaven prayed and blessed them. When Amuse saw the baskets lowered to a point where he could see in them, they were filled to overflowing with bread and fish. No more just 2 fishes and 5 loaves but many more then this were now in the baskets when he brought them down.

The two baskets, one of fish and one of bread, were passed out amount the many people on the mound and somehow the miracle continued, somehow all the people were fed by his 2 fish and 5 loaves!

Amuse had never heard of such a miracle but here he had seen it! And not just seen it but had been a part of it!

Amuse was allowed to be seated near Jesus and his followers and he was among those who received the first fish and breads from the baskets. As he ate Amuse tried to hear anything Jesus or those around him said.

Jesus turned toward Amuse and said, "Thank you Amuse, you will be blessed greatly for your gift."

He knew my name Amuse thought to himself, how did he know it? I never gave it to anyone!!!

Jesus leaned over toward Amuse and softly said, "There is no secrets to the lord who knows and sees all." No further words were spoken to Amuses at that time; Jesus words made him feel good!!!

There must have been thousands there on the mound that day but somehow Amuses small gift of 2 fish and 5 loaves fed them all. After everyone was satisfied with their meal and were returning home Jesus workers went among the people and retrieved left over foods. When all the fragments were gathered in baskets they were too many for little Amuse to carry home alone. Jesus followers helped little Amuse to his home with them.

Before he left, Jesus blessed Amuse for his gift and faithful service to others in need. "Blessed are you Amuse for with your simple gift of fish and bread, you shall receive favor from the Father. You will never go hungry but always have the food needed in life. The Father, who saw your gift given with a pure heart of child like faith, will see to it."

Amuses' young spirit felt to over flowing with these words from the man Jesus. With Jesus words his spirit would never hunger again but always be filled with gods love.

With Amuse leading, the followers of Jesus returned with him to his small home to a very surprised mother and sisters.

After the baskets were delivered the men who had brought them to his home left. The man John smiled and waved as he turned to return to their master Jesus.

Amuses told his Mother and sisters about the days happenings and how he ended up with so much food when he had left with so little. Right then and there his family and Amuse declared themselves Believers of Jesus and listened intently to every word Amuses had to tell them he had heard that day. That night everyone in Amuse family went to sleep with a new joy in the Lord.

With little given, much is often received in the lord's name!


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