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The Faith Of A Child
by Larry Todd
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School was out! The summer had begun and everyone was getting ready to go to Bible
Camp at Short Mountain . But, Timmy wasn’t sure if he was going to go, cause Grandpa was
in the hospital. Not only was he Timmy’s Grandpa, but he was Timmy’s best friend in the
whole wide world! At the age of twelve, Timmy could not remember a single summer without
his Grandpa. They were always doing something. They would go fishing, go to garage sales,
hunting for arrowheads, camping out, they were just about always up to something really cool!
“I guess my Grandpa is about the coolest person that I know.” Timmy was always bragging
to his friends. But two weeks ago his Grandpa had had a stroke and was in a coma. The best
Timmy could understand, Grandpa was asleep and wouldn’t wake up.

“We’ve just got to keep praying and have faith.” Timmy’s Mom kept telling him. “You
go on and go to bible camp, your Grandpa would want you to. I’ll come up and get you the minute
there is any change. Now you go ahead and go. All your friends will be there and it will do you
good to get out.”

He really had been looking forward to camp ever since last year, cause it was plenty fun!
There were horses to ride, a lake for fishing and canoes to paddle around in. Maybe it would be
just what he needed to get him out of the dumps. “Grandpa would truly want me to go” Timmy
told his Mom. “He gave me some really good stories to tell around the campfire.” So Timmy got
on the phone to his buddy Mike and arranged for Mike and his Mom to pick him up on their way
to Short Mountain .

After Timmy had gathered up all of his fishing and camping gear, he closed the door to his
room just as he’d been taught in Sunday School and went to The Lord in prayer. “God it’s me
Timmy and I’m fixin’ to leave for church camp and I’d like to ask you to look in on my Grandpa
in the hospital. Wake him up and send him home to us if you would God. He’s my bestest friend
in the whole world and I’d sure like to spend a lot more time with him God. Sides, he’s a really
good man and everyone loves him. Thank you God and please watch over me and my friends at
camp if you will and bless Momma and Daddy and all the people in the world too God. Amen.”
Timmy felt better already cause he knew that God was in the miracle business and Momma had
said, “If we all have faith and pray then everything would work out.” Timmy had faith and he
believed that it was all gonna be all right.

HONK! HONK! There was Mike and his Mom, right on time. Timmy couldn’t wait to get to Short Mountain , it was so beautiful up there. “You can see six different counties from atop that mountain” Grandpa would remind Timmy every time he heard mention of the Bible
Camp. “Up there close to God, they teach from the Bible three times a day. A good place for
kids to get real close to God since it’s the highest point in Middle Tennessee” he would go on.

The minute Mike saw Timmy he hugged his friend and told him “I’m so excited! I can’t
wait to get up there and get a canoe in that old lake. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to
catch me a big old bass!”

“Me too” said Timmy “But it just won’t be the same without Grandpa. You know he always
makes sure that we catch some by spitting that old tobacco juice on our bait. At least he claims
that’s what make’s em bite.”

It was just a short ride from Timmy’s house in Woodbury to Short Mountain and it looked
as though things were really happening. People were busy everywhere you looked and it sure seemed
like they were having lots of fun. There were kids playing volleyball, basketball, and table tennis.
Some were pitching horse shoes and others were riding horses. There was all kinds of cool stuff
going on and they even had a crafts center, which really looked like fun. Grandpa sure was right.
You could see a lot of country from up here and it was just about the prettiest view Timmy had
ever seen.

“We sure are lucky to have a place like this to come to. I sure am glad that I decided to come
Mike. Thanks for bringing me” Timmy said to his second best friend in the world. “I know this is
right where Grandpa would want me to be.”

“Cool beans Timmy. I’m glad you decided to come too. It just wouldn’t be the same without
my best bud” Mike replied and he added “We’re gonna have a great time this year. I’m so glad to
be here, we’re gonna have so much fun!”

“We need to stop here at the office and get you boys checked in” Mike’s Mom said as she
pulled up to the large stone wall by the flagpole. “You boys have four hundred and fifty acres of
Mother Nature’s finest countryside up here to have fun on this summer, all thanks to Dr. Adams
and his wife. They were both kind enough, to think so much of our youth, that they found it in their
hearts to donate this beautiful place. Set aside strictly for the purpose of setting up this Bible Camp
for young boys and girls back in 1963. You boys need to remember and thank God for them tonight
when you say your prayers.”

“We sure will” the boys chimed in. “They must have been really good Christians” Timmy

“And don’t forget the many Churches of Christ in this area that sponsor all of the cabins up
here each year, for without them you boys wouldn’t have a roof over your heads and a comfortable
place to stay.” Mike’s Mom added, “So remember them in your prayers as well. Okay boys?”

“We’ll remember them too “ Mike said as he jumped out of the car and ran into the office with Timmy right behind him.

The boys were really pleased to discover they would be staying in The Flying Squirrel the
very same cabin they had shared last year. All of the cabins had really cool names there was the
Draggin’ Canoe, The Cricket, The Black Hawk, and Da Shack just to mention a few. They would
each house several kids and as usual the camp was full again this year. Everyone was so friendly
and so easy to get along with up here you could actually sense God’s presence here. No wonder
this place was so popular with all the kids in Middle Tennessee.

Timmy couldn’t wait to get a canoe and get out on that little lake up here. He had some new
plastic worms Grandpa had given him and he was really anxious to give them a try. “Grandpa”
Timmy said aloud. “I just seem to get him off my mind. Here I am up here having fun and he’s
lying there in that hospital bed. I just wish there was something more I could do for him!”

Then Timmy’s wish was granted just as they strolled past the front of the camp store. There
on the wall of the store was a freshly painted mural. The answer to Timmy’s prayers appeared to
him in the form of a pair of hands clasped together in prayer and surrounded by the message, “Have
faith in God.” Jesus answered “I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain go throw your
self in the sea and does not doubt in his heart….It will be done for him. Whatever you ask for in
prayer. Believe that you have received it and it will be done.” Mark 11:22

“That’s it!” Timmy cried aloud. “What’s it?” Mike asked. “Remember last week in Sunday
School we learned that when two or more of us agree on something and pray for it, it will be done.
and remember Ms. Georgie also taught us that when two or more are gathered in His name that
Jesus said He would be there in their midst.”

“Yeah” Mike replied, “I remember all that, but what do you mean when you said that’s it?”
“Don’t you see!” Tommy exclaimed. He was so excited he could hardly get it out. “Read what it
says on that wall Mike! All I have to do is wait for the weenie roast at the campfire tonight and
I’m gonna invite Jesus to join us! I’m gonna get all the kids to join me and do just what it says on
that wall right there. We’re gonna all pray together and believe in our collective hearts that God
can wake Grandpa up and make him okay! Oh boy Mike! I can hardly wait!” Timmy was so excited,
he just knew this was going to work! He’d never felt so sure of anything in his life!

That night as everyone gathered around the campfire to sing songs, cook hot dogs, and
roast marsh mellows, Timmy put his plan into action. He had already asked Jerry and Penny Nash,
who ran the camp, if he could say the prayer tonight. He didn’t tell them his idea about getting God
and Jesus to help his Grandpa cause he felt like this was something that he needed to handle himself.
Timmy stood there patiently waiting for Mr. Nash to give him the go ahead and when he did Timmy
climbed up onto the table he was seated at and began.

“Hi! My name is Timmy for those of you who don’t know me and before we bless this food
and eat I’d like to ask all of you kids to help me out. You see my Grandpa’s real sick in the hospital.
He’s in a coma and can’t wake up. So I thought that since all of us are here at Church Camp on
account of God, I thought I’d take advantage of all of us being gathered in His name. See my Sunday
School teacher, Ms. Georgie just taught us that when two or more are gathered in His name, there
would be Jesus in their midst. So I want to take this opportunity to welcome Jesus to our campfire!

Everyone there began to clap there hands and holler “Welcome Jesus!” real loud. They began
to quiet down as Timmy held up his hands and continued. “I read on the Camp Store wall today that
if we have faith in God and believe, that we could throw this mountain in the sea. But I kinda like
it here don’t yall?”

“Yeah!” they all cried as Timmy continued. “But I’d like to ask all of you now to join me in prayer and ask you all to believe in your hearts that God and Jesus can make my Grandpa wake up
and be okay. Will you all do that for me?”

“Yeah!!” they all cried and then all heads bowed in unison and Timmy led them all to The
Lord in prayer. “God, this is Timmy again. Me and a bunch of my friends are here tonight Lord
and we want to ask You to wake up my Grandpa and make him okay, Jesus is here with us and
we all believe that you can do this Lord and we’re countin’ on you to get it done. We want to thank
You too Lord for the Adam’s family that gave us this beautiful land we’re on and for all the Churches
Of Christ that gave us these cabins to stay in. Bless us everyone , forgive us of our sins, and thank
You God for everything. Amen.

As Timmy finished his prayer he looked up as everyone there hollered “Amen!” in unison.
Timmy had never felt so good in his young life as he did at that moment. He just knew in his heart,
Grandpa was gonna be all right.

In a hospital room eighty five miles to the north, in Nashville , Tennessee , Timmy’s Grandpa
opened his eyes for the first time in weeks. Everyone there was amazed at the sparkle in his eyes
when he asked “Where is that Grandson of mine?”

Indeed The Lord does work in mysterious ways. If only we all had the faith of a child.


Larry Todd

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