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Thug Culture and its Ancient Pagan Roots
by Rayford Johnson
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The Thug Culture & it’s Ancient Pagan Roots?
The Spiritual Ingredients of a Thug
(Chapter 2 "Thug Mentality Exposed" by Rayford L. Johnson)

People sometimes ask me when I’m teaching on this topic, why do
you have to bring religion into it? Through my research over the years
I have discovered, that every component of Thug Mentality is religious,
even the name “thug” itself. Believe it or not, all of it has its roots in
Bible history. It is impossible to deal with this subject effectively,
without dealing with it from a spiritual level. To do otherwise, would
be just plucking the fruit and leaving the root.
I do not ask my caseloads any more when they plan to get out of
their gang. I now ask them “when are you going to come out of that
religious cult?”

Thug Culture a Cult?
After researching the history of the dark Babylonian arts, it is evident
that street gangs possess and practice everything a typical pagan cult

Let me explain: The definition of an occult is: relating to, involving,
or typical of the supposed supernatural, magic, or witch craft.
Lets first look at some of the cultic practices that were done in ancient
* Drugs
* Human Sacrifices
* Tattooing
* Sexual Perversion
* Cursing
* Musical Worship
* Dancing (a form of worship)
* Chanting
* Painting Symbols (graffiti)

How many similarities do you see between these acts of the occult
and those of the street gang? The music industry has become the street
cult’s supreme guru and church. This music has created a cult of
millions of thug “wannabes.”

What is a Cult and where do Cults come from?
The question I’m often asked is where did all these religions and gods
come from and how do I know which one is the true one? Well if you
believe the Holy Bible, (which later on in this book I will present to you
undeniable proof why the Bible is the most supernatural and accurate
book ever created.) and do your research, you will discover that you can
trace all the foreign gods such as Tao (Taoism-Yin and Yang, associated
with martial arts, Yoga, Feng Shui and Tai Chi), the numerous Hindu
gods such as Kali, Shiva, Greek gods such as Zeus, Amitra, and even the
Muslim god Allah, back to ancient pagan worship, dating to Babylon
B.C. as described in the book of Genesis of the Old Testament.
Bruce Lee, the deceased legendary martial artist writes (Bruce Lee’s
Wisdom for Daily Living):
On unity with Tao-A personal experience: “I lay on the boat and felt
that I had united with Tao; I had become one with nature.”

In his book, Tao of Jeet Kune Do: He writes:
“The spirit is no doubt the controlling agent of our existence.

This invisible seat controls every moment in whatever situation
arises. It is thus, to be extremely freedom never “stopping”
in any place at any moment, preserve this state of spiritual
freedom and non-attachment as soon as you assure the fighting
stance. Be ‘master of the house.’”
Entertainment is one of the biggest catalysts of the occult, because
entertainment molds the culture within our communities. We have Harry
Potter, which has inspired countless youth to experiment and engage in
witchcraft and the occult. Why? Because the youth are eagerly looking
for something powerful, real and supernatural to solve life’s problems
and bring excitement and purpose into their lives.
The Disney series “That’s so Raven” is a show about a young hip girl
with psychic abilities, which she utilizes to navigate herself and others
magically out of life’s problems. The Bible defines this as witchcraft.

Jesus’ disciples casted out a fortune telling demon out of a girl in the New
Testament book of Acts.
Criss Angel, a modern day warlock, who dresses and looks like a rock
star, has his own show on the Discovery Channel, where he demonstrates
his black magic every week. In one episode he walks on water, in another
he walks straight through glass.

But where did this cultic worship start? The Holy Bible brings light on
this in the Book of Genesis, in the Garden of Eden. Believe it or not, but
many of the cult legends and beliefs validate accounts of the Garden of
Eden and the Tower of Babel.

My brother-in law who is a missionary trainer told me of a friend
he had who went to do mission work in a primitive village in Africa.
When he began to tell the tribe about the biblical story of Babylon, how
the people had begun to build the Tower of Babel, he noticed the tribal
members became very attentive. Once he had finished telling the story,
one of the elders of the tribe (through a translator), told him that the story
of Babel had been passed down to their tribe for centuries, and that his
ancestors where involved in that monumental construction project. This
tribe was so primitive that they had no written language, and had never
heard or been told about the Holy Bible until the missionary spoke of it.
In many of these occults throughout the world, they pay homage to the
snake or serpent as a sign of wisdom. Let me give you a little background
on the serpent from a cultic perspective. One of the Babylonian gods
named Asherah, in which the Israelites of the Old Testament in their
disobedience built Altars to called “high places"(where perverted sexual
rituals were performed under) believed that it was Asherah’s snake that
enlightened Eve to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge so she could be
empowered and be like God. A satanist on my unit told me he believed
likewise. Many religions such as the ancient Mayans and voodoo tribes
also paid homage to the serpent.
It was Satan, the serpent, which first isolated and convinced Eve to
eat from the forbidden fruit. Satan tempted her by making her believe
that he would reveal to her a powerful secret. A secret that he said
would empower her to be like God. The temptation was so great for
Eve, that she disobeyed God’s divine order of Adam as headship over
the home, and asserted herself to make this tragic decision herself,
which Adam followed. This was the first recorded act of feminism
(1 Timothy 2:14).

Satan’s great secret was “sin”, and steadily through out the years he
cleverly crafted sin within man-made religion. Once Eve took part of
the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and gave it to her husband Adam,
Satan’s secret would be revealed for all mankind. Satan had a diabolical
plan to get man to meet their fate in the eternal lake of fire, just like he
and his demons would. Satan had been ejected out of Heaven, for the
treason he committed against Almighty God as the head angel. Lucifer,
which he was known at the time as, was found with the sin of pride in
his heart. He desired to place his throne over God. He wanted to be
like God. The Holy Bible makes it very clear that Satan’s main objective
and mission is to be worshiped, whether directly or indirectly. We see
this in scripture when Satan attempted to get Jesus to worship him in
the desert during the 40-day fast. The Bible describes how Satan set up
temples so people would sacrifice to his demons which indirectly gave
him worship, because he is the king of the demonic under world. All
false gods and religions are creations of Satan, therefore the worship of
them, is the worship of Satan.

1 Corinthians 10:20 No, but the sacrifices of pagans are offered to
demons, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with

1 Corinthians 10:21 You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons
too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord’s table and the table of demons.
1 Timothy 4:1 [ Instructions to Timothy ] The Spirit clearly says that in later
times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught
by demons.

Revelation 9:20 The rest of mankind that were not killed by these plagues still
did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons,
and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood—idols that cannot see or hear
or walk.

Revelation 16:14 They are spirits of demons performing miraculous
signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them
for the battle on the great day of God Almighty.
This is the culture of thug mentality. The music these artists create
is all about worship and glorification unto themselves. Through their
talents, they have obtained followers who worship and idolize them,
known as fans. Hip Hop artists Jay Z and 50 Cent are now doing Reebok
commercials, in which the slogan is “I Am, What I Am”, a quote from
God in Exodus 3:14. This is what the Hip Hop culture is teaching,
to be your own god. The Hip Hop culture and the thug culture are
synonymous in that they are one in the same.
Kimora Lee Simmons, the wife of Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons
writes in her new book:
“I am a goddess and my body is my temple.”
Back to the story, Satan in his bitterness for being casted out of
heaven wanted revenge, knowing he was no match for his creator.

Satan and his demons planned to attack God indirectly, by deceiving
man, because they hated God, and anything that resembled his image
and man was made in God’s own image, so Satan’s goal is to deceive
mankind to qualify them for eternal damnation.
Genesis 1:27
27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he
created him; male and female he created them.
So what was Satan’s secret? After Adam and Eve broke God’s
commandment, they were evicted out of the Garden of Eden. The Tree
of Life, which was beside the Tree of Knowledge, was protected so
they could not eat it and live forever. The consequence of their sin was
death both physical and spiritual (eternal damnation which meant total
separation from God for eternity) along with the curses of life (sickness,
famine, toiling of the land, etc…). After the eviction from the Garden of
Eden, man was sent into a cursed world, full of famine, disease, danger
and excruciating hard labor. Man needed help. God still stretched out
his hand to man with sacrificial rituals, however man was looking for
something easy, which would tantalize the flesh and give them supernatural
power (magic, witchcraft, divination, sorcery) over their problems and
over others, along with giving them pride and the belief that they were too
divine and in control (like a god or goddess).
Satan offered quick spiritual solutions to man, in that he introduced
new substitute gods to man. Knowing man had the innate desire to worship
God, Satan fabricated a host of counterfeit gods to be worshiped, through
rituals which catered to man’s sinful natures of pride, sexual perversion,
drug use(sorcery) among others, and in return he promised to bless them,
by relieving some of the curse put on them by God. Satan gave them
hope that through the rituals to those gods, that they too could promote to
become a god or goddess status (common belief of cults).

To be successful at this plan, Satan carefully crafted cultures which
met man’s fleshly desires. The acts of all the rituals to the gods had
to be sinful. That’s how Satan finally got what he wanted. And what
was that? He finally obtained worship by getting man to perform sinful
rituals to the false gods he created which were dedicated to himself. In
doing this, Satan was also able to hurt God’s heart. He knew that God’s
Word stated that the price of sin was death, not just natural, but spiritual
death in the spiritual is hell first, than the lake of fire. What better way
to get back at God, than to deceive and send the very ones that God sent
His Son Jesus to die for, to eternal damnation?
These religious cultures created by Satan became known as the
occult. The next segment will enlighten you on how these very pagan
rituals from Babylon are blatantly and covertly embedded not only in
thug mentality, but many of the cultures in America and have been since
this country’s infancy.

Satan has covertly infiltrated our society with cultic elements since
the birth of this country, but that’s a whole other book I’m currently
working on. But to give you a little preview, for starters, the woman
portrayed on the Statue of Liberty is the pagan goddess Ishtar and
the woman on the California Seal is the pagan goddess Minerva.

The Washington Monument is modeled after a pagan obelisk (used
in sexual perverted rituals which included homosexuality to the gods
and goddesses). It was and is still used in pagan societies to worship
the pagan gods of Baal. Pagan symbols such as the pyramid, and the
“all seeing eye”on our one-dollar bill, are all elements of witchcraft.
January, March, Saturday, Sunday, Jupiter, Mercury are not just days,
months, planets and cars, these are the names of ancient pagan gods
and goddesses which have covertly crept into our society and have
embedded themselves into our culture. The Statue of Liberty is the
great harlot talked about in Revelations (Chapter 17). It is a replica
of the goddess Ishtar- a consort or companion of Ashera, the goddess
that King Solomon was guilty of offering sacrifices to in the Old

In the medical field, we have the ancient physician Hippocrates( 460
BC-380 BC), the Greek physician known as the father of medicine,
who instructed his students in astrology, saying, “He who does not
understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool.” Each of the astrological
signs (along with the Sun, Moon, and planets) are associated with
different parts of the human body. Also, many
natural herbals are referred to as being under the
influence of a planet.

The common “medical” symbol used by
organizations is of a short rod entwined by
two snakes and capped by a pair of wings,
which represents the caduceus or magic wand
of the Greek god Hermes (Roman Mercury), messenger of the gods,
originator of incantations (magic), conductor of the dead and guardian
of thieves and merchants. This is a segment of one of the versions of
the Hippocratic Oath which medical doctors take in this country even
up today:

“I swear by Apollo Physician, by Asclepius, by Health, by Heal-all,
and by all the gods and goddesses, making them witnesses, that I will
carry out, according to my ability and judgment, this oath and this

So does this mean we shouldn’t respect America and its government?
Of course not, in the gospels, Jesus paid taxes to the pagan government
in his day and even instructed others to do like wise. He stated; “give
Caesar what’s Caesar’s and to God what’s God’s” (Matthew 22:21).

In the book of Romans, God’s Word tells us to respect the governing

Romans 13:1
1 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there
is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities
that exist have been established by God.
Does this mean these pagan symbols and cultures are okay with God?
By no means, there is a spiritual consequence to everything done in the
natural world. That is the reason why the crime and immorality are at
an all time high. The seeds of these sins were planted at this country’s
infancy. Yes, this country was founded on Christian principles,
however the truth is it was also founded on many pagan ones too. Some
of the founding “Christian fathers,” were Free Masons, which mixed
Christianity with paganism. The Masons if you do your research are a
modern day extension from Cabalism.
Cabalism was one of the dark arts, learned and practiced by the
Israelites when they were held captive in Egypt. When the Catholic
Church was being formed in the 3rd Century, there were secret groups
that held on to the dark secrets of Cabalism at the same time attempting
to hold on to some elements of Christianity. This doctrine evolved into
the Gnostic gospels, which mixed sexual ritual, goddess worship and
elements of the Bible’s New Testament together. They rejected the God
of the Old Testament, because they blamed him from trying to keep
back the knowledge in the Garden of Eden. The Gnostic gospels are
the whole foundation in which the Da Vinci Code is based on. The
Gnostic gospels were not admitted into the Holy Bible, because of
their blasphemous doctrine and the fact they were written 150 to 300
years after the events they were testifying of. The writers of the New
Testament were there at the time of the events and there were many
witnesses to testify for them, such as the Roman historian Josephus.

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