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Say it isn't so
by Tina Leonard
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Say it isn’t so…..

Ok, so the other day I was talking about how I was communicating with someone who was ranting and raving about American Idol singing Shout to the Lord during Idol gives back. You would think it would be an Atheist complaining or an Agnostic or someone against Christianity. Unfortunately it was another Christian.

Ever since that conversation began I have been reading and praying about it and so it is that I come to you all with this one statement…… “Say it isn’t so”. Yeah I know I am borrowing the whole “song name blog” from my dear brother Chris but I don’t think he will mind, unless of course he is a fundamentalist legalistic Christian who would say that I am mixing the “world” with the “gospel” and that is just not right by golly gee.

Thank God, I know Chris is not like that. You know I think back to the days before I came to know the Lord and I think about the ways that God used different people to get me to the place that I had to seek within myself to find the truth of salvation and deliverance.

I think about all the music that even though it was not Christian contemporary it was other people searching the same as I that God used to push me further along my journey. It’s amazing the people and things that God will use to bring those to the saving knowledge but better yet the loving grace of His Son Jesus Christ.

When I look at all the Bible stories those that God pours out His love on are all people who were made to be ashamed and looked down upon by the religious folk. Think about that for a moment. The tax collector, the prostitute, the adulterous, the woman at the well, the prodigal son and the list goes on and on. All these people were shunned and downgraded by the religious population, but Jesus…..always responded the same way. He opened His arms and loved them. He responded to the religious people by saying that whoever among them was without sin to cast the first stone.

So, today I believe He would say the same thing to us. Does anyone think they can honestly look in the mirror at themselves and say “I am without sin?” I know that the Bible already answers that question for us, saying that if we do we make our own selves out to be a liar.

Now, the problem begins in the Church. In the Bible seven different churches are addressed pointing out their faults. Today we have exasperated the grace and love of Christ by creating bridge burners called denominations. We have created bridge burners by becoming judges instead of witnesses.

We have created bridge burners by claiming to know Jesus as Lord and Savior but clearly only walking in Eternal Life instead of walking in the footsteps of our Risen Lord. One thing we must remember is that on judgment day many will be turned away from Christ with Him saying He never knew them.

Many Christian today are complaining about the presidential candidates, when all in all it’s the responsibility of the body of Christ for the shape that our Nation is in. The Bible clearly says that “Judgment begins in the House of the Lord”. When God looks at our Nation He is not looking at the “unsaved” population of it. He is looking at “His Servants”. When Christ judges our Nation it will not be based on what the “unsaved” people are doing. It will be based on what the “salt and light of our nation” is NOT doing.

If we were walking in the spirit of truth and love many would see the transforming power and joy that the love of Christ brings into your heart and they would hunger and thirst for righteousness. Unfortunately when they look at “Christians” they see judgment and isolation and worldly personalities that look a lot like those that are already around them, so they are not persuaded to reconciliation to Christ.

I look now at three presidential candidates none who profess the Bible as being the ultimate source of knowledge and wisdom. I see three presidential candidates who feel people in our “One Nation under God” have the right to choose if they want to be God or not and destroy an unborn life.

I see three presidential candidates who two of them want to pull out all of our soldiers immediately and end the war. Basically if that were to happen it would be like making our nation its own suicide bomber. We would have so many problems if they handled it that way. To top that off, none of us really know what’s going on anyways and if you read about who the army and government fighters are voting for you would be surprised.

Then we have two candidates who want to open the borders….which creates more of an economic downfall even though both of them are boasting…”economy boost”. I have a suggestion, why don’t one of them get up there and say, “Tell you what America is going to stay Pro-Choice, but each person that wants to have an abortion must pay ten thousand dollars which will go directly into the deficit with a portion going to foster care agencies.”

“Also, if someone is convicted of a drug felony they will be automatically drafted to boot camp where they must train for the military with spontaneous drug testing and if found positive they will be sent to prison and placed in isolation.”

“Anyone who does pay the ten thousand dollars for an abortion must also release the stem cell research donated only to altar the outcome of a disabled child under the age of ten."

"Anyone caught purposely harming an animal in our country will be responsible for cleaning all the kennels in their county under supervision of the kennel keeper for a period of six months."

"Anyone wanting to adopt a foster child will be sponsored by the businesses who make the most money each year in our country, based on family purchases, like Walmart.”

Not that, any of that stuff would ever happen, and I know some of that sounds like a bit of a Socialistic viewpoint, but it’s true. Right now we are on the verge of closing out as a Nation. We are have owned by China and every bank machine has the choice of another language besides English.

We have found comfort in six dollar coffees and ten dollar movies. We go to paramount parks, that costs hundreds of dollars and it costs more for a gallon of gas then it does for a gallon of milk.

And what do Christians want to talk about? They want to complain that on the first night of Idol gives back they said Shepard instead of Jesus…..even though the CD had the whole version and they performed it the next night that way. Say it isn’t so…….tell me that the church hasn’t lost it’s sight…..tell me that Pastors aren’t selling prayer cloths, tell me that Christians are not pointing out the sin in unsaved folks lives, tell me that presidential candidates don’t resemble the story of Saul.

Tell me that we don’t have to worry about being held responsible for the thousands of relentless innocent babies lives are taken in our country every year. Tell me that it’s not strange for Ohio to be having earthquakes and it’s not Biblical. Tell me that the church isn’t separated; tell me that it’s all a figment of my imagination.

I could continue….but I won’t I will leave it at that, because I don’t think anyone really reads all the way through my blogs anyway, so for me it’s just an outlet….a place for me to vent and maybe sometimes get someone else to ponder on the things that I mention.

Say it isn’t so…..

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