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The Revealing Chapter 2 Spiritual Forces
by Caroline Alderson
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synopsis: The demons, Molof, and Sulok set themselves up against the Chief of Intelligence and the Alpha System. Will Talitha and the angels be able to defeat the evil forces arrayed against the Alpha System? Will Jeremy be caught as a spy on the penal colony, by the dangerous criminal, Lightfoot?

Chapter 2

Rebecca Conrad, and Michael went back to Zoë Space Academy to use the computer. Rebecca turned to Michael, "Let's see if we can find where this T-66 came from."

Walking into the computer room, the cadets sat down at the mainframe computer. Touching the computer, Michael said, "Computer, access all data on a T-66 freighter."

*Accessing* *-Outdated- they aren’t made anymore*

Rebecca spoke, "Has there been a T-66 in repair any time recently?"

*Accessing. Yes, six months ago*

Rebecca looked at Michael. "Whose name is it registered under?"

*Dolphus Calzan*

Looking at Rebecca, Michael said, "Who is Dolphus Calzan?"

The computer searched. A picture came out. Dolphus Calzan had short blond hair, blue eyes, and medium build.

*He worked for a warlord, who was sentenced to life on Ventron, a penal colony, for brutally murdering innocent people, and trying to take over the Alpha System Government. Dolphus is a computer weapons expert. ASM couldn't prove his involvement with Stephen Lightfoot, so the authorities had to release him. Whereabouts unknown.*

"You don't think Dolphus is going to try to shut down C.I.N., do you, Rebecca?" Michael asked her.

"I don't know, Michael. What are we going to do about this Dolphus Calzan?"

"What do you want to do?"

Rebecca stood there with her hands on her hips, with a determined look on her face. " I think we should stop him!"

"Whoa, Rebecca! Don't you think that's a little extreme?"

"No! He tried to kill me! With all intents and purposes, he would have succeeded if you hadn't shown up ready to blast him out of the sky. I think we should go after him, and give him some of his own medicine. What do you think?"

"I think you want to get us killed. But, I'm in."

Commander Talitha Dalton was called to take the Alpha System away from the Dark Kingdom. Her mission was to protect and defend the people from outside criminal forces, and the forces of darkness, who would try to come in to steal their freedom. She was ASM Chief of Intelligence, working under her father who was the Head of ASM: Alpha System Military.


Murry and Keegon were angels assigned to watch Talitha Dalton. The angles were huge, with an immense wingspread.

Murry watched, as Talitha prayed the WORD over the thirty-three planets in the Alpha System. Murry saw dark beings coming toward her. They came in the form of witchcraft spirits. Talitha would detect them as a dark black cloud with a certain design in it.

"If Talitha uses the WORD on those beings, we can take them out. Our battle with the evil powers is always contingent upon whether the righteous ones know how to use the WORD as a weapon, to defeat the enemy."

Talitha groaned in prayer over the planets. The ANOINTING rose up from within her belly, and she began to pray, "I take authority over the powers of darkness that rule and reign over the Alpha System. I come against you, Satan, with the WORD of GOD, in the NAME of JESUS. I plead the BLOOD of JESUS over the Alpha System."

The angels felt themselves getting strong. Preparing to fight, they drew out their swords.


Molof and Sulok who belong to the Dark Kingdom, had been flying over the Alpha System, looking to see what kind of trouble they could get into, when they heard that horrid praying.

Molof cringed, "What is that, Sulok? Ug! That is so yucky! Where's it coming from?" Putting his hands over his ears, he tried to drown out the sound. He kept hearing in his ears, “You are a defeated foe. You cannot win.” Repeat-ably the thoughts in his head refused to stop.

Sulok shuddered. "It's that warrior, Talitha Dalton, again! She's praying from the planet, Jirah. They know her all the way down to the deep recesses of darkness. She shakes the entire dark domain with her warfare. I wish she would stop using that righteous name! That name makes my skin crawl all over. EWWWU!”

“What is she doing?" Molof held his head. "She's giving my head a terrific ache! Someone needs to take her out!” Molof groaned in pain…

"She's doing battle with the Prince of Darkness over the Alpha System, who is our boss. If we don't stop her, he'll demote us. He'll send us back to the slums. We won't get to do the fun stuff, like bugging the righteous ones. It's so much fun getting them to do wrong. If we can get them thinking more about themselves, we can get their minds off what they're doing. Then, they'll lose their power over us, causing us to win over the righteous ones. It's getting harder and harder to affect Talitha's mind. She cares more about her mission to the Alpha System, than she does about having fun, and doing wrong. That's dangerous for our kingdom."

Molof looked on the other side of Talitha's house, where she was praying. "Uh, oh! Look over there, Sulok. It looks like those angels are getting ready to fight. You know we don't have a chance, with her using the word as a weapon against us." Molof shuddered.

"Don't say that! Maybe, those angels are new, and they don't know the power of warring prayer. Come one. Get your sword. We're gonna have to fight them.” Stumbling in fear, they prepared to fight the beings of Light.

Talitha prayed, "You powers of darkness, I bind your power in the NAME of JESUS! You are a defeated foe! JESUS is LORD over the Alpha System. I have ALL POWER over ALL the power of the evil ones, and nothing can hurt me."

Molof started cringing. "I'm getting weak. Make her stop. We don't have a chance against that one."

"Stop your whining. Do you know what will happen, if we fail?? The Prince of Darkness will be enraged at us. That will be worse than getting beat up by angels."

Molof looked at him with disbelief. "I don't know."

Sulok grabbed him. "Come on. We've got some fighting to do."
"OHHH!" Molof reluctantly followed him.
Going toward the dark beings, with their swords drawn, they prepared to attack.

While the dark beings were running towards the angels, they threw darts at Talitha.

Talitha's shield of faith quenched all the fiery darts the wicked beings threw at her, as she prayed, "No weapon formed against me shall succeed. My shield of faith quenches all the fiery darts and flaming missiles, the enemy throws at me."

Molof looked to see Talitha's shield of faith glowing, after quenching the darts they had thrown at her. "Uh, oh. We're in trouble now, Sulok."

The angels, Murry and Keegon, grabbed Molof and Sulok. Busting them up, they threw them far away.

When Molof and Sulok came to, Molof said, "Now what? We're going to be in big trouble with his Unholiness, Sulok."

"Tell me about it!"
In the deep recesses of the dark domain, the Prince of Darkness over that region, called the meeting together. "Sulok, Molof, what do you have for me? It had better be bad!" He rumbled. With a sneer on his hideous face, he waited as his two unholy servants came to the front.

The two dark beings felt nervous. They had never failed so miserably before.

The Prince of Darkness barked. "Report!"

Sulok trembled before his boss. "Uh, your Unworthiness, we uh..."

"Report Sulok! Tell me you succeeded taking out that warrior's angels! Tell me you caused havoc in Talitha's life! Tell me!"

"Uh, well" Ducking, Sulok was afraid he was going to be clobbered. He whispered, "We got defeated," He said cringing.

"What was that? What did you say?"

"We got defeated. But, it wasn't our fault!" Sulok whined.

"You what?!" Their ruler bellowed. "You failed me?! You rotten servants! What happened?" The prince of darkness paced in anger, wringing his hands nervously.

"Talitha was praying. You know what happens when a warrior prays… All darkness is broken loose. She used the word of God as a weapon. The word weakened us, Boss. We didn't have a chance. Those angels became strong. They busted us up, and threw us far away." Sulok shuddered and sniffled, remembering how dreadful it was.

The Prince of Darkness' eyes blazed dull red, as he glared at Sulok and Molof. "You are miserable excuses for dark beings! You get back out there, and do your job, or I'll send you back to slum city! You got that? Now, get out of here! I've got some planning to do."

Lightfoot was concerned about trusting Jacen Sprague. Jacen seemed sincere enough about wanting to get off Ventron. Stephen knew Jacen really was a computer expert. He'd had that part of Jacen's past checked out. However, was Jacen actually an outlaw computer hacker? Could he in fact hack through any computer security? What about defeating C.I.N.? Could Jacen do it? Could the man be trusted? Stephen needed to have him checked out further. A lot was riding on their success. Nothing could get in the way of his new world order. Maybe, he could be the Antichrist everyone was talking about. Maybe…

Stephen went to his office at the back of one of the barracks. He had a state of the art computer that he had built himself. No one but Stephen touched this computer. This computer enabled him to communicate with Dolphus. Dolphus was the one who researched out the information on Jacen Sprague. Stephen could get Dolphus Calzan to uncover more about Jacen. Make sure he's not ASM. Dolphus would get on the Internet and using his codes that had been stolen, he would find the necessary information.

Connecting a converser through the computer, Stephen and Dolphus had created a secure channel they could talk on, without being caught by ASM. ASM wouldn’t come down to Ventron to inspect them, for fear of the prisoners, therefore, Stephen could get away with just about anything.
"Dolphus, are you there?"

"Dolphus here. What's up, Boss?"

"Is everything under control?"

"Yeah, I've got it under control. What's up?"

"I need Jacen Sprague checked out further. He’s arrived. He says he wants to work with us. The guy claims he can help you shut down CIN, but, I don't trust him. I need you to make sure he's who he says he is. I don't need ASM coming in here messing things up for us. Got it?”

"Sure, no problem. I'll check him out some more. I'm still working on shutting down CIN. Maybe, this Jacen fellow can help, but I'm still in charge."

"No, Dolphus. I'm in charge. You work for me. Don't you forget it! Stephen out."
Jacen seemed to check out. Dolphus ran Jacen's name through several sources. They all said Jacen was clean, but that he might be covering up illegal activity. Therefore, he decided to run Jacen’s name through illegal sources.

Arney was just finishing polishing his blaster, when Dolphus called. Arney had been informed by ASM that his affairs would not be investigated if he cooperated with ASM. ASM wanted Arney to lie, saying that he knew Jacen Sprague, and that he was everything Jacen claimed to be. Arney memorized what he needed to know about Jacen, so when Dolphus called him, he would be prepared with what to say. Arney knew if ASM investigated him, he would be facing at least ten years on Ventron Penal Colony. No way! So, he figured to give ASM anything they wanted to keep them out of his illegal business affairs.

Arney answered the Messenger with a web cam linked on an illegal wavelength. "Yeah. Arney here. What can I do you for?"

"This is Dolphus. I need you to run the name Jacen Sprague through your sources and see what you come up with. Then I'll get back to you."

"Sure fire, will do." Dolphus disconnected.

Arney tapped his fingers on the table. "Well, that was easy." He already had the information available, but he thought he better wait for an hour or so, before he gave it to Dolphus. He didn't want to appear suspicious.

An hour later, Dolphus called back. Arney responded to the Internet Pager.

"Dolphus here. You have that info I need, Arney?"

"Yeah, got it right here. Your Jacen Sprague looks like to be everything he claims. He's definitely a computer hacker. He's even hired himself out to some of the mobsters. He never seems to get caught. ASM investigated him. They couldn't find enough evidence to pin on him to send him to Ventron. Jacen just slipped through their fingers. Until now. ASM got smart, planting a microscopic bug on him, causing them to be able to track his movements. That's how ASM caught him. I'll bet they never get away with that one again. Jacen will be cleverer next time. I don't think five years on Ventron will slow him down at all."

"Thanks Arney. That's what I needed to hear."
Talitha was sitting at her desk, studying. She sensed darkness coming to the Alpha System. The darkness was getting stronger and stronger. She saw dread and deep evil attempting to cause a takeover of the Alpha System. What did it mean? Talitha couldn't put her finger on it, but something wasn't right. Something was very wrong. She had to find out what it was.

Getting up, she strolled over to the window. Looking out at the rolling hills on the planet Jirah, she saw her father on a horse riding toward the house. Walking alone beside him was Talitha 's horse, Loyalty. She'd had Loyalty since he was a baby. Now he was five years old. Talitha loved to take him out riding. Jirah has lovely sunsets, and dawns, and it was a peaceful time to go riding.

Talitha's father, Leonard Dalton, at age sixty-three was still a good-looking man, with black graying hair that he wore well. Often, her and her father would go riding together. Her father had taught her to ride when she was quite young. Talitha opened her window, and saw her father looking up at her.

"Talitha, come down for a ride. You've been cooped up too long in that room. I know your work is important to the Alpha System, but you need to take some time out to enjoy yourself. Loyalty needs to be ridden," He waved her to come down.

"Ok, Father, I do need a break. I'll be down shortly." Grabbing her white shawl, she ran down the stairs out the door, walking over and climbing onto her horse.

Talitha's father was Commander in Chief in charge of the Alpha System Military, including Zoë Space Academy. As a result, they lived very well. They owned ninety-eight acres of rolling hills and forests. Beautiful trees and plants grew in abundance. As they were riding alone, and talking, an exquisite white dove flew overhead, landing on a near by tree branch.

Leonard Dalton headed up a gentle slope. "I want to show you something enchanting, Talitha."

They zigzagged around some huge, brown boulders with moss growing in between where the boulders touched. Densely growing trees populated the area around the boulders. There was a wide array of beautiful flowers blooming all over. Strangely, a trail wide enough for horses appeared. They traveled through the boulders for a while, and then came to a rift. Talitha heard an unusual sound. "Father, what is that sound?" It sounded like a waterfall.

"Talitha, come look at this."

Talitha rode up beside her father. Looking through the rift, a magnificent sight caught her eye. A spring bubbled up. Looping around, it climbed up the back of a rock wall, falling over the side facing them, becoming a waterfall. "Oh, my goodness! Where did that come from? I've been all over this land; I've never seen this before." She was amazed at the sight.

Her father looked at her, pleased with the reaction. "You like it?"

"Oh, yes! It's astounding!"

"I thought you'd like it. I discovered water bubbling out of these rocks quite by accident, about three months ago, while you were away on a mission. I thought it would be a nice surprise to have it turned into a waterfall. I had boulders moved out of the way that was hindering the water from flowing up into a bubbling stream. They did some digging, expanding the bubbling enough to build the waterfall. I thought you'd be pleased, Talitha."

Molof and Sulok flew around watching Talitha. They were assigned to her for the time being, if they didn't fail their boss again. Molof wringed his hands in despair. "What are we going to do about Talitha, Sulok? You know we can't fail again, or we'll lose our rank and our comfort in the dark kingdom!"

"I've got a plan in the works, that will succeed. Lightfoot is my main man. He'll make us very lofty, and the boss will be awfully proud of us."

Molof had a skeptical look on his face. "Unless Talitha gets wind of our plan. Then we're in immense trouble again. You better watch out for those sneaky angels assigned to Talitha and the Alpha System. They're always spying on us to see what we've planned next. It's not fair. We do all the work and then we have to stand by, and watch the righteous ones and those angels destroy all our hard work. It's getting harder and harder for a dark being to do a bad job."

"Oh, quit your worrying, we'll win this time."

Jacen lay in his bunk, thinking. The lights were off, and all of the prisoners were asleep, hopefully. When he felt it was safe, his plan was to get a look at the computer. He knew it would be exceedingly dangerous. The chances of him being caught were seven to three against him. They might even kill him if he were discovered. It was almost two in the morning. It was now or never.

Jacen slowly swung his feet out of bed. The floor was cold and clammy on his bare feet. He knew he couldn’t risk wearing shoes, for shoes would cause noise on the cement floor. Tiptoeing through the room, he thanked God it wasn’t totally dark, or he might run into something, or worse, someone. Finally, he made it to the door. He just hoped no one woke up to find him gone. “Father God, I pray you commission angels over my bed to not allow anyone to notice that I’m gone, or to see me when I return.”

Jacen made his way out the door, and over to the barrack where he had seen the computer. Not knowing if there were another, or if there was a main computer that maybe only Lightfoot used, he had no choice but to go with the knowledge he had. Checking the door, he noticed it was unlocked. That surprised him. He thought he would have to pick the lock. Opening the door, he looked in. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to turn on the lights, he felt around for the computer. Light streamed in through the windows from outside lights. He hoped the room wouldn’t be so illuminated that he could be seen from the outside.

Finding the computer, he turned it on, then keyed in his codes. He needed information on CIN; he knew how CIN worked. He didn’t want these prisoners to know how much he knew, lest they become suspicious. Lightfoot already didn’t trust him, and had him checked out by his outside man. That meant there was a way to contact the outside world. He set to work on the computer. Hours must have passed. He didn’t how long he’d been working. Rubbing his eyes, he moved his neck around to get the kinks out. Looking out the window, he knew it would be dawn soon. He thought he should be getting back before the men in his barrack awoke and discovered him missing from his bed. Just a few more minutes, he promised himself. I just need to do one more thing. There I’m done. Turning off the computer, he prepared to get up ready to head back.

Suddenly, a light came on. Jacen jerked around in the chair, startled, wondering who had caught him, and what they would think, trying to remember what he was going to say if this happened.

He saw Stephen Lightfoot standing with a satisfied look on his face. He had a bedraggled look about him. Looking pleased with himself, and grinning, he said to Jacen, “Wanted to get an early start on the computer, eh Jacen? Very good. That’s what I like from my team, men who are in a hurry to get the job done. As long as you don’t get careless from being in too much of a hurry.”

Relief flooded through Jacen. However, he tried not to let it show on his face. He was prepared with what to say. “Lightfoot, I wasn’t expecting anyone to show up at this hour. I just wanted to get some preliminary work done on getting us out of here. What time is it?” Yawning and stretching his legs as he stood up, Jacen acted as though he was supposed to be there and wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Gazing at him for a moment, Lightfoot said, “I had you checked out, and found you’re everything you claim to be. Therefore, I’m ready put you to work. First, that’s the wrong computer. Come back here with me and I’ll show you the computer I use. This is the only link I have to the outside world. The computer in here is the one we use to control things on Ventron, keep up with supplies, make inventory orders, that sort of thing. No one knows about my computer, until now. And you had better keep your mouth shut about it.”

“No problem, Lightfoot. You have my word. I won’t talk about your private computer.” Lightfoot must be accepting him if he’s going to show him his private computer, Jason thought to himself. Great. Now he can get started with his assignment. He’s beginning his relationship with Lightfoot, establishing himself as his assistant, fooling him into thinking Jacen’s on his side, so he can get evidence for ASM to convict him with.

“It’s back here, Jacen.”

Leading Jacen to the back of the room, there was nothing there but a wall. So where’s the computer? Walking up to a crack on the wall, Lightfoot pushed something, causing the wall to open up. There was a room in there, and Jacen walked through with Lightfoot. A computer sat on a table by the wall. Walking over to it, Lightfoot gestured Jacen to come see his computer. “This is how I survive in here, my private line to the outside world. With this computer, I have built a vid cam, whereby I can contact my outside man. That’s how I had you checked out. We have our own exclusive wavelength. Only thing is it’s illegal. In fact, this particular vid cam is also illegal. Vid cams are no longer used anymore. They use vid phones now. Vid cams have been outlawed for some time. ASM wouldn’t expect us to have the equipment to create our own vid, anything. In fact, they don’t even suspect that we’re in contact with anyone outside this planet. That’s supposed to be part of our punishment, not to have any contact with the outer planets.”

Jacen looked the computer over carefully. It looked like this would be what he would need. Maybe, if he were sly enough he could contact ASM. No, that wouldn’t work. He didn’t want them to know how he was going to pull this off. If they knew his plan, especially if they knew Lightfoot had this computer, his own vid cam, and had a man working for him on the outside, they might mess everything up with their interfering. Nope, he couldn’t have ASM disrupting his plans. “This looks like it will work. I’ll need privacy to do my work. Can’t give away trade secrets.”

“Hey, you work for me! Why do you need secrets?”

“Look, I’ll do the job to get us out, but I’m not revealing my knowledge to anyone. This is how I earn my living. OK?” He hoped his determination wouldn’t cause violence on the part of Lightfoot. Cringing inside, but careful not to let it show, he waited for Lightfoot’s reaction.

Lightfoot’s expression was hard. “Have your way Jacen, just get CIN down, so I can implement my plan. As for privacy, that won’t be a problem. The computer being back here is all the remoteness you will need. Do your job well, and not only will you get out of here, but I’ll pay you well if you want to come work for me.”

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