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Dancing with Angels
by Tiffany Chai
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Let me take you to a world, where those with sight see nothing,
Where the cripple and lame walk freely in the desolate and dark streets.
Too tired to form a thought or idea, the leaders repeat the same mistakes,
Calling upon the advisors and magicians to perform the simplest of all feats.

Now, if I told you there was no light, no electricity, nor lamps,
Then you would better understand the situation in which we be in.
All the houses are empty, but all the streets are filled to the rim
With people who are covered with much, slime, and sin.

But down the alley, a small figure huddles, doubled over in pain,
The child has been starving for some time now.
Unable to stand, for the overbearing weight on her shoulders
Pulls her and pushes her downwards, sweat breaking out on her brow.

And from above, like shooting stars, Angels shimmer and sing,
Their beauty blazes far and wide, their voices loudly ring.
Arms outstretched and eyes filled with love, they scatter something hard;
Something new to the humans, they bring.

Many land with ‘thunks’ and ‘thuds’ on the streets of the city,
Others land dangerously close to the disheveled and the slumbering.
Many glow softly in the dark, damp, moonlit night, though
A great many more call out, begging to be touched;
Though drowned out by incoherent murmurings.

Alas, one lands close to the small figure, still struggling to survive,
And as the item rolls closer, it stops just inches from the lifeless wall.
The small figure reaches out, something forbidding her touch and hand
But the small hand pushes through, grabbing the object as small as a ball.

Upon the touch, it glows brighter, as if light has been breathed within,
Then the wax subsides to a small flame, which rises to the top of the wick.
And in surprise, a light reveals the small figure’s dirty face; a girl’s face,
With brilliance and beauty, the light grows, as the symphonies crescendo in an epic.

The ball of light begins to glow, casting shadows all around,
And as the girl lets go of the ball, an Angel is in its place instead.
Taking the girl’s hands, the Angel smiles and dances around,
Casting light, to and fro, casting away any fear or dread.

The little girl reaches out, her eyes desperate and mute,
And the Angel, unlike so many others before, takes the girl’s hands and helps her stand.
The little girl holds on, unwilling to let go, tears of joy filling her eyes,
And the Angel delights, sweeping her up into the air, carrying her over the dark land.

They dance, laughing, smiling, and singing,
They move, easily, sweetly, and at peace,
They wave, swing, soaring high above the darkness,
They fly, all past emotions fully being released.

Looking down, suddenly, the little girl begins to cry,
Her heart cries, “Oh, no! Oh, no! Why, oh why?
“Why is the world so dark? Why are there no lights?
“Where is everyone? Where are they and why?”

Alas, they stop, landing on a tower so very high,
The little girl stares out into nothingness, as if nothing before them existed.
Reaching out, she tries to see what is behind the veil of night,
And alas, the Angel answers her with eyes so misted.

“Dear child, your faith and desperation led you to me,
“There is a Father who watches over the world and cries
“When He sees the world so lost and dark, He knows
“How to solve everything, for He is that wise!”

“But each night, He sends us out to find
“An open heart and a willing mind.
“And until this night, none has seemed to accomplish
“The Father’s desire and only wish.”

The little girl looks up to the sad, beautiful, face,
In her heart, she could feel past worries growing dim.
Reaching out, she touches the Angel’s cheek,
“Tell me what I must do. I want to help Him.”

The Angel nods, looking out to say,
“Each night, a candle falls from the sky, emitting a soft light.
“When someone touches it, Angels can appear as a guide,
“But no one has yet to touch one, that is, until tonight.”

“And only when one touches a candle
“Can they wake from the nightmares cast by fear.
“And one must willingly touch,
“Then the Father’s voice, they can hear.”

The Angel smiles, a small light glowing much further away in the distance,
“Ah, another light appears. The birth of another angel to lead the way!”
But, the light fades, the night changing, the air shifting, the light going out,
“Ah, and the evil one snuffs out the life, leaving death and decay!”

The little girl shudders, feeling a sudden chill.
But the Angel places its arm around her, lovingly,
“Spread the light and give it to those without,
“That is all you can do, willingly.”

The little girl is silent, unable to move,
Not wanting the moment to end, she reaches a small hand out
But it is too late, for the approaching sun dims the Angel’s light,
Her fingers slipping through, her lips a small pout.

“Angel, don’t go! Don’t leave me alone!
“Please don’t leave me! I hate being alone!”
The little girl cries, both hands attempting to hold
What can no longer be held, no flesh nor bone.

The Angel nods, floating beside her,
“Then wake up the others! Wake them from their nightmares!
“Pass on the light, knowledge, and hope,
“Give them something that shows the Father, you care!”

“Small one, you’re size means nothing to the Father,
“He sees your heart, your thoughts, and your desires.
“Banish the sinful sleep from the world, one sleeper at a time,
“Open their eyes and sing loud!” the Angel adds, as it expires.

A teardrop falls from the little girl’s cheek,
“I’m scared. I don’t want to do it alone. I’m so weak.”
The Angel smiles, leaning forward to kiss her forehead,
“Dearest one, the Father is preparing a way for you as we speak.”

“How will I know what He wants me to do?
“What does His voice sound like? Where is He?
“What if I can’t hear Him? What if He forgets me?”
The little girl shudders, unable to fathom what He may be.

The Angel chuckles, now a mere shimmer in the air,
“Dearest one, be of good cheer. I am a mere guide in His plan.
“He will place me in your heart, so my words and presence you will sense and hear,
“It will be easy for you to see and understand.”

The little girl looks over, watching as the Angel began to shrink,
Until nothing floated next to her, but a small lit candle, still burning bright.
With ease, it slides in front of her, but ignores her open hands,
Sinking into her heart, it rests, allowing her body a small light.

The little girl smiles, a warm feeling tingling her nerves,
As she descends from the tower, she floats gracefully back to the ground.
And as her toes touch the asphalt, she turns her face up and smiles,
Delighting in the love and hope, to her, from the Father, new found.

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