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Come Out Of Her My People
by Shanna George
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Rev 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Rev 18:5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.

This message is quite disturbing to me because in writing it, I see so clearly how the church is being drawn more and more into the clutches of satan and away from God.
Much of the church is blending with the world, you cannot see much difference, and there is very little semblance of the picture of the bride that he died for, that he wants to live in and live through.

When we should not be part of but be separated from the world system, and drawing closer to the Lord and seeking to be in His image, we see most of what is called the church enmeshed in the world. Let us open our eyes and look at what our enemy has done while we have been sleeping.

Satan promotes the world system and in some cases has created much of it for his own benefit, so that he can oppose God, (Yahweh).
What satan promotes is evil, immorality and a sinful lifestyle, and what he promotes is to draw the Christian away from God.

There is also spirit of rebellion that is indifferent to God and His Lordship. We especially see this in much of the youth today.

So many do not realize satan is behind much of what they are enjoying, and is behind much of the worlds ideas of morality.

It might surprise you but he is behind philosophy, humanistic psychology, government, culture, agriculture, education, sports, medicine, music, the entertainment field, fashion, our economic system, science and certainly religion.

It is staggering isn't it?

He promotes the world system to oppose God and His people, His word and His righteous standards.

Sound crazy, look at this. Satan uses the medical profession to promote the killing of babies, and sex changes.
Agriculture is used to make drugs, narcotics and alcohol. Education he uses to promote humanistic philosophy, and psychology. He uses the fashion industry to promote immorality, and to break down modesty.

Christians follow along with what the world wears, and this is being promoted by satan.
Fashion is used to promote Pedophilia,pornographers, and homosexuals.
And rape of women and children because of the lust that skimpy clothing produces.

It is causing multitudes of homes to be broken and shattered by lust.

The entertainment industry has torn down biblical standards and values, as they draw people into not only participating but also looking at that which we are not to look upon. Participating in watching others sin is a sin as well.

Television has come to be a huge time stealer, as well as the computer, instead of spending time with the Lord and the word, people are glued to one or the other.

Children have no one at home to watch them, because both parents have to work to keep up with the Joneses, and the childen are at home with their TV as their baby sitter.

Satan has everyone busy, busy, work, entertainment,socializing and they are wasting time. When all the Lord wants us to do is allow Him to Live His life in and through us. Rest in Him. What is your priority?

Parents are to busy to take time for their children, so many grow up to be into drugs or alcohol, gangs, and many other things promoted by satan.

Preachers kids often find themselves on the other end of the law, because of parents being to busy with what they think is more important, and the children never had quality time with their parents.

Violence, sex, nudity, and vulgarity, all part of the plan of satan to destroy Christian values.

Sports is a huge attraction, it comes before even a church service at times.

We need to recognize who is promoting all of this and why. There are many a sports widows, and children, forgotten until half time.

Science is used to kill people, the elderly, those who cannot defend themselves, by cloning and killing babies for science.
Music in some venues is very ungodly and vulgar and in some cases demonic.

The media is used greatly by satan, to control, and to brain wash Christians to buy everything that will keep them focused on "things" having more of the biggest and the best.

Satan has Christians following after leaders, other Christians, and the world system, rather then keeping their eyes on the prize, and following Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua.

There is a spirit, a power that is behind the world system, that does everything it can to undermine God and His word. It is so obvious when we really look at how satan has used the world to draw Christians away from God. That is his ultimate plan and to a great measure he has accomplished that

The world also includes man made religions and all unbiblical moral standards, worldly and lukewarm organizations and churches.

Satan is the God of this world. The true church stands for Jesus Christ and is diametrically opposed to the world system.

Christians need to take a look and see who and what they are aligned with.

How is all of this done? DECEPTION.

Look how much of the world has entered into the church. Psychology is a big thing in the church today, hidden with Christian terminology, and little use of the word of God.

Even health is in the church today, but it is used to find more ways to get more wealth, greed is the true motivation behind it and behind that sits satan in our church.

Social activities are more singles clubs to promote finding partners, what happened to the Lord finding mates. Believe it or not satan is behind that as well, as many Christians lose their virginity before they meet the spouse the Lord has for them down the road.

As true believers we must separate ourselves from the world system, we are to be examples not followers, we are strangers and pilgrims, IN the world, not OF it.

We are not to love the world or the things in the world. We are not to conform to the world, in other words become part of it.

We are to be overcomers in the world, die to the world and the flesh.

We are to hate evil in the world and not be partakers of it.

We cannot love God and the world.

We are not to take part in anything that is offensive to God.

Satan is using all he can to draw people away from God, to cause them to love things instead of God. It shows what has Lordship over our lives.

Jesus is not only to be our Savior, but Lord over our life.

Satan draws Christians into lust, which causes one to be in opposition to God.

Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life
are all made attractive to the eye, but are forbidden by God. This includes, pornography, sexual material, watching ungodly entertainment, violence, nudity or sexual acts.

The pride of life refers to the pride and arrogance that arises with material wealth, position, power, personal achievement and blessings.

It is seen everywhere in the church. Everyone is jockeying for position, a name, for titles, and status, not only in the church but out.
This is clearly a spirit that seeks to exalt, glorify and promote one self.

This is the total opposite of what we are called to emulate. It is the opposite of humility and submission to God and trusting Him in all his ways. We have nothing but what comes from His hand. We can no nothing of ourselves.

When we are weak He is strong in us.

We are to take the lower seat, not knock everyone down to be first, to have the best seat, the highest place next to the Lord, the biggest name, biggest crowd.

We must be light to the world and salt. We are called to be examples, not blended with the world.
We are not to be yoked to unbelievers, in marriage or in relationships. We are in no way to be part of the world except to tell them of the hope that is in Jesus Christ.

The way the church is viewed by the world, it is not an easy task to convince them to be make Jesus Lord, when Christians are already enmeshed in the world, they see so much hypocrisy by the way much of the church lives.

We are called to be disciples, not worldly Christians.
We are not with out spot, if we believe the word of God we need to take stock of our life and see where satan is gaining ground.

We are called to walk, live and breathe in the spirit, doing everything that is pleasing to God, the way we walk, the way we talk, the way we dress, the way we present ourselves to the world should be glorifying to God.

We need to wake up before it is to late, as the church is following blindly down the road headed over a cliff to destruction of it doesn't separate itself from the world.

Much of the church is deceived with false teachings and doctrines, because they do not love the truth. They do not want to hear the truth.
The Lord says He will stop warning if we do not take heed to what he is telling us.

We are to die daily, we no longer live but Christ lives in us, we died and were crucified with Christ, is this true with you?

Do you think the Holy Spirit wants to live in you and do the things you do? Does it glorify God?
If we do not stand for righteousness, if we do not take a stand, we will be brought down by the ways of the world.

Beloved we were not called to this kind of life.

Judgment begins at the house of God. Get ready. If you can see the direction you are headed, repent and turn around. Take the narrow road, before it is too late.

Come out of her people do not partake of her sins anymore, so you do not receive of her plagues.
The Lord wants you to open your eyes, to the deception you have partaken of.

This is a wakeup call and a call to return to holy living.

There is a holy remnant being groomed right now, they are being prepared, their lamps are filled and lit, they are looking for and seeking their Lord, and He is pleased with them. They walk, live and breathe in His spirit. he lives and moves in them. They are not caught up with the ways of the world, but have separated themselves. They seek Him only.

Are you among them?

The Lord will have a bride without spot or wrinkle or any such thing.

Matthew 16:26,1Cor 2:12, 1Cor 3:19,Titus 2:12, 1John 2:15-15,John 15:19,Romans 12L2, Gal 2:20,Luke 14:25-27.

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Member Comments
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Kingdom Citizen 13 Apr 2008
I really enjoyed this article. The subject matter is very good. However, I feel that you should mention names of churches involved in deception. We all know that satan is the one behind the deception. That is nothing new but to day people need to know who is being deceived. This is vital so I feel that maybe you should have mentioned some names--Jesus did that with the Pharisees etc
Shanna George 13 Apr 2008
I wanted to comment that though this was not totally the Lord,as I had to think about what was occuring in the world, my personal intent is not to point fingers at certain churches, but to cause people to see the world view and where satan is operating and think. The Lord's intent is for people to examine their hearts, repent and recognize this is the very same thing the children of Israel had done. The message has not changed. We must Listen to His voice and obey when He shows us our sins.


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