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Heaven's Little Star
by Joshua Janoski
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This tale begins long ago. At this time, God was creating the Heavens and the Earth. He spoke forth light and separated it from the darkness. He produced dry land and populated it with trees, flowers, and other vegetation. Three days had passed, and it is on the fourth day that our story begins…

During day four, God created lights to differentiate between the day and the night. He crafted the sun and placed it in the sky to burn brightly during the day, and he took the moon and hung it in the heavens so that it would illuminate the darkness of the night. He also created the stars to add additional light and guidance. Each one was meticulously crafted and placed in its own special spot in the sky.

From a distance, each star appeared to be the same. However, when viewed up close, each star was actually very unique. Some shined brighter than others. Some were large, and some were quite small. Some formed unique patterns. Many were nestled tightly together in clusters, while others were spread apart throughout the galaxy.

There was one star, named Luma, who appeared to be the smallest and dimmest of all the stars that were created. Luma sat off in her own part of the sky somewhat distant from many of the other stars that made up the various constellations. Because her glow was so feint and because she hung solo all alone in the sky, Luma felt very much out of place as a star. For many years, she would sit and listen to the echo of voices coming from some of the other stars in the sky. Many of these stars had become proud and boastful, and their nighttime conversations proved it.

“I glimmer so brightly that ships often use me as their guide when they are out at sea!” one star would shout out.

“I burn so bright that man can often see me in the sky even during the daytime!” another star proclaimed.

“I make up part of the mighty Hercules constellation!” was the boast one of star.

“I help shape the mighty Hunter Orion!” was the reply from another star.

These talks would take place night after night, and they soon left Luma feeling very sad and unsure of herself. She felt like she was unworthy to be a star, and she wished that she had been created to be something else.

“Why couldn’t I have been a bird or a flower?” she asked herself. “Both are beautiful and elegant unlike me. At least if I were something else other than a star, I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to measure up to all the other stars. All the stars I have seen are shiny and bright and have important jobs. They light the night sky, they guide travelers, and they are admired by so many people down below. No one even seems to notice that I’m out here.”

Luma sat quietly most of the time thinking to herself. Occasionally, she would speak with another star named Hesperos. Like Luma, Hesperos sat away from a lot of the other stars. He was the star closest to Luma. Unlike Luma, Hesperos was considered the brightest shining star in the sky. He was dubbed the “evening star”, and all of the other stars in the sky respected him greatly because of this. Hesperos was not prideful though. He understood that being the brightest star in the sky did not make him any more important than any of the other stars. Whenever other stars would speak negatively about Luma, Hesperos was always the one to speak up and defend her.

One evening, Hesperos had noticed that Luma had completely disappeared from the night sky. It was normally very hard to see her even when she was only faintly glowing, but this night was different. Luma was no where to be found!

Hesperos panicked and cried out “Luma! Where are you Luma!?”

There was nothing but silence. Hesperos cried out again.

“Luma! Please answer me if you’re out there!”

After yelling and pleading for a while, he finally heard a feint whisper, and he looked out to see Luma sitting out in her usual spot in the sky, but with her light completely dimmed out.

“I’m here Hesperos” Luma said with a sob. She had been crying.

“Luma what’s wrong?” Hesperos asked with great concern. “Why have you hidden your light?”

“I am tired of being the smallest and dimmest star in the sky Hesperos!” Luma cried out. “I have no purpose! I want to just fade away into darkness and act as if I never existed!”

Not only was Hesperos the brightest star in the sky, but he was also one of the wisest. He knew what Luma was saying wasn’t at all true.

“Luma! Don’t you know that nothing was created without a purpose? Our creator made each of us very special, and he has a plan for each one of us!” Hesperos gently said.

“That’s easy for you to say! You’re the brightest, most beautiful star there is! Everyone respects you and looks up to you! You don’t have to question why you occupy the night sky, because it is apparent why you are here. For me, it is a completely different situation. If you weren’t around, I would have absolutely no one!”

Hesperos let out a long drawn out sigh. “Luma, please listen to me. Without our creator, I too am nothing. He gave me my ability to shine bright, and while it may seem unfair that you don’t possess some of the traits the other stars have, there is a reason for it. He made you like you are for a reason……………for his master plan. But how can you fulfill that plan if you turn out the little bit of light that he has given to you?”

Luma sat silently contemplating what Hesperos was saying to her. After giving it some thought, she finally decided to allow herself to faintly glow again. However, her tears continued.

“I see that you want to be left alone.” Hesperos said. “I’ll leave you alone, but I want you to know that you do have a special place here in the sky. Someday you will see. If nothing else, you have brightened my existence. I know that our creator has something even greater in store for you though. You’ll see.”

Hesperos left Luma alone to her thoughts and feelings. She should have been honored that the Evening Star would say such things to her, but all she could focus on were her flaws and shortcomings. Luma finally drifted off to sleep.

Time passed and Luma continued to sit and sleep quietly night after night. However, something was about to take place that was going to change this little star’s life forever.

Luma was awoken one night by a loud voice.

“LUMA!” the voice boomed.

Luma was startled by the noise and quickly opened her eyes. At first she thought that maybe she was imagining things, but then she heard the voice again.

“LUMA!” the voice echoed. None of the other stars could be heard while this voice occupied the night sky.

This voice was not the voice of Hesperos that Luma was accustomed to hearing. Hesperos had a strong presence in the sky, but this voice was much more powerful and majestic. It became clear to her where this voice was coming from. Luma looked up and out.

“God? Is that you?” she asked ever so meekly.

“Yes Luma it is me. I have been watching you, and I see that you have been in great pain. I want you to know that I have never left you or forsaken you. I am ready to do a great work in you. It is time Luma. It is time that you take on a very special task that I have for you.” God said.

“Lord, forgive me for my ignorance, but if you have a special assignment for me, then why did you allow me to spend my whole life up until this point sitting off by myself burning so dim? I just don’t understand.” Luma said.

“Have you not been listening to the other stars all this time?” God boldly asked. “Aside from you and Hesperos, there isn’t a humble star to be found here in the Heavens! I cannot and will not entrust this very important task to any star that is filled with boastfulness. I don’t see this corruption in you Luma. You may have been out here away from the other stars, but it has prepared you for what I want you to do.”

Luma was confused, but she tried not to show it. She listened attentively to what God was telling her.

“I have a son that I am sending to the Earth. His coming has been prophesied and foretold for many years, and he will save many lives. He is to be born to a virgin named Mary and his name will be Jesus. You will be the light that people look to in order to find him.”

Luma could not believe what she was hearing. Many questions entered her mind, but before she was able to ask any of them, she found herself being transported to another place in the night sky. She looked down, and below her, was a manger. A man and woman sat smiling down at a small baby who lay there. A strong light beamed down onto the place where the baby lay. Luma wondered where the light was coming from, and then she realized that it was COMING FROM HER! She was the brightest and most beautiful star that the Heavens had ever seen. Even Hesperos’ light could not outshine hers!

She peered out at the Earth below her. There she saw angels speaking to shepherds as they tended their flocks. The shepherds looked up into the sky, and they pointed towards Luma. They began following her light as they made their way to where the baby was lying. Far out into the East, three men journeyed to see God’s son, and they looked towards Luma in order to find their way.

“I cannot believe this!” Luma said excitedly. Tears of sorrow turned into tears of joy as she sat above the town of Bethlehem. Luma knew this child was special. Not just because God told her he was. You could also see it in his face. But what was a king doing in a manger? Why would someone of such great importance come in such a humble manner? Luma looked back at her own situation, and it became clear to her why this baby came in the way that he did. He was special, just as she was. And just as she had been given a special task by God, so would this baby also fulfill his Father’s work.

She looked out across the sky and saw Hesperos smiling at her. God was also looking down smiling. What a holy night that was. A little star realized what a big plan her creator had for her. She also realized what a big plan he had for the world down below, as he sent his son Jesus to guide and save them. Imperfection was used to point to perfection. A small light was used to guide mankind to the Perfect Light - the Perfect Light that would save mankind from eternal darkness.

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Member Comments
Member Date
Mary Ginty 26 Oct 2008
I LOVE this story!!! I could sooooo see it as a kids book! I am gonna read some more of your writing! God bless!!! Mary frances
Tim Pickl 04 Mar 2008
Wow! I love it. This story has me in tears. There are so many "little stars" out there seeking their purpose in the kingdom of God....when the whole time God is preparing them for his mighty acts! I can see this being in a book some day: it would make a great CHRISTmas gift.
LauraLee Shaw 04 Mar 2008
Absolutely a keeper in every since of the word. This piece shines brightly with purpose--God's purpose for His children. Anointed.
Glynis Becker 27 Feb 2008
I really love this. The symbolism of light is used very well in several ways--God's light, our light, perfection and lack of perfection. Once again, you need to use 'faint' instead of 'feint' and there are a few places when addressing someone you've left out a comma, but I think this is wonderful!


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