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Jesus Weeps
by Shanna George
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Jan 26 2006 12:00AM

Tonight as I sat before the Lord, I could see Him walk among the people in the streets of India, most were sitting on the street, lame, blind, halt, the outcast. I saw tears as the Lord wept for what He was seeing.
I heard Him say over and over, "WHO WILL GO FOR ME?"
"When you do it unto the least of these you do it unto Me".

For those of us that have Jesus living within us, we will be all of Jesus that people will ever see, the person that reaches out to them is exactly what they will see of Jesus, because He came to live within you to continue His work here on earth.

Will you be the one who passes by, WILL they watch you walk by them as they lose hope that they will find hope, that they will find someone, the Savior, the one true person that will love them, that will care about them.
And when you stop, and they look into your eyes as you reach out to them with a bit of food, or water for their thirsty lips, offering them hope, they see Jesus in your eyes, they see love. Jesus is looking at them lovingly, reaches out to touch them with His love, love that heals, love that gives them hope.

Let us look at them, do you see a dirty crippled human form, or do you see in that one Jesus, the one you love, with all of your heart, and he has said to us, "if you do it unto the least of these you do it unto me", it could be just a lonely person in a nursing home, it could be a prisoner that has not heard from his family since he went to prison, he or she has never known what it was like to be loved, never known what it was like to be accepted, maybe because of the color of the skin, or because of years of neglect, abuse and rejection. It might be a child in an orphanage, that has lost their parents to HIV/AIDS, never to have a caring parent, never to have a Mother to lean down and kiss their forehead, or a widow, who lost all that cared about her for a very long time.
It might be those who live in the streets, their only comfort a bottle, just hearing a kind word, like, "God Bless You", means the world to them, or those who are outcasts in society because they come from a different caste or lot in life, or born in a certain area that is shunned, like the leper colony, or a certain part of town.

This is Jesus, this is our Savior. Can you see Him, can you see why He weeps? Look into His eyes as they look up to you.

Where is the church? Where are those He lives in, thoes who are to do His work here on earth?
There are those that have tirelessly ministered to those in these same environments, David Wilkerson, Heidi and Roland Baker, Tom Griner and many others.

But we are Jesus walking the earth, His hands, His feet, His arms and legs. Are we living His life? Oh! Brother and sister, this is what we are called to. Not to have a big ministry, so that people know our name, not so that what we do will be known all over the world. Jesus often never let anyone know what He was doing, He slipped quietly into town unnoticed by anyone except those who were touched by him, and when he healed some, he told them not to tell anyone for His time was not yet, and he gave all the glory to the Father.

Is it pride that you want to be known by a name, a title, does it make you feel important? Jesus called Himself the Son of God, He was a servant to all.
He was humble, he came in to this life in a lowly manager, and he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. He had no problem touching the dirty, the lame, even those with leprosy, and EVEN the man who had a legion of demons.
He came to do the Father's will. He had no place to lay His head, and was grateful when he was invited to the homes of His friends.

Brothers and sisters, are you reflecting Jesus life?

If not, do you know why you are not?
It is because you and I must live a life of repentance. To repent once is not enough, our life must be one of continual repentance, because we are sinful, daily we must repent from the heart, and we must be intimate with the Lord, He will not come to us, if we have sin in our life, so we must confess our sins daily. Asking Him to purify our hearts.

When we are a pure vessel, Jesus is able to live in and through us, and we can feel what he feels for mankind. For God so loved the world. It wasn't the world system but it was the people of the world.
He has called us to reach out to the hungry the hurting, and the lonely.

Beloved, Jesus weeps, because He knows that many of these people will never be touched, never be healed, never come to him, because those who are called by His name, are wrapped up in the things of the world. They must watch the television, go to the movies, sporting events, go on outings,and shop.
They do not have time to visit the lonely, they do not have time to reach out to the hurting the downcast, the rejected of the world. And not only that, but their money is wrapped up in keeping up with the latest and the best, building mega churches, having conferences, and many non-essentials.

Jesus weeps, because many that are called by his name, are so filled with pride and status in life, that it is beneath them, to even think about going down to the poor areas, to the dumps, where the outcast live.

Pride has become a hallmark of Christianity, many are so filled with knowledge that they forget that knowledge puffeth up, but love edifies, and knowledge will pass away when the perfect comes. We are neglecting the one thing needful.
Oh, beloved, it isn't doctrine we are to KNOW, it is Jesus, it is KNOWING HIM, Jesus isn't doctrine, he is love, He is loving your brother and sister, He is loving your neighbor whether they live in a good part of town or they are homeless, in your neighborhood or across the world.

Love is praying for those who are in need, love is taking food over to someone who has lost a family member, because they are too broken to cook.

Beloved, love is going through the day just as Jesus would, doing what Jesus would, talking like Jesus would. Are your words filled with love, peace, or full of contention and bitterness? Do you strive and debate others, or find fault with your neighbor?

Ministry to many Christians today, is putting a title before their name as they are building a name for themselves, getting a following, asking for donations.

Whose following is it? Who are they following You, or Jesus? I am not pointing at anyone, these are sad facts in the church today.

The Lord is speaking to our hearts here today, please listen.

It isn't important how many people are in your ministry or follow you, are they following Jesus?
It doesn't matter how many people attend your church, it isn't numbers.
Are you recognizing that Jesus is in our hearts.
Jesus that is living in us, is not jealous of our brothers and sisters when they succeed, or when God calls them higher.
Jesus is looking at our hearts, He is looking at those who are called by his name, that are not living His LIFE.

Beloved, it isn't how much you know about the bible that counts, it is how much you know about the Lord, that counts. How much do you know about His heart? How much He hates sin.
But what about your heart, what about my heart, is it pure, free from pride and selfishness? jealousy, greed or covetousness?

What is our motivation for doing what we do in ministry. We must examine ourselves daily to see our own heart, for our heart is desperately wicked.
I have to include myself too, make sure there is no wickedness in my heart, we are not above others, it applies to us just as much as it applies to others.
Jer 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and it is exceedingly corrupt: who can know it?

John the Baptist said, "Repent for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand", Jesus weeps, He weeps, because he has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Ezk 18:23. Jesus weeps, because he doesn't want to have to bring judgment to His own house. He left his work into the hands of the church, but the house is so full of itself, so full of pride, and covetousness.
His heart is breaking, His heart is breaking for the lost, the dying, the hurting, the lonely and the rejected.



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