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Before We Start Praying to Harry Potter....
by Eileen T. Waldron
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I think sometimes we forget
Exactly what God did beget
His prophet Isaiah had foretold
As the Bible states in days of old

The Alpha and Omega this message did send
He who calls Himself the Beginning and the End
What is it about this message that we don't get
Since we live as if it hasn't happened yet.

Here is this account in Isaiah circa 740 BC... Amplified Bible...7:14

"Therefore the Lord Himself shall give you a sign: Behold, the young woman who is unmarried and a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call His name Immanuel (God with us). Also in {isa 9:6, Jer 31:22, Mic 5:3-5, Matt 1:22-23} (Note the difference in time between Isaiah's prophecy and Matthews Gospel).

Here is Matthew the apostle's account who was chosen by Jesus to be part of His ministry. Circa 70 AD...Amplified Bible...1:22-25

22..."All this took place that it might be fulfilled which the Lord had spoken through the prophet."

23..."Behold the virgin shall become pregnant and give birth to a Son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel which when translated means , God with us."

24... Then Joseph being aroused from his sleep , did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him: he took her as his wife."

25..."But he had no union with her as her husband, until she had borne her firstborn Son, and he called His name Jesus."

In Matthew 1:22 the Son will be called Jesus (the Greek form of the Hebrew name Joshua, which means savior).
That was just a refresher. Now for the other verses that tells us what we really need to know.
Isaiah 9:6-7 "A Child will be born who will have the government upon His shoulders and His name shall be "Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." There will be an increase of His government over the throne of David, and over His kingdom, to establish and uphold it with justice and righteousness from that time forth and forever more. The zeal of the Lord will perform this."(paraphrased) (Isa 25:1, 25: 1,40:9-11...Matt:28:18, Luke 2:11)...v.7...Dan 2:44, 1 Cor 15:15:2-28, Heb 1:8)

Isaiah 9:2 "The prophet who walked in darkness has seen a great light; those who dwell in the land of intense darkness and the shadow of death, upon them has the light shined."(isa 42:6...Matt 4:13,16)

Matthew 2:6" And you Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, you are not in any way least or insignificant among the chief cities of Judah, for from you shall come a Ruler who will govern and Shepherd My people Israel." (Micah 5:2)
So...Jesus Christ was born a leader come to save us. The day called Christmas, may not be the correct day of His birth, the naysayers may have a point that it was a pagan holiday to begin with, we may be guilty of letting the merchants have the season, we can find any and all excuses we want, BUT...


If we don't know what Gethsamane is all about then we haven't done our homework. Jesus prayed in the garden the night he was to be captured, for God to take the cup from Him. Why wouldn't He? It was a cup of horrors unlike any we could ever imagine. Not because of the crucifixion, not because of the beatings, humiliations, and betrayals He suffered. For the mystery that is almost beyond comprehension. That a Man who is fully man and fully God, totally pure and righteous, could allow Himself to be sacrificed in such a way, is beyond our ability to conceive.

That He would accept the separation from His Father, God, for the first time, so that He could become sin itself, taking the entirety of sins past, present, and future that anyone would ever commit, upon Himself, descending into Hell to defeat Satan,defeat sin, and defeat death, (another trinitythat benefits us) that is what He saw and felt in the Garden and why His sweat turned to blood. That is why He asked if there was another way, "Yet not my will but yours Father, be done."

One man was to feel all of it in a few terrible tormented hours of time, as "a man", before God resurrected Him from hell, reclothed Him in His Godhead and returned Him to His rightful place in Heaven. We can never conceptualize any human man having the fortitude and grace to be willing to die for evil. Yet, Jesus did it as a man, not with His godly strength.

So we have the wrong dates, we have questions, we have doubts, we have pagan rituals, but what took place is not in doubt, it is well documented. That Jesus Christ was born is not in doubt, that He performed miracles is not in doubt, that He died, is not in doubt that He was resurrected is not in doubt, so go on you detractors and critics, harp on wrong dates and times, places and names , whine whine whine, but bottom line is,... HE DIED TO SAVE YOU!

The name Saturday, (as with all names of days, months, etc) is derived from satyr, a name from mythical deities, satanic, demons, etc. Do we hear any whining about that? Now we have another star on the horizon who is so welcome by all the media and so many of our citizens. His name is Harry Potter, his creator J.K. Rowlings.. There are some Christian groups that are trying to enlighten us about how the book is blatantly about sorcerers, and bears satanic names of demons. No one wants to hear it.

After all Harry Potter is good for the kids it got them to read. In fact it got them to read so well that they are even going to put it into the curriculum in schools. Of course you can't say Jesus in school, that's religion, but you can say Azkaban the demon satanic name , because that's just a fun name for our kids in school, from Harry Potter. Besides, the fact that our kids are so engrossed with the sorcerer's book, and have given up their videos, and games to read is such a phenomenon, how can we complain about it. Here read these excerpts from a former Witch, sorry I do not know the author's name:

"I am writing this urgent message because I was once a witch. I lived by the stars as an astrologer and numerologist casting horoscopes and spells. I lived in the mysterious and shadowy realm of the occult. By means of spells and magic, I was able to invoke the powers of the "controlling unknown" and fly upon the night winds transcending the astral plane. Halloween was my favorite time of the year and I was intrigued and absorbed in the realm of Wiccan witchcraft. All of this was happening in the decade of the 1960?s when witchcraft was just starting to come out of the broom closet.

It was during that decade of the 1960?s, in the year 1966, that a woman named J.K. Rowling was born. This is the woman who has captivated the world in this year of 2000 with four books known as the "Harry Potter Series." These books are orientational and instructional manuals of witchcraft woven into the format of entertainment. These four books by J.K. Rowling teach witchcraft! I know this because I was once very much a part of that world. Witchcraft was very different in the 1960's. There were a lot fewer witches, and the craft was
far more secretive. At the end of that spiritually troubled decade, I was miraculously saved by the power of Jesus Christ and His saving blood. I was also delivered from every evil spirit that lived in me and was set free.

"Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." At this occult school, Harry Potter learns how to obtain and use witchcraft equipment. Harry also learns a new vocabulary, including words such as "Azkaban," "Circe," "Draco," "Erised," "Hermes," and "Slytherin"; all of which are names of real devils or demons. These are not characters of fiction! How serious is this? By reading these materials, many millions of young people are learning how to work with demon spirits. They are getting to know them by name. Vast numbers of children professing to be Christians are also filling their hearts and minds, while willingly ignorant parents look the other way. The titles of the books should be warning enough to make us realize how satanic and anti-christ these books are. The afore mentioned title of the first book, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer?s Stone," was a real give away.

The second book was called "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," while the third book was
entitled "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban." Sadly enough, this blatant witchcraft has been endorsed by well-known and respected "Christian" leaders. Nothing could be more obvious than that Harry Potter books are pure witchcraft and of the devil. The "Christian" leaders, however, defend them by saying that good magic always wins and overcomes evil magic. This is the oldest con game ever hatched out of hell. As a real witch, I learned about the two sides of "the force." Apparently, so do many "Christian" leaders. When real witches have sabats and esbats and meet as a coven, they greet each other by saying "Blessed be," and when they part, they say "The Force be with you." Both sides of this "Force" are Satan. It is not a good side of the force that overcomes the bad side of the force, but rather it?s the blood of Jesus Christ that destroys both supposed sides of the satanic "Force."

High level witches believe that there are seven satanic princes and that the seventh, which is assigned to Christians, has no name. In coven meetings, he is called "the nameless one." In the Harry Potter books, there is a character called "Voldemort." The pronunciation guide says of this being "He who must not be named." On July 8 at midnight, bookstores everywhere were stormed by millions of children to obtain the latest and fourth book of the series known as "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." These books were taken into homes everywhere with a real evil spirit following each copy to curse those homes. July 8th was also the 18th day (three sixes in numerology) from the witches? sabat of midsummer. July 8th was also the 13th day from the signing of the United Religions Charter in San Francisco. Now we have learned that the public school system is planning to use the magic of Harry Potter in the classrooms making the public schools centers of witchcraft training.

What does God have to say about such books as the Harry Potter series? In the Bible in the book of Acts, we read the following in19:18-19. "Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver. So mightily grew the Word of God and prevailed."

As parents, we will answer to God if we allow our children to read witchcraft books. The Word of God will prevail mightily in your life only if such things of Satan are destroyed."

This may not seem like a Christmas message, but I think it's a perfect message in which to remember the birth of a savior, because we need Him now more than ever before. Hopefully it will open some eyes which have been previously closed to these truths. It is also a good way to close out this year, with what I hope will be a stronger dedication to the things of God and His realm,
and less about the things of this ephemeral world.


"I once was lost ,but now am found , was blind but now I see!"

Thank you God for the birth of your Son! Thank you Jesus, and Happy Birthday whatever day it was.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!;-)

Eileen T. Waldron 2001

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Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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Member Comments
Member Date
Lisa Record 23 Jun 2003
That's telling them. Potter is a real threat to the world. It good to know their are other out there beside my church the Jesus Party fighting him. Keep the faith!:)
Geneva R Hicks 16 Feb 2002
Thanks for the info. As a youth sponsor I will look into this.


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