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The Elijah Ministry Time and Chance
by Kenneth O'Reilly
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A study in FASTING and the BAPTISM of FIRE.

Chapter 3

TIME and CHANCE . . . . . . . .

It is as clear as it can be that it is God's Will that
all of humanity must suffer the consequences of the spiritual
condition they are in, both here and now while we are in the
flesh, and hereafter in the Final state. It is not my
intention to be cruel or hard, but, sometimes the truth does
involve some very hard things. In chapter eight, which deals
with the death of 15 ordinary men, and the protection of one
ordinary man, it simply cannot be denied that they all
suffered the consequences of the spiritual condition they
were in. I am not saying that any of those 15 men went to
eternal damnation. No. What I am saying is that the
spiritual condition that an unsaved person - or a saved
person is in can most definitely determine whether or not he
will suffer death due to an accident or disease.
Yes, I know about the tremendous anomaly that arises in
our minds when we see the way that God dealt with each of
those 16 men. Why, we ask, did God not do the same for the
15 who died as He did for the one whom He protected? No
matter what conclusion we come to, it cannot be denied that
that incident is yet again one more example to us concerning
the Will of God - both His Permissive Will and His Directive
Will, and it shows us clearly that we are all, at one time or
other either living under the operation of God's Permissive
Will or His Directive Will.
Let me first explain the term: the Directive Will of
God. This is when God actively operates to achieve some
result, when He actively sets in motion a course of events so
as to achieve a definite result or series of results. We see
the Directive Will of God in operation with reference to
Cantrell. God's intention was to see that Cantrell survived
that accident, and He did this by granting him the gift of
knowing he should fast so as to receive a special operation
of the Holy Spirit - to be covered with the protecting Fire
that comes from Jesus. In other words, God moved actively to
protect Cantrell. In the complete witness that Cantrell has
given, which I have, Cantrell witnessed to those other men,
but they laughed at him, and thought he was crazy. None of
them accepted his witness concerning Fasting.
As none of these men accepted Cantrell's witness, the
Permissive Will of God came into operation regarding their
lives - they were left: "To Time and Chance." God did not
actively cause the accident deliberately, so as to bring
about the death of those 15 men. No. He, knowing that the
accident was to occur, used it to achieve both His
Permissive Will regarding the 15 men who died, and His
Executive Will to protect Cantrell.
The example of those 16 men shows us the operation of
both of these aspects of God's Will: the 15 men who died,
died according to His Permissive Will, and the one who lived,
lived according to His Directive Will.
Now then, Cantrell does not say that any of those 15 men
were believers or unbelievers, but . . . . . . do you see
what I'm hinting at? Do you suppose that in all those plane
and ship accidents that have happened since the end of the
war, sometimes with hundreds killed, that there were not any
genuine christians among the dead? Do you suppose that God,
knowing that a plane is going to crash, and kill all those on
board, do you suppose that God makes sure that there are no
genuine christians on board! I think you know as well as I
do that Time and Chance, the Permissive Will of God, comes
into operation in most, if not all, of these accidents. I
say 'in most' because it is not possible for me to know when
God has or has not operated which elements of His Will in any
of these accidents.
It is crystal clear from scripture, from Cantrell's
experience, and from the witness of thousands of Baptized in
the Holy-Ghost-Fire christians today that it is God's Will
that christians shall not be injured or die in accidents, or
be injured by or die of sickness. It simply is not God's
Will that sin and the accidents of nature should have
dominion over genuine christians. For those who are in the
right condition with God: "Nothing shall by any means hurt
you." Is that plain enough for you? Or do you want to water
it down, because all around you, you see genuine christians
dying of sickness or accidents. I say again, it simply is
not God's Will that if a house falls on a genuine christian
that he should be injured or killed. Never, and I say again,
NEVER. It is dis-honouring to Jesus to say that it is God's
Will for christians to have the works of the devil on their
souls and on their bodies; be sick and die of their
sicknesses; or to be injured or die in accidents. But, it is
correct to say such things when it means: "It is God's
Permissive Will when such things happen to christians
because these christians are not in the proper condition they
should be - so God allows Time and Chance to operate, He
permits the natural consequences to occur, and He does not
operate His Directive Will."
In the case of the 16 men in the catapult department,
you will see this in operation with just 15 of those men.
After they had refused Cantrell's witness concerning Fasting,
God left them to Time and Chance. They could not possibly
have been under His Directive Will. Now notice this: the
terrible consequences of their spiritual condition followed
within 24 hours, but with many it could follow 24 years
later! In other words, Time and Chance can take a person at
any time if they are not in the right spiritual condition
with God!
This teaching is not based on a single example and then
extended to cover an unscriptural theory. Believe me, I am
well able to take the position of the Devil's Advocate
against myself. What about Stephen, or Job, some might say.
I reply, Stephen died in precisely the manner all christians
should die, whether they die young or old. The death of all
christians should be such that it brings Glory to God,
whether it is a martyrs death, or death coming at the end of
a long life of service to God.
Have you heard any christian say concerning another
christian who died in an accident: "It was God's Permissive
Will because he was not in the right spiritual condition for
God to operate His Executive Will - and protect him through
the accident so as to bring Praise and Glory to God."
Paul tells us that the things that happened to the Jews
in the Old Testament, happened to them as examples for us.
And, if this is true, how much more so must it be that the
things that happened to Jesus and the Apostles are also
examples to us. Paul himself tells us that there were
christians who were sick, and some who had died prematurely -
before their right time - because there was something they
did not know, there was something they were not doing
correctly. Come now, face the facts of the situation: is
not Paul saying that if they knew what they did not know, and
practiced it, they would not be sick, and they would not be
God Himself, says in the Old Testament, that it is the
lack of not knowing something that causes the death of many
of His own people! Do I really need to tell you why the
23,000 died in the desert! Did not the Permissive Will of
God come into operation regarding them; and did not the
Directive Will of God come into operation regarding those who


Is anyone going to tell me that when Jesus died on the
cross for christians, that among all the many things He
gained for us, there is absolutely nothing pertaining to the
physical body we have here and now! Are you telling me that
Jesus Christ is, with all His IMMENSE Power, protecting and
preserving His Church, and protecting and preserving the
souls of His genuine followers, and yet is saying: "I am
sorry, I have absolutely nothing to offer you regarding your
physical bodies - I've left you all to Fate, to Time and
Rubbish! And I say again, UTTER and COMPLETE RUBBISH!!!!
Why, in heaven's name, should there be any number of examples
in the Old Testament of the bodies of masses of Jews kept in
healthy condition, and preserved from sickness and death; why
should Jesus and the Apostles and Disciples go around
combining with their witness healing of the body; why should
we be told in the New Testament that God will raise up the
sick christian if he does certain things; why should we be
told that God has provided us with all things pertaining to
the present earthly life; why should Paul pray that both the
Body and the Soul of christians then living, be PRESERVED to
the coming of Jesus. This text applies to every
Currently-living christian in all the ages since Paul's time.
That text applies to me, now; and to you, now. And that
group of christians that is alive when Jesus comes again,
will contain none other than christians who have been
preserved alive till His coming by the EXECUTIVE Will of
God. All other christians will either have given their lives
for God's Glory by the operation of God's Intentional Will;
or have died according to the operation of God's Permissive
Will. There will be absolutely nothing accidental about
which christians will be alive when Jesus comes again - every
single one of them will be chosen, and preserved to be

The ELIJAH Ministry

Those christians whom God has chosen to be members of
the Elijah Group, in its initial period of formation, must,
as always, be very, very careful in their teaching. As you
know, God uses certain of His followers to reveal scriptural
truths to His church. Some of these truths contain elements
of the marvellous - but which of you Baptized-in-the-Spirit
christians would hold back from taking part in the biggest,
and most marvellous miracle of all - the creation of The New
Man when a person is saved, which occurs under the operation
of God's Executive Will. If you understand my meaning, the
preservation of the body until the coming of the Lord, though
a marvellous miracle, is of a far lower order than the
previous miracle. But, every miracle of God that has visible
and tangible effects, SEEMS more marvellous than the miracle
that is not seen. In the TOTAL Baptism of FIRE, Fire is the
body-preserving element that Jesus is using in these last
days before He returns. This FIRE is not natural Fire, but
heavenly FIRE - the FIRE which comes from Our God Who is a
Flaming FIRE - it comes from Jesus.
If the Spirit within you speaks to you, and says that
the things you are reading here are from Jesus, then surely
there must arise in you a desire to possess this wonderful
Gift of FIRE Baptism from Him. Believe me when I tell you
that it is very easy to receive this Gift from God if you
truly believe. All you have to do is to ACT OUT your Faith
in God, ACT OUT your Faith in His Word. And how do I do
that? you ask.
If you have accepted Jesus as your personal Saviour as
written in the New Testament, and have a deep yearning after
the true things of God, then, raise these writings above
your head, and wave it about, SHOUTING Hallelujah three
times, and the FIRE from Jesus will fall upon you, upon your
body. I command this to happen, in Jesus' precious name.
Simply continue to praise Him as you wave the truth above
your head.

THE Doubtful ONE

If it should be that the spirit of doubt is troubling
you, then, go on a secret, consecrated Fast to the Lord of at
least three days, asking Jesus to reveal to you the truth of
what you are doubtful about. During your Fast, pray, and
soak yourself in spiritual reading, preferably the New
Testament, calling often on Jesus to reveal Himself to you
through the wonderful Baptism of FIRE. Believe me, you will
never be the same after the FIRE falls on you.
Remember, Jesus loves you with an Infinite Love. HE
will not refuse you. Be persistent.


I do so wish to remain anonymous so that you will give
all the praise to Jesus. Just know this:

I, a servant of the Living God of FIRE, a servant of
Jesus; I, by the Power and Authority that Jesus has given me,
I COMMAND that you WILL receive if you are a genuine believer
in Jesus, and follow the instructions above. Drop everything
and do it now - and continue to do it.

May great peace and joy be yours in Jesus' name.

P.S: I've kept quite for 40 years; now I'll open my mouth - or, did the Holy Spirit do it ???

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